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The Simpsons, Animation Series, 1989-2023 IMDB

Pictures provided by: wickey, coopey, Kowalski, antp, no_car, G-MANN, Dj_Sergio, modell, tarpp1, kooshmeister, enho, gliffhanger, Alex347_2, sandwad2, Leoz, afonso, fidelito, owlman, S 415 GT, 72sonett, Lee Richards, opal, simpsonsfan123456789, Xenotime, Tiggo, CRAFT372, Reg1992

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  • Los Simpsons (Spain)
  • Les Simpsons (France)

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wickey SK

2006-05-04 23:24

[Image: snapshot200605042323372nc.3297.jpg]

:lol: ep. 02.15

-- Last edit: 2006-05-04 23:25:53

wickey SK

2006-05-24 16:03

taxi in 2010 droven by mayor Quimby [Image: snapshot200605241503247mk.6134.jpg] ep. 06.19

wickey SK

2006-06-21 01:32

Canyonero :)
opal wrote
[Image: canyonaro.jpg] [Image: canyonaro2.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2017-01-18 09:23:00 (antp)

modell US

2006-08-11 05:44

Homer's car-

[Image: car1jb8.6529.jpg][Image: car12qt6.3198.jpg]

Marge's car-

[Image: car2mh1.8141.jpg][Image: car21nh5.4158.jpg]

wickey SK

2007-02-23 00:49

18.07 *** - Homers ice cream van

[Image: icvan.jpg] [Image: icvan2.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2017-09-27 09:08:07 (opal)

Oljoke2 DE

2009-09-15 21:58

Homer`s and Marge`s cars slightly changes in the new intro from Series 20.

Most important things are that homers car is now a 4-door and marges car is now a station wagon and hasnt any chrysler badge on the hood like before (but maybe covered by homers body).

opal wrote
Homer's Sedan, described as "1986 Plymouth Junkerolla"
[Image: pinksedan.jpg] [Image: pinksedan2.jpg]

Marge`s Station Wagon
[Image: orangewagon.jpg] [Image: orangewagon2.jpg] [Image: orangewagon3.jpg] [Image: orangewagon4.jpg]

Chrysler badge in old intro:
[Image: introstaffel22014.51.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2017-01-18 09:23:55 (antp)

antp BE

2011-04-26 13:54

ep 1.07:
[Image: i389050.8962.jpg]

antp BE

2012-07-23 11:46

ep 21.05:
[Image: i340070.jpg]


2012-09-17 16:43

Phew, just archived about 150 comments (many of them were people speculating about what Homer and Marge's cars were based on). This must have been one of the messiest pages on IMCDB.

opal TH

2012-09-17 16:59

Canyonero F-Series
[Image: canyonero1015.jpg] [Image: canyonero21015.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2016-07-27 12:41:26

antp BE

2012-09-17 17:29

ep 7.07:
[Image: it77.jpg]
stpaulcarguy wrote This is listed as an International Harvester. looks more like a Studebaker zip van to me.


or maybe a Dodge P-200


Kooshmeister wrote That's just 'cause the front end is dented in from Homer ramming through something (I forget what).

opal wrote Too generic...
[Image: it277.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2012-10-08 18:24:46


2012-09-26 19:16

[Image: thecallofthesimpsons6.jpg]

The Ultimate Behemoth, from "Call of the Simpsons" (Ep. 1.07) Homer wants to buy this after getting jealous of Ned Flanders' new RV /vehicle_389049-Tiffin-Allegro-1987.html But, in words of the salesman, he couldn't afford it if he lived to be a million, so he has to settle for an old, clapped-out RV (posted above)

Bart: Does it have its own satellite dish, sir?
Salesman: It has its own satellite. The VanStar 1, launched last Feburary.

-- Last edit: 2012-09-26 19:20:02

antp BE

2012-09-27 18:19

Sent by Opal,
The cars from "Cars":
[Image: cars.jpg]

opal TH

2012-09-28 15:42

For Antp, Lego. (Couch Gag)
Ep. 19.03
[Image: thesimpsonscouchgag.jpg]
Ep. 23.11
[Image: blocko.jpg][Image: blocko2.jpg][Image: blocko3.jpg][Image: blocko4.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2012-10-04 11:48:52

antp BE

2012-09-28 16:10

(btw, I already replaced some of the pics with the ones you sent me, but not yet all)

-- Last edit: 2012-09-28 16:10:45

opal TH

2012-10-04 12:26

Season 20-23 Complete.

To Admin: If you're going to remove vehicles please post on the comment and tell to reason. Don't just remove and go.

-- Last edit: 2012-10-04 12:27:05

rjluna2 US

2012-10-04 19:43

opal wrote To Admin: If you're going to remove vehicles please post on the comment and tell to reason. Don't just remove and go.

If I were you, I would have these posted picture made list on my own. Find the one that has been rejected by the administrator, you can always find the one has been reject that was listed on your own and post thumbnails at the main page ;)

dsl SX

2012-10-08 02:30

Which of our films has the highest number of contributors?

antp BE

2012-10-08 18:36

This one, with 23. Closely followed by the two Top Gear entries (22 & 21). Then the next ones have 13 or less.

Sandie SX

2012-10-12 21:22

Sent by opal:

Generic 'Honda' in 20.05:
[Image: i537519.jpg] [Image: honda2205.jpg] [Image: honda3205.jpg]

Generic SUV with elements from RAV4, Vitara and CR-V in the same ep:
[Image: i537518.jpg] [Image: hb205.jpg] [Image: hb3205.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2012-10-12 21:22:52


2013-01-02 16:07

But have they definitely said that's going be the end? It's gone on 15 years too long anyway, I loved it in it's heyday but I gave up on it about 10 years ago. It's just dreck compared to what it once was (I won't bother explaining why here) It's almost become like Last of the Summer Wine.

opal TH

2013-03-19 12:34

Ep. 24.03, Tissan Sensible
[Image: nissan243.jpg] [Image: nissan2243.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2013-03-19 12:40:57

rockstarnorth225 PH

2013-03-28 10:59

opal wrote Ep. 24.03, Tissan Sensible
[Image: nissan243.jpg] [Image: nissan2243.jpg]

A parody of Nissan.

opal TH

2013-06-09 14:19

Season 24 Complete.

-- Last edit: 2020-08-30 11:19:26

antp BE

2013-06-28 14:04

wickey wrote [Image: snapshot200605042323372nc.3297.jpg]

:lol: ep. 02.15

Now it exists for real:
Link to "techland.time.com"

-- Last edit: 2013-06-28 14:05:21

ryantee82 US

2013-11-30 08:22

Wasn't there an episode where Bart accidentally wrecks Hitler's car? It slides off a trailer and into a tree. It black 770(?) convertible sedan

-- Last edit: 2013-11-30 08:26:36

ryantee82 US

2013-11-30 08:30

[Image: hitlers_car-1456781706.jpg]

Gamer DE

2013-11-30 08:35

There is a new Beetle in the '98 episode "D'oh in the Wind".

cko US

2013-12-07 19:17

All the people who have insisted that Marges car is a 1973 Chevrolet need to be more convincing. It is 100% non-descript and not intended to be any specific model.
The 1973 Chevelle/Malibu was much rounder. The body, especially to the rear, almost resembled that of an oil tanker.Marges car is all straight lines, and has a sloped and pointy rear like a 60s car.The front end looks like a Bronco or Scout.
Can we include the family cars as "Made For Movie" since they were intentionally nondescript BUT play fairly prominent roles? since they appear in the credits and numerous episodes, they could probably qualify for inclusion.

-- Last edit: 2013-12-07 19:18:10

Ddey65 US

2014-01-30 16:33

antp wrote

Now it exists for real:
Link to "techland.time.com"

Barely, if you ask me. Too small, and it lacks the bubble top.

somename US

2014-03-12 17:48

wickey wrote [Image: snapshot200605042323372nc.3297.jpg]

:lol: ep. 02.15

I never realized this before but it looks remarkably similar to the DiDia: [Image: t_60-Di-Dia-150-DV-10-AI-a001.jpg]

antp BE

2014-09-18 18:20

Generic police cars:

ep 3.18:
[Image: i028265.jpg]

ep 15.02:
[Image: i056103.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap177574xj2.7762.jpg]

Sprinter of VW LT in ep 21.16:
[Image: i389045.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2015-02-23 17:42:51

opal TH

2014-12-13 11:14

Ep. 13.11, Luxury Bumpers Cars
[Image: bumpercars1.jpg] [Image: bumpercars2.jpg] [Image: bumpercars3.jpg] [Image: bumpercars4.jpg] [Image: bumpercars5.jpg] [Image: bumpercars6.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2020-07-26 17:32:19

jpts AU

2015-04-10 15:20

antp wrote

Now it exists for real:
Link to "techland.time.com"

I remember Herb's reaction to HOW MUCH it cost;

REPORT 1: What does this monstrosity cost?

HERB POWELL: Jerry, what's the sticker price?

(Jerry whisper the price to Herb to which Herb reacts with disbelief and shock)

HERB POWELL: $82,000?!, This monstrosity cost $82,000, what have I done?! I mean the zoo was fun but I'M RUINED!!!!

Could've been worse... it could've cost over $100,000 and then he would've have even BIGGER problems to deal with.

-- Last edit: 2015-04-10 15:31:36

opal TH

2015-05-22 12:13

Season 26 Complete.

Ep. 26.06, 2014 Canyonero Hybrid.
[Image: canyonero266.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2018-06-09 12:33:17

opal TH

2015-12-16 11:41

Season 1-19 complete, add Episode for the end of 2015, and upgrade season 16-17 to HD pictures.

Ep. 3.14, Volvo 240
[Image: volvo314.jpg]

Ep. 3.20, 57 Chevy
[Image: che320.jpg]

Ep. 6.12, somewhat a 1962 Ford Fairline. But overall too generic.
[Image: sedan6121.jpg] [Image: sedan6122.jpg]

Ep. 7.03, 79 Econoline. But too generic.
[Image: ford73.jpg]
Later change into 1974 Dodge Kary Van.
[Image: dodge73.jpg]

Ep. 7.25
[Image: i001169974.jpg]

Ep. 13.01, Ford Aerostar.
[Image: aerostar.10.jpg]

Ep. 15.07
[Image: i001411944.jpg]
dsl wrote It's slightly Austin-ish, but has nothing specifically America, although curvy back window could be [ADO16]. If it has to be an Austin, A40 Farina [ADO8] is a better match for shape, but not by much; this was listed for US in 59-61. But 1970s inset door handle is too modern for A40 or America, bumpers and door mirror (instead of wing) are late 70s onwards. So nothing solid to use. Too simplistic/generic for me.

Ep. 17.02
[Image: car172.jpg]

Ep. 19.03
[Image: tt193.jpg] [Image: tt4193.jpg] [Image: tt6193.jpg]
eLMeR wrote
Seems to be a mix of a 1958-60 Dodge D-Series with a 1960-63 C-Series? Maybe with a small pinch of 1955-59 Chevrolet Task-Force and a slight touch of Dodge Australian truck?
For me, it's most probably another model that only exist in the mind of the cartoonist...

Ep. 19.12
[Image: car19121.jpg] [Image: car19122.jpg]
[Image: car1912.jpg] [Image: sedan1912.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2021-01-29 16:54:03

opal TH

2016-05-29 14:23

Season 27 complete.


2017-01-17 04:20

The mystery has finally bin solved :) :) :)

antp BE

2017-01-18 09:26

ep 26.20:
[Image: i815653.jpg]

CougarTim wrote That trim does not look like anything I recognize.

EDIT: Okay, the side trim looks like 1954 Hudson Hornet/Super Wasp, but nothing else about the car looks like a Hudson.

HWJOE wrote
You could also throw in a bit of 1955 Plymouth to that trim description.

michail2003 wrote

Super Wasp with another grill

ep 26.20:
[Image: i815657.jpg]
kegare wrote It seems to be inspired by a medium-duty Dodge 'Sweptline'


eLMeR wrote Looks like a mix of several medium-duty trucks, for me. Always the same problem with cartoon vehicles...
For the record, Sweptline was a pickup bed option (Dodge equivalent of the Ford Styleside or Chevrolet Fleetside ones), not a model name.

ep 28.05:
opal wrote [Image: cov285.jpg] [Image: i976707.jpg]

Baube wrote did they tried to mix a Ferrari with a Mercedes ?
whatever it is, looks like it had better days...

andrepa wrote + headlights of Porsche 911 996

-- Last edit: 2017-01-18 09:29:04

Gamer DE

2017-04-06 12:30

I don't know if it's been mentioned before, but the Simpsons' car is since recently available as a Hotwheels car: Link to "www.amazon.com"

And there's also the bubble car: Link to "globaldiecastdirect.com"

Apparently there was also an older series

-- Last edit: 2017-04-06 12:32:07

Baube QC

2017-04-06 16:59

the only pink car i'd ever buy... :D

i have the Powell Motors Homer ... and it didn't cost me $82,000 ...

-- Last edit: 2017-04-06 17:00:48

antp BE

2017-04-20 20:38

ep 28.12:
[Image: i998845.jpg]
walter wrote Based on a late Mercedes model I think

night cub wrote You mean like one of these:

walter wrote It's rather based on a W205 C-Klasse, there's no such thing in reality probably.

ep 28.15:
[Image: i001009624.jpg]
opal wrote [Image: olds2815.jpg]

CougarTim wrote Grille and two-piece corner lights seem to be 1978-1979 Pontiac Bonneville (never built as a convertible). Overall shape and proportions are more like a Buick Regal or Oldsmobile Cutlass.

Reg1992 wrote Opera window suggests mid-to-late 1970s, whatever it is.

-- Last edit: 2017-04-20 20:39:31

emosun US

2017-05-24 08:56

I always thought marges station wagon was a chevy malibu and homers car being a big american style car also reminded me of the same chevy malibu sedan. Its much closer than the official answer which is it's supposedly based on an 80's k car.

[Image: simpsons.jpg]

opal TH

2017-06-08 14:29

Season 28 Complete.
[Image: inter284.jpg] [Image: winnebago2815.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2017-06-12 12:12:26

opal TH

2017-11-14 12:57

2016 Simpsons commercial, I really hope they use this in the future episode.
[Image: subarucommercial.jpg]

opal TH

2017-11-14 15:03

Flanders's Station Wagon, looks like a 1977 Fury/Monoca Wagon.
[Image: wagon.29.jpg]

Rev. Lovejoy's Station Wagon, a generic LTD country Squire.
[Image: wagon1410.jpg] [Image: wagon1710.jpg] [Image: wagon2116.jpg] [Image: wagon2614.jpg] [Image: wagon293.jpg] [Image: wagon.40.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2020-05-22 14:18:46

leon kuenzler CH

2017-11-15 00:50

I can’t upload puctures or links but :
Marges station wagon is a : 1973 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu / Laguna station wagon
And Homer‘s pink sedan is : a 1970 to 1971 Plymouth valiant

chicomarx BE

2017-11-15 01:50

Also see the 181 archived comments about that ;)
antp said in 2006 "we do not list the "made for movie" cartoon cars", but for those two we could make an exception.

antp BE

2017-11-15 09:23

The actual model of these two is debatable; they are just generic cars.
Maybe they should be listed as "made for movie", but on the other hand why these and not others then? :p Usually we do that only for cars being part of the movie/series, like Flash McQueen in "Cars".

Gamer DE

2017-11-15 09:30


chicomarx BE

2017-11-15 19:22

antp wrote Maybe they should be listed as "made for movie", but on the other hand why these and not others then?

Because they're the main characters' cars? But I'm not pressing the issue. I'm just a spectator when it comes to animation.

antp BE

2017-11-15 20:43

But the problem is that case may apply to a lot more vehicles than the current rule...

opal TH

2017-11-21 14:04

Going for 1978 Plymouth Volaré, but give up?
[Image: ply.1.jpg]

Ep. 27.09
[Image: lam279.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2017-11-29 16:32:47

opal TH

2018-02-16 12:02

Ep. 8.10 GM RTS.
[Image: gm1.jpg] [Image: gm2.7.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2020-06-30 13:52:49

opal TH

2018-02-26 11:02

Ep. 7.22, Generic RV
[Image: rv722.jpg]
wickey wrote another (quite similar) in 11.05 **

[Image: snapshot20060723175228hp1.7078.jpg]

antp BE

2018-04-17 18:19

Generic firetrucks:

[Image: ft43.jpg]

[Image: snapshot200606031507372dy.2636.jpg]

[Image: i029368.jpg]

opal TH

2018-05-21 15:03

Season 29 Complete.
[Image: mer2910.jpg] [Image: por2915.jpg]

Ep. 29.20
[Image: kia.1.jpg]
Exiv96 wrote If we added a B-pillar in the middle of the door, we'd have a Kia Sedona minivan...

-- Last edit: 2018-05-21 15:03:30

gary69 AU

2018-08-16 10:34

Ep 26.4
[Image: 688c0edb-8532-48c0-85dd-9ddf1cb771c2.jpg]

Any ideas?

-- Last edit: 2018-08-16 23:32:28

Truck_Guy US

2018-10-22 15:39

To add to the mystery of Homer's pink car.

Homer: "I want this fixed with quality GM parts!"
Frank Grimes Jr: "But your car was built in Croatia. It's made from old Soviet tanks."
Homer: "Just fix it, Mr. Sasswrench."


The Great Louse Detective - 14.06.

TheFordLtdMan US

2018-12-07 21:06

gary69 wrote Ep 26.4
[Image: 688c0edb-8532-48c0-85dd-9ddf1cb771c2.jpg]

Any ideas?

Looks like the front end of a 1961-1962 Mercury Comet or 1960-something Pontiac Catalina.

opal TH

2019-03-04 10:52

@DodgeSomrs, sorry but I'm working on this series. Please don't add cars from new episode.

opal TH

2019-05-15 20:39

Season 30 Complete.

opal TH

2020-05-22 16:30

Season 31 Complete.

Ep. 31.02
[Image: i001307970.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2020-05-31 09:57:11

Baube QC

2020-06-09 04:41

RIP Hubert Gagnon, our Homer Simpson's voice from the beginning to 2017 :(

night cub US

2020-06-11 05:30

@King of the road - The cars you submitted are from Episode 29.18, and most of them are already listed. Black bars should be edited out before submitting.

night cub US

2020-06-12 23:17

Submissions from King of the road from Ep 29.18:
[Image: i001397671.jpg] [Image: i001397677.jpg] [Image: i001397680.jpg]

antp BE

2020-11-23 07:48

ep 22.07:
[Image: i001418157.jpg]

azumukupoe JP

2021-03-16 12:57

Ep. 18.01

[Image: the-simpsons-season-18-episode-1-47-82fd.jpg]

Baube QC

2021-04-23 09:32

funny.. no 1993 Toyota Corolla yet.. :D

opal TH

2021-06-03 16:35

Season 32 Complete.
[Image: gvtru1.jpg] [Image: gvtru2.jpg]

opal TH

2022-05-25 16:52

Season 33 Complete.
[Image: gv1.72.jpg] [Image: gv2.147.jpg] [Image: volvo3313.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2022-05-26 17:36:22

Kartkidbut US

2022-06-14 23:32

opal wrote Season 32 Complete.
[Image: gvtru1.jpg] [Image: gvtru2.jpg]

That Car looks great-drawn, Not going to lie.

GodzillaFan54 CA

2022-11-14 17:37

I think Homer's car is a purple 1980s Cadillac with the front end loosely inspired by a 1976 Chevy Nova. Of course, that's likely nothing more than coincidence and is merely my opinion :)

Also, this must be the most contributors in a single listing!

Baube QC

2023-03-04 05:11

sad day ( kind of, its been 2 months now but i just found out ) for the Quebec version .. Beatrice Picard, who voices Marge since the beginning, is now retired..
things won't be the same anymore.. :(

mike962 DE

2023-07-18 22:12

Homer's car is made in Croatia


SimpsonsJeep US

2023-09-14 07:23

I have made a few attempts to upload this as entry, but it keeps being deleted:
[Image: imcdbsimpsonss28e19.jpg]
Any help from admins regarding why?

The vehicle inside the auto shop garage: Dodge Stratus, most likely 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000. S28E19. Appears at 9:58.

-- Last edit: 2023-09-14 07:27:08

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