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Die Hart 2: Die Harter; Postal; Она не могла иначе...; Pocket Full of Game; 히트맨; 심야의 FM; 크래시; Vier Frauen sind einfach zuviel; Пласт; Escape; The Protector; Bear Island; Dead Canaries; Coronet Blue; 映画 みんな!エスパーだよ!; (more...)


For comments related to a vehicle or a movie, or to correct an error in the info listed, please use the "Add Comment" form displayed at the bottom of each vehicle/movie page (you have to be registered & logged in for that). If you need to include pictures in your message, above the comment area you'll find a link for storing pictures.

For discussions not directly related to a vehicle or movie, you can discuss with others on the IMCDb forum.

New vehicles and their pictures can be either submitted directly on the site (via "Add movie" and "Add vehicle" links) for validation or via the forum. Please consult this page if you want more info on how to add or send us pictures. Note that this only applies to the main picture of each vehicle page; if you wish to submit additional pictures for a vehicle that already has a page, you can directly post them in the comments as explained above.

For guidelines on which movies and vehicles can be included or not, see the "Guidelines for movies" and "Guidelines for vehicles" chapters further on this page.

You can also contact us directly at the following address: contact@imcdb.org (currently this mailbox is only checked by the main administrator).


The current main administrator of the site is Antoine Potten ("antp" on the site), who also handles all the technical stuff ("webmaster").

The following members also have the administrator status, meaning that they can do changes to site contents: adding pictures, renaming vehicles, etc.

130rapid PL3loader RU50sParis NL993cc VAachiu31 CAafonso BRahight USAlessandro58 CHandrepa DEAnimatronixx DEantp BEan_unusual_eye USatom SEbadlymad CABaube QCbref FRBux_48 ITcarcrasher88 USchicomarx BECommander 57 UScoopey ESCougarTim USDAF555 SEdhill_cb7 USDidierF FRDIEHARD NLdsl SXDynaMike NLelectra225 ITeLMeR MHExiv96 BEFord_Guy USG-MANN UKgarco NLGongora EShumungus SII-Denev BGJale PLjettalover USJnglmpera JPjohnfromstaffs ENjplemoine FRkaroomay SYKooshmeister USLateef NOm.pfaffeneder DEmarcusdragonma BRMoscvich433 RUMystery Man DENeon ITnight cub USno-a RUnzcarnerd NZopal THRalph DERaul1983 FIRinspeed FRS 415 GT DEs13a LTSandie SXSerom BEsixcyl FRsomename USSunbar UKTaco USthe sad biker UKtonkatracker USTönz DEtore-40 NOTruck_Guy USwalter ITWeasel1984 PLYvon52 BE — ...


About the site itself

What is the purpose of this site?
This site can be used to find in which movie a particular car is visible, or to have more info about some cars visible in a particular movie. You will also find lots of pictures of these cars, taken directly from the movies.
Do you sell movies? Do you sell vehicles? Can I download a movie from your site?
No. As said above this site is only for information purpose, we do not sell anything, and do not distribute any movie.
How much movies/cars are listed? What is the most common make?
You can find all these info on the Statistics page.
Who made this site? How can I help you?
The content of the site is the result of the cooperative work of several people that like cars and movies, especially when the two are mixed together. There are some administators, of course, but anybody can contribute to the site by sending new pictures, complete missing info, add comments about cars or movies or help us to recognize unidentified vehicles.
Is the site complete? Why don't you list this movie? Why is this vehicle missing?
This kind of site will never be complete. There are so many movies that we cannot list all of them. We try to include as much information as possible, but we cannot put all existing info, and we also have to put some limits on what we include in the site (e.g. we cannot list all background cars of each movie).
I found an error/misnamed vehicle. I want to add a missing vehicle. I want to send you a new picture for a vehicle. How I can do that?
To add info or correct existing info, you can directly post in the comments on the movie and vehicle pages. For that you must create an account and then login. Then you will be also be able to add new movie/vehicle entries and pictures to be validated. You can also contact us via e-mail, cf Contact section above.
Why can't I directly correct the info on the site? Why do I have to wait for validatrion when I add pictures? What shall I do to become administrator?
To prevent problems only a few people are allowed to edit the data of the site or validate new entries. The administrators are the most active and reliable members, usually those who sent a lot of pictures that did not require further work (i.e. following all the rues) or that were able to identify quickly and acurately lots of cars. So after some time you may be prompted to become an administrator if you are in one of those cases.
What is the source of the pictures?
We try to use only captures coming from the movie. These can either come from the movie trailers published before the movie release, or from the full movie once it is broadcasted on TV, legal streaming, or available on DVD or Blu-Ray. We try to avoid captures from illegal sources (movie pre-releases or pirate cams in theatre).
We do not use photos taken on set either, as these are often directly copyrighted and do not especially represent correctly how the vehicle appears in the movie.
I found an image stolen from another site
That may happen. In some cases, it may be a site that uses an image that comes from IMCDb (since we often have such requests). Sometimes webmasters of similar sites provide us pictures from their site. There may also be pictures that were sent by users that did not say where they found these pictures. Anyway, in such case it may be better to put a link to the original site of the picture. If you see a picture from your site and want it to be removed, contact us (thought these pictures only belong to those that have the rights on the movie).


How can I find a movie on the site?
Use the title search box located in the top right corner of each page. You can also use the search page or the movie list page.
I cannot find a particular movie
Try to enter only a part of the title (e.g. one word, or the title without the "The"), in some cases the title can be written either with a dash ("-") or a space. You may also use the "similar to" option rather than "contains", on the search page. If you still cannot find the movie, it may simply mean that it is not yet listed on the site.


I saw car Y in movie Z, why is it not included?
Maybe because only few cars for a movie were listed (i.e. nobody watched the movie completely to list important cars), maybe we missed it, or maybe it was not estimated important enough. For example, a Citroën DS in a 1960/1970 French movie is not especially interesting if visible in the background since they are visible in nearly all French movies of these years.
I searched for Mini but I could find only new ones
Most of them are listed under the Austin make, some under Morris or Rover. For such vehicle you can do a search on "Mini" as model and leave the "Make" field empty.
What are these numbers/letters between "[...]" in the model names?
For some makes, we use the official constructor type number since the model name is not always possible to guess, and not always useful. This is especially the case for the Mercedes and BMW, but we also extended it to other makes/models like Jaguar XJ, Volkswagen (mostly for Beetles and Busses), Chevrolet Corvette, Porsche, Lotus, Rover, VAZ-Lada, ...
Why is this Renault 5 listed as a Renault LeCar? Why some Dodge Viper are listed as Chrysler Viper?
We tried to keep the same convention for all cars: we use the name that the car had in the country where the movie is supposed to take place. So in a US movie the Renault 5 is called LeCar, and in a French movie the pre-2004 Viper models are Chrysler, for example.
What are exactly these stars? Why only 2 stars for this car that is used by a character?
  • 1 star: vehicle that has no interaction the story, character or one of the other vehicle. Some may be visible less than one second, some may be visible for a long time.
  • 2 stars: a short action, or a minor action, like a crash or a taxi that leaves one of the character. For cars used by a character only in a short sequence we also sometime use this rating, since the car is not visible for a long time in the movie.
  • 3 to 5 stars: this depends of the importance of the vehicle in the movie, the time that it is seen on the screen and the importance of the character that uses it. It is quite difficult to explain but usually when the car has at least three stars it means that is seen for at least a few minutes in the movie.
What kind of vehicles are listed?
At first we were only listing cars, but we quickly added bikes, trucks and busses. Recently the site was extended to special vehicles like farming vehicles, earthmoving equipment and warehouse/airport vehicles. We won't include trains, trams, planes, boats or non-motorized vehicles.
How are selected the years of the vehicles?
For lots of US cars it is quite easy: some details allow to find the exact years. But for other cars it is impossible, so we put the year when the car model was released. For some vehicle the date may be wrong, or we may have missed a detail that allows a more precise identification of the year. In that case, do not hesitate to notify this (see above in the "I found an error/misnamed vehicle" section).

Guidelines for adding movies to the site

Original aim of IMCDb is listing cars having roles in movies, so rather works of fiction, not just building a database of car pictures. It was later extended to TV-series and some non-fiction contents, but we had to restrict what kind of contents is acceptable for the site.

This list is not exhaustive. Also note that some things in the site may have been accepted previously but not be accepted anymore, or may have been accepted because they combine a few particular criteria not met by other rejected shows.

Guidelines for adding vehicles to the site

Note: in the following, "Post" means to publish or put a picture (or comment) on the site.

Guidelines for posting pictures as new vehicle page for a movie

Additional guidelines for background vehicles (note that these apply only to 1-star vehicles)

Note: these guidelines may be relaxed if the picture is large and sharp or a background car is rare or interesting for some other reason. The contributor should post a comment with the reason for posting the picture if the above guidelines are relaxed for a background car.

Examples of "rare" may include:

  1. Only a few were made,
  2. Seldom seen in movies,
  3. Is not common in the country of origin for the movie,
  4. Is old relative to the time frame of the movie.

Examples of "interesting" may include:

  1. Special edition of an otherwise common vehicle,
  2. Customized cars,
  3. Unique history of a particular car,
  4. Little known facts are available concerning a specific vehicle,
  5. Is an anachronism (car newer than the time frame of the movie).

Pictures sizes

Usually it is better to keep the picture the same size as the source size. However, some programs enlarge pictures when doing the capture. Also, if you get the captures via screen capture rather than video playing software's built-in function, you may also need to rescale the picture. In these case, please keep the following limits in mind: