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Bros; 장수상회; 그놈이다; 개들의 도시; 여타짜; My Spy: The Eternal City; هاری; Papá al Rescate; Come Play; 别尔克乌; Final Destination 2; High Country; 飘逝的花头巾; Bracia; Børning 3; (more...)

Profile for user Gamer - Country: Germany

Hi I'm Gamer. My username comes from the time I signed up as an IGCD member back in 2011/12. I also joined Web Car Story in 2012. I speak English, German and Estonian. I have Asperger's syndrome (go on, laugh...) so please excuse my sometimes strange wording in my comments.

My top 5 favorite police cars:

1991-92 Chevrolet Caprice (1993-1996 model= ugly with an open wheelarch)
1993-95 Ford Crown Victoria
1988-91 Ford LTD Crown Victoria
1995-97 Ford Crown Victoria
1992-93 Ford Crown Victoria

Some of my favorite movies and TV shows:
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (It took me a long time to recognize its cultural significance...)
Pound Puppies 2010
King of the Hill
Paw Patrol
Live-action films with talking animals.
Typical North German productions.

Least favorite movies and TV shows:
Anything Frozen and Minions related.
Adventure Time
South Park

Cars I've ridden in or which my family has owned/used:

1994 Mercedes C124 (Bought in 2003 in Karlsruhe from an old lady)
2001 Volkswagen Polo Variant (Mom and I had it for a few weeks in 2004. Sold shortly after to my Aunt Birgit, who is a well known scientist: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birgit_Liss It was scrapped in 2008/2009 and replaced with a Tiguan)
2005 Mitsubishi Pajero Pinin. (Bought in 2006 by my grandmother. It is her third Pajero.)
1983-90 Mitsubishi Pajero. (Bought in 1996, Grandma's first Pajero. It was very loud, and she only had it briefly. Sold in early 2000.)
1994+ Mitsubishi Pajero Intercooler (Grandma's second Pajero, and my favorite one of the three. She bought in early summer 2000, and it continued to do hard work until it was sold in 2005)
2006 Toyota Sienna (The family minivan of my friend from California)
1997 Fiat Punto (Uncle's car. Wrecked just before my christening in 2000)
1995 (?) Volkswagen Polo (Uncle's second car. Used by my mom in 2004 to pick me up from preschool while my uncle was in hospital after falling from a bridge and nearly getting hit by a truck afterwards. Sold ca. 2005)
1999 Volkswagen Golf (Rental. This was the very first car I rode in. Mom and Dad drove home from hospital in it after I was born.)
2012 Ford Escape (Used on vacation in Los Angeles March 2012)
Dodge Neon (year unknown, but I have a hunch it was a 2003-05) Used by my parents during their "Look and See" trip of the US in July 2005. Horrible car, it stunk of cleaning fluid.
Volkswagen Typ 1 (Brezel) I only sat in this car in 2003 or 2004, when my Uncle Erwin showed it to me.
2003 Skoda Octavia Combi - Grandpa's car. In 2012 or 2013 he collided head-on with a Renault Twingo and totaled the Skoda. Now he has a...
2003 Skoda Octavia Collection (Sedan) Grandpa's second Octavia after his other one was totaled. Notable for a snaking pixel error in the dashboard.
1995 Volkswagen Caddy - My great uncle Heinrich's car until he died in 2004 at the grand age of 83.
Honda Fit - Awful car. Only had it briefly when our Mercedes was in for repairs.
Opel Vectra C Caravan (Rental) Driven in the summer of 2008 during our first months back in Germany.
2007 Dacia Logan MCV - Ridden home with friends of my mom after her and my friend Stefan's VW bus was stolen.
Renault 16 - Owned by my grandparents, it was my mom's favorite car.
Toyota Tercel - Grandma and Grandpa had several of them, the only one of them I ever saw was brown.
Kia Sorento - Used on our USA road trip in July 2016. I very much enjoyed its cockpit and enjoyed the embossed Kia logo on the steering wheel.
XH10 Toyota Hiace - Old classmate's parents' car. Can't remember where I rode it.
Volkswagen Golf GTI VII
2011+ VW Beetle
2006 VW New Beetle Cabrio
Volkswagen Eos
VW Jetta V

Favorite country: Estonia
Favorite actors: Scarlett Johansson
Favorite female superheroes: Black Widow, Wonder Woman
Favorite male superheroes: Cyclops (X-Men), Captain Marvel
Favorite bands: The Offspring, Screeching Weasel, Meie Mees, J.M.K.E. "Weird Al" Yankovic, Red Hot Chili Peppers (only the era from the 1990s-2006)
Favorite animals: poodles (but I don't have a real dog :D )

Likely my future car will be an Audi 100 C3 or 80 B4.

My ultimate dream car is a Mercedes 540K Special Roadster...

Birthday: October 11th, 1999

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