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Burn Notice, US TV Series, 2007-2013 IMDB

Pictures provided by: no_car, fidelito, ECHO993

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Also known as:

  • Operación Miami
  • Извън играта (Bulgaria)
  • Burn Notice: Operação Miami (Brazil)
  • Queima de Arquivo (Brazil)
  • Agent libre (Canada)
  • Status: Nežádoucí (Czech Republic or ex-Czechoslovakia)
  • Último aviso (Spain)
  • Odstrel (Croatia (Hrvatska))
  • Minden lében négy kanál (Hungary)
  • Burn notice - Duro a morire (Italy)
  • バーン・ノーティス 元スパイの逆襲 (Japan)
  • 번 노티스 (South Korea)
  • Vilko bilietas (Lithuania)
  • Tożsamość szpiega (Poland)
  • Espião Fora de Jogo (Portugal)
  • Spion pe cont propriu (Romania)
  • Непоуздани агенти (Serbia)
  • Одстрел (Serbia)
  • Чёрная метка (Russia)
  • Vohun v nemilosti (Slovenia)
  • Agent (Slovakia)
  • 火線警告 (Taiwan)

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Gag Halfrunt UK

2007-07-01 00:07

Quote Filming Locations for
"Burn Notice" (2007)

Miami, Florida, USA


movie star AT

2007-12-24 13:15

any crashes or chases?


2008-02-25 01:35

movie star wrote any crashes or chases?

As far I remember, Michael Westen breaks the rear left window of the white S550 W221, he steals the 735i E32 and drives around whit his mother smoking inside the car while being chased by two FBI agents in a Crown Victoria; not a high-speed chase, though. A deal goes wrong in Nigeria then Michael flees in the CR 250 and the black S600 W140 chases it in a market full of smugglers, the Mercedes crashes against a stall; not a serious crash but the Mercedes occupants find themselves in trouble with a dozen guns pointed at them.

And an XJ8 gets blown up.

-- Last edit: 2008-03-03 19:32:05

Eagle Kammback US

2008-06-27 06:05

Great Show, but why do they always destroy the cars and trucks I love, likt that red that his brother has F150, nothing special about the truck, but I love them.
Beautiful Charger, not as good looking as the 68, but still beautiful


2009-08-07 03:47

The just drove the 1960 Buick LeSabre that belonged to Sam's girlfriend off the top level of a parking garage. It seems that they used a stunt/donor car, since it appears to be in good shape and for sale.

-- Last edit: 2009-08-07 03:47:39


2010-01-22 10:05

New episodes have started airing on the USA Network. Tonight's episodes (Thur. 21 Jan) involves people who stage car accidents for insurance fraud. There's a lot of vehicular action.

tonkatracker US

2010-06-03 20:19

In the same episode where they wreck the 'Vette above they also show a completely totaled 91+ Olds Custom Cruiser, which is a much greater loss than a Corvette!

tonkatracker US

2010-07-14 21:40

Fidelito in episode 3.10 there is a white 91+ Olds Custom Cruiser wagon that is part of the story line. I don't see a capture for it and it would be a shame to not list it as it is a pretty rare car. (it can be seen through a fence in a car lot, it is wrecked and is the car of Micheal's 'Client' in the episode)

badlymad CA

2010-07-15 02:07

Just a heads up Fidelito, I will be reducing the amount of duplicate cars on this page. In the future, please group images of identical vehicles with the earliest episode in which it appears.

fidelito CZ

2010-07-15 02:23

I do this already for cars that are the same by the story (like police and FBI Crown Victorias and so) but when an average fan will see his favorite episode of the show and then comes to this site, sorts cars by episode, then he's confused/angry because half of the cars (including three stars) are missing (you know what I mean, right?). Also I barely identify the cars by myself, so I couldn't do this properly even if I want to. Just saying my opinion, you are the admins and I respect it and I will try to regroup when possible next time...

-- Last edit: 2010-07-15 22:29:39

fidelito CZ

2010-07-16 00:53

I'm just curious, there's really no need to have licence plates in front in Florida? (in which other states does it apply?)

CougarTim US

2010-07-16 01:06

According to Wikipedia, the front license plate is not mandatory on cars in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia. In Nevada, the front license plate is required only if the car was manufactured with a bracket to mount one. In Massachusetts, the front license plate was made mandatory on all vehicles in 1988, but cars with plates issued prior to 1986 are not required to display a front license plate (although since these cars are becoming increasingly rare, the majority of cars in Massachusetts today are required to have the front license plate). Every other state requires both front and rear license plates.

Link to "en.wikipedia.org"

cl82 DE

2010-07-19 03:45

A different topic: They could have named the series "Burn cars" as well. I mean, how many cars bombs detonate in this series?

fidelito CZ

2010-07-19 15:55

I counted 65 burned or exploded cars so far :)

Spoiler - click here to see it

/vehicle_317099-Pontiac-GTO-1965.html - engine melted with Thermite

-- Last edit: 2013-09-18 21:13:48

cl82 DE

2010-07-19 16:11

Thanks for counting, fidelito! You are really doing a great job. I only want to criticize the writers. I mean, the car-explosions are simply over-the-top. There are more car bombs than in Baghdad.

garco NL

2010-08-06 20:34

This page needs some regrouping soon. ;)


2010-08-15 21:05

fidelito wrote 4.10
lawn mower:
[Image: Burn20Notice20S04E10-0018.jpg]

That appears to be a John Deere Gator utility vehicle, not a lawn mower. We have several posted on IMCDb:

You can see the current line of Gator utility vehicles here:

fidelito CZ

2010-08-30 16:28

[Image: c01d0795481147.jpg]


2010-10-14 10:49

Bruce Campbell is so funny here !!


2011-09-20 09:38

[Image: vlcsnap2011091621h12m39.9955.jpg]
Ep. 5.03 4:25

fidelito CZ

2012-12-27 00:55

[Image: burnnotices06e17e18-0003.jpg][Image: burnnotices06e17e18-0004.jpg][Image: burnnotices06e17e18-0006.jpg]

rtsbusman1997 US

2013-03-18 23:12

Show's coming back in the summer. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burn_Notice

cudak888 US

2013-05-16 18:01

Snapped some photos of the Burn Notice prop car lot this morning. Many Crown Vic P71's were in the next row, along with a duplicate Volvo 240 police car to the charred double behind the Buick:

[Image: burnnotice_59_buick_1.jpg]

[Image: burnnotice_59_buick_2.jpg]

[Image: burnnotice_59_buick_3.jpg]

[Image: burnnotice_59_buick_4.jpg]


-- Last edit: 2013-05-16 18:01:54

an_unusual_eye US

2013-06-14 03:32

datsun 280zx in the 100th episode... ;~}

an_unusual_eye US

2013-07-07 04:53

is someone still capturing this show? if not, i can try to snag this car (the Datsun 280ZX in episode 100)... it's a good catch.

cudak888 US

2013-08-08 19:00

I photographed more of the backlot today. Not too much of interest, short of the Rambler:

[Image: burnnotice_crownvic_1.jpg]

[Image: burnnotice_crownvic_2.jpg]

[Image: burnnotice_crownvic_3.jpg]

[Image: burnnotice_crownvic_4.jpg]

[Image: burnnotice_grumman.jpg]

[Image: burnnotice_rambler_1.jpg]

[Image: burnnotice_rambler_2.jpg]

[Image: burnnotice_rambler_3.jpg]

[Image: burnnotice_rambler_4.jpg]

[Image: burnnotice_rambler_5.jpg]

[Image: burnnotice_volvo.jpg]

[Image: burnnotice_volvo2.jpg]

[Image: burnnotice_mustang.1.jpg]


fidelito CZ

2013-08-29 21:54

G-MANN wrote From Fidelito's latest contributions - is this connected to the action in some way?
Otherwise it doesn't look worth listing (looks hard to identify)

[Image: burnnotices07e11-0001.jpg][Image: burnnotices07e11-0003.jpg]

Yes, Jesse mistakes it for the Altima but CIA Agent says it is some Audi instead.


2013-09-02 10:47

antp wrote note that if you link to a vehicle picture and then delete the vehicle, the picture is deleted too :p

Always with the :p Actually it wasn't me who deleted it.

diegolekach US

2013-09-17 04:59

There's a Mercedes-Benz I don't see on the page, in episode 3.14 "Partners in Crime" Michael uses a Mercedes briefly, he has Fiona in the trunk in one scene. I can't remember if you can see it elsewhere in the episode. You can clearly see "CL 500" on the trunk lid. Can anyone screencap it?

Also noticed a delivery truck in 4.05 "Neighborhood Watch" that Sam obtains, it is only seen briefly. Has the same "RWB Delivery" markings as the truck in 2.13 "Bad Breaks"

There's a Ford Crown Victoria (At least it looks like one) used by Jesse in 4.16 "Dead or Alive", they stuff the drug dealer in the trunk.

-- Last edit: 2013-09-18 09:06:54

theepirate US

2014-08-28 19:45

No front license plates in Florida.

Source: lived there for 4 years, only issued one plate per vehicle. Also the plate stays with the vehicle owner, not the vehicle so it's possible to (over the course of time) have the same plate assigned to multiple different vehicles. My 1980 Blazer (the first vehicle I had in Florida) has was issued a plate I08-xxx. After I sold it, this plate was assigned to my Trans Am, that was previously registered in California.

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