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Top Gear France, Non-fiction TV, 2015-2023 IMDB

Pictures provided by: antp, Rinspeed

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chicomarx BE

2015-03-25 17:54

Worth watching? How would you rate it?
I see they already destroyed the Fuego so I hope they don't copy the worst aspects.

antp BE

2015-03-25 17:58

This wasn't bad, but not really great either.
It looks like a French copy of Top Gear (which it is).
They made a 1500 Ä dream car challenge: the three hosts had to buy a car they liked when they were kid for a 4-element challenge:
- earth: driving uphill in the grass with extra weight in the car
- fire: something burning, they had to drive with smoke accumulating in the car
- water: driving on a small track, the other hosts had water-canons
- air: after a drop from a crane, the cars had to still start (none did... they're not Toyota Hilux)
The challenge was fun (except the fact they destroyed the car), the rest of the show didn't had much interest to me.
I'll probably continue to watch it, but if someone else want to add pics from next episodes, go ahead (but tell me if you do, so I do not make captures of next episodes for nothing).

-- Last edit: 2015-03-25 17:59:42

antp BE

2015-03-25 18:06

Car pictures shown in ep 1.01, I'm not sure it is worth listing these separately.

For making fun of the names,

[Image: 101tgf_001936_c43.jpg]
BMW i8

[Image: 101tgf_001954_c47.jpg]
Audi A3 e-tron

[Image: 101tgf_002009_c07.jpg]
Alfa Romeo Mito

[Image: 101tgf_002024_c55.jpg]
Renault Eolab

[Image: 101tgf_002043_c31.jpg]
Renault Koleos

[Image: 101tgf_002116_c37.jpg]
Toyota MR2

[Image: 101tgf_002127_c40.jpg]
CitroŽn SM

[Image: 101tgf_002210_c15.jpg]
Mazda Laputa

[Image: 101tgf_002227_c34.jpg]
Ford Cougar

[Image: 101tgf_002241_c49.jpg]
Mitsubishi Pajero

Later they show a Fiat Multipla, I don't remember well why
[Image: 101tgf_002342_c51.jpg]

Then similarly-looking Bentley & Rolls-Royce:
[Image: 101tgf_002404_c16.jpg] [Image: 101tgf_002405_c18.jpg]

Cars previously driven/owned by people invited in the show:

[Image: 101tgf_004543_c16.jpg]
Peugeot 404 Familiale

[Image: 101tgf_004611_c45.jpg]
Renault 14

[Image: 101tgf_004655_c31.jpg]
Renaul 5 Alpine Turbo

[Image: 101tgf_004820_c58.jpg]
Renault 5 Sociťtť

[Image: 101tgf_004847_c27.jpg]

[Image: 101tgf_005141_c29.jpg]
Bugatti Veyron

Baube QC

2015-03-25 18:25

there is some funny names... BMW i hate....the Audi and the Toyota would be funnier in french.... :lol:

DidierF FR

2015-04-02 17:43

Yesss, an other TV-show!
Youpi, chouette, encore !
(Je m'ťtonne qu'on n'ait pas encore intťgrť les publicitťs pour bagnoles†; Áa manque, au point oý en est l'Internet Movie Car Database. Et je suis sŻr que ce serait trŤs Google-friendly/complient.)

antp BE

2015-04-02 17:46

Non, pas de pubs, il faut bien fixer des limites :p
Et les show TV on les restreint de plus en plus. Top Gear fait partie des quelques uns qu'on accepte.

antp BE

2015-04-02 17:52

ep 1.02:

A Solowheel:
[Image: 102tgf_000311_c57.jpg] [Image: 102tgf_001109_c45.jpg]

Car pictures,
[Image: 102tgf_001614_c04.jpg]
Renault Mťgane RS

[Image: 102tgf_001619_c16.jpg]
Fiat Cinquecento

[Image: 102tgf_001624_c23.jpg]
Lamborghini Gallardo

[Image: 102tgf_001635_c35.jpg]
Lamborghini HuracŠn

[Image: 102tgf_001651_c52.jpg]
Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse Brabus

[Image: 102tgf_001717_c24.jpg]
Toyota Mirai

[Image: 102tgf_001801_c10.jpg]
Toyota Prius

[Image: 102tgf_001839_c49.jpg]
Aston-Martin DB 10

[Image: 102tgf_001916_c28.jpg] [Image: 102tgf_001921_c56.jpg]
They mention the collection of old cars found in a barn, with the Ferrari 250 GT SWB (but forgot the "B" when naming it...)

[Image: 102tgf_003357_c59.jpg]
Lamborghini Countach

[Image: 102tgf_003501_c04.jpg]
Renault 25

[Image: 102tgf_003535_c41.jpg] [Image: 102tgf_003558_c06.jpg]
Renault Clio 1 & 2

[Image: 102tgf_003701_c10.jpg]
"Batman's Lamborghini"

[Image: 102tgf_003759_c09.jpg]
Porsche barbecue

[Image: 102tgf_003924_c50.jpg]
Renault Clio Williams

They also show again several times the Fiat Multipla shown in ep 1.01

Baube QC

2015-04-02 19:40

Porsche BBQ....the fastest gril ever..... :D

antp BE

2015-04-15 17:46

ep 1.03, car pictures,

[Image: 103tgf_001603_c35.jpg]
Mercedes-AMG Vision GT

[Image: 103tgf_001636_c45.jpg]
VW GTI Roadster

[Image: 103tgf_001651_c00.jpg]
Nissan Concept 2020 Vision GT

[Image: 103tgf_001713_c24.jpg]
Toyota FT-1 Vision GT

[Image: 103tgf_001733_c45.jpg]
Chevrolet Chaparral 2X Vision GT

[Image: 103tgf_001745_c14.jpg]
CitroŽn Gran Turismo Concept

[Image: 103tgf_001819_c05.jpg] [Image: 103tgf_001843_c37.jpg] [Image: 103tgf_001849_c45.jpg]
CitroŽn DS3 …dition Rťgions

[Image: 103tgf_001900_c57.jpg]
Google Car

[Image: 103tgf_001912_c11.jpg]
self-driving Audi RS7

[Image: 103tgf_003906_c05.jpg]
Lamborghini Countach

[Image: 103tgf_003931_c37.jpg]
Lamborghini Diablo

[Image: 103tgf_004210_c18.jpg]
Simca Ariane

[Image: 103tgf_004305_c14.jpg]
Mercedes-Benz 600 SEC

[Image: 103tgf_004400_c18.jpg]
Alpine A110

[Image: 103tgf_004444_c03.jpg]
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII

[Image: 103tgf_004630_c59.jpg]
Audi R8

Gamer DE

2015-04-15 17:47

The Google car should be listed as there is currently only one on the site.

antp BE

2015-04-15 18:06

There will be others some day. I don't list car photos from this TV show (and don't think it is worth doing so for others), so I don't want to make exceptions.
Also, the one already listed uses the same photo.

-- Last edit: 2015-04-15 18:07:34

antp BE

2015-05-05 18:16

ep 1.04, car pictures shown, now they write directly on them the model, that's easier for me :D
[Image: 104tgf_001218_c16.jpg] [Image: 104tgf_001251_c50.jpg] [Image: 104tgf_001319_c19.jpg] [Image: 104tgf_001336_c38.jpg] [Image: 104tgf_001630_c16.jpg] [Image: 104tgf_001632_c19.jpg] [Image: 104tgf_001634_c22.jpg] [Image: 104tgf_001640_c31.jpg] [Image: 104tgf_001642_c34.jpg] [Image: 104tgf_001645_c39.jpg] [Image: 104tgf_001735_c30.jpg] [Image: 104tgf_001818_c16.jpg] [Image: 104tgf_003717_c51.jpg] [Image: 104tgf_003813_c35.jpg] [Image: 104tgf_003859_c23.jpg] [Image: 104tgf_003906_c31.jpg]

They also show the "Dirty Driving" commercial from Mercedes:
[Image: 104tgf_001432_c36.jpg] [Image: 104tgf_001506_c33.jpg] [Image: 104tgf_001556_c35.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2015-05-05 18:17:55

antp BE

2015-06-12 16:56

ep 1.05, car pictures:

[Image: 105tgf_002208_c51.jpg] [Image: 105tgf_002255_c07.jpg] [Image: 105tgf_002316_c01.jpg] [Image: 105tgf_002357_c26.jpg] [Image: 105tgf_002432_c49.jpg] [Image: 105tgf_003859_c33.jpg] [Image: 105tgf_004016_c52.jpg] [Image: 105tgf_004056_c34.jpg] [Image: 105tgf_004110_c56.jpg] [Image: 105tgf_004128_c15.jpg] [Image: 105tgf_004145_c37.jpg] [Image: 105tgf_004256_c50.jpg] [Image: 105tgf_004333_c28.jpg] [Image: 105tgf_004608_c05.jpg]

antp BE

2016-07-12 20:27

ep 1.06, car pictures:
[Image: 106tgf_000932_c15.jpg] [Image: 106tgf_000953_c08.jpg] [Image: 106tgf_001023_c20.jpg] [Image: 106tgf_001104_c03.jpg] [Image: 106tgf_001153_c53.jpg] [Image: 106tgf_001237_c50.jpg] [Image: 106tgf_001318_c28.jpg] [Image: 106tgf_002936_c07.jpg] [Image: 106tgf_003014_c46.jpg] [Image: 106tgf_003023_c58.jpg] [Image: 106tgf_003037_c13.jpg] [Image: 106tgf_003210_c47.jpg] [Image: 106tgf_003340_c20.jpg] [Image: 106tgf_003427_c08.jpg] [Image: 106tgf_003530_c13.jpg] [Image: 106tgf_003547_c31.jpg] [Image: 106tgf_003618_c04.jpg] [Image: 106tgf_003748_c56.jpg] [Image: 106tgf_003823_c34.jpg] [Image: 106tgf_003905_c27.jpg] [Image: 106tgf_003930_c53.jpg] [Image: 106tgf_003948_c12.jpg] [Image: 106tgf_004045_c10.jpg] [Image: 106tgf_004057_c30.jpg]

antp BE

2016-07-17 11:57

ep 1.07, car pictures:
[Image: 107tgf_001525_c49.jpg] [Image: 107tgf_001655_c26.jpg] [Image: 107tgf_001727_c04.jpg] [Image: 107tgf_001747_c23.jpg] [Image: 107tgf_003321_c07.jpg] [Image: 107tgf_003356_c51.jpg] [Image: 107tgf_003449_c45.jpg] [Image: 107tgf_003544_c43.jpg] [Image: 107tgf_003753_c00.jpg] [Image: 107tgf_003921_c30.jpg] [Image: 107tgf_004005_c16.jpg] [Image: 107tgf_004137_c51.jpg]

The Xantia was shown while discussing with Bruno Solo and Yvan Le Bolloc'h as reference to /vehicle_9857-Citroen-Xantia-1993.html / /vehicle_243393-Citroen-Xantia-1993.html

Rinspeed FR

2021-08-21 11:27

can someone change the end of this TV Show? The end isn't 2019, it's always in production!

-- Last edit: 2021-08-21 11:27:48

Rinspeed FR

2021-08-22 19:20

Special Episodes:
Episode 3.00.1 Road Trip to Japan (Part 1)
Episode 3.00.2 Road Trip to Japan (Part 2)
Episode 4.00 Road Trip to South Africa
Episode 5.00.1 Road Trip to Morroco
Episode 5.00.2 Road Trip to Peru
Episode 6.00.1 Road Trip to Jordan
Episode 6.00.2 Road Trip to Vietnam
Episode 7.00 Road Trip to Scotland
Episode 8.00.1 Road Trip to Corsica
Episode 8.00.2 Special Olympic Winter Games
Episode 9.00.1 Road Trip to Norway
Episode 9.00.2 Special Dakar
Episode 9.00.3 Special Go Fast

-- Last edit: 2022-06-04 11:23:47

walter IT

2021-08-23 21:18

@Rinspeed: I've skipped the footage/traffic cars, they just increase with low interest for the site the huge list of vehicles that appear in that kind of shows.

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