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The Rockford Files, TV Series, 1974-1980 IMDB

Pictures provided by: stronghold, APS221

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Also known as:

  • Detektiv Rockford - Anruf genüg (Germany)
  • Los casos de Rockford (Spain)
  • Rockfordin paperit (Finland)
  • Deux cent dollars plus les frais (France)
  • Agenzia Rockford (Italy)
  • Jim Rockford (Netherlands)

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2010-01-08 04:09


Aziz wrote Are there a lot of car chases in this series?

Yes, there are quite a few chases in this series.

I just added video screencaps from the made-for-TV movie, known as "Backlash of the Hunter," that served as the pilot episode. I forgot that IMDb has a separate page for this movie, and will transfer my screencaps to that page. I will also start adding caps from episodes to this page.

-- Last edit: 2010-01-08 04:45:00

electra225 IT

2010-01-08 23:16


there is a nice car chase between the most seen '74 bronze metallic Pontiac Firebird and a nice blue '68 Chrysler 300 4 door hardtop, for instance...

electra225 IT

2010-01-09 12:57


I remember the following models in car chases:
1)a 1968 metallic blue Chrysler 300 4 door hardtop, with vinyl top.
2)a metallic red 1973 Buick Riviera.
3) a '75 or '76 Cadillac Eldorado convertible in red metallic.
4) an Ivory Mercedes-Benz 280 /8 with sunroof.
5) a metallic light green 1973 Buick Electra 4 door hardtop.

garco NL

2010-01-23 19:39


Austin Mini Cooper 1.07:
[Image: 217364-minicooper 1.07.jpg]

chris40 UK

2010-01-23 20:27


The sans chauffeur Peugeot 504 in the thumbnail is a US spec. model. The plate, like that of the Cooper S, is fake.

Gag Halfrunt UK

2010-01-23 20:42


Swiss rear plates were always laid out on two lines until 1987. Since then, standard European size plates have been allowed as well. (And Swiss front plates are tiny.)


2010-01-23 23:42


Gag Halfrunt wrote Swiss rear plates were always laid out on two lines until 1987. Since then, standard European size plates have been allowed as well. (And Swiss front plates are tiny.)

That part of the episode was clearly filmed on a backlot with US-spec. European cars. Are the plates based on an actual canton? I couldn't find one that uses LA, and the red and white crest appears to be the reverse of Soleure Canton.

ingo DE

2010-01-24 14:20


No, it's just phantasy-made stuff.

ingo DE

2010-01-31 23:37


We are busy with cars here, but I think, this pure 70ies-music shouldn't be forgotten: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Px_nrsFNgtI


2010-02-01 03:49


MaindrianPace wrote
From Ep. 1.07
1966 Austin Mini Cooper S MkI
[Image: fullu_1.jpg]
[Image: ss31_1.jpg]

[EDIT] Thanks Chris!

-- Last edit: 2010-02-01 21:54:58

chris40 UK

2010-02-01 09:10


APS221's second thumbnail is an MGB GT ;)

chris40 UK

2010-02-02 11:22


De nada ... it wasn't your mistake anyway, was it? (I just revisited the forum!)

-- Last edit: 2010-02-02 11:25:03


2010-02-16 21:51


garco wrote Austin Mini Cooper 1.07:

MaindrianPace wrote

See page:

-- Last edit: 2010-02-16 22:50:00 (antp)


2010-02-24 07:52


Cars from a demolition derby seen at the beginning of Ep. 1.21:
[Image: s1e21001.554.jpg][Image: s1e21002.1645.jpg][Image: s1e21003.7015.jpg][Image: s1e21004.75.jpg][Image: s1e21006.3828.jpg][Image: s1e21007.9697.jpg][Image: s1e21008.5944.jpg][Image: s1e21009.2117.jpg][Image: s1e21010.1316.jpg][Image: s1e21011.5784.jpg][Image: s1e21012.520.jpg][Image: s1e21013.2259.jpg][Image: s1e21014.192.jpg][Image: s1e21015.8717.jpg][Image: s1e21016.6015.jpg]

Season 1 is complete.
[Image: s1e01003.2079.jpg][Image: s1e02007.4098.jpg][Image: s1e03003.4010.jpg][Image: s1e04001.5921.jpg][Image: s1e05001.8557.jpg][Image: s1e06001.4729.jpg][Image: s1e07006.1909.jpg][Image: s1e08001h.4598.jpg][Image: s1e09005.1184.jpg][Image: s1e10001.3707.jpg][Image: s1e11001.933.jpg][Image: s1e12001.3002.jpg][Image: s1e12002.4076.jpg][Image: s1e13001.5350.jpg][Image: s1e13002.2637.jpg][Image: s1e14001.7641.jpg][Image: s1e15001.833.jpg][Image: s1e16001.9717.jpg][Image: s1e17024.5675.jpg][Image: s1e18004.237.jpg][Image: s1e19001.3658.jpg][Image: s1e20001.3376.jpg][Image: s1e21005.8853.jpg][Image: s1e22002.2378.jpg]
1.01 1974-09-13 “The Kirkoff Case”
1.02 1974-09-20 “The Dark and Bloody Ground”
1.03 1974-09-27 “The Countess”
1.04 1974-10-04 “Exit Prentiss Carr”
1.05 1974-10-11 “Tall Woman in Red Wagon”
1.06 1974-10-18 “This Case is Closed” — 90-minute episode Syndicated as two one-hour episodes, with re-used and stock footage added. The syndicated version appears on all DVD releases.
1.07 1974-10-25 “The Big Ripoff”
1.08 1974-11-01 “Find Me If You Can”
1.09 1974-11-08 “In Pursuit of Carol Thorne”
1.10 1974-11-15 “The Dexter Crisis”
1.11 1974-12-06 “Caledonia -- It’s Worth a Fortune!”
1.12 1974-12-20 “Profit and Loss, Part 1: Profit”
1.13 1974-12-27 “Profit and Loss, Part 2: Loss”
1.14 1975-01-03 “Aura Lee, Farewell”
1.15 1975-01-10 “Sleight of Hand”
1.16 1975-01-17 “Counter Gambit”
1.17 1975-01-31 “Claire”
1.18 1975-02-07 “Say Goodbye to Jennifer”
1.19 1975-02-14 “Charlie Harris at Large”
1.20 1975-02-21 “The Four Pound Brick”
1.21 1975-02-28 “Just by Accident”
1.22 1975-03-07 “Roundabout”

-- Last edit: 2010-02-24 12:36:20

Raul1983 FI

2010-02-24 11:26


Nice work! I really enjoy looking this page.


2010-02-24 12:33


Raul1983 wrote Nice work! I really enjoy looking this page.

I'm glad you like it.

-- Last edit: 2010-02-24 12:35:53

Ddey65 US

2010-03-02 15:46


APS221 wrote [Image: s1e05001.th.jpg]

1.05 1974-10-11 “Tall Woman in Red Wagon”

Is there any chance we'll get to see this tall woman and the red wagon she drives?

-- Last edit: 2010-03-02 15:48:51


2010-03-03 02:05


Ddey65 wrote Is there any chance we'll get to see this tall woman and the red wagon she drives?

Rockford is hired to find the Charlotte-Anne Duskey (played by Susan Damante), the "tall woman in a red wagon." Unfortunately, we never see her wagon. When Rockford finds her she looks like this:
[Image: s1e05susandamante001.871.jpg][Image: s1e05susandamante002.3300.jpg]
She's hurt, not killed, and ends up in the hospital.

Rockford, of course, meets many women during his investigations. Here are a few from the episodes I've done so far:
From Ep. 1.00 (/movie_72093-The-Rockford-Files.html) Nita Talbot as Mildred Elias:
[Image: s1e00nitatalbot001.1984.jpg][Image: s1e00nitatalbot002.7148.jpg]
From Ep. 1.03 Susan Strasberg as Deborah Ryder:
[Image: s1e03susanstrasberg001.743.jpg][Image: s1e03susanstrasberg002.6009.jpg]
From Ep. 1.14 Melissa Greene as Aura Lee Benton (Rockford doesn't actually meet her, he's hired to find her):
[Image: s1e14melissagreene001.6471.jpg]
This was her last appearance in a television show or movie. Find out what she's done since then here: http://www.popentertainment.com/melissagreene.htm
From Ep. 2.02 Linda Evans as Audrey Wyatt:
[Image: s2e02lindaevans001.2338.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2010-03-03 22:31:12


2010-04-07 01:59


Season 2 is complete.
[Image: s2e01016.6358.jpg][Image: s2e02001.1497.jpg][Image: s2e03018.8488.jpg][Image: s2e04001.4525.jpg][Image: s2e05006.3172.jpg][Image: s2e06002.4016.jpg]
[Image: s2e07001.374.jpg][Image: s2e08001.1601.jpg][Image: s2e09003.5503.jpg][Image: s2e10002.9164.jpg][Image: s2e11001.4403.jpg][Image: s2e12002.4097.jpg]
[Image: s2e13002.2109.jpg][Image: s2e14001.3977.jpg][Image: s2e15001.8975.jpg][Image: s2e16001.9289.jpg][Image: s2e17005.5599.jpg][Image: s2e18004.9804.jpg]
[Image: s2e19004.1537.jpg][Image: s2e20011.8114.jpg][Image: s2e21001.1270.jpg][Image: s2e22001.5308.jpg]
2.01 1975-09-12 “The Aaron Ironwood School of Success”
2.02 1975-09-19 “The Farnsworth Strategm”
2.03 1975-09-26 “Gearjammers” — Part 1
2.04 1975-10-03 “Gearjammers” — Part 2
2.05 1975-10-10 “The Deep Blue Sleep”
2.06 1975-10-17 “The Great Blue Lake Land and Development Company”
2.07 1975-10-31 “The Real Easy Red Dog”
2.08 1975-11-07 “Resurrection in Black and White”
2.09 1975-11-14 “Chicken Little is a Little Chicken”
2.10 1975-11-21 “2 Into 5.56 Won’t Go”
2.11 1975-11-28 “Pastoria Prime Pick”
2.12 1975-12-05 “The Reincarnation of Angie”
2.13 1975-12-19 “The Girl in the Bay City Boy’s Club”
2.14 1976-01-09 “The Hammer of C Block”
2.15 1976-01-16 “The No-Cut Contract”
2.16 1976-01-23 “A Portrait of Elizabeth”
2.17 1976-01-30 “Joey Blue Eyes”
2.18 1976-02-06 “In Hazard”
2.19 1976-02-13 “The Italian Bird Fiasco”
2.20 1976-02-20 “Where’s Houston?”
2.21 1976-03-12 “Foul on the First Play”
2.22 1976-03-19 “A Bad Deal in the Valley”

-- Last edit: 2010-04-07 04:36:47


2010-08-05 06:16


Season 3 is complete.
[Image: s3e01001.7176.jpg][Image: s3e02001.7268.jpg][Image: s3e03003.816.jpg][Image: s3e04001.7854.jpg][Image: s3e05005.4104.jpg]
[Image: s3e06007.5300.jpg][Image: s3e07001.3197.jpg][Image: s3e08001.7158.jpg][Image: s3e09001.1958.jpg][Image: s3e10002.1407.jpg]
[Image: s3e11001.3016.jpg][Image: s3e12003.1081.jpg][Image: s3e13001.517.jpg][Image: s3e14040.9841.jpg][Image: s3e15033.8440.jpg]
[Image: s3e16006.7206.jpg][Image: s3e17001.1678.jpg][Image: s3e18001.1961.jpg][Image: s3e19001.5940.jpg][Image: s3e20001.697.jpg]
[Image: s3e21001.6853.jpg][Image: s3e22001.1965.jpg]
3.01 1976-09-24 “The Fourth Man”
3.02 1976-10-01 “The Oracle Wore a Cashmere Suit”
3.03 1976-10-08 “The Family Hour”
3.04 1976-10-15 “Feeding Frenzy”
3.05 1976-11-05 “Drought at Indianhead River”
3.06 1976-11-12 “Coulter City Wildcat”
3.07 1976-11-19 “So Help Me God”
3.08 1976-11-26 “Rattlers’ Class of ‘63”
3.09 1976-12-10 “Return to the Thirty-Eighth Parallel”
3.10 1976-12-17 “Piece Work”
3.11 1976-12-24 “The Trouble With Warren
3.12 1977-01-07 “There’s One in Every Port”
3.13 1977-01-14 “Sticks and Stones May Break Your Bones, But Waterbury Will Bury You”
3.14 1977-01-21 “The Trees, the Bees and T.T. Flowers” — Part 1
3.15 1977-01-28 “The Trees, the Bees and T.T. Flowers” — Part 2
3.16 1977-02-11 “The Becker Connection”
3.17 1977-02-18 “Just Another Polish Wedding”
3.18 1977-02-25 “New Life, Old Dragons”
3.19 1977-03-11 “To Protect and Serve” — Part 1
3.20 1977-03-18 “To Protect and Serve” — Part 2
3.21 1977-03-25 “Crack Back”
3.22 1977-04-01 “Dirty Money, Black Light”

-- Last edit: 2010-08-05 06:18:45

Skywatcher68 US

2010-08-27 20:03


APS221 wrote Cars from a demolition derby seen at the beginning of Ep. 1.21

#111 is a '57 Buick.

I think #74 is a '53 Plymouth Suburban.

#30 is a '52/'53 Lincoln.

I think #34½ is a '49 Chrysler.

#169 is a '53 Chevy.

#13 is a '55 Ford.

"Betty" seems to have an early-50s GM fender but I can't place the stone guard.

-- Last edit: 2010-08-27 20:50:15


2010-10-01 00:38


Newsreel footage of Germany during the Second World War from Ep. 4.08:
[Image: s4e08002.8636.jpg][Image: s4e08003.6814.jpg][Image: s4e08004.7384.jpg][Image: s4e08005.4290.jpg]

Aircraft from Ep. 4.11:
[Image: s4e11012.174.jpg][Image: s4e11013.3742.jpg][Image: s4e11014.8930.jpg]
The blue-and-yellow plane, N8825H, is a 1947 North American Navion A.
[Image: n8825h001.5421.jpg][Image: n8825h002.3492.jpg]
It is currentyly for sale at: http://navions.com/navion-25h.html

Aircraft from Ep. 4.18:
[Image: s4e18006.9476.jpg][Image: s4e18008.8917.jpg][Image: s4e18009.9677.jpg][Image: s4e18010.1558.jpg]
The aircraft shown on the runway is N664CL, a 1968 Learjet 24. The aircraft in the air is N953GA.
N664CL has also appeared in several other television shows:
"Knight Rider" Ep. 1.02 "Knight of the Phoenix, Part 2"
[Image: krs1e02001.9430.jpg][Image: krs1e02002.5788.jpg][Image: krs1e02003.7961.jpg][Image: krs1e02004.5125.jpg][Image: krs1e02005.9200.jpg][Image: krs1e02006.5225.jpg][Image: krs1e02007.43.jpg]
"Knight Rider" Ep. 1.12 "Plush Ride" It appears to be used as multiple aircraft with the callsigns "Summit One," "Summit Two," etc.
[Image: krs1e12001.4929.jpg][Image: krs1e12002.5546.jpg][Image: krs1e12003.7809.jpg][Image: krs1e12004.3347.jpg][Image: krs1e12005.760.jpg][Image: krs1e12006.4324.jpg]
"Remington Steele" Ep. 2.03 "Red Holt Steele"
[Image: rss2e03001.3699.jpg]

Aircraft from Ep. 4.21:
[Image: s4e21006.1261.jpg][Image: s4e21007.9740.jpg][Image: s4e21008.7852.jpg][Image: s4e21050.3079.jpg][Image: s4e21063.5476.jpg]
A Sikorsky H-34/S-58.

Season 4 is complete.
[Image: s4e01008.6338.jpg][Image: s4e02001.2416.jpg][Image: s4e03001.3549.jpg][Image: s4e04001.4923.jpg][Image: s4e05003.805.jpg]
[Image: s4e06001.114.jpg][Image: s4e07002.8432.jpg][Image: s4e08001.1034.jpg][Image: s4e09002.6666.jpg][Image: s4e10001.4930.jpg]
[Image: s4e11001.6065.jpg][Image: s4e12001.227.jpg][Image: s4e13001.543.jpg][Image: s4e14001.4237.jpg][Image: s4e15001.7420.jpg]
[Image: s4e16001.934.jpg][Image: s4e17001.50.jpg][Image: s4e18007.8546.jpg][Image: s4e19001.8338.jpg][Image: s4e20003.2003.jpg]
[Image: s4e21016.2144.jpg]
4.01 1977-09-16 “Beamer’s Last Case”
4.02 1977-09-23 “Trouble in Chapter 17”
4.03 1977-09-30 “The Battle of Canoga Park”
4.04 1977-10-14 “Second Chance”
4.05 1977-10-21 “The Dog and Pony Show”
4.06 1977-11-04 “Requiem for a Funny Box”
4.07 1977-11-11 “Quickie Nirvana”
4.08 1977-11-18 “Irving the Explainer”
4.09 1977-11-25 “The Mayor's Committee from Deer Lick Falls”
4.10 1977-12-02 “Hotel of Fear”
4.11 1977-12-09 “Forced Retirement”
4.12 1977-12-16 “The Queen of Peru”
4.13 1977-12-23 “A Deadly Maze”
4.14 1978-01-06 “The Attractive Nuisance”
4.15 1978-01-13 “The Gang at Don’s Drive-In”
4.16 1978-01-20 “The Paper Palace”
4.17 1978-01-27 “Dwarf in a Helium Hat”
4.18 1978-02-03 “South by Southeast”
4.19 1978-02-10 “The Competitive Edge”
4.20 1978-02-17 “The Prisoner of Rosemont Hall”
4.21 1978-02-24 “The House on Willis Avenue” — two-hour episode. Syndicated as two one-hour episodes. The original version appears on the Region 1 DVD.

-- Last edit: 2010-10-01 02:14:16

14Stutz US

2010-10-01 01:32


The white aircraft from episode 4.11 is a Cessna 402B, currenbt from 1973-78.

In the same episode, the Lear Jet 24 is owned by Clay Lacy, he has a large jet charter business at Van Nuys airport.
As noted, that plane has been in more films than most actors.

-- Last edit: 2010-10-01 01:35:21

sixcyl FR

2011-06-19 14:21


Aircrafts seen in this Series at:
Link to "www.impdb.org")

majorhawke US

2011-07-04 01:40


I love the theme song


2011-07-22 05:46


A ship for the Internet Movie Ship Database:
From Ep. 5.13:
[Image: s5e13044.7418.jpg]
The USCGC Point Evans (WPB-82354)
The Point Evans was also seen in "Columbo: The Conspirators" (Ep. 7.05).
[Image: columbos7e05001.121.jpg][Image: columbos7e05002.458.jpg][Image: columbos7e05003.1272.jpg][Image: columbos7e05004.7604.jpg][Image: columbos7e05005.8224.jpg][Image: columbos7e05006.6267.jpg]
In "Columbo: The Conspirators," the USCGC Point Evans is seen in pursuit of the MV Ilkon Tak and a tugboat.

Aircraft from Ep. 5.14:
[Image: s5e14066.3575.jpg][Image: s5e14049.1124.jpg][Image: s5e14050.5163.jpg][Image: s5e14051.8607.jpg][Image: s5e14052.2036.jpg][Image: s5e14053.5128.jpg][Image: s5e14054.2677.jpg][Image: s5e14055.1857.jpg][Image: s5e14056.8356.jpg][Image: s5e14058.9772.jpg][Image: s5e14059.4404.jpg]
N59613, a Bell 206B, chases Rockford around an abandoned part of Long Beach Naval Base. In the final thumbnail, with the explosion, you can read DATC (Development and Training Center) DET LBEACH - FMAG (Fleet Maintenance Assistance Group).

-- Last edit: 2011-07-24 05:08:16

maxman CA

2012-04-04 06:16


Why does Rockford keep getting a new Firebird every season instead of using the same car?

police car fan NL

2012-06-29 23:27


There are a lot 1975 Ford LTD's

Cycolac Fan EN

2012-08-19 20:19


Anyone else ever spotted that right at the beginning of Episode 1 during the establishing shots there's a shot of a pier and as the camera pans left there's Columbo's grey Peugeot convertible parked?

Must have been a little libary footage used...

Ddey65 US

2014-01-11 19:41


I recently bought a boxset of the sixth and final season. I don't know if or when I'm going to start uploading images from it or not.


2014-01-19 02:19


I know I haven't posted any new images in about a year. I left off with "The Man Who Saw the Alligators" (Ep. 5.16). I would like to get back to it. I think the next episode is "The Return of the Black Shadow" which has a ton of motorcycles.

-- Last edit: 2014-01-19 02:25:26

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