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Goodbye Pork Pie, Movie, 1980 IMDB

Pictures provided by: CrazyCars, dsl, Joh2, MisterZ

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Also known as:

  • Mach's gut, Pork Pie (Germany)
  • Vaya movida (Spain)

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dsl SX

2013-03-18 15:17

Have redone this completely with captures from official DVD, but frustrating (lack of) quality of images - especially moving vehicles which become too blurred to be useful; means lots of interesting stuff can't be captured. This cause a lot of problems during the film, but is particularly difficult:
1] during the opening 3 minutes main street footage - high number of vehicles but have only captured a few
2] a 10-15 second sequence from 01-17-00 represented by the Riley Elf which has up to 15 worthwhile targets (see later list)
3] all the final night time sequence after 01:35:30 - lots of stuff but impossible to capture in the darkness
Plus several other glimpses elsewhere during the film - if a better quality version ever comes out, it should be snapped up to really trawl the footage for interesting stuff

Very useful blog at http://www.aronline.co.uk/blogs/2011/10/02/goodbye-pork-pie/ . A great film - I always thought of it as Easy Rider done as a comedy with Minis, though the influence of The Italian Job is also significant with several pastiche scenes. However it has a unique character within all the blends. Basically a trip through NZ from North to South, so some great scenery through a long list of locations http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0082464/locations (the scrapyard sequence filmed at Horopito, Manawatu-Wanganui on North Island):

[Image: scenery53-46.jpg]

[Image: scenery53-55.jpg]

[Image: scenery1-09-15.jpg]

with a real anarchic spirit and irreverent humour for instance the 5* Mini (or what's left of it) allowed to smash through the (balsa wood?) gates and screech through Invercargill town cemetery after 01:34:55
[Image: minia1-34-55cemetery.jpg]
- kind of sums up the bizarre anti-establishment spirit of the film - where else would you be allowed to stage this sort of filming. Also an impression of being a national project - so many towns and cities (and their police forces) clearly co-operated handsomely, and many locals seem to have got their interesting cars out along the road or in the set-pieces.
[Image: lrpickupescortcresta.jpg]

Although imdb gives a 1981 date, the end credit says 1980, with filming actually being 1979 (see discussions below)
[Image: endcredit.jpg]

A calendar
[Image: calendar1-00-03.jpg]

Highly recommended for the cars, scenery, stunts, and humour from slapstick to social comment. Deep it ain't, but bloody good fun. However I did not see any Imps ...

-- Last edit: 2016-01-23 01:33:32

nzcarnerd NZ

2013-03-19 00:08

Even though this movie is dated 1981 it was filmed - I think - in 1979. There are no cars later than 1978 to be seen in the movie. It is an interesting snapshot of NZ as it was before deregulation of imports and of freeing up of road transport. It can be seen that there are very few big trucks on the road because in those days there were severe restrictions on how far goods could carried by road. Regarding the comment re the quality of the pics available - if all of the different vehicle were able to be isolated there would be more than 50. The scene with the yellow and the green Austin trucks was shot in the old part of Cromwell - http://www.cromwell.org.nz/about-cromwell/ - ;this part of the town is now under about 20 metres of water as part of Lake Dunstan.

-- Last edit: 2013-03-19 00:16:02

dsl SX

2013-03-19 00:27

^ agreed it is a great snapshot film - one reason why I've put up a few pages despite poor quality.

-- Last edit: 2013-03-22 05:16:31

nzcarnerd NZ

2013-03-19 01:21

Just looked the two Minis listed here. One has a JA plate and the other is IZ and both would date from late 1978. I have a JA plate on one of my cars - a year plate (JA 1965) which you could order in those days before they thought of calling them personalised plates and charging much more for them - which I got in about October of 1978. I think that would confirm the dates of both Minis as 1978.

-- Last edit: 2013-03-19 01:22:18

nzcarnerd NZ

2013-03-20 01:38

With regard to NZ assembly, almost everything sold here in that era was locally assembled, though there were always a few upspec variants of certain models allowed in under special licence. One source of UK assembled cars was that immigrants from the UK - there were several thousand each year, particularly during the 1960s - (and a few from other countries) were allowed to bring a car with them, so we always saw a few odd variants that were not sold here new. I recall from watching the movie, that near the beginning, when they visit the garage at Pokeno, a Vauxhall Estate crosses the road in front of them - that would be a UK sourced car. Maybe dsl can find it?

dsl SX

2013-03-20 02:20

^ See comment at /vehicle_581783-Austin-1800-ADO17-1968.html .


2013-03-21 14:27

Funny title :D

nzcarnerd NZ

2013-03-22 01:23

Horopito Motors - http://www.horopitomotors.co.nz/ - was also the setting of the 1982 movie Smash Palace - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0083096/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

ingo DE

2013-03-22 09:34

nzcarnerd wrote Horopito Motors - http://www.horopitomotors.co.nz/

F*ck! :mad: We (a RO 80-fellow and me) and didn't know that location, when we'd been in NZ in 1998. We'd visited only one yunkyard, a specialist for European cars in Auckland. A local K 70-fellow, we'd visited, too, has warned us before. That the bloke shall be an overpriced crook. So he was. Just for joke my friend has asked for the price of the back rubber spoiler for a Saab 99 (it was his all-day-car at home). It shall cost 50 NZ-$. At his local yard, the well-known company https://www.kiesow.de/ he had paid for that part a few weeks before a tenth of this price.

-- Last edit: 2013-03-22 09:34:47

nzcarnerd NZ

2013-03-23 20:29

Re comment from ingo about prices - anything Eiropean has always been expensive here. It is only in the last few years with secondhand imports from Japan and also in just the last couple of years with pricing of new ones competitive with Japanese and Korean cars that pricing levels have lowered. There are always those of course who are behind the times and keep to the old ways.

ingo DE

2013-03-24 11:37

@nzcarnerd: from my trip back then I know, that in NZ European cars were always high-priced rarities, as VW, Audi and NSU. Because they were so expensive, several cars have survived much longer than elsewhere. But in the late 90ies NZ wasn't any more one the secret tipp for fans, who want to see a plenty of classic cars in daily use. In 1998 the NZ-assembly lines were already closed down and the country flooded with used Japanese imports. It was astonishing: one day we passed the completely empty and blank quay of the Auckland's port. The following day it was totally filled with imported used cars, from a micocar up to an oversized mobile crane :wow:
I've also noticed, that some Opels, for example Kadett E GSi were among them. So in NZ there was the funny situation, that it was the place, where you could spot the biggest variety of GM T-cars http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Motors_T-car :)

If you would have the chance to check Horopito Motors, if they have something for me, I would be very very appreciate it :) Just a pic and noting the VIN-number would be perfect

carmagreviews NZ

2013-03-30 10:25

You have remember for Kiwis to buy a new car from 1930s to early 80s - Kiwis had to have overseas funds in an overseas bank - my father did and managed to secure a number Fords and GM vehicles over the years - the deal I think 2/3 of value of car was overseas funds . after 2 years he could sell his car and make more money in NZ number terms then what he purchased it for -the exception was 1970 new Ford Zephyr MKIV with a 3.0V6 4 spm manual and power assisted steering (a special export model FJ8888 love to find out where it is..) which lost 1/3 of its value in 1 year!
Secondary there were limits regarding importing licencsing for build up cars - more cars manufactured by CKD (with many of parts Seats, tyres ; carpet; windows etc NZ new and built and full employment then!) the greater number of licenses the manufacturer could bring in imports and some quite unusual vehicles have come in like 3 OSCA convertibes but have dis-appeared and gone to ground! Of cause a number of Manufacturers used to 'smooch' up to MPs and invite them and wifes to Golf and Holidays and system was a bit corrupt so lot more built up cars particularly may have come in (wink..wink!)

carmagreviews NZ

2013-03-30 10:31

as for the K70 I think I was told only around 6-10 were brought in NZ new - so they will be very hard to find parts for - The K70 was actually developed by NSU before they got taken over by Audi (NSU lost millions in warrantly claims over NSU seals) - It was developed as cheaper car to NSU Ro 80 using the traditional petrol 4 cylinder engine ; the Design is all NSU - I seen magazine articles I have documented when car spied during testing outside NSU plant prior to the Audi take over
NZ Classic Car did an article on one of the K70 surivors
as for NSU Ro 80 a lot more of those were brought in NZ new although in 1972 they cost around $7700 vs Ford Faimont at $5200 last were here 1974- As a guess about 50 were sold here -quite a few survive with Mazda Rotary re-power ; Oversea most were fitted with a V4 Ford; I heard of one fitted with a Audi 100 unit

carmagreviews NZ

2013-03-30 10:52

Opels as a owner of two - Opels were sold here in 2 distinct periods
Firstly prior to World war 2 - 151 Opel Kadett saloons and 4 DHC convertibles were sold at rock bottom prices when Germany was desperate for overseas funds - something 150 pounds new! thety came here less bumbers and some trim - Years ago I interviewed the now late Ray Archibald who sold many of these cars 1938-1939; the ones that he brought were used as hire cars for visiting US Troopes; most were abused but robust cars - you roll it and it would start up again; unfortunately most have not surived they came in really 3 main colours ; Dark grey ; dark blue and a green - I only seen around 2 ; there was a light almost Tusnany pink one somewhere restored and owned by late Gaitor Tremain (the Former PR Manager of GM NZ around 1940 to 1976) he also had kept the ledgers of GM cars built and sold here -which are now looked after by Don Ryder of Vauxhall Car Club Wgtn! I have seen themn very impressive..

The Second period 1985-1996 (opels were from 1996 carried Holden Badge on) cars sold 1985-1989 were top of the range performance and luxury editions
Opel Kadett 1.8 GSI later 2.0 GSi 8v (aero look) in 5 door hatch and rarer 3 door hatch
Opel Manta C CC (Combi Coupe liftbacks only) a few 1.8 Berlinetta most were 2.0 GSI I own the 2nd to last imported GSI
Opel GSI 3000 sedan (Omega - it could not be calle that as Omega name was copyrighted by Subaru on its Leone range here) there are rumors of 2 Lotus Carltons?
Opel Senator CD 3.0 around only 3-8 were imported one owned by the then GM CEO
Opel Ascona 5 door hatch 2.0GSI (J series looks like a Holden Camira with a hatch)

2nd period part 2 1990-1996
Opel Vectra 4 door sedan and 5 door hatch initialy 1990-1992/3 range was
Opel Vectra 1.8L (a no frills fleet model very few surive)
Opel Vectra 2.0L 4 door and 5 door hatch
Opel Vectra 2.0GLS 4 door sedan and 5 door GT 8 v
Al the above were actually British made by Vauxhall and at wharf and back at GMs the badges were whipped off to be replaced by Opel
Opel Vectra 2000 16v (Cavalier GSi) 4 door only the top of range the fast one 16v Cosworth head I have one of 100 or so imported these actually German built as Opels believed less thenb a dozon surive al were 5 speed manual - 2 were brought in privately 4x4 turbo
Opel Calibra 2.0 16v 5 speed only
1993-1996 facelifted only range Vectra reduced ; Calibra by special order now had option of V6 and 3 special Zender 4x4 in black Turbos brought in

Any other Opel outside what I have told you is a private import although a number of 1950s to 70s were ex pre -evaluation used by Holden Australia and sold here -most have since been squashed into a cube! (phew...)

-- Last edit: 2013-03-30 10:57:28

dsl SX

2013-03-30 12:15

Comments from above 3 entries from carmagreviews:
- the Ford Zephyr Mk4 3-litre version is a known export permutation with Ford code 3018E (and presumably 3019E for LHD). Not normally sold in UK, but some police sales and it was used for the Ferguson 4wd conversions
- Vauxhall/Opel Cavalier/Vectra permutations - we've had lots of discussion about sourcing factories, with the result that UK, Germany and Belgium each built the full range of Vauxhall/Opel and LHD/RHD permutations which were switched round several times as needed. But all the specialised performance versions - 16v, GSi, 4wd etc - were only German built with whatever badges and LHD/RHD.
- same for Kadett/Astras
- all Calibras were German built AFAIK - never UK.
- Lotus Carlton/Omega - only sold in Europe, apart from 2 examples which went to Singapore. Normal info is that all RHD were Carlton and all LHD were Omega, but there are slight hints that a handful of RHD Omega existed in circumstances not yet explained.

nzcarnerd NZ

2013-03-30 21:39

Carmagreviews - I am very interested in your comments, particularly re the Opels. There are still a few Calibras in regular use in Christchurch. Would you like a spare parts car for your 16v? A neighbour of mine has a 1990 model which he has owned since almost new but it has now got very tired. It has been put aside and replaced by an M-B C280. The car is in Christchurch. I think we may have a connection in common - I am on the editorial committee of Beaded Wheels magazine. One small correction - it is Gaitan Tremain. I had correspondence with him in the 1970s regarding Buicks I owned. I remember one of those prewar Opels many years ago at the Swapmeet in Chch I think - looking very much in need of having a lot of money spent on it.

Your comment re corruption is very pertinent - a read of Tood Nyall's book The Trekka Dynasty confirms that.

-- Last edit: 2013-03-30 21:57:44

ingo DE

2013-04-01 18:27

carmagreviews wrote NZ Classic Car did an article on one of the K70 surivors

:king: That's great! Can you please tell me the issue? :)

ingo DE

2013-04-01 18:42

carmagreviews wrote as for the K70 I think I was told only around 6-10 were brought in NZ new - so they will be very hard to find parts for - The K70 was actually developed by NSU before they got taken over by Audi (NSU lost millions in warrantly claims over NSU seals) - It was developed as cheaper car to NSU Ro 80 using the traditional petrol 4 cylinder engine ; the Design is all NSU - I seen magazine articles I have documented when car spied during testing outside NSU plant prior to the Audi take over
NZ Classic Car did an article on one of the K70 surivors
as for NSU Ro 80 a lot more of those were brought in NZ new although in 1972 they cost around $7700 vs Ford Faimont at $5200 last were here 1974- As a guess about 50 were sold here -quite a few survive with Mazda Rotary re-power ; Oversea most were fitted with a V4 Ford; I heard of one fitted with a Audi 100 unit

Officially exported to NZ were 15 K 70 according the VW-export-statistics. Surpringly many, ca.10, were known as survived in 1998. But the 1973' K 70 L in texasyellow of the fellow in Auckland, we had visited back then, was an used import from Hongkong. No parts ate all are available in NZ. I brought them in my suitcase to help our fellow.
In the last years two, three times I've heard about some K 70 in NZ, but I never could get the owner's addresses and detailed infos about the cars.

There were ca.100 RO 80 exported, as the local NSU-freaks have told us, and 3 Wankelspider. Until the couple, which had the chairman-function of the NSU Owners Club New Zealand got divorced in the early 90ies, the local NSU-scene was very active there. Over 50 NSU's had existed in the 90ies, also two of the Wankelspiders (at an old man, who had a Wankel-specialised garage in Auckland.

At the VW.meeting in Whangarei I could grab a handful of K 70-literature for a very fair price. 8 years later, when I had a closer look in the 1973 sales-brochure (English, but LHD-cars), I got a little shock. I've found a dealer's stamp in it: "AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR, The East Asiatic Co., 17 Bén Bach Hang, Saigon" :wow: :wow: :wow:
P.S.In South Vietnam there was never any K 70 officially sold. But this brochure made it until New Zealand...

P.S.II Our RO 80-discovery at Coromandel is still going around in the European NSU-fan-scene. Some don't believe it, but it was true!

-- Last edit: 2013-04-01 18:53:05

ingo DE

2013-04-01 18:52

carmagreviews wrote guess about 50 were sold here -quite a few survive with Mazda Rotary re-power ; Oversea most were fitted with a V4 Ford; I heard of one fitted with a Audi 100 unit

The Ford V4-conversion was most common - but an idiotic construction (at least all engine-conversions were that). The engine was to weak (and too primitive) for that car. There shall have been some singlewith Alfasud-engines and the last RO 80 in Israel should have had a Subaru-boxer-engine, as I was told by the VW-garagist in Eilat in 1997.
Yes, there were conversion with Audi 100, resp.Porsche 924-engines. A fellow nerby Hamburg has made them in the 80ies. It was a lot of work, he had to cut the car before the windscreen and make it longer. In fact it was cobblework, as he confirmed later himself. You couldn't drive the car any more on just slightly rough roads, even railroad-crossing were a problem. Because the Audi-engine protuded a lot under the car. I remember a local NSU-meeting in the early 90ies, alongside the former DDR-border. We all hat to wait for one of these Audi-powered RO 80, because the driver could drive it on the rutted DDR-, even pre-war-roads only in walking speed and in serpentine-lines [:kiki]

carmagreviews NZ

2013-04-04 03:28

K70 Article - No guys I apologise it was not NZ Classic Car but a NZ magazine that gave it competition for 20 issues called NZ Classic Wheels (Auto Nostogia -bad spelling..) until its editor got charged putting Video camera on his shoe and looking up womans skirts he was denied access to his computer and as magazine was having financial difficulties the mag soon ended a lot of people got 'burned' pity it was a great mag...
and part of my private collection (if I remember where i last put it..)
Its Sept -October 1994 NZ Classic Wheels Issue #8 pages 40-42 it was a regular feature -under Cars that Made History - this issue the VW K70 "The Back to front VW" article written by Tony Cuncanna -according to this article 18 K70s were officaly imported by a Auckland Dealer 1972-1973
2 NZ cars were featured in photos which were black n white carried NZ Registration GE6249 (likely its original) it wore Square headlights so probably a L while other wearing a later registration RM2832 had dual round headlights (LS?)

other articles on K70 - I gone through these 2 myself
Restoration K70L is 1991 April Your Classic (GB)
and drving impression and history in July 1996 Popular Classics

as regard the Ford Zephyr my Dad owned -it was sourced from a senior manager Joe Auton a friend of my late fathers who later would run Ford NZ and later the Asia Pacific Region - car prior to that was one first Ford Cortinas a 2 door Mk1 1962 De Luxe win Cream with brown vinyl interior ; The Zephyr was blue metallic with matching blue vinyl interior and may have had a Zodiac dashboard?

Yes Calibra were all German Built
Opel Lotus Carlton - 2 were rumored to be in the South Island during early 1990s (they may have been 'grey imports' ie GB new those 2 are believed to be in a lockup somewhere down south and 1 in Tasmania Australia - this cannot be confirmed as leading Lotus expert believes this not to be true -who knows

-- Last edit: 2013-04-04 03:30:57

carmagreviews NZ

2013-04-06 05:35

Hi Carnerd (mark) I sent you an email via Outlook - that 'jumpled up ' my message -humble aplogies - Yep I seen your name on Editorial Commitee of Beaded Wheels - Kevin Clarkson sends me an issue for free which I produce a summary of contents and add any other comments - good guy is Kevin.. Thanks for offer of Opel parts but money bit tight at present :)

with regard to book
"Your comment re corruption is very pertinent" - a read of Tood Nyall's book The Trekka Dynasty confirms that. I read it a most Excellent book!! I used it on my Anziel Nova Research

I felt Webbos 'Assembly Book' was bit Rushed and he interviewed people either too high in food chain who did not know what the Engineering Staff were up too (ie no Mention of tremedous engineering Todd Motors Engineers put a US sourced V6 3000cc Mitsubishi into a Mitsubishi Sigma an opportune find and they wanted a 6cylinder car t gain the Police contract from GM who supplied Commodores) or too low in the food chain they interviewed a chap who made the tea as the humble apprentice later a school teacher who was not party to secret GM projects that the Engineers were working on -in their time in the weekends - The Plus 4 Torana; Score 7 Viva and others were planned to have bigger engines not fancy paint jobs that resulted as the accountants said no!

-- Last edit: 2013-04-06 07:00:09

dsl SX

2016-01-23 01:32

After the Mini drives through the crossroads where the Riley Elf is queuing at 01-17-00, it drives up a slight hill behind a row of parked cars all facing to camera. My copy is too crappy to capture these 1* cars, but they would be worth getting if a better quality version is found; almost all will be local assembly. They include
- yellow Cortina Mk3 estate
- blue Toyota Corona 2000 and a couple more Toyota-ish Carina/Corolla or similar
- white Marina Mk1, possibly estate
- white-grey Anglia 105E
- yellow Triumph Mk2 2.5PI
- 2 Morris Minors
- 2 Super Minxes
- Jag 420 (or maybe Wolseley 18/85??)
- brown Victor FB estate
- white Austin 1300 Mk3 and a white possible Avenger (both at top of hill).
Plus on the far side of the road behind the Mini, at least 2 Capri Mk1s and other stuff.

ianmax69 EN

2016-12-11 05:38

I hope no one gets upset but that is a Maxi MkII without a doubt parked in the car park in the Austin 303 photo You can see the characteristic reversing/number plate light cluster screaming at you and its not a Mk1 (cable-changer) as it would have had overiders.. You can even see the badges and exhaust!

dsl SX

2016-12-11 14:15

^ Maxi page opened - /vehicle.php?id=985647 - because there's another one as well in the film.

antp BE

2019-01-01 18:15

Images replaced by better captures sent by MisterZ

Ingo DE

2020-01-16 21:59

@nzcarnerd: right know I read an article about the only origin NZ-car (with Bohemian roots) in history: the Trekka.
Never heard anything about that before :wow:
@johnfromstaffs: it doesn't look like that, but its body was designed by a man from Thrupp & Maberly.

johnfromstaffs EN

2020-01-16 22:24

@ingo. @nz. Nothing would surprise me!

At least he had the sense to put a single piece front screen in it.

-- Last edit: 2020-01-16 22:25:19

jpts AU

2021-07-31 07:12

The film was set in 1978 which would fit with the Mini's number plates; IZ 6393.

The number plates that bore the "IZ" prefix were one of the prefixes issued for the year the film is set in.

-- Last edit: 2021-07-31 07:19:42

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