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Vega$, TV Series, 1978-1981 IMDB

Pictures provided by: night cub

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  • Vegas

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stronghold EN

2007-09-27 10:57

[Image: vegasintro1nh5.6120.jpg] [Image: vegasintro3ld2.5044.jpg]

HunterMan US

2007-12-30 23:12

Robert Urich did NOT drive a '56 Thunderbird. In the "Pilot" TV movie he started out with a yellow 1963 or '64 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible that part way into the movie ended up getting torched. He then acquired a Candy Apple Red 1957 Ford Thunderbird--which he drove for the remainder of the series. There were actually 2 T-Birds used for the show...1 for simple driving and parking scenes and another equipped with special brakes and a supercharged Police Chrylser engine for the car chase and "screeching around corners" scenes.

T-BirdLover US

2009-05-16 21:42

Hunters post is correct but a little off when it comes to the facts. The T-Bird's used in "Vega$" were not "Candy Apple Red". They were painted a 70's Corvette Red because Aaron Spelling did not like the way the standard "Torch Red" for that model year came across on camera. There were two cars, one a stunt car with a Dodge interceptor engine in it and screws attached to the rims to keep the hubcaps from flying off in stunt scenes. There was also a button attached by electrical tape to the shifter which locked the tires immediately to allow the vehicle to slide around corners etc. The stunt car had no radio, a filthy interior with wires hanging down and holes in the carpet. I was told it was a white T-Bird "donor car" which had been painted to match the other. After "Vega$" ended it's run, Robert Urich was offered the cars, but he was over 6 foot tall and after driving around Vegas in 100 plus degree heat in wool blazers he wanted nothing to do with the cars. They sat on a backlot until the movie "Breathless". They were indeed painted blue and were scheduled to be driven off a cliff. Enter the man who purchased the cars. A production director from Vega$ died about this time. When his desk was being cleaned out, the card of a man who had helped the production director with T-Bird quirks during the shooting of Vega$ was found. He was then called and worked out a deal to buy both cars.
He ended up with them, painted them red again and eventually sold the race/stunt version at auction in the late 90's to man who unfortunately was going to break it down to original. (Why you would do this to such a famous car, I have no idea) The man who purchased the cars still owns the mint model used for the close-up shots. I saw both cars in person back in the early 80's during filming on the strip and spoke to the Production Director who gave me most of this info. I made contact with the owner of the cars mid 90's. I believe his son now owns the famous Dan Tanna T-Bird. The son told me he takes it out now and then for spins around the block and it still gets looks. The Continental kit on it by the way was indeed optional in 57. The one on this car made the vehicle slightly longer than your standard 57 T-Bird. The kit on the stunt car had a piece of rebarb/flat metal strip welded from the inside of the kit to the trunk to keep it in place during chase scenes.
Derik Lattig, Fort Worth Texas

HunterMan US

2009-06-06 21:56

T-BirdLover is most likely accurate with this info. I got mine from other info online sites. If he actually talked to someone who was involved in the production of the show back then, then obviously they would know. I just assumed the color of the T-Birds was probably Candy Apple Red--but later after looking in actual 50's car books assumed it was Torch Red, since thats what was avialable back then. But they probably were painted the Corvette Red. The other technical info about the "Stunt Car" was cool...I only knew it had been modified with the brakes and supercharged engine, but the other info adds for sure! I know they were eventually used in the movie "Breathless" and painted blue...but they would have had to have sat on the studio lot somewhere for a while since "Vega$" ended in 81 and "Breathless" wasn't made until 83. I'm glad to know that someone who had ties with people involved with the show was able to acquire the T-Birds and restore them. I was afraid they probably no longer existed. I do know for a fact that the continental (spare tire) kit was available in 57 (even though they'd decided to move it to the trunk unless you paid extra for the kit) because I researched that and have a 50's car book that covers every American car made from 1950-1959.

Another show produced by Aaron Spelling (and this time Leonard Goldberg too, even though "Vega$" was Spelling's only) that one of the T-Birds showed up in was "Hart To Hart"--with Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers (1979-1984). It was a later "H2H" episode and the Harts were out of town somewhere on one of their cases and ended up renting the classic T-Bird to drive around. Anyone who knows "Vega$" would immediately recognize the Dan Tanna-Mobile! It would also make since because since Spelling produced both shows he would have access to the T-Birds, even though by the time that "Hart To Hart" episode aired "Vega$" had already gone off the air.

-- Last edit: 2009-11-07 09:18:54

HunterMan US

2009-10-24 04:30

Enjoy Dan Tanna's crime-fighting adventures, and his awesome red 57 T-Bird, again as on October 20, 2009 "Vega$" Season 1 Volume 1 was released on DVD!! This includes the original "Pilot" TV Movie, which actually aired earlier than when the series started!

HunterMan US

2009-11-09 07:08

T-BirdLover wrote After "Vega$" ended it's run, Robert Urich was offered the cars, but he was over 6 foot tall and after driving around Vegas in 100 plus degree heat in wool blazers he wanted nothing to do with the cars.

Whether or not I'd sweated my blood out, I'd still want the T-Birds if they'd been offered to me!! :D However, I've always wondered why in the heck "Dan Tanna" (Robert Urich) always wore long-sleeved shirts with wool blazers and/or vests? What was up with Aaron Spelling and Douglas S. Cramer's wardrobe people? :wow: No wonder the poor guy was sweating bullets! ;) It's Vegas...who wears wool in a desert? This kind of wardrobe would've been worn if he was in Colorado, or Boston (like his "Spenser: For Hire" days), or Wyoming, etc... But Vegas?? Oh well, the show was awesome and like the T-Bird...is now a classic! :)

-- Last edit: 2009-11-09 07:09:56

HunterMan US

2009-11-09 19:36

There were at least four other cars that were also regularly seen and driven by the co-stars of "Vega$"--and probably could be listed here (although, like the Vette, I have no pics to add). The other cars were "Bea's" (Phyllis Davis) and "Binzer's" (Bart Braverman). Bea's first car was a light blue 1967 Ford Mustang Convertible--which Dan has to drive in one of the first episodes 'cause the T-Bird is in the shop, and has to pick up a lion for "Slick" (Tony Curtis). The scene of him with the lion in the passenger seat of Bea's Mustang is shown in the scene-clips during the opening theme song. Bea later drives a sky blue 1979 Ford Mustang. Binzer drove an old "dirty" white 1966 Plymouth Valiant 4-Door Sedan. Native American "Twoleaf" (Will Sampson) occassionally drove an old white 1971 Ford Truck. So, to list them to better understand:

Bea's Cars:
Light Blue 1967 Ford Mustang Convertible
Sky Blue 1979 Ford Mustang

Binzer's Cars:
Old White 1966 Plymouth Valiant 4-Door Sedan

Twoleaf's Cars:
Old White 1971 Ford Truck

-- Last edit: 2009-11-16 09:18:34

HunterMan US

2010-02-09 07:20

The First Season Vol. 2 on DVD comes out today--2/9/10!! :D

HunterMan US

2012-02-10 05:22

Well, it looks as though CBS/Paramount is going to finish the show! Season 2 (both volumes) were released this past year, and now just the other day it was announced on TVShowsOnDVD.com that "Vega$" Season 3 Volume 1 will be released to DVD on May 8th!! :king: This is the final season of the show, as for some reason producers and the network decided to cancel "Vega$" the same year "Charlie's Angels" was cancelled. Most likely a Volume 2 (to finally complete the series to DVD) will be released later this year.

I'd read somewhere once that before Robert Urich was diagnosed with cancer he was thinking of trying to put together a "Vega$" reunion movie...as he'd always felt the show had been cancelled way too soon. It would have been awesome to see the red T-Bird cruising up a more modern Vegas strip again. Sadly, that reunion never came about. :/ But, now we can forever enjoy flashbacks to the past with the DVD sets! :D

-- Last edit: 2012-02-10 05:24:45

nzcarnerd NZ

2012-07-05 03:02

Check out the 1968 Pontiac Bonneville - the very same car appeared in Starsky and Hutch about the same time.

HunterMan US

2012-07-07 04:52

Love all the new pics for this show...awesome! :)

night cub US

2012-08-03 07:22

Season 1 finished:
[Image: vegas-oc-01.jpg] [Image: vegas-oc-02.jpg] [Image: vegas-oc-03.jpg] [Image: vegas-oc-04.jpg]
[Image: vegas-oc-05.jpg] [Image: vegas-oc-06.jpg] [Image: vegas-oc-07.jpg] [Image: vegas-oc-08.jpg]

HunterMan US

2012-08-04 22:33

In just about a week and a half the final DVD set for "Vega$" will be released...Season 3 Volume 2! :beer: When I first started coming to this section for "Vega$" there were only two things here--a different pic for Tanna's T-Bird and just a mention of his first car (the 63 Vette) in the "Pilot", and not even a pic. Now practically every car from the first season is pictured here...awesome!! :king: I hope pics from seasons 2 and 3 are eventually added. :)

night cub US

2013-12-29 00:21

Season 2 complete.

Aircraft for IMPDB:

Pilot Ep.
[Image: vegas-100-p01.jpg]

Ep 1.06:
[Image: vegas-106-p02.jpg]

Ep 1.07:
[Image: vegas-107-p01.jpg] [Image: vegas-107-p02.jpg]

Ep 1.11:
[Image: vegas-111-p01.jpg] [Image: vegas-111-p03.jpg]

Ep 1.13:
[Image: vegas-113-p01.jpg]

Ep 1.15:
[Image: vegas-115-p02.jpg]

Ep 1.16:
[Image: vegas-116-p01.jpg]

Ep 1.22:
[Image: vegas-122-p01.jpg] [Image: vegas-122-p02.jpg] [Image: vegas-122-p03.jpg] [Image: vegas-122-p04.jpg]
[Image: vegas-122-p05.jpg] [Image: vegas-122-p06.jpg]

Season 2 Aircraft:

Ep 2.14:
[Image: vegas-214-p02.jpg] [Image: vegas-214-p04.jpg] [Image: vegas-214-p06.jpg] [Image: vegas-214-p07.jpg]

Ep 2.16:
[Image: vegas-216-p06.jpg] [Image: vegas-216-p07.jpg] [Image: vegas-216-p08.jpg] [Image: vegas-216-p09.jpg]
[Image: vegas-216-p11.jpg] [Image: vegas-216-p12.jpg]

Ep 2.20:
[Image: vegas-220-p01.jpg]

Ep 2.21:
[Image: vegas-221-p01.jpg] [Image: vegas-221-p02.jpg]

Corkeyandpals US

2014-02-21 06:21

Aircraft at: http://impdb.org/index.php?title=Vega$

JohnnyK US

2018-08-03 15:59

@night cub, why are there no cars from Season 3 listed?

night cub US

2020-10-17 08:24

JohnnyK wrote @night cub, why are there no cars from Season 3 listed?

I didn't have the DVDs for S3 until today.

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