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The Sopranos, US TV Series, 1999-2007 IMDB

Pictures provided by: G-MANN, crossroads, sixcyl, MisterZ, ?, Kartkidbut

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Also known as:

  • Los Soprano
  • Sopranos
  • Сопранови
  • Семейство Сопрано (Bulgaria)
  • Família Soprano (Brazil)
  • Rodina Sopránů (Czech Republic or ex-Czechoslovakia)
  • Die Sopranos (Germany)
  • Sopranod (Estonia)
  • Les sopranos (France)
  • Sopranos klani (Georgia)
  • Οι Σοπράνος (Greece)
  • 人在江湖 (Hong Kong SAR)
  • Obitelj Soprano (Croatia (Hrvatska))
  • Maffiózók (Hungary)
  • I Soprano (Italy)
  • ザ・ソプラノズ 哀愁のマフィア (Japan)
  • 소프라노스 (South Korea)
  • Sopranai. Mafijos kronika (Lithuania)
  • Rodzina Soprano (Poland)
  • Os Sopranos (Portugal)
  • Clanul Soprano (Romania)
  • Породица Сопрано (Serbia)
  • Сопрано (Russia)
  • Sopranovi (Slovenia)
  • Sopranovci (Slovakia)
  • Soprano Ailesi (Turkey)
  • 黑道家族 (Taiwan)
  • Клан Сопрано (Ukraine)
  • Soprano (Uzbekistan)
  • Gia Đình Sopranos (Viet Nam)

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2006-05-24 14:28

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Stills from the iconic opening credits sequence where Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) drives his Chevrolet Suburban from New York back to his home in New Jersey, passing various New Jersey landmarks:

[Image: titles1.4870.jpg] [Image: titles2.4799.jpg] [Image: titles3.2381.jpg] [Image: titles4.3060.jpg] [Image: titles5.361.jpg] [Image: titles52.9489.jpg] [Image: titles8.1558.jpg] [Image: les11.2944.jpg] [Image: titles9.2544.jpg] [Image: titles10.6269.jpg] [Image: les14.7803.jpg] [Image: titles14.984.jpg] [Image: titles15.8138.jpg] [Image: titles16.5239.jpg] [Image: titles17.5161.jpg] [Image: titles18.1945.jpg] [Image: les23.1695.jpg] [Image: les24.5868.jpg] [Image: titles22.3218.jpg] [Image: les26e.2161.jpg] [Image: titles24.4349.jpg] [Image: titles25.1452.jpg] [Image: titles26.7034.jpg] [Image: titles27.1723.jpg] [Image: titles29.1662.jpg] [Image: titles30.7152.jpg] [Image: titles31.567.jpg] [Image: titles32.1210.jpg] [Image: titles33.2317.jpg]

If you want to know more about what locations were used during this sequence, you can look visit this sites: http://www.sopranosuessightings.com/openingcredits.htm

carchasesfanatic wrote are there ever chases in this series??

Chases/car action scenes:

In the pilot episode Tony chases after a guy (who is on foot) who owes him money in Christopher's Lexus LS400 and runs him over, breaking his leg.

In episode 1.5 "College", when Tony is in Maine, looking at universities with Meadow, he thinks he recognizes a fellow gangster who went into the Witness Protection Program so he races after his Lincoln Navigator in his rented Lincoln Continental, agressively overtaking other cars, Meadow wonders what the hell he is doing.

In episode 2.12 "The Knight in White Satin Armour", Big Pussy, who is trying to gain favour with the FBI, follows Christoper's Mercedes CLK in a Ford Tempo, borrowed from his son, when Chris suddenly speeds away from him, Pussy swerves to avoid a car crossing in front of him, hits a cyclist and crashes into a parked Geo Metro.

In episode 5.7 "In Camelot" Phil Leotardo tries to run from Tony when he confronts him about a debt so Tony jumps in his Escalade and chases after Phil's Lincoln Town Car (with the funny rear wheel cover) and forces it into a parked truck.

Crashes and other significant car related action:

In episode 1.12 "Isabella" a attempt on Tony's life is made, disguised as a carjacking, but one assailant accidentely shoots the other and Tony grabs his gun hand and drives down the road, the assassin loses his grip and falls off the car, but Tony then crashes his Chevy Suburban into a parked car.

Tony crashes his Chevy Suburban twice in series 2 after blacking out behind the wheel from panic attacks (though one crash only happens in Melfi's dream).

In episode 2.3 "Toodle-f**kin'-Oo" Richie Aprile uses Adriana's Ford Explorer to run over Beansie Gaeta, rendering him paralysed.

In episode 3.5 "Another Toothpick", Bobby Baccalieri Sr, Bobby Bacala's father, has a major bronchial attack and expries behind the wheel of his Chevy Lumina, which crashes into a big sign pole.

In episode 3.8 "He is risen" a drunken Meadow steals boyfriend Jacke Aprile Jr's Chevy Cavalier Coupe and crashes it.

In episode 5.5 "Irregular Around the Margins" Tony is driving through the country in the middle of the night with Adriana. He swerves to avoid a racoon and ends up flipping his black Escalade (the first one he has) over, writing it off.

In episode 6.6 "Live Free or Die" Vito is fleeing New Jersey in his Cadillac Deville DTS when he runs into a fallen tree branch on the road, so he has to walk to the nearest town. When he leaves that town which he has been hiding in and returns to New Jersey in episode 6.10 "Moe n' Joe" on the way he crashes into a Jeep Grand Wagoneer on a country lane.

In episode 6.7 "Luxury Lounge" Christopher snatches a awards ceremony goodie bag off Lauren Bacall and escapes in a Cadillac DeVille which hit-and-runs a Lexus LS400 during the escape.

In episode 6.17 "Walk Like a Man" after yet another dispute with Christoper, Paulie rips up his front garden by doing doughnuts in his Cadillac CTS and running over his plants and bushes.

In episode 6.18 "Kennedy and Heidi" Christopher is driving Tony home from a meeting in his Cadillac Escalade EXT, while fiddling with the CD player he drifts into the opposite lane and has to swerve to avoid another car, the Escalade starts to fishtail and he comes off the road and rolls over and over down a steep bank, coming to rest at the bottom, a major crash to leads to a major event in the story.

In episode 6.20 "The Blue Comet", Silvio and Patsy are leaving the Bada Bing in a Cadillac, when suddenly a Lincoln Town Car swerves into the parking lot, two hitmen from the rival New York family open fire on Patsy and Silvio, who is mortally wounded. Then they escape in the Town Car, as they pull onto the road they cut in front of a motorcylist who comes off his bike and is run over by a Toyota Prius.

In the final episode 6.21 "Made in America", AJ and with his girlfriend Rhianna in his Nissan XTerra, parked over leaves in the woods. As they start to make out, the car has begun to catch fire (the leaves are burning due to the heat of the underside of the car), they bail out as the whole car goes up in flames. His parents buy him a BMW M3 to replace it.

*SPOILER WARNING* In the final episode 6.21 "Made in America", New York Boss Phil Leotardo is at a gas station with his wife and baby grandchildren in a Ford Expedition. As he gets out of the car he is shot in the head by one of the Soprano family hitmen, his wife screams and jumps out of the car, however she leaves it in Drive and is locked out, so the car creeps foward towards Phil's dead body lying on the ground and the wheels roll over his head, a sickening crushing sound is heard.

-- Last edit: 2012-05-14 19:43:12

sixcyl FR

2011-03-12 10:20

Aircraft seen in this TV series:

-- Last edit: 2012-03-15 20:17:10 (G-MANN)

rrs1080 US

2013-02-14 04:30

I wonder if the show had continued, what Tony would've replaced his 03' Escalade ESV with.

escaladevipercamaro US

2013-06-20 02:55

R.I.P. James Gandolfini aka Tony Soprano.


2013-06-20 11:22

It's a real loss to the acting world. RIP James Gandolfini.

sixcyl FR

2013-06-29 13:01

We have finished watching at this long TV series for few weeks. It's an amazing master piece in TV series! Every thing is perfect and the sound track is a masterpiece for itself too... Everybody who have liked this series must be very sad of the loss of such actor J.Gandolfini.

By the way, there are cars missing from the Ep.6.11 during Carmela and Rosalie's journey in Paris... :think:

Aircraft page to be completed soon.

sixcyl FR

2013-06-29 15:27

IMPDb updated:

Lateef NO

2013-07-14 13:55

@smvs: the Lexus GS you submitted is already listed.


2013-07-16 00:00

sixcyl wrote By the way, there are cars missing from the Ep.6.11 during Carmela and Rosalie's journey in Paris...

Only background traffic/parked cars. I'm sure I got pretty much everything that is 2-star (and noticeable 1-stars obviously chosen for the scene)

-- Last edit: 2013-07-16 00:06:46


2013-07-16 00:32

rrs1080 wrote I wonder if the show had continued, what Tony would've replaced his 03' Escalade ESV with.

A 2007+ Escalade? That's hardly the biggest question the series left :D


2013-10-25 16:06

Thanks a lot for the excellent HD captures Davez621 :king: I've uploaded them for you.

If you'd like to add some more 1 star cars, I don't mind you submitting them, but try to keep to stuff that's quite noticeable ie. prominently visible in the scene, avoid everyday cars that are passing by or in big car parks (because then this page would get too big) ;)

By the way, if some cars used in episdoes seem to be missing, it'll probably be because they've been grouped together under entries for cars of the same model eg. /vehicle_501617-Cadillac-DeVille-1994.html

-- Last edit: 2013-10-25 16:19:04

TheHeartbreakKid15 EN

2020-06-13 00:30

I assume all the screencaps are from Bluray?

walter IT

2021-04-18 20:38

@nukeinmw2: from which episode does that Subaru you've provided come from?

S 415 GT DE

2021-04-18 20:50

From the Intro, like: /vehicle_43752-Chrysler-LeBaron-1986.html

night cub US

2021-04-19 00:43

walter wrote @nukeinmw2: from which episode does that Subaru you've provided come from?

It was a swapped photo from the Chrysler LeBaron page, so it was deleted

Kartkidbut US

2022-07-09 20:04

R.I.P. Tony Sirico :(

1942 - 2022

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