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Pardes; Sonne und Beton; Eye of the Beholder; 런닝맨; 화이: 괴물을 삼킨 아이; Morden im Norden; 大決鬥; The Road Within; Réseau baise; Castles and Castanets; Blue Ridge; Edera; The Contract; 프리즌; 나노전사 로카파; (more...)

Filmavisen, Documentary, 1945-1963

Pictures provided by: Lateef

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Lateef NO

2015-11-26 17:46

[Image: tellmewhy.jpg]

A long-running news bulletin (propaganda in the beginning) presenting everyday events of post-war Norway, such as official state visits, road reports, sports events, technological achievements, motor racing, business activities etc., shown at theatres as fore-films. Picks up where the NS-controlled Norsk films revy “left”. The segments from 1945 are especially concentrated on the capture and prosecution of traitors and war criminals – but mainly on celebrations connected to the liberation and return of the royal family. Later segments concern the rebuilding of Norway and the new life in post-war Norway. After national television was introduced in 1960, Filmavisen was discontinued three years later as the televised Dagsrevyen pretty much filled its role, which it does to this day. The segments last a couple of minutes, and for the sake of simplifying things, I have chosen to list the segments by year only. There will be numerous interesting vehicles and aircraft appearing.

Link to Norwegian Wikipedia
Link to DVD

Lateef NO

2015-11-26 17:47

From 1945:

Background vehicles:
[Image: bk1.26.jpg] [Image: bk2.26.jpg] [Image: bk3.21.jpg] [Image: bk4.12.jpg] [Image: bk5.12.jpg]
[Image: bk6.12.jpg] [Image: bk7.7.jpg] [Image: bk9.3.jpg] [Image: bk8.6.jpg] [Image: bk10.2.jpg]
[Image: bk11.2.jpg] [Image: bk12.2.jpg] [Image: bk13.2.jpg] [Image: bk14.2.jpg] [Image: bk15.2.jpg]
[Image: bk16.1.jpg] [Image: bk17.jpg] [Image: bk18.jpg] [Image: trku1.jpg] [Image: ulf1.jpg]

[Image: i1.154.jpg] [Image: i2.105.jpg] [Image: i3.74.jpg]
[Image: i4.52.jpg] [Image: i6.25.jpg] [Image: i8.21.jpg]
[Image: i9.15.jpg] [Image: i10.15.jpg] [Image: i11.12.jpg]

Lateef NO

2015-11-26 20:40

From 1946:

Background vehicles:
[Image: bk1.27.jpg] [Image: bk2.27.jpg] [Image: bk3.22.jpg] [Image: bk5.13.jpg]
[Image: bk6.13.jpg] [Image: bk8.7.jpg] [Image: bk9.4.jpg] [Image: bk10.3.jpg]
[Image: bk12.3.jpg] [Image: bk16.2.jpg] [Image: bk19.jpg] [Image: bk20.jpg]
[Image: bk21.jpg] [Image: trukk1.jpg] [Image: trukk2.jpg] [Image: bk22.jpg]

Speedway competition:
[Image: motok1.jpg] [Image: motok2.jpg] [Image: motok3.jpg] [Image: motok4.jpg]

[Image: i1.155.jpg] [Image: i2.106.jpg] [Image: i3.75.jpg] [Image: i4.53.jpg] [Image: i5.39.jpg]
[Image: i6.26.jpg] [Image: i7.25.jpg] [Image: i8.22.jpg] [Image: i9.16.jpg] [Image: i10.16.jpg]
[Image: i11.13.jpg] [Image: i12.9.jpg] [Image: i13.11.jpg] [Image: i14.9.jpg] [Image: i20.4.jpg]
[Image: i15.6.jpg] [Image: i16.5.jpg] [Image: i17.5.jpg] [Image: i19.4.jpg] [Image: i18.5.jpg]

cl82 DE

2015-11-26 21:11

Interesting contribution! Old newsreels like this always show me very fast where the limits of my car-related knowledge are...

50sParis NL

2015-11-26 22:32

Thanks for this nice contribution

Lateef NO

2015-11-26 23:00

My pleasure :)

DidierF FR

2015-11-27 01:48

Lateef wrote From 1946:

Speedway competition:
[pic, pic, pic and re-(nice)-pic]
It's in its variant ice-racing.

Lateef NO

2015-11-27 14:28

From 1947:

Background vehicles:
[Image: buss2.2.jpg] [Image: bk1.28.jpg] [Image: bk2.28.jpg] [Image: bk4.13.jpg]
[Image: bk5.14.jpg] [Image: bk6.14.jpg] [Image: bk7.8.jpg] [Image: bk8.8.jpg]
[Image: bk9.5.jpg] [Image: bk10.4.jpg] [Image: bk11.3.jpg] [Image: bk12.4.jpg]
[Image: bk13.3.jpg] [Image: bk14.3.jpg] [Image: bk15.3.jpg] [Image: bk16.3.jpg]
[Image: bk17.1.jpg] [Image: bk18.1.jpg] [Image: bik5.1.jpg] [Image: bk19.1.jpg]
[Image: bk20.1.jpg] [Image: bk23.jpg]

[Image: i1.156.jpg] [Image: i2.107.jpg] [Image: i3.76.jpg] [Image: i4.54.jpg]
[Image: i5.40.jpg] [Image: i6.27.jpg] [Image: i7.26.jpg] [Image: i8.23.jpg]
[Image: i9.17.jpg] [Image: i10.17.jpg] [Image: i11.14.jpg] [Image: i12.10.jpg]
[Image: i13.12.jpg] [Image: i14.10.jpg] [Image: i15.7.jpg] [Image: i16.6.jpg]

Lateef NO

2015-11-27 19:18

From 1948:

Background vehicles:
[Image: bk1.29.jpg] [Image: bk2.29.jpg] [Image: bk3.23.jpg] [Image: bk4.14.jpg] [Image: bk5.15.jpg]
[Image: bk6.15.jpg] [Image: bk8.9.jpg] [Image: bk9.6.jpg] [Image: bk10.5.jpg] [Image: bk11.4.jpg]

[Image: i1.157.jpg] [Image: i2.108.jpg] [Image: i3.77.jpg] [Image: i4.55.jpg] [Image: i5.41.jpg]
[Image: i6.28.jpg] [Image: i7.27.jpg] [Image: i8.24.jpg] [Image: i9.18.jpg] [Image: i10.18.jpg]
[Image: i11.15.jpg] [Image: i12.11.jpg] [Image: i13.13.jpg] [Image: i14.11.jpg] [Image: i15.8.jpg]
[Image: i16.7.jpg] [Image: i17.6.jpg] [Image: i18.6.jpg] [Image: i19.5.jpg] [Image: i20.5.jpg]
[Image: i21.1.jpg] [Image: i22.3.jpg] [Image: i23.2.jpg] [Image: i24.2.jpg] [Image: i25.2.jpg]
[Image: i26.2.jpg] [Image: i27.1.jpg] [Image: i28.1.jpg] [Image: i29.1.jpg] [Image: i30.1.jpg]
[Image: i31.1.jpg] [Image: i34.1.jpg]

Lateef NO

2015-11-27 23:15

From 1949:

Background vehicles:
[Image: bk1.30.jpg] [Image: bk2.30.jpg] [Image: bk3.24.jpg] [Image: bk4.15.jpg]
[Image: bk5.16.jpg] [Image: bk6.16.jpg] [Image: bk7.9.jpg] [Image: bk8.10.jpg]
[Image: bk9.7.jpg] [Image: bk10.6.jpg] [Image: bk11.5.jpg] [Image: bk12.5.jpg]

[Image: i1.159.jpg] [Image: i3.78.jpg] [Image: i4.56.jpg] [Image: i5.42.jpg] [Image: i6.29.jpg]

Lateef NO

2015-11-28 14:35

From 1950:

Background cars:
[Image: bk1.32.jpg] [Image: bk3.26.jpg] [Image: bk5.18.jpg] [Image: bk6.18.jpg] [Image: bk1.31.jpg] [Image: bk2.31.jpg] [Image: bk3.25.jpg] [Image: bk4.16.jpg] [Image: bk5.17.jpg] [Image: bk6.17.jpg] [Image: bk7.10.jpg] [Image: bk8.11.jpg] [Image: bk9.8.jpg] [Image: bk10.7.jpg] [Image: bk11.6.jpg] [Image: bk12.6.jpg] [Image: bk13.4.jpg] [Image: bk14.4.jpg]

Some toy cars:
[Image: lek1.jpg] [Image: lek2.jpg] [Image: lek3.jpg]
[Image: lek4.jpg] [Image: lek5.jpg] [Image: lek6.jpg]

[Image: i1.160.jpg] [Image: i2.109.jpg] [Image: i3.79.jpg]
[Image: i5.43.jpg] [Image: i6.30.jpg] [Image: i2.110.jpg]
[Image: i4.57.jpg] [Image: i6.31.jpg] [Image: i10.19.jpg]
[Image: i11.16.jpg] [Image: i14bu1.jpg] [Image: i17.7.jpg]
[Image: i18.7.jpg] [Image: i19.6.jpg] [Image: i22.4.jpg]
[Image: i23.3.jpg] [Image: i24.3.jpg] [Image: i25.3.jpg]
[Image: i26.3.jpg] [Image: i27.2.jpg] [Image: i29.2.jpg]

Lateef NO

2015-11-29 00:00

From 1951:

Background vehicles:
[Image: bk1.33.jpg] [Image: bk2.32.jpg] [Image: bk3.27.jpg]
[Image: bk4.17.jpg] [Image: bk5.19.jpg] [Image: bk6.19.jpg]

[Image: i1.161.jpg] [Image: i2.111.jpg] [Image: i3.80.jpg] [Image: i4.58.jpg]
[Image: i5.44.jpg] [Image: i6.32.jpg] [Image: i8.25.jpg]

sixcyl FR

2015-11-29 09:38

Super interesting pictures , as for cars as for aircraft! :king:
And also....thanks a lot Lateef for the work on pictures with the good tempo to discover the aircraft registration, for a better recognition of them... we appreciate a lot this détails on IMPDB! ;)

Lateef NO

2015-11-29 10:32

From 1952:

Background vehicles:
[Image: bk1.34.jpg] [Image: bk2.33.jpg] [Image: bk3.28.jpg]
[Image: bk4.18.jpg] [Image: bk5.20.jpg] [Image: bk6.20.jpg]

[Image: i1.162.jpg] [Image: i2.112.jpg]

Lateef NO

2015-12-23 12:49

From 1953:

Background vehicles:
[Image: bk1.36.jpg] [Image: bk2.35.jpg] [Image: bk3.30.jpg] [Image: bk4.19.jpg]
[Image: bk5.21.jpg] [Image: bk6.21.jpg] [Image: bk7.11.jpg] [Image: bk8.12.jpg]

Self-propelled "kjelke":
[Image: sd1.2.jpg] [Image: sd2.jpg] [Image: sd3.jpg] [Image: sd4.jpg]

[Image: i1.163.jpg] [Image: i2.113.jpg] [Image: i3.81.jpg] [Image: i4.59.jpg]
[Image: i5.45.jpg] [Image: i7.28.jpg] [Image: i8.26.jpg]

Lateef NO

2015-12-26 13:19

From 1954:

Background vehicles:
[Image: bk1.37.jpg] [Image: bk2.36.jpg] [Image: bk3.31.jpg] [Image: bk4.20.jpg]
[Image: bk5.22.jpg] [Image: bk6.22.jpg] [Image: bk10.8.jpg] [Image: bk11.7.jpg]
[Image: bk12.7.jpg] [Image: bk13.5.jpg] [Image: bk14.5.jpg]

[Image: i1.164.jpg] [Image: i5.46.jpg] [Image: i6.33.jpg] [Image: i7.29.jpg]
[Image: i8.27.jpg] [Image: i9.19.jpg] [Image: i10.20.jpg]

nzcarnerd NZ

2015-12-26 21:19

The 1947 motor racing pics might be from the Gardemoen Racet, first held in 1947. Not much info found yet.

-- Last edit: 2015-12-26 21:21:02

Lateef NO

2015-12-26 23:48

From 1955:

Background vehicles:
[Image: bk1.38.jpg] [Image: bk2.37.jpg] [Image: bk4.21.jpg] [Image: bk5.23.jpg] [Image: bk8.13.jpg]
[Image: bk9.9.jpg] [Image: bk10.9.jpg] [Image: bk11.8.jpg] [Image: bk12.8.jpg] [Image: bk13.6.jpg]
[Image: bk14.6.jpg] [Image: bk15.4.jpg] [Image: bk16.4.jpg] [Image: bk19.2.jpg] [Image: bk20.2.jpg]
[Image: bk21.1.jpg] [Image: bk22.1.jpg] [Image: bk23.1.jpg]

[Image: bk1.181.jpg]

[Image: i2.114.jpg] [Image: i3.82.jpg] [Image: i4.60.jpg] [Image: i5.47.jpg] [Image: i6.34.jpg]
[Image: i9.20.jpg] [Image: i10.21.jpg] [Image: i11.17.jpg] [Image: i12.12.jpg] [Image: i13.15.jpg]
[Image: i14.12.jpg] [Image: i15.9.jpg] [Image: i16.8.jpg] [Image: i18.8.jpg] [Image: i19.7.jpg]
[Image: i20.6.jpg] [Image: i21.2.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2017-02-01 14:59:12

Lateef NO

2015-12-29 12:44

From 1956:

Background vehicles:
[Image: cat1.1.jpg] [Image: bk1.39.jpg] [Image: bdtip1.jpg] [Image: bikic.jpg] [Image: bs2.25.jpg]
[Image: bss1.1.jpg] [Image: bk3.32.jpg] [Image: bk4.22.jpg] [Image: bk5.24.jpg] [Image: bk6.23.jpg]
[Image: bk7.12.jpg] [Image: bk8.14.jpg] [Image: bk9.10.jpg] [Image: bk10.10.jpg] [Image: bk11.9.jpg]

Spoiler - click here to see it

[Image: i2.115.jpg] [Image: i3.83.jpg] [Image: i4.61.jpg] [Image: i5.48.jpg]
[Image: i6.35.jpg] [Image: i7.31.jpg] [Image: i8.29.jpg] [Image: i9.21.jpg]
[Image: i10.22.jpg] [Image: i12.13.jpg] [Image: i13.16.jpg] [Image: i14.13.jpg]
[Image: i15.10.jpg] [Image: i16.9.jpg] [Image: i18.9.jpg] [Image: i19.8.jpg]
[Image: i20.7.jpg] [Image: i21.3.jpg] [Image: i22.5.jpg] [Image: i23.4.jpg]
[Image: i24.4.jpg] [Image: i25.4.jpg] [Image: i26.4.jpg] [Image: i27.3.jpg]
[Image: i28.2.jpg] [Image: i29.3.jpg] [Image: i30.2.jpg] [Image: i31.2.jpg]
[Image: i32.1.jpg] [Image: i33.1.jpg] [Image: i34.2.jpg] [Image: i35.1.jpg]
[Image: i37.1.jpg] [Image: i39.1.jpg] [Image: i40.1.jpg] [Image: i41.1.jpg]
[Image: i44.jpg] [Image: i45.jpg] [Image: i46.jpg] [Image: i47.jpg]
[Image: i48.jpg] [Image: i49.jpg] [Image: i50.jpg] [Image: i51.jpg]
[Image: i52.jpg] [Image: i53.jpg] [Image: i54.jpg] [Image: i56.jpg]
[Image: i58.jpg] [Image: i59.jpg] [Image: i60.jpg] [Image: i61.jpg]

Lateef NO

2015-12-29 19:07

From 1957:

Background vehicles:
[Image: bk1.40.jpg] [Image: bk2.38.jpg] [Image: bk3.33.jpg]
[Image: bk4.23.jpg] [Image: bk5.25.jpg] [Image: bk9.11.jpg]

Spoiler - click here to see it

[Image: i1.166.jpg] [Image: i2.116.jpg] [Image: i3.84.jpg] [Image: i4.62.jpg]
[Image: i5.49.jpg] [Image: i6.36.jpg] [Image: i7.32.jpg] [Image: i8.30.jpg]
[Image: i9.22.jpg] [Image: i10.23.jpg] [Image: i11.18.jpg] [Image: i12.14.jpg]
[Image: i13.17.jpg] [Image: i14.14.jpg] [Image: i15.11.jpg] [Image: i16.10.jpg]
[Image: i17.8.jpg] [Image: i18.10.jpg] [Image: i19.9.jpg] [Image: i20.8.jpg]
[Image: i21.4.jpg] [Image: i22.6.jpg] [Image: i23.5.jpg] [Image: i24.5.jpg]
[Image: i25.5.jpg] [Image: i26.5.jpg] [Image: i27.4.jpg] [Image: i28.3.jpg]
[Image: i29.4.jpg] [Image: i30.3.jpg] [Image: i31.3.jpg] [Image: i32.2.jpg]
[Image: i33.2.jpg] [Image: i34.3.jpg] [Image: i36.1.jpg] [Image: i37.2.jpg]
[Image: i40.2.jpg] [Image: i41.2.jpg] [Image: i42.1.jpg] [Image: i43.jpg]
[Image: i44.1.jpg] [Image: i45.1.jpg]

Lateef NO

2016-01-02 13:03

From 1958:

Background vehicles:
[Image: bk1.41.jpg] [Image: bk2.39.jpg] [Image: bk3.34.jpg] [Image: bk4.24.jpg]

Spoiler - click here to see it

[Image: i1.167.jpg] [Image: i2.117.jpg] [Image: i3.85.jpg] [Image: i4.63.jpg]
[Image: i5.50.jpg] [Image: i6.37.jpg] [Image: i7.33.jpg] [Image: i8.31.jpg]
[Image: i9.23.jpg] [Image: i10.24.jpg] [Image: i11.19.jpg] [Image: i12.15.jpg]
[Image: i13.18.jpg] [Image: i14.15.jpg] [Image: i15.12.jpg] [Image: i16.11.jpg]
[Image: i17.9.jpg] [Image: i18.11.jpg] [Image: i19.10.jpg] [Image: i20.9.jpg]
[Image: i21.5.jpg]

Lateef NO

2016-01-03 13:18

From 1959:

Background vehicles:
[Image: bka1.jpg] [Image: bk1.42.jpg] [Image: bk2.40.jpg]
[Image: bk3.35.jpg] [Image: bk4.25.jpg] [Image: bk5.26.jpg]
[Image: bk6.24.jpg] [Image: bk7.13.jpg] [Image: bk8.15.jpg]
[Image: bk9.12.jpg] [Image: bk10.11.jpg] [Image: bk11.10.jpg]
[Image: bk12.9.jpg] [Image: bk13.7.jpg] [Image: bk14.7.jpg]
[Image: bk15.5.jpg] [Image: bk16.5.jpg]

Spoiler - click here to see it

[Image: i1.168.jpg] [Image: i2.118.jpg] [Image: i3.86.jpg]
[Image: i4.64.jpg] [Image: i5.51.jpg] [Image: i6.38.jpg]
[Image: i7.34.jpg] [Image: i8.32.jpg] [Image: i9.24.jpg]
[Image: i10.25.jpg] [Image: i11.20.jpg] [Image: i12.16.jpg]
[Image: i13.19.jpg] [Image: i14.16.jpg] [Image: i15.13.jpg]
[Image: i16.12.jpg] [Image: i17.10.jpg] [Image: i18.12.jpg]
[Image: i19.11.jpg] [Image: i20.10.jpg] [Image: i21.6.jpg]
Even a HP.80 Victor :sun:

dsl SX

2016-01-03 22:17

Looks like a real epic series. Some fascinating stuff :king:

Lateef NO

2016-01-04 18:30

From 1960:

Background vehicles:
[Image: bk1.43.jpg] [Image: bk5.27.jpg] [Image: bk6.25.jpg] [Image: bk7.14.jpg]
[Image: bk8.16.jpg] [Image: bk9heink.jpg] [Image: bk9.13.jpg] [Image: olds.jpg]

[Image: gk1.jpg] [Image: gk2.jpg] [Image: gk3.jpg]
[Image: gk4.jpg] [Image: gk5.jpg] [Image: gk6.jpg]

Spoiler - click here to see it

[Image: i1.169.jpg] [Image: i2.119.jpg] [Image: i3.87.jpg] [Image: i4.65.jpg]
[Image: i5.52.jpg] [Image: i6.39.jpg] [Image: i7.35.jpg] [Image: i8.33.jpg]
[Image: i9.25.jpg] [Image: i10.26.jpg] [Image: i11.21.jpg] [Image: i12.17.jpg]
[Image: i13.20.jpg] [Image: i14.17.jpg] [Image: i15.14.jpg] [Image: i16.13.jpg]
[Image: i17.11.jpg] [Image: i19.12.jpg] [Image: i20.11.jpg] [Image: i21.7.jpg]

Lateef NO

2016-01-07 14:35

From 1961:

Background vehicles:
[Image: bk1.44.jpg] [Image: bk2.41.jpg] [Image: bk3.36.jpg] [Image: bk5.28.jpg] [Image: bk7.15.jpg]
[Image: bk8.17.jpg] [Image: bk9.14.jpg] [Image: bk11.11.jpg] [Image: bk12.10.jpg] [Image: bk13.8.jpg]
[Image: bk14.8.jpg] [Image: bk16.6.jpg] [Image: bk17.2.jpg]

[Image: i1.170.jpg] [Image: i2.120.jpg] [Image: i4.66.jpg] [Image: i6.40.jpg]
[Image: i7.36.jpg] [Image: i8.34.jpg] [Image: i9.26.jpg] [Image: i10.27.jpg]
[Image: i11.22.jpg] [Image: i15.15.jpg] [Image: i16.14.jpg] [Image: i20vw.jpg]

Lateef NO

2016-01-08 15:23

From 1962:

Background vehicles:
[Image: bk1.45.jpg] [Image: bk2.42.jpg] [Image: bk3.37.jpg] [Image: bk4.26.jpg]
[Image: bk5.29.jpg] [Image: bk7.16.jpg] [Image: bk8.18.jpg] [Image: bk9.15.jpg]

[Image: gk1.1.jpg] [Image: gk2.1.jpg] [Image: gk3.1.jpg] [Image: gk4.1.jpg]
[Image: gk5.1.jpg] [Image: gk6.1.jpg] [Image: gk7.jpg]

[Image: i1.171.jpg] [Image: i2.121.jpg] [Image: i3.88.jpg] [Image: i4.67.jpg] [Image: i5.53.jpg]
[Image: i6.41.jpg] [Image: i7.37.jpg] [Image: i8.35.jpg] [Image: i9.27.jpg] [Image: i10.28.jpg]
[Image: i11.23.jpg] [Image: i12.18.jpg] [Image: i14.18.jpg]

Lateef NO

2016-01-08 19:50

From 1963:

Background vehicles:
[Image: bk1.46.jpg] [Image: bk2.43.jpg] [Image: bk3.38.jpg] [Image: bk4.27.jpg] [Image: bk5.30.jpg]

[Image: i1.172.jpg] [Image: i3.89.jpg] [Image: i4.68.jpg]
[Image: i5.54.jpg] [Image: i6.42.jpg] [Image: i7.38.jpg]

Lateef NO

2016-01-08 19:50

Complete :)

DidierF FR

2016-01-08 23:33

Lateef wrote Complete :)
Eh bé !… Beau boulot, Lateef !

(But intense frustration with all those motocross and speedway motorcycles.)

Lateef NO

2016-01-09 00:22

Yes, although I've probably generated quite a few "forever unknowns" on this page, I've made sure to leave out the too obvious too background ones. Hopefully an expert or two will sort them out. I reckon this page will stand as my "final big IMCDb project" - at least for a few years.

DidierF FR

2016-01-09 00:55

Do you mean that from now on (until further notice), you'll stick to movie only, Lateef?

About the unknown motorcycles, most of them being racers, I hope that someday a guy or two with the eye for it will able to say "this is a Monark, this is a Husqvarna, and this a FN, a Lito, a Greeves, a Metisse, a Rickman" when considering motocross or enduro/ISDT stuff.

But what about the speedway? Besides identifying the engines when possible (and after all, how many makes? ESO? JAP? Westlake?) aren't those machines mainly "home-" or "garage-made"(*)? Aren't they bound to end as "Custom made"? Shouldn't we write in the supplementary box a word like "Speedway", to help discriminating when searching?

(*) Unless they are all Jawas.

-- Last edit: 2016-01-09 01:06:13

sixcyl FR

2016-01-09 08:24

Nice work Lateef :king:

Though I'm quite desappointed there's not a single SAS's Caravelle :(

sixcyl FR

2016-03-05 18:43


Lateef NO

2016-03-06 11:34

Nice job with the IMPDb page, sixcyl! :king:

atom SE

2018-11-24 13:27

Lateef wrote From 1949:
[Image: bk4.15.jpg]

License plate X3372. X = Gävleborgs län.

No car, truck or bus had this number in 1956.

atom SE

2023-11-14 10:29

License plate X3372.

1925-07-06 - 1929-09-28 Ford (truck)
1929-10-03 - 1934-06-22 Chevrolet T735899 (truck)
1934-06-25 - 1940-06-25 1934 Ford (car)
1945-12-21+ 1934 Ford Fordor Sedan de Luxe (car)
1954-12-20 - 1959-12-16 1934 Ford Fordor Sedan de Luxe (car)
1962-12-31 - 1971-06-30 1962 Scania Vabis LS 75 50 198 (truck)
1971-10-22+ 1961 Volvo L 48506 127 (truck)

1934 Ford Fordor Sedan de Luxe chassis number 40652722

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