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The license plate system in Sweden between 1905-1972 consisted of a letter that identified the county and a number with between one and five digits. Bilkalendern is a series of catalogs with information about these license numbers. I collect these books and I comment on each vehicle page on IMCDb to have them searchable.
Below is an example of how the information can be presented in these books, this is my grandfathers old Ford:

P16729 Consul 51 11.55 Chauff B Karlsson Galltorp Gärdhem.
First is the license number, P is the county of Älvsbors län and the numbers where usually issued in sequential order. Next is the make of the car or sometimes the model. 51 is the model year of the car. 11.55 means that the car was registered to the owner in November of 1955. After this follows information of the owner; his occupation, name and adress. At the time he was a Chaufför (truck driver) and lived at his parents farm Galltorp located in Gärdhem (now part of Trollhättan).

My Bilkalendern collection:
A AA B 1957 (Complete to 1 April 1957) - Stockholms stad (A1-A99998 / AA301-AA20611) and Stockholms län (B1-B60113).
C 1959 (Complete to 15 November 1958) - Uppsala län (C1-C36191).
D 1961 (Preface from November 1960) - Södermanlands län (D1-D46881).
E 1955 (Preface from January 1955) - Östergötlands län (E1-E).
E 1959 (Complete to 20 January 1959) - Östergötlands län (E1-E60116).
F G 1958 (Complete to 15 July 1958 F and 30 July 1958) - Jönköpings län (F1-F47470) and Kronobergs län (G1-G28785).
I 1960 (Preface from January 1960) - Gotlands län (I1-I11975).
I 1968 (Preface from April 1961)- Gotlands län (I1-I19936).
I 1971 (Preface from 8 March 1971)- Gotlands län (I1-I21517).
L 1961 - Kristianstads län (L1-L57061).
L 1963 - Kristianstads län (L1-L65101).
L M 1954 - Kristianstads län (L1-L27368) and Malmöhus län (M1-M56093).
M 1956 - Malmöhus län (M1-M75502).
M MA 1962 - Malmöhus län (M1-M99998 / MA101-MA41381).
N O P 1951 (O complete to 1 May 1951, N and P complete to the unknown print date) - Hallands län (N1-N11288), Göteborgs och Bohus län (O1-O30593) and Älvsborgs län (P1-P22402).
N O 1958 - Hallands län (N1-N26823) and Göteborgs och Bohus län (O1-O89494).
N 1960 - Hallands län (N1-N31260).
N 1962 - Hallands län (N1-N38088).
O 1954 (Complete to 1 March 1954)- Göteborgs och Bohus län (O1-O46000).
O OA 1961 - Göteborgs och Bohus län (O1-O99999 / OA21-OA27091).
P R 1955 (Complete to 15 November 1954) - Älvsborgs län (P1-P20652) and Skaraborgs län (R1-R27551).
P R 1958 (P complete to 15 November 1957 and R to 1 December 1957) - Älvsborgs län (P1-P64000) and Skaraborgs län (R1-R40446).
S T 1956 (S complete to 1 November 1955 and T to 15 November 1955) - Värmlands län (S1-S34550) and Örebro län (T1-T34166).
S 1960 (Preface from September 1959) - Värmlands län (S1-S58286 and S78286)
T 1959 (Complete to 15 December 1958) - Örebro län (T1-T50005).
U 1960 (Preface from March 1960) - Västmanlands län (U1-U47230 +U47333, U49243, U50724, U56544, U59429, U60001 and U78658).
W 1959 (Complete to 1 April 1959) - Kopparbergs län (Dalarnas län) (W1-W55552, missing the bus registry).
W 1960 (Preface from February 1960) - Kopparbergs län (Dalarnas län) (W1-W60530 and W70791).
X Y 1956 (Page with preface missing, printed 1956) - Gävleborgs län (X1-X39039) and Västernorrlands län (Y1-Y34421).
Y Z 1960 (Preface from April 1960)- Västernorrlands län (Y1-Y55652) and Jämtlands län (Z1-Z26050).

Still missing: H Kalmar län, K Blekinge län, AC Västerbottens län and BD Norrbottens län.

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