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Redline, Movie, 2007 IMDB

Pictures provided by: coopey, gliffhanger, no_car, antp

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gliffhanger NL

2007-06-20 08:57

[Image: mainmz3.8371.jpg][Image: main1pf5.1681.jpg][Image: main2yc6.th.jpg]

fto CN

2007-01-22 11:52

The cars are so great..But the Carrera GT will crash.God!

Donington UK

2007-01-22 16:32

Nice cars, but this film is going to SUCK, you can just tell from the trailer. "Yo Yo, I'm pimpin' wit ma' enzo!" OH SHUT UP!!!

dudley UK

2007-04-13 17:15

FTO wrote The cars are so great..But the GT will crash.God!

here's the smashed GT: http://www.autoblog.com/photos/redline-movie-cars/123735/

modell US

2007-04-14 17:52

They damaged an Enzo that was worth $1 million! :cry:

dudley UK

2007-04-14 18:09

modell wrote They damaged an Enzo that was worth $1 million! :cry:

And here is the Enzo crash: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvijGdyvRFs

Donington UK

2007-04-14 22:54

Looks like they crash a Cobra into a Mustang! How could they?

Was it any good?

Star Wars Fanatic EN

2007-04-15 15:34

Well, the initial IMDB rating of 3.9 looks rather uninspiring.

coopey ES

2007-04-20 22:27

pics from one of the trailers, looking forward to see it soon here :D

CarChasesFanatic ES

2007-04-20 22:28

Me too Coopey, thanks for the pictures :king:


2007-04-20 22:32

Star Wars Fanatic wrote Well, the initial IMDB rating of 3.9 looks rather uninspiring.

Actually, it's 3.1 now :D

modell US

2007-04-21 01:07

It deserves that rating for wrecking these beautiful cars!

antp BE

2007-04-22 23:44

I usually do not mind when they destroy recent cars, especially if they are still in production.
I do not like when they do that with old cars in good shape, especially if these are less common.

coopey ES

2007-04-29 01:09

Carrera GT is no longer in production, i read recently :(

Donington UK

2007-04-29 14:45

Ahahah, it seriously bombed, eat that Sadek


2007-08-12 01:20

The worst film ever made.

-Actually, let me rephrase that, it's the worst Piece of SHIT ever created by a human being.

Skid US

2007-08-12 02:18

Kowalski wrote ...the worst Piece of SHIT ever created by a human being.

Yes, but how do you *really* feel about it? ;)

Seriously, I haven't seen it and probably won't, unless I'm really bored and it comes on one of the movie networks.

jettalover US

2007-09-12 07:37

In Sacramento, it only lasted one week at the movie theater.

69ChargerDaytona EN

2007-11-27 21:03

Is there a list of all the cars they destroyed during the movie?

antp BE

2010-06-11 12:03

[Image: 000216r51.2979.jpg] [Image: 000218r56.2731.jpg]

Pictures replaced by HD captures, and few cars added

[Image: 011601r12.7396.jpg]

Car-based seats:

[Image: 002942r51.6657.jpg]

62imperial US

2010-06-11 23:29

The seats are 1960 Buick (L) and 1955 DeSoto (R).

MajorHawke US

2010-10-10 01:05

This movie was kickass besides how they wrecked a $1.5 million enzo ferrari, and it kinda sucks to find out that beautiful kickass lamborghini diablo (that could top at 250 when using nos) was a fucking replica!!!


2010-12-15 15:44

One Word: Terrible.

This is one of the worst Fast and Furious clones i've ever seen. Horrible cast, alot of them can't act at all, WAY TOO MUCH CGI (and I'm a real hater of CGI unless it's used to make sense.), and big budget to a movie that not many people are aware of? It also flopped at the box office, almost $20 million less than it's budget ($26 Million, only made $6.8 Million in the box office), and it was bombed by critics and people who saw the movie.

My advice: Stay, far far away from this film.

jacklb EN

2011-10-28 02:39

they actually wrecked a real Porsche carrera gt but didn't set fire to a quattroporte and diablo was fake but smashed a real 456 i like the movie just not the way they crash amazing exotica

jacklb EN

2011-10-28 02:41

in the ducatti 999r scene you can see the same cars over and over again like 6 times they had lots of exotics but not many normal cars for this film

escaladevipercamaro US

2013-07-01 02:26

The Cars are the only thing reasonable about this dreadful film.


2014-03-28 22:31

dudley wrote

And here is the Enzo crash: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvijGdyvRFs

Nice going you rich dumbass

NitroPlus US

2019-07-05 07:46

Holy crap, this movie was bad. And yet, I couldn't help but see how bad it is.

It's like one big trainwreck I can't help but laugh at the absurdity.

johnfromstaffs EN

2019-07-05 08:53

^ Can you please explain exactly what the first two words of the above post are meant to achieve in terms of the total semantics of the statement? Is there any relevance to the later comment, or are you merely immature and searching in vain for effect?

NitroPlus US

2019-07-05 12:06

I mean, I wasn't trying to sound like a jerk. It's just that I have a habit of using profanity most of the time and I have a hard time toning it down. Believe me, given how nearly every site I've been on that allows interaction with other users have practically no real boundaries, and I've been cursed at a lot more than normal.

Look, I wasn't trying to express any ill will towards anyone, I was merely expressing my opinion towards the movie in question.

johnfromstaffs EN

2019-07-05 15:32

Perhaps the way to do it is to imagine that the next person to read your post will be your mother.

SkylineMatt234 US

2020-06-19 11:15

Yeah, I can't really come up with anything positive about this movie. There were much better movies with this sort of thing, and the crashes weren't even that impressive.

If I had that kind of money, I'd probably make better use of it by making a better movie, or at the very least make better use of the cars.

Asuka Langley Soryu DE

2020-08-18 21:53

I get the feeling that the director tried to make the cinematic equivalent to Burnout Revenge, but failed miserably after realizing that movies need a plot and characters to compliment the car stunts.


2024-02-04 16:31

Hm. :/ I guess from what I am hearing, the movie itself isn't great... but I do love the brilliant selection of supercars here, though! :D

irarelywatchmovies US

2024-06-24 08:00

I hear this movie was partly responsible for the 2008 Great Recession. Nice going...

Shervinator US

2024-06-24 08:18

irarelywatchmovies wrote I hear this movie was partly responsible for the 2008 Great Recession. Nice going...

I saw it in theaters. I thought it was great. Then again, I was 15.

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