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Lemon Tree Passage; Weather Girl; シティーハンター; 미스터 고; 또 하나의 약속; Les Infaillibles; Rochester: A City of Quality; Katawan; 어른들은 몰라요; 고독이 몸부림칠 때; 돌멩이; Bayad puri; Pagnanasa; Congo Flight; Kumovi; (more...)

IAA 1977, Documentary, 1977

Pictures provided by: sixcyl

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sixcyl FR

2020-02-16 11:58

[Image: iaa1977aa.jpg] [Image: iaa1977ab.jpg]

Part 1

Background vehicles

Alfa Romeo 1600 Spider "Duetto" in the background (white).
[Image: cabblancaa.jpg]

Audi 80 [B1] on the left.
[Image: sedrouba.jpg] [Image: sedroubb.jpg]

Austin Allegro on the right.
[Image: ausallaa.jpg]

BMW 1602 on the right.
[Image: bmw1602ac.jpg]

BMW [E3] in the background.
[Image: bmw2800ab.jpg]

Ford 17M [P5] in the background.
[Image: for17mp5aa.jpg] [Image: for17mp5ab.jpg] [Image: for17mp5ac.jpg] [Image: for17mp5ad.jpg] [Image: for17mp5ae.jpg]

Ford Taunus [TC2] on the right background.
[Image: fortc2ab.jpg] [Image: fortc2ac.jpg]

Ford Taunus Turnier [TC] in nice yellow colour.
[Image: fortcturaa.jpg] [Image: fortcturab.jpg]

Hanomag F45 Pritsche in the background.
[Image: hanaa.jpg]

Unknown Kombi/Estate in the background, might be an Opel Caravan [D] ?
[Image: breaaa.2.jpg]

Unknown Kombi/Estate in the background right: too blurry for me...
[Image: breaba.1.jpg]

Some Kässbohrer-Setra busses in the background.
[Image: kasssetaa.jpg] [Image: kasssetfa.jpg] [Image: kasssetfb.jpg] [Image: kasssetga.jpg] [Image: kasssetgb.jpg]

White bus in the background.
[Image: busblancaa.jpg]

White/Green bus on the right.
[Image: busblancvertaa.jpg] [Image: busblancvertab.jpg]

Buses in the background.
[Image: busblanrougeaa.jpg] [Image: busblanrougeab.jpg]
[Image: busblanrougeac.jpg] [Image: busblanrougead.jpg]

Unknown bus from Inside.
[Image: busintrougeaa.jpg] [Image: busintrougeab.jpg] [Image: busintrougeac.jpg]

Another Steyr City-Bus SC 6 F?
[Image: busminiac.jpg] [Image: busminiad.jpg] [Image: busminiae.jpg]

Unknown bus.
[Image: busorrougeaa.jpg]

Iveco/Magirus lorry on the left.
[Image: magbd.jpg]

Blue MAN lorry in the foreground.
[Image: manbc.jpg]

Red lorry in the background, could be a MB LP …
[Image: camaa.10.jpg] [Image: camab.12.jpg] [Image: camac.3.jpg]

White lorry on the left, maybe an Iveco-Fiat or Iveco-Magirus?
[Image: camblancaa.jpg] [Image: camblancab.jpg] [Image: camblancac.jpg]

Mercedes-Benz LP horse-van in the background.
[Image: camgrisaa.jpg] [Image: camgrisab.jpg]

Mercedes-Benz L508 Wohnmobil in the background right.
[Image: campingaa.jpg] [Image: campingab.jpg]

Mercedes Benz [W109] on the left.
[Image: mb109ab.jpg]

Mercedes Benz 230CE [W114] on the left.
[Image: mb114couaa.jpg] [Image: mb114couab.jpg]

Mercedes Benz L608 Pritsche on left background.
[Image: mbcamaa.1.jpg]

Mercedes Benz O 309 Minibus in the background and on the left.
[Image: mbfouraa.1.jpg] [Image: mboab.jpg] [Image: mboac.jpg]

Brown and Grey Mitsubishi unknowns in the background.
[Image: mitbrunaa.jpg]

NSU Prinz IV on the right.
[Image: nsuaa.2.jpg]

Red lorry in the background, Iveco-OM?
[Image: camrougeaa.jpg] [Image: camrougeab.jpg]

Opel Admiral [B] with vinyl roof on the left.
[Image: opeadmab.3.jpg]

Opel Manta [B] in the foreground.
[Image: couab.6.jpg] [Image: couaa.10.jpg]

Opel Rekord [D]
[Image: opeascab.1.jpg] [Image: opeascac.1.jpg] [Image: opeascad.jpg] [Image: opeascae.jpg]

Unknown Black coupé on the right, Looks US, maybe some Pontiac Firebird or Chevy Camaro?
[Image: couba.1.jpg]

Bertone work on this coupé.
[Image: couea.1.jpg] [Image: coueb.jpg]

Toyota Cressida Estate
[Image: datbreaa.jpg] [Image: datbreab.jpg] [Image: datbreac.jpg] [Image: datbread.jpg] [Image: datbreae.jpg]

Toyota unknown in yellow on the left, sedan and estate.
[Image: datbrejauaa.jpg]

White Toyota Corolla Coupé on the left.
[Image: toycouaa.jpg]

White car in the far background, Toyota Corolla?
[Image: sedblancaa.jpg]

Yellow car on the right background, Opel Ascona [A]?
[Image: sedjauneaa.jpg]

Yellow car in the background.
[Image: sedjauneba.jpg]

Yellow car on the right, an Audi?
[Image: sedjauneba.jpg]

Red sedan passing through in the foreground.
[Image: sedrouac.jpg] [Image: sedrouab.jpg] [Image: sedrouaa.jpg]

Green sedan in the background, Fiat 125? or 131? or Something else?
[Image: sedroubb.jpg] [Image: sedroubb.jpg]

Volkswagen 1200 [Typ1] in the background.
[Image: vwblanba.jpg]

1968+ Volkswagen 1200/1300 [Typ1] in the background left.
[Image: vwblancaa.jpg]

Volkswagen Golf I on the right.
[Image: vwgolaa.10.jpg]

Volkswagen Polo I on the left.
[Image: vwpolab.jpg]

Volkswagen Transporter T2 in far background and on the left.
[Image: vwt2aa.5.jpg] [Image: vwt2ba.3.jpg] [Image: vwt2ca.1.jpg]

Volkswagen Bus T2 orange in far background.
[Image: vwt2db.jpg]

[Image: accessaa.3.jpg]

[Image: accessab.jpg] [Image: accessac.2.jpg] [Image: accessad.2.jpg]
Volswagen Typ 1 windscreen?

[Image: accessba.3.jpg] [Image: accessbb.jpg] [Image: accessbc.jpg] [Image: accessbd.jpg]

Trafic light fore someone here ;)
[Image: paysaa.17.jpg]

Steering wheel
[Image: paysbb.2.jpg]

[Image: paysba.5.jpg] [Image: paysbc.1.jpg]

Frankfurt Tramway
[Image: tramab.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2020-02-16 18:02:49

Ingo DE

2020-02-16 21:51

:think: http://pics.imcdb.org/185/nsuaa.2.jpg

I think, it's not a Prinz 4 - rather a Sapo. Thr sgape of the front wing and the bumper aren't NSU-like.
As it never was sold in West Germany, probably Belgian or Austrian tourists.

The unknown green Sedan is a D-Rekord, also one unknown yellow Sedan. The other yellow car is a 3er BMW.

-- Last edit: 2020-02-16 21:53:16

CougarTim US

2020-02-17 21:37

sixcyl wrote
Bertone work on this coupé.
[Image: couea.1.jpg] [Image: coueb.jpg]

That's not a Bertone logo; it's a Bitter CD.

Gamer DE

2020-02-17 21:38

I can hear Reg making jokes about that name now...

sixcyl FR

2020-02-21 20:38

CougarTim wrote

That's not a Bertone logo; it's a Bitter CD.

You're absolutely right!
May it worth its one page?

sixcyl FR

2020-02-22 19:06

[Image: iaa1977aa.1.jpg] [Image: iaa1977ab.1.jpg] [Image: iaa1977ac.jpg]

Part 2

Background vehicles

Green coupé in the background
[Image: couvertaa.jpg] [Image: couvertab.jpg]

Ford Granada on the left..
[Image: fortc2ba.jpg] [Image: fortc2bd.jpg]

Ford Taunus TC2
[Image: fortc2ca.jpg] [Image: fortc2db.jpg]

Yellow Lada 1200 in the far background
[Image: ladaaa.1.jpg]

Peugeot 504 Break on the left.
[Image: peu504breaa.1.jpg]

Porsche 911 and on the left , a 928.
[Image: por928aa.jpg]

Ren 5 in the background.
[Image: ren5aa.6.jpg] [Image: ren5ab.5.jpg]

Orange Renault 6 in the far background of the Renault Stand.
[Image: ren6aa.4.jpg]

Orange Renault 14 on the right.
[Image: ren14aa.jpg] [Image: ren14ab.jpg] [Image: ren14ac.jpg]

White Renault 16 on the right background.
[Image: ren16aa.15.jpg]

Is it a VW Golf?
[Image: sedaa.12.jpg]

Ingo DE

2020-02-23 15:42

yes, it is a Golf.

The green Coupé is Ford Capri.

sixcyl FR

2020-03-14 18:28

[Image: iaa1977aa.2.jpg] [Image: iaa1977aaa.jpg] [Image: iaa1977ab.2.jpg] [Image: iaa1977ac.1.jpg]

Part 3

Audi [F103] Blue in the background.
[Image: aud100da.jpg] [Image: aud100db.jpg]

Autobianchi A112 on right background and left background.
[Image: auta112ac.jpg] [Image: auta112bc.jpg] [Image: auta112bd.jpg]

Grey Hood on the left.

Bedford Blitz Camping Car
[Image: bedfaa.jpg] [Image: bedfab.1.jpg]

Unidentified White Combi/Estate/Break in the background.
[Image: breaa.5.jpg] [Image: breab.1.jpg]

Büssing D2U.
[Image: busd2uaa.jpg] [Image: busd2uab.1.jpg]

Unknown Cabriolet.
[Image: cabaa.11.jpg] [Image: cabab.13.jpg]

Van or mini lorry on the left, maybe a VW T2?
[Image: camaa.11.jpg]

Mercedes-Benz L 406 behind the Porsche 928.
[Image: camba.14.jpg]

Unidentified lorry in the foreground.
[Image: cambb.14.jpg]

Citroën 2CV AK400 Yellow in the background.
[Image: cit2cvaa.16.jpg] [Image: cit2cvad.3.jpg]

Citroën Dyane, Green in 1st Thumbnail, Ivory White in the 2nd.
[Image: citdyaaa.6.jpg] [Image: citdyaba.1.jpg]

Apollo 1300 GT on the left.
[Image: couaa.11.jpg] [Image: couab.7.jpg] [Image: couac.3.jpg]

Unidentified Coupés.
[Image: couba.2.jpg] [Image: couca.jpg] [Image: coucb.2.jpg]

Fiat 127 Yellow in the background.
[Image: fia127aa.2.jpg]

Fiat 128 Red behind a 128 Coupé.
[Image: fia128aa.5.jpg] [Image: fia128ba.4.jpg]

Fiat 128 Yellow in the background right.
[Image: fia128ca.2.jpg] [Image: fia128cc.jpg] [Image: fia128cd.jpg]

Fiat 131 Metallic Grey background and on the left in 2nd thumbnail.
[Image: fia131aa.1.jpg] [Image: fia131ad.jpg]

Fiat-Abarth 131 Mirafiori Rallye Yellow Black.
[Image: fiaralah.jpg]

Fiat X 1/9 on the right.
[Image: fiax19ad.jpg] [Image: fiax19af.jpg]

Opel Admiral [B] Metallic Blue with vynil roof in the background right. (I hope that I'm not mistaking with a Ford Granada MkI?)
[Image: forgraaa.3.jpg] [Image: forgraab.1.jpg]

Unidentified , very blurry, in the background right.
[Image: formusaa.1.jpg]

Lancia Beta in the background left and Beta Coupé on the right.
[Image: lanbetaa.jpg]

Lancia Beta Spider in the background.
[Image: lanbetmcaa.jpg]

Lancia Stratos in the background right.
[Image: lanstraa.1.jpg] [Image: lanstrab.1.jpg] [Image: lanstrac.jpg]

Mercedes-Benz 190/200 [W110) in the far bakkground.
[Image: mb190aa.6.jpg]

Mercedes-Benz 200 [W114/115] White on the left (1st th.) and right (2nd th.)
[Image: mb200aa.6.jpg] [Image: mb200ab.4.jpg]

Mercedes-Benz 240 [W123] on the right.
[Image: mb240ab.jpg] [Image: sedvertba.jpg]

Mercedes-Benz 200 [W114/115] Dark Blue in the far background.
[Image: mb200ba.3.jpg]

Mercedes-Benz 200 [W114/115] White on the right.
[Image: mb200ca.2.jpg] [Image: mb200cb.2.jpg] [Image: mb200cc.jpg]
Another one in the far background and on the right.
[Image: mb200da.3.jpg] [Image: mb200ea.2.jpg] [Image: mb200eb.jpg] [Image: mb200fa.jpg]

Mercedes-Benz 240 [W123] in the right.
[Image: mb240ab.jpg] [Image: sedvertba.jpg]

Mercedes-Benz L 608 Pritsche in the background.
[Image: mblaa.1.jpg]

Opel Ascona [A] in background beside the Bedford Blitz Camping Car.
[Image: opeascaa.2.jpg]

Unidentified Green Metallic car behind the Audi. Opel Kadett?
[Image: opekadaa.7.jpg]

Opel Rekord [D] in Orange colour.
[Image: operekaa.14.jpg]

Opel Caravan [C] in Light Blue on the background right.
[Image: operekcaraa.2.jpg] [Image: operekcarab.2.jpg] [Image: operekcarac.jpg] [Image: operekcarae.jpg]

Porsche 911 White on the left.
[Image: por911aa.2.jpg]

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II in background left.
[Image: rrsilaa.jpg]

Sedan in White + black vinyl roof in the background. Chrysler 180?
[Image: sedblancnoiraa.jpg]

White sedan on the left in background.
[Image: sedblancaa.1.jpg]

Saab 96?
[Image: sedbleuaa.jpg]

Grey hood on the left.
[Image: sedgrisaa.jpg]

Grey mini car on the left in the background.
[Image: sedgrisminiaa.jpg]

[Image: sedoubregrisaa.jpg] [Image: sedoubregrisab.jpg]

Green car on the left in the background.
[Image: sedvertab.1.jpg]

Simca 1100 Metallic Grey in the background.
[Image: sim1100aa.6.jpg]

Volkswagen 1500.
[Image: vw1500aa.4.jpg]

Volkswagen 1500 Variant in far background.
[Image: vw1500varaa.2.jpg]

Volkswagen LT in the background left.
[Image: vwltaa.jpg]

Volkswagen Bus T2 on the left.
[Image: vwt1aa.5.jpg]

Volkswagen Transporter T2 in the background left.
[Image: vwt2aa.6.jpg]

Volkswagen Passat I Blue in the background.
[Image: vwpassab.jpg] [Image: vwpassac.jpg] [Image: vwpassad.jpg]

Volkswagen Polo in foreground.
[Image: vwpolaa.1.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2020-03-19 21:16:11

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