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Dallas, US TV Series, 2012-2014 IMDB

Pictures provided by: sandwad2, wickey, Max_Bramante, mike962

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Also known as:

  • Даллас
  • ダラス (Japan)
  • 新朱門恩怨 (Taiwan)

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S 415 GT DE

2012-06-15 21:06

I hope this is as good as the old one.
Is there already a new SL R231 in it? In the old one SLs very very popular.

sandwad2 EN

2012-06-15 22:17

From episode 1.02 onwards its clear that GM sponsors it, besides the fact it says it in the credits :P

S 415 GT DE

2012-06-15 22:30

If they only use GM cars, it can´t be as good as the old one, where they changed the cars nearly every Season.

HunterMan US

2012-06-16 06:47

S 415 GT wrote If they only use GM cars, it can´t be as good as the old one, where they changed the cars nearly every Season.

Actually in the original series they didn't change cars that often. J.R. and Bobby (as well as other main stars) would drive the same Mercedes, or Lincolns, or Jags, or BMW's, etc...for several seasons (aka years) in a row.

night cub US

2012-06-16 22:10

I think Christopher was driving a Tesla in the episode I saw last night.

HunterMan US

2012-06-16 22:22

night cub wrote I think Christopher was driving a Tesla in the episode I saw last night.

Was it black?

night cub US

2012-06-16 22:23


HunterMan US

2012-06-16 22:31

Yeah, I remember that car too...couldn't remember if it was a Porsche like Sue Ellen's or what? But, I bet you're right...it was probably a Tesla. I recorded the episodes as I watched it the other night...I should go back and watch them again. :)

Was it a Tesla Roadster??

-- Last edit: 2012-06-16 22:33:02

jettalover US

2012-06-18 04:57

Yes a Tesla Roadster. We could here the muted whine of the electric motor and the silent "start" of the electric motor.

-- Last edit: 2012-06-18 05:00:46

jettalover US

2012-06-18 04:59

Sheriff deputies had new F150 SuperCrews. A new Silverado was seen as a work truck for the ranch.

HunterMan US

2012-06-19 05:52

jettalover wrote Yes a Tesla Roadster. We could here the muted whine of the electric motor and the silent "start" of the electric motor.

What year do you think the Tesla was...2011 maybe?

jettalover US

2012-06-19 06:11

'11 is the last model year for the Roadster. Taking it's place in Tesla dealerships is the Model S sedan.

HunterMan US

2012-06-19 06:46

Yeah, I'd read that the few 2012 Roadsters Tesla produced were only sold in Europe and Asia. Don't really care for the Tesla Sedan...but I'm not much for Tesla anyway. Electric cars look and sound strange to me...but that's just my opinion. :) I figure they had Christopher drive the Roadster in the new "Dallas" because he's supposedly into all new forms of energy or power instead of oil, so the electric car would be something he'd drive.

Glennis ZA

2012-06-22 10:46

I wish they would give Bobby a new Mercedes SL. Even if they have to block out the Merc emblem it would be better than nothing.

HunterMan US

2012-07-05 06:35


You may have gotten your wish...wasn't Bobby driving a dark blue Mercedes Benz in tonight's (July 4th) episode? I don't think it was an SL but was it maybe a 2011 E350?

jettalover US

2012-07-05 08:41

It was a S-Class. The badge looked like S400.

sandwad2 EN

2012-07-05 17:44

Uploading Now

-- Last edit: 2012-07-05 17:44:45

HunterMan US

2012-07-07 04:12

By the way...last week TNT announced that "Dallas" has been renewed for a 2nd season!! :king: It's been the #1 show on cable since it premiered on June 13th. Most summer shows have around 15 episodes for a season, as they don't have as long as shows do during the traditional (September thru May) TV season. The 2nd season will have 15 episodes and will air sometime in 2013. I can't wait, and I also can't wait to see what new cars and vehicles "Dallas" will showcase. :D

Glennis ZA

2012-07-08 16:50

Ok my new wish is that we could see all the Ewing cars parked in the Southfork driveway at once as we often saw in the original series. I mean Southfork only has a three car garage right so I wonder where they keep all the ranch trucks and suvs when they are not in use.

HunterMan US

2012-07-09 05:23

I bet the Ranch trucks and other vehicles are kept in barnes and sheds on the ranch, and not up at the main house. As for the Ewing's main vehicles...I always thought it was hilarious in the original series that Southfork had a 3 car garage, like you said, yet NO ONE ever used them!! :lol: Even if it rained, all of the Ewing cars were always parked outside. That makes me wonder what was in those garages to prevent them from pulling their cars inside? :think:

Probably full of Jock and J.R.'s secret "Red Files" on everyone. :p However, some things never change...they still don't use the garages in this new series. :wow:

-- Last edit: 2012-07-09 05:43:03

Glennis ZA

2012-07-09 15:06

I think one of the reasons that we don't see them using the garages (at least in the new series) is because I think that in real life the garage at Southfork has been turned into some sort of conference room for tour groups. I remember reading somewhere that they only kept the garage door facade for photo opportunities.

-- Last edit: 2012-07-11 04:55:21 (owlman)

HunterMan US

2012-07-10 06:31

I think you might be right. That would make sense of why they never use them...they probably have been turned into tour rooms or something. In the original series the real Southfork's garages were probably at first used by the real-life family that owned and lived there, and that's why the filming crew couldn't use them. Once they moved out the garages could have been turned into something else then. The set built of Southfork in Hollywood probably had fake garages and were not real inside anyway.

I would think that the Ewings would at least keep Jock's old Lincoln in there though. ;) Supposedly Miss Ellie kept it but you never saw it much after the season where he died.

-- Last edit: 2012-07-11 04:55:08 (owlman)

HunterMan US

2012-07-11 06:12

Awesome, once again looks sleek, clean, and "shiny"...like a brand new Caddy from the 50's. ;)

Glennis ZA

2012-07-11 18:26

I doubt they still own Jock's Lincoln though. I imagine that Ellie kept it for a while after Jock died but she found it too big for her to drive and so she traded it in for her VW Rabbit.

HunterMan US

2012-07-12 02:38

:lol: I thought that Rabbit convertible Miss Ellie drove in the last few seasons of the original series was ridiculous! First the woman never knew how to drive and had to have another family member (or even cabs sometimes) take her where she wanted to go. Then around season 11 she suddenly out of nowhere starts driving on her own...and a Rabbit of all things! :wow: Like the Ewings would have her drive a car like that. ;)

Anyway, I bet they put Jock's Lincoln in storage (in reality it's in the show museum on the Southfork Ranch property) somewhere. It would be awesome if that's suddenly what J.R. starts driving in this new series...as he again takes over Ewing Oil, he pays more homage to his father by driving Jock's old Lincoln. :)

HunterMan US

2012-07-12 03:46

Well...we FINALLY got to see inside the Ewing garages! :wow: In tonight's episode Bobby and Christopher actually open them to look for something in the family's past. I guess they use them for storage and they're full of junk. ;)

Doubt it'd ever be allowed in the garages at Southfork, but I wish we'd see more of John Ross' Corvette! :lol:

Glennis ZA

2012-07-12 14:23

^^ Did they actually show them open the garage doors from the outside or did they enter through some internal door? Also what car does Rebecca drive?

S 415 GT DE

2012-07-12 14:52

Rebecca drives a Chevrolet Volt, obviously product Placement, you could see the badge very clearly

-- Last edit: 2012-07-12 14:56:43

Nightrider RU

2012-07-12 18:19

I unrespect them because they is better people...

HunterMan US

2012-07-12 20:10

Glennis wrote ^^ Did they actually show them open the garage doors from the outside or did they enter through some internal door? Also what car does Rebecca drive?

Yes! :) It shows them actually pushing up one of the doors and Bobby and Christopher go in and start looking through all the family "junk" from years past that is stored in the garages.

Also, Rebecca does drive the Chevy Volt...as stated above. Not my favorite Chevy by all means, but it would fit for now as she is split from Christopher at the moment and does not have a lot of money. Hopefully later, if she gets back with the Ewings they'll "upgrade" her car. ;)

You can definitely tell GM sponsors this show and they're trying to show practically every vehicle they manufacture in this series.

jettalover US

2012-07-14 02:30

How 'bout a page for the oil tanker/transport trucks.

sandwad2 EN

2012-07-14 16:40

There was one, but it was not accepted (I assume because the capture was not a full on close up of it and the car was one star)

They seem to be featuring a new Chevy every week...the only one's not shown yet have been Sonic, Cruze, Malibu, Impala, Spark, Traverse and Avalanche.

How many of them do you think will appear by the final episode :D

I'd much rather GM sponsored the whole thing, then solely Chevrolet though. Could give a bigger variety.

HunterMan US

2012-07-14 20:09

I guess I should've said Chevrolet, rather than GM sponsoring the show. We still have four episodes to go, and then we also have the 2nd season coming sometime this next year. So, all the cars/vehicles you mentioned still have a chance. ;)

I'm hoping more Corvettes or a Camaro or two show up as well. :)

-- Last edit: 2012-07-14 20:09:52

Neptune US

2012-07-29 22:06

There is now a dedicated page (thread) on the IMCDb.org forums for the Dallas (clicking the link will take you there) television show. Disscusions about the show can be held there, to prevent cluttering of the main comments page here on the site. There you can discuss anything about the show with fellow viewers.

Skodafan CZ

2012-08-17 12:40

A huge mistake from Mercedes not to sign a contract with the producers in order to put the newest SL or SLS AMG into the show.
Maybe they had no chance against GM company which offered much more.

HunterMan US

2012-08-22 06:35

Yeah...Mercedes played a big role in the original series, as J.R. and Bobby mainly drove Mercedes' throughout most of the show. But, this is 20 years later and things change. GM probably offered a good deal, and they seem to be sponsoring several recent shows. However, Bobby is driving a new Mercedes. But, he's the only one.

HunterMan US

2012-12-05 05:15

"Dallas" will never be the same without J.R.! Rest in peace. :cry:

Larry Hagman: 1931-2012

S 415 GT DE

2013-02-19 22:25

There´s also a 2010+ Ford Transit Connect delivery van in Ep. 1.05

Glennis ZA

2013-02-21 19:36

This site needs to be updated now that season 2 has started. There was a two door silver car at the start of 02.02 parked in the south fork driveway.

HunterMan US

2013-03-05 03:28

Glennis wrote This site needs to be updated now that season 2 has started. There was a two door silver car at the start of 02.02 parked in the south fork driveway.

I agree...and I think John Ross' Corvette is a newer model (2012?) than used in last season.

escaladevipercamaro US

2013-03-17 23:26

The Evil Harris Ryland as a lamborghini.

HunterMan US

2013-03-20 01:43

escaladevipercamaro wrote The Evil Harris Ryland as a lamborghini.

Yeah, I thought he had a Lamborghini a couple episodes ago. There have been some other cars/vehicles shown along the way with season 2. This section needs seriously updated with season 2 cars added! To be honest, I'm not exactly sure how to do it or I'd do it myself!

jettalover US

2013-03-21 05:14

The Lambo was sweet. Likely an Aventador.

HunterMan US

2013-03-22 06:19

jettalover wrote The Lambo was sweet. Likely an Aventador.

I know...it was really awesome! I guess the "bad" guys have to have cool cars too. ;) So, someone please update the cars for season 2!!

HunterMan US

2013-10-14 00:33

Is anyone going to add Season 2's cars?

mister car from 971

2014-10-04 20:33

It was cancelled after three seasons.

HunterMan US

2014-10-27 06:34

mister car from 971 wrote It was cancelled after three seasons.

TNT cancelled it...because right now TNT is going through upheaval and had a total management change. Sadly and "stupidly" the new management seems to...well...SUCK! ;) However, there is a huge outcry from fans to save the show and have another network or online venture do a Season 4--to at least finish up the cliffhangers from the Season 3 finale. There is even a chance that the show might move back to CBS (its original home) as CBS is doing summer shows now with shorter seasons containing around 13 episodes. Netflix is another idea being thrown around, to do another season. The more I read and hear, the more I think a Season 4 is more than likely! :)

-- Last edit: 2014-11-16 06:29:58

Hoppe Pinochet BR

2019-06-24 13:01

Cliff Barnes had a Rolls-Royce Ghost.

-- Last edit: 2019-06-25 00:31:10

mike962 DE

2022-04-09 18:47

anybody doing seasons 2 and 3 ?

mike962 DE

2022-04-16 19:09

1.07 identitifable ?

[Image: untitled.5858.jpg]

mike962 DE

2022-04-16 20:29

Season 1 complete !

Truck_Guy US

2022-04-16 23:20

mike962 wrote 1.07 identitifable ?

[Image: untitled.5858.jpg]

2003-2009 Chevrolet Kodiak or GMC TopKick [GMT560].

mike962 DE

2022-04-17 13:55

2.15 2 stars, no proper shot
[Image: untitled.6005.jpg][Image: untitled.6009.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2022-04-17 13:58:23

mike962 DE

2022-04-17 13:55

Season 2 DONE !!

mike962 DE

2022-04-17 20:49

Season 3 done


mike962 DE

2022-04-17 21:01

3.15 identiifable ? some pickup

[Image: untitled.6021.jpg]

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