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Blue Murder, Mini-Series, 1995 IMDB

Pictures provided by: stronghold, valiant1962

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Also known as:

  • Corrupção E Morte (Portugal)

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stronghold EN

2008-01-10 05:17


[Image: bluemurderad11rh0.4424.jpg]
pics from the trailer

-- Last edit: 2008-01-10 05:17:40

valiant1962 AU

2008-07-07 02:46


Have a copy I taped from TV so will start posting the series.

valiant1962 AU

2008-07-07 23:33


Pictures are a bit grainy, especially the night time scenes, but that is the way they were broadcast, not my conversion. I don't know why the broadcast was so poor, it was almost as though the TV station downloaded a really bad copy and played it.

-- Last edit: 2008-07-07 23:34:04

valiant1962 AU

2008-07-07 23:43


This scene involving the chase with the Sigma Turbo passes the location of the Take Away store used in Midnite Spares. It is just down the road from where I work. /vehicle_78589-Chrysler-Valiant-Charger-VJ-1973.html
[Image: fordfalconglxdxeb3.4856.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2008-07-07 23:44:09

valiant1962 AU

2008-07-08 01:38


Part seen and far background Toyota Hiace, Toyota Celica, Mitsubishi Sigma, Another Celica, Holden 1 Tonner, Subaru, Holden VC Commodore, Mazda E-Series Truck
[Image: toyotahiacexqe1.7476.jpg][Image: toyotacelicaxpp1.8643.jpg][Image: mitsubishisigmagjxxgv0.1918.jpg][Image: holden1tonnerxlh4.8392.jpg][Image: toyotacelica2xnl6.8591.jpg][Image: fordcortinatewagonxan6.7762.jpg][Image: holdencommodorevcxmd4.6650.jpg][Image: mazdaeseriesxjh7.3009.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2008-07-08 01:42:57

valiant1962 AU

2008-07-08 01:42


Blurry cars overtaken during chase scene Holden HG Ute, Holden HQ Kingswood, Ford XD Falcon
[Image: holdenhgutilityxrd7.1940.jpg][Image: holdenkingswoodhqxde3.9216.jpg][Image: fordfalconglxdxeb3.4856.jpg]

valiant1962 AU

2008-07-08 02:00


A lot of the number plates a re-used on multiple vehicles.
MNA014 http://img56.imageshack.us/my.php?image=fordfalconglxfxxxcjb7.jpg and here /vehicle_183323-Ford-Fairlane-ZK-1982.html
JAL255 /vehicle_183309-Chrysler-Valiant-VJ-1973.html and here /vehicle_183454-Mercedes-Benz-Unknown.html
KYQ189 /vehicle_183348-Ford-Mustang-1971.html and here /vehicle_183345-Ford-Falcon-XF-1984.html and here http://img92.imageshack.us/my.php?image=fordfalconglxdgreenxxxcfs5.jpg and here http://img167.imageshack.us/my.php?image=fordfalconglxexxxkjj0.jpg
NZL198 /vehicle_183360-Jaguar-XJ.html and here http://img92.imageshack.us/my.php?image=fordfalconglxdbeigexxxcdl0.jpg

-- Last edit: 2008-07-09 01:14:24

jpts AU

2015-08-06 18:49


The mini-series dealt with the events of Sydney Gangland Wars of the 1980s and the career of Arthur "Neddy" Smith and his relationship with Detective Sergeant Roger Rogerson and other corrupt detectives within the New South Wales Police Service.

The Sydney Gangland Wars was one of Australia's first series of murders and disappearances and attempted murders of well known figures and associates in the Sydney Underworld that preceded the Melbourne Gangland War 10 years later.

These occurred throughout the 1980s:

27th June 1981- 22-year-old standover man and drug dealer; Warren "Frenchie" Lanfranchi is shot and killed by Detective Sergeant Roger Rogerson at Dangar Place in Chippendale, it is believed Lanfranchi's associate; Arthur "Neddy" Smith drove Lanfranchi to Dangar Place to meet with Rogerson with $10,000 to pay off Rogerson to get off charges, but was shot by Rogerson as one of the charges was the attempted murder of a police officer.

21st December 1981- 42-year-old former lawyer; Brian Alexander disappears, Alexander had ties to corrupt detectives and was scheduled to give evidence at the Steward Royal Commission about the detectives that Alexander did business with, it is believed that Alexander was invited onto Neddy Smith's boat and was dumped at sea, Alexander's car was found parked at the Gap on the 14th January 1982.

13th August 1982- Drug dealer and former Painter and Docker; Terence Basham and his partner; Susan Smith are shot and killed in their farmhouse at Murwillumbah, Basham was involved in a drug importation ring with drug traffickers; Bruce "Snapper" Cornwell and Barry Bull and had a falling out with Cornwell and Bull that resulted in Bull being bashed by Basham, it is believed that Cornwell and Bull hired Melbourne hitman; Christopher Flannery and his associate; Lawrence Prendergast to murder Basham.

The killers left the couple's two-year daughter alive with her parents' bodies.

10th November 1982- Former Painter and Docker; Leslie "Les" Cole is shot and killed at his home, Cole was the father of Mark Moran (who is later shot and killed in 2000 during the Melbourne Gangland War), it is believed that Cole's murder was a result of either a unpaid debt or drug-related.

15th July 1983- 29-year-old used car salesman, drug dealer, thief and brothel owner; Harvey Jones disappears from the Star Hotel in Alexandria, prior to his disappearance, Jones had been charged with theft of gold bullion, on the night of his disappearance, Jones was scheduled to meet Neddy Smith with $60,000 to pay off Rogerson to get off the theft charges.

The night before his disappearance, Jones was involved in a incident where fired his revolver in front of everyone into the ceiling of the Sheila's Tavern in North Sydney.

Jones' skeletal remains were found at Botany Bay Beach by a dog walker on the 26th March 1995, in his confession, Smith stated that Jones' was attracting attention and was "out of control", Smith was convicted of Jones' murder in September 1998.

20th January 1984- 57-year-old Edward "Bill" Cavanagh and his partner; 21-year-old Carmelita Lee are shot and killed in the bedroom of their home at Hoxton Park, Cavanagh ran an trucking company and was suspected of having ties to Griffith Calabrian boss; Robert Trimbole and several members of the Calabrian 'Ndrangheta.

On the 3rd September 1998, Lindsey Robert Rose (a former ambulance officer who was at the Granville Rail Disaster on the 18th January 1977) was convicted of the Cavanagh and Lee murders as well as three other murders, Rose stated that Cavanagh's murder was retribution for the bashing of Rose's associate allegedly committed by Cavanagh a few years earlier and Lee's murder was committed to avoid leaving a witness.

2nd April 1984- 38-year-old racehorse trainer; George Brown is found bashed and burnt to death in his car at Bulli Pass near Bulli, Brown was last seen leaving the stables at Rosebery in his green Ford Falcon XA sedan for his house at Kensington, it is suspected that Brown was murdered by members of a race fixing ring after one Brown's horse had lost at race meeting in Brisbane on the 31st March 1984.

Brown's murder has been suspected to be linked to the Fine Cotton Ring-in scam as one of the trainers; Hayden Haitana (who was involved in the Fine Cotton Ring-in) stated that he was threaten by one of the suspected fixers who stated that Haitana "would end up like the trainer; Brown" if he didn't getting involved in the Fine Cotton scam.

6th June 1984- NSW Police Drug Squad Detective Sergeant Michael Drury is shot and wounded through the kitchen window of his family home at Chatswood, it was believed that gunman; Chris Flannery was hired by Rogerson and Flannery's associate and drug dealer; Alan Williams who had been arrested by Drury in a sting operation a couple years earlier, Williams stated that he through Rogerson tried to bribe Drury to have the charges dismissed, but after Drury rejected numerous briberies attempts, Williams agree to pay Rogerson and Flannery $50,000 to have Drury killed.

8th November 1984- Drug dealer; Danny "The Brain" Chubb is shot and killed outside his mother's house in Miller's Point, Chubb had arrived at his mother's house and was getting of his green Jaguar with a package of fish and chips for his mother's lunch when two gunmen on a motorbike rode up to Chubb and shot him, in his autobiography, Neddy Smith stated that Chubb had been involved in various heroin and marijuana importation rings and had been seen flashing large sums of cash at various points, it was believed that Chubb's killer were hired by Chubb's former associates.

3rd January 1985- 72-year-old Chinese businessman and racehorse owner; Stanley Wong, his wife and their housekeeper are found with their throats cut at their house in Maroubra, Wong was a well-known businessman in the Sydney Chinatown District and associate of George Freeman and was suspected of being involved in the illegal morphine trade.

Wong's wife was saved by the head of the heart transplant team at St. Vincent Hospital; Dr. Victor Chang (who himself was later murdered during an failed kidnapping attempt in Mosman on the morning of the 4th July 1991).

A week after Wong's murder, a illegal Chinese immigrant; Wee Lam Choo was charged with Wong's murder, in his confession, Choo stated that Wong had threaten to turn Choo over to the authorities if he didn't sell illegal morphine, on the 28th February 1986, Choo was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment, his 18-year-old accomplice was convicted of assault with intend to rob and was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment.

27th January 1985- Melbourne hitman; Christopher Dale "Rent-a-kill" Flannery and his family are shot at by gunmen outside their home at Turrella, at the time, Flannery was working as a bodyguard for Racing Identity and SP Bookmaker; George Freeman, Smith stated that Flannery had become embroiled in feuds with gangsters; Thomas Domican and Barry McCann and started to shoot at anyone who were associates of Domican or McCann, at one meeting, Smith later stated that his associates within the NSW Police were trying to end the feuds but Flannery refused and later made an threat to a corrupt detective that he could shoot anyone including the detective himself.

16th February 1985- 41-year-old Racing Identity and associate of Chris Flannery; Michael "Melbourne Mick" Sayers is shot and killed by two gunmen outside his home in Bronte, Sayers was a known gambler, it was believed that known drug figure; Barry McCann was behind Sayers' murder.

23rd April 1985- 43-year-old British drug dealer; Anthony "Spaghetti" Eustace is shot six times in back by Chris Flannery outside the Airport Hilton at North Arncliffe, Eustace initially survived the shooting and was rushed to hospital where he told the police to "f**k off" when they asked who shot him and later died of his wounds.

9th May 1985- Chris Flannery disappears from outside his family apartment in Inner Sydney, on the morning of his disappearance, Flannery received a phone call from George Freeman asking to meet him, when Flannery was unable to start his car, Flannery went to catch a taxi and had vanished, Smith stated that he had seen Flannery gettting into a car with detectives who allegedly drove Flannery to Freeman's home.

6th February 1986- 32-year-old prostitute and heroin addict; Sallie-Anne Huckstepp is drown in Busby Pond at Centennial Park, Sydney, Huckstepp was the former girlfriend of Warren Lanfranchi who was shot and killed by Rogerson and named Rogerson and several other detectives being involved in corruption, prior to her murder, Huckstepp had a affair with Australian Federal Police uniformed constable; Peter Smith.

Neddy Smith was charged with Huckstepp's murder in 1999, but was acquitted on a lack of evidence.

2nd April 1986- Neddy Smith is run down by Barry McCann's associate; Terry Ball outside Iron Duke Hotel in Waterloo, Smith survived the attempt, a few weeks later, Ball is shot in the head by Smith's associate; Graham "Abo" Henry as an act of revenge, Ball survives the attempt.

6th August 1987- 49-year-old drug dealer; Barry "Sugar" Croft is shot and killed in his car by gunmen at the intersection of City Road and Myrtle Street in Annandale, Croft was an associate of Barry McCann and had been a major heroin supplier to George Freeman, on the night of his murder, Croft received a phone call and left the Cauliflower Hotel at Alexandria and got into his Ford Fairlane and drove to Lansdowne Hotel as Croft passed the Lansdowne and pulled up at the intersection, the gunmen in another car pulled alongside Croft's car and fired two shots through the windshield, killing Croft, it is believed that Croft's murderers wanted to deal with McCann directly and killed Croft to cut out him out of the drug ring.

27th December 1987- 44-year-old gang leader; Barry McCann is shot and killed at H.J. Mahoney Park on Wharf Street in Marrickville, McCann ran the Lansdowne Hotel that was an hangout for McCann's gang, McCann had been involved in major heroin importation deals, according to Neddy Smith, McCann wanted to move in on the Sydney Gambling Trade ran by Freeman's associate; Lenny McPherson, prior to his murder, McCann was involved in a heroin deal with former Marrickville Council member; George Savvas that resulted in a falling out after Savvas undercut McCann's normal distribution price by selling the heroin in Sydney, not Melbourne as was agreed by Savvas and McCann and after two suitcases of heroin disappeared, it is believed on the night of McCann's murder, McCann went to meet Savvas at the park where Savvas shot and killed McCann.

In 1988, Savvas was charged McCann's murder but was acquitted, he was later charged and convicted of heroin trafficking in and sentenced to 25 years imprisonment, on the 7th March 1994, Savvas was sentenced to a further 18 years imprisonment for masterminding a conspiracy to import 40kg of cocaine from South America.

12th April 1988- 37-year-old drug dealer and armed robber; Bruce Sandery disappears from the Zetland Hotel at Zetland, Sandery was a major heroin suppler from South Australia who ran a major heroin distribution ring in South Australia and had been named in the disappearances and suspected murders of his associate; Roy Naylor and his wife; Sonya in June 1984, prior to his disappearance, Sandery was importing heroin into South Australia.

Sandery's body was found at Botany Bay Beach in October 1988 about 600 metres from where Harvey Jones' body was buried, in 1996, Neddy Smith was charged with Sandery's murder.

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