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The World's Fastest Indian, Movie, 2005 IMDB

Pictures provided by: no_car, Carfan, francisharley, humungus

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Also known as:

  • Burt Munro (France)
  • Indian - La grande sfida (Italy)
  • Prawdziwa historia (Poland)
  • Citronträd & motorolja / Citronträd och motorolja (Sweden)

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2006-06-08 21:06

Aww, I was going to buy this DVD and do this page. Oh well, you beat me. Do you have the DVD?

It's a great little film anyway, I recommend it.

-- Last edit: 2006-06-08 21:08:24

no_car EE

2006-06-08 21:13

There was more cars(backround), you can add those. :)


2006-06-08 21:18

The only criticism I have is couldn't you have gotten larger images with higher resolution? The images here are a good standard, but when I have the DVD I always like to get the largest picture size the site allows.

I was kinda looking forward to doing this page (it would have had my first 5 star vehicle), but don't let that bother you at all, you've done a good job, a nicely comprehensive page. :)

-- Last edit: 2006-06-08 21:20:27

antp BE

2006-06-08 21:31

G-MANN wrote The only criticism I have is couldn't you have gotten larger images with higher resolution?

I guess that his pictures come from a divx rather than a DVD :D

carfan US

2006-07-05 19:55

Is it okay if I got bigger pictures and added the extra cars?

antp BE

2006-07-05 21:48

It is lots of work of reupload all the pictures. And current ones are sharp and good, even if they are not very big.
I was not planning to replace then when I will watch the movie, so I am not sure that it is worth sending replacement for current pictures.

antp BE

2006-07-21 11:01

Some cars a little too recent in the far background...
[Image: image25eh5.5420.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2006-07-21 11:01:42

stronghold EN

2006-07-21 11:05

antp wrote Some cars a little too recent in the far background...

..looks to be a Cadillac (early 1990's.?)

antp BE

2006-07-21 11:16

And a 80s/90s white pickup behind it?
And the rear of a 90s Caprice or Crown Victoria on the left?

wickey SK

2006-09-01 02:18

excellent movie :)

this is what I call romantic :)

[Image: snapshot20060901012617cx4.674.jpg]

+ nice goof (pity that in such automotive oriented movie :( ) - gear shift in P

[Image: snapshot20060901011945ni0.7258.jpg]

carfan US

2008-04-10 03:28

I should say that some of these pictures i added are from deleted scenes. Sorry i didn't. I only rented the DVD but if anyone has it maybe they can watch the deleted scenes and tell which of the cars are in them.


2008-04-22 12:18

wickey wrote + nice goof (pity that in such automotive oriented movie :( ) - gear shift in P

You often point this out but you know why it is, don't you :D They won't let actors drive the cars for real, they put them on a "low-loader". I suppose they could still switch the car into Drive, as long as they left the handbrake/footbrake on, I don't know why they don't do this, I guess they forget, or they decide that most of the audience isn't interested in checking whether the gearstalk is in the drive postion :D

-- Last edit: 2008-04-22 12:19:18

CarChasesFanatic ES

2008-04-22 12:26

There's an even funnier goof in the movie Breakdown, when Kurt Russel is driving this van /vehicle_37882-Chevrolet-C-20-1983.html you see him hitting the automatic gear shift with its gun and he moves it from drive to park as well :lol: he realizes and changes it back, all this in motion and with no reaction of the car, obviously.


2008-10-28 16:02

[Image: indian2qs3.jpg]

francisharley FR

2008-11-29 15:10

Au début du film Burt Munro regarde un album-photo.

[Image: vlcsnap55006ns2.1.jpg]

Ddey65 US

2008-11-29 15:42

The so-called "1966 Chevrolet Suburban" is actually a 1963.

58Roadmaster US

2008-11-29 16:36

Are there more shots of the 1960 Cadillac that is visible in the two uploaded tractor images?

talmine AU

2010-02-14 10:17

Quite the best film I've seen in years. Weren't those coppers who woke him up arseholes???

Mauricio1966 AR

2019-04-07 01:36

Fantastic and inspiring life story. A look at the engine culture in New Zealand.

mike962 DE

2024-03-14 00:22

no HD for this masterpiece ??

Baube QC

2024-03-14 00:25

no.. they chose an Indian bike, not Harley.. :D

humungus SI

2024-03-14 00:31

mike962 wrote no HD for this masterpiece ??

Ask and ye shall receive (eventually). :D

mike962 DE

2024-03-14 00:33

well it's actually a good "feel good" movie and lots of classics

-- Last edit: 2024-03-14 00:33:05

Kartkidbut US

2024-03-14 00:55

Baube wrote no.. they chose an Indian bike, not Harley.. :D

Well, specifically they chose this brand ... :whistle:

humungus SI

2024-03-20 00:39

Whew! HD upgrade completed. Two vehicles appear to be in deleted scenes only. I changed their star ratings accordingly. I also upgraded a few [*] to [*][*] as they're not just parked there. Which reminds me: does a race scene qualify as a chase scene? If so, the bikes are [*][*][*]...

A really good movie this, indeed. Perfect escapism with Anthony Hopkins giving probably his warmest performance ever.

Anyway, I wish movie studios would pick one aspect ratio and stick with it. This movie appears to be out there in 2.35:1 and 16:9 versions, but at least this time around 16:9 resembles open matte (in some scenes, there's less picture on the left, but certainly more on top and bottom). I decided to use this version for caps.

As ever, loads of extra stuff, not all of it microscopic. Some of these may may be listed, I really can't tell, but some certainly aren't.

[Image: bonus001344.jpg] [Image: bonus001347.jpg] [Image: bonus001748.jpg] [Image: bonus003436.jpg]
[Image: bonus004932.jpg][Image: bonus004931.jpg]
[Image: bonus004949.jpg] [Image: bonus005254.jpg] [Image: bonus005549.jpg] [Image: bonus005551.jpg](blue coupe)
[Image: bonus005556.jpg] [Image: bonus005757.jpg] [Image: bonus005847.jpg] [Image: bonus011610.jpg]
[Image: bonus011905.jpg] [Image: bonus011907.jpg] [Image: bonus011909.jpg] [Image: bonus013232.jpg]
[Image: bonus013601.jpg] [Image: bonus014822.jpg] [Image: bonus015017.jpg] [Image: bonus015833.jpg]
[Image: bonus015833_2.jpg] [Image: bonus015839.jpg]

[Image: bonus001352.jpg] [Image: bonus001603.jpg] [Image: bonus001641.jpg]
[Image: bonus001642.jpg] [Image: bonus001647.jpg] [Image: bonus001656.jpg] [Image: bonus001742.jpg]

bonus tractor for mike962:
[Image: bonus010508.jpg] [Image: bonus010521.jpg] [Image: bonus010555.jpg]

dsl SX

2024-03-20 02:53

humungus wrote [Image: bonus003436.jpg]

Finned thing is Morris Major Elite Mk3 - a unique Aus concoction derived from Wolseley 1500/Riley One-Point-Five, which was originally developed as a Morris Minor replacement. And a Thames Trader truck (try saying that without your teeth in). If this is NZ, the Morris is possibly a slight surprise - I didn't know they they left the homeland. Thames is predictable in NZ, but nice to find one there.

humungus SI

2024-03-20 09:58

^ It's NZ (the scene is of Burt and Fran watching the Indian being loaded onto the boat taking Burt to America). I'll add the Morris (not that many on the site, it seems) and probably also the Trader to the listings later today. Meanwhile, I wonder why they bothered cluttering the background with the old green truck...

mike962 DE

2024-03-20 10:03

^ humungus

another good movie needing HD updates....


-- Last edit: 2024-03-20 10:04:39

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