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Taeyangeun eobda; A Fish in the Bathtub; Alma's Rainbow; Chokugeki jigoku-ken: Dai-gyakuten; Ashes; Lao fu zi dong hua da dian ying: Fan dou shen tan; Pride of the Marines; Salupata Ahasata; Kauda Bole Alice; Saw: A Hardcore Parody; Llama un tal Esteban; Split Second; Track The Man Down; Eunhaengnamoo chimdae; Chorok mulkogi; (more...)

Profile for user Kloga - Country: Ukraine

PhD in Political Science, an independent film-maker (with some small experience in big budget movies, as well; if you're interested you can see some of my works on my YouTube channel) and a film buff.

I have a driver's license since 2011 but I'll need to re-learn to drive if I'll ever put it to use. :)

Pages I've created/started:
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Pet Shop Boys: Always On My Mind
The Angry Beavers
Cleveland Smith: Bounty Hunter
The Quick and the Dead
The Prisoners Dilemma
Vedro (The Bucket)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)
Bastille: Of The Night
Mr. Vilderman: Businessman
Lone Wolf (suggested creation in the comments)
Made for Movie 'Humungous' Truck (suggested creation in the comments, although it was basically a re-creation of "Ford F-100 Custom" page with the other more appropriate name).

Contributions (selected):
Mad Max - a screenshot for Chevrolet C15A CMP and indirectly helped to identify it.
A Simple Plan - a screenshot for Oldsmobile Cutlass and indirectly helped to identify it.
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman - added Batmobile.

Cars I have driven:
A few of the Zhiguli series, most likely VAZ 2101 Zhiguli on driving lessons and exams.

Cars and vehicles I had a ride in or was in/on them (selected):
VAZ 2121 Niva
Chevrolet Niva
YuMZ T-2 trolleybus
ZAZ 1102 Tavria
PAZ (hard to tell, which are more prominent then others as buses I took a ride on)
Bogdan (same as with the PAZ)
Harley Davidson Fat Boy
Bogdan A 09211 (seems to be missing here)
Isuzu Bogdan (seems to be missing here)
BAZ 210741 (seems to be missing here)
TATA A107 I-VAN (seems to be missing here)
I was also hit by ZAZ 110240 Tavria once, fortunately with no serious damage.
More to be added.

25 favorite films (number doesn't matter - they're equal to me; though starting with 21 is an order in which they were added to the list):
1. Mean Guns
2. The Running Man
3. Death Wish
4. Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain
5. Man Bites Dog
6. Hannibal
7. The Hitcher
8. Taxi Driver
9. Igla (The Needle)
10. Paris, je t'aime
11. Highlander
12. Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai
13. Viy (has no page on IMCDb because it has no cars - set in 18th century)
14. Za dvumya zaytsami (Chasing Two Hares) (has no page; I'll research on cars - it's set in early 20th century and I don't remember anything except for trams, though)
15. F/X
16. Gang Related
17. The Terminator
18. Starman
19. In una notte di chiaro di luna (On a Moonlit Night)
20. Kin-dza-dza
21. Color of Night
22. Lunatics: A Love Story
23. Le samouraï
24. Mad Max
25. Donnie Darko
26. Lost Highway
27. Glass
That is only the list of most favorites (just favorites will be larger then 200 probably) and there is also a big list of favorite directors (all-time most favorite is Alfred Hitchcock).

Favorite franchises (Selected):
James Bond
Back to the Future
Friday the 13th
A Nightmare on Elm Street

Favorite TV Series (no particular order):
Mr. Bean
Semnadtsat mgnoveniy vesny (Seventeen Moments of Spring)
Agatha Christie's Poirot
Masters of Horror
Tales from the Crypt
Quantum Leap
The Benny Hill Show
Master i Margarita (Master and Margarita)
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955-1962)
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985-1989)
Twin Peaks (1990-1991)
The Flash (1990)
The Flash (2014)
DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Can't Change the Meeting Place (Mesto vstrechi izmenit nelzya)
more to be added

Favorite cartoon series and animated movies of all kind (Selected):
The Angry Beavers
Pixar works, especially their short films.
The Simpsons
Srazhenie (The Battle)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)
more to be added

Favorite music videos (selected):
Depeche Mode: Policy of Truth
Depeche Mode: Everything Counts
Depeche Mode: Question of Time
Depeche Mode: Suffer Well
Aphex Twin: Windowlicker
A-Ha: Train of Thought
A-Ha: Take on Me
Pet Shop Boys: Always On My Mind
Duran Duran: Wild Boyz
Puretone: Addicted to Bass
more to be added

Favorite cars and vehicles (in no particular order):
De Lorean DMC 12
Ford Falcon XB (and XB GT)
Lone Wolf
Humungous' Truck, a Ford F-100 Custom (from Mad Max 2)
Citroën DS 21
Oldsmobile Delta 88 (It's hard not to like it if one of your favorite directors is Sam Raimi)
VAZ 2121 Niva
Chevrolet Niva
Chevrolet Nova :)
Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu
Chevrolet Corvette
Mini 1000
Reliant Regal Supervan
1974 Project 500 Jet-Car MKIII
Owosso Pulse
E-Z-Go Marathon
YuMZ T-2 trolleybus
Orion II
Koenig C62 (seems to be missing here)
Aston Martin Lagonda
Vector W2
Delahaye 135
and 135 M
Ruxton Saloon 1930 (seems to be missing here... and anywhere else)
Dodge Charger
Dodge Charger Daytona
Dodge Challenger
Batmobile(s) ;)
Star Car
ZAZ 965 A Zaporozhets
ZAZ 965 Zaporozhets
ZAZ 966 Zaporozhets
ZAZ 968 M Zaporozhets
ZAZ 968 A Zaporozhets
ZAZ 968 Zaporozhets
ZAZ 965 Zaporozhets
ZAZ 965 A Zaporozhets
Harley Davidson motorcycles
Arlen-Ness Ferrari Bike (seems to be missing here)
Puch Maxi
LMZ Verkhovina 4
Moskvitch 2141
more to be added (and added as far as i consider and remember).

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