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Mozalan, TV Series, 1971-2023 IMDB

Pictures provided by: Dmitry_P

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Dmitry_P RU

2022-05-11 21:37

[Image: mozalan847011971mp4_snapshot_0635_20220512_002525.jpg] [Image: mozalan847041971mp4_snapshot_0013_20220521_194144.jpg] [Image: mozalan847071972mp4_snapshot_0014_20220522_154818.jpg] [Image: mozalan847091972mp4_snapshot_0016_20220522_183402.jpg] [Image: mozalan8470101973mp4_snapshot_0658_20220526_020906.jpg] [Image: mozalan8470111973mp4_snapshot_0602_20220527_164448.jpg] [Image: mozalan8470131973mp4_snapshot_0243_20220527_195552.jpg] [Image: mozalan8470181974mp4_snapshot_0016_20220527_203719.jpg] [Image: mozalan8470271975mp4_snapshot_0013_20220527_232227.jpg] [Image: mozalan8470313-csjetq601d601ml601rinmbar601kfilm1976mp4_snapshot_0001_20220528_002913.jpg] [Image: mozalan8470321977mp4_snapshot_0622_20220529_022656.jpg] [Image: mozalan8470331977mp4_snapshot_0327_20220529_231232.jpg] [Image: mozalan8470381977mp4_snapshot_0234_20220531_012321.jpg] [Image: mozalan8470391977mp4_snapshot_0451_20220601_014659.jpg] [Image: mozalan8470411978mp4_snapshot_0538_20220604_033756.jpg] [Image: mozalan8470421978mp4_snapshot_0013_20220604_140527.jpg] [Image: mozalan8470431978mp4_snapshot_0743_20220604_160447.jpg] [Image: mozalan8470511979mp4_snapshot_0336_20220604_171201.jpg] [Image: mozalan8470581980mp4_snapshot_0016_20220604_213828.jpg] [Image: mozalan8470621981mp4_snapshot_0017_20220604_234821.jpg][Image: mozalan8470641981mp4_snapshot_0552_20220605_000502.jpg] [Image: mozalan8470691982mp4_snapshot_0350_20220605_002223.jpg] [Image: mozalan8470721982mp4_snapshot_0554_20220606_164615.jpg] [Image: mozalan8470731982mp4_snapshot_0252_20220606_172657.jpg] [Image: mozalan8470791983mp4_snapshot_0355_20220606_175950.jpg] [Image: mozalan8470871984mp4_snapshot_0018_20220606_204235.jpg] [Image: mozalan8470881984mp4_snapshot_0252_20220606_212326.jpg] [Image: mozalan8470891984mp4_snapshot_0249_20220607_000241.jpg] [Image: mozalan8470981985mp4_snapshot_0737_20220607_185526.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2022-06-07 16:17:17

Dmitry_P RU

2022-05-12 08:33

Dear admins, can I go on with it? Is this series eligible for the site?

walter IT

2022-05-12 13:59

Is it a fiction or more a documentary one?

Dmitry_P RU

2022-05-12 14:24

I would say both. Just starting watching, cannot really say about fact/fiction proportions. Russian Wiki says "...в состав киножурнала Мозалан были включены документальные, мультипликационные и художественные сюжеты" / "...the Mozalan newsreel included documentary, animated and feature stories".


Link to "ru.wikipedia.org"


List of episodes ("bədii süjet" means "feature film" / "sənədli süjet" means "documentary"): Link to "az.wikipedia.org"

night cub US

2022-05-13 20:42

Could you describe the show? If the vehicles are from old newsreel footage, then I would say no, but I'm not really sure what this show is. Is it a comedy show that spoofs news stories or a sketch comedy show?

Gamer DE

2022-05-13 20:56

From what I can gather, it's a social-critical-educational skit show. Interesting as during the times of the Azeri SSR, it got in trouble quite a few times for criticizing and lampooning state-owned institutions.

Dmitry_P RU

2022-05-13 22:48

@night cub, "Mozalan" was the Azerbaijan SSR copy of the Soviet Russian "Fitil" ("Fuse") series: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6534962/?ref_=ttpl_pl_tt ? ,so the description would be pretty much the same: it was a popular satirical/comedy newsreel magazine series shown in cinemas before the start of the main feature. Each short issue contained three segments: a documentary, a fictional, and one more which could be either a documentary or a fiction, directed by different artists. Each of the miniatures exposed the shortcomings of Soviet life: bureaucrats, careerists, bribe-takers and scammers, managing to turn serious problems into funny ones.

"Fitil" is not listed on the site, among approved by the admins Soviet TV shows the closest analogue is "Eralash" - Soviet satiric\ humorous series for schoolchildren: /movie.php?id=5495796 , but there all erisodes are 100% feature.

-- Last edit: 2022-05-13 22:59:02

chicomarx BE

2022-05-16 02:17

What is the actual date range?... it's not 1971-2022.
Is the plan vehicles with a role or dozens of everything?

Dmitry_P RU

2022-05-16 05:42

chicomarx wrote What is the actual date range?... it's not 1971-2022.
Is the plan vehicles with a role or dozens of everything?

1) While adding the series year range I was guided by Russian and Azeri Wikis, so if you say it's not 1971-2022 then your sources are unknown to me.

2) Somehow the correct answer is implied in your question already if someone wants the show to be accepted. But I feel the shade of reluctance from your side to validate the series. Well, as Vladimir Mayakovsky https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vladimir_Mayakovsky wrote in 1925 "The Soviets have their own pride" ;) - I am not going to beg for validation of this Azerbaijan series, I would rather switch to Armenfilm which is the next in my list of the USSR film production companies.

-- Last edit: 2022-05-16 05:45:35

chicomarx BE

2022-05-16 06:33

No reluctance, just being cautious with the old Azerbaijan newsreels. walter is already in favour of validating.
USSR film is an interesting addition anyway, as is DDR stuff.

Dmitry_P RU

2022-05-16 07:05

Suggestion: you may limit me to episodes which are marked as "bədii süjet" / "feature film" only in the list of episodes and to the vehicles with a role of at least 2 stars.

chicomarx BE

2022-05-16 17:24

Ok, it's a deal.

Dmitry_P RU

2022-05-21 19:28

chicomarx wrote Ok, it's a deal.
Thank you.

Dmitry_P RU

2022-06-07 16:30

Dear admins, is there a way to make season number in entry description 3-digit? I have just finished watching 1-99 parts and plan to go further.

Dmitry_P RU

2022-06-08 10:57

[Image: mozalan84701001985mp4_snapshot_0018_20220608_134317.jpg] [Image: mozalan84701031986mp4_snapshot_0347_20220608_141958.jpg] [Image: mozalan84701111986mp4_snapshot_0013_20220608_202846.jpg] [Image: mozalan84701141987mp4_snapshot_0027_20220608_215602.jpg] [Image: mozalan84701151987mp4_snapshot_0332_20220608_231143.jpg] [Image: mozalan84701161987mp4_snapshot_0028_20220610_231346.jpg] [Image: mozalan84701161987mp4_snapshot_0522_20220610_231852.jpg] [Image: mozalan847011719871mp4_snapshot_0028_20220610_235822.jpg] [Image: mozalan84701421989mp4_snapshot_0420_20220611_204739.jpg] [Image: mozalan8470181399la305351agirdmp4_snapshot_0012_20220612_000403.jpg] [Image: mozalan84701911-cisjetmp4_snapshot_0025_20220612_004019.jpg] [Image: mozalan8470196taksiofficialvideo2016mp4_snapshot_0001_20220612_013314.jpg] [Image: mozalan8470197eviny305x305ls305nmmcofficialvideo20161mp4_snapshot_0001_20220612_175714.jpg] [Image: mozalan8470197gedishaqqiofficialvideo2016mp4_snapshot_0002_20220612_180900.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2022-06-12 15:33:35

Dmitry_P RU

2022-06-12 15:41

Finished working on this series, so anyone feel free to contribute 2/3-star vehicles from feature episodes in case you find the missing seasons.

Dmitry_P RU

2022-08-20 23:36

Ep. 11 (1973) DDR TROWA drum:

[Image: mozalan8470111973mp4_snapshot_0917_20220527_174834.jpg]

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