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Cop Land, Movie, 1997 IMDB

Pictures provided by: coopey, taco, police car fan

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Also known as:

  • Copland (France)

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stpaulcarguy US

2009-08-11 21:51


This was a pretty cool movie.

taco US

2012-12-28 19:03


[Image: zzttle.6.jpg]

Added 2 more vehicles, did an HD upgrade, and adjusted the timestamps.

jettalover US

2012-12-30 03:37


Excellent cop movie. A must see.

police car fan NL

2013-08-27 13:33


[Image: snap470.1.jpg]

rtsbusman1997 US

2013-08-28 02:47


Nice job police car fan ;)

police car fan NL

2013-08-28 10:30


Thank you rtsbusman :D be sure to watch my next HD upgrade :)


2013-08-28 11:24


Have you replaced all the old pics?

jpts AU

2015-09-04 09:02


This film showed the level of corruption within the New York Police Department and the New York Department Of Correction, the tensions between the NYPD and the African-American population as a result of a high number of shooting deaths of African-American suspects and the retribution by committing attacks on the young police officers who have nothing to do with those shootings.

Case in point, when a suspect threw one of the cops off the roof of a building who was trying to arrest him to his death, now if he was caught, he would've been charged with; Assault and Attempted Murder on a Law Enforcement Officer (in regarding to the wounding of the victim's partner), Resisting Arrest, Wounding with Intent (in regarding to the wounds to the shoulder and leg of the victim's partner), and the big one; Manslaughter (in regarding to the officer's death as the New York County District Attorney's Office would need to prove intent to kill the officer to make the murder charge stick).

That is if he is lucky enough, if not, he would be on a slab down at the local morgue, pumped with bullet rounds fired from a police-issued firearm.

And even if he lucky to be captured alive, there is every chance that the Correction Officers would kill him while he is in jail awaiting trial or even after he is convicted as some Correction Officers are former police officers and have a hatred toward cop killers.

Plus, this film also deals with the rivalry between the New York and the New Jersey law enforcement groups as well as the tensions between the detectives and officers of the various NYPD branches, the NYPD PBA and the detectives of the NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau.

-- Last edit: 2019-05-24 13:42:34

jettalover US

2015-09-05 04:12


Good summary jpts.

-- Last edit: 2015-09-05 04:12:50

jpts AU

2015-12-02 05:55


Where I came from originally (the Eastern States), there had been similar problems with the police from the 1960s to the 1990s.

In New South Wales from as far back as 1946 to 1995, a high number of detectives and other high ranking members within the NSW Police had close ties with members of the Criminal Underworld and would; work as stand-over men, collecting protection money and even committing or ordering the murders of rival or low level criminals as well as planting the evidence to make it look like that victim attack first.

In 1995, the NSW government launched the Wood Royal Commission in the NSW Police Service and created a special commission to replace the NSW Police Internal Affairs Branch as some of the officer were giving information on their and their colleagues' investigations to the corrupt detectives who in turn would tell their criminal associates.

Then in Victoria from 1985 to 1994, there were a series of fatal shootings between the members of the Victoria Police and members of the Criminal Underworld on the streets of Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs.

A large majority of criminals were those who were involved in violent offences (eg. Bank Robbery, Murder) and were shot by members of the Victoria Police Armed Robbery Squad, the Victoria Police Special Operations Group or random detectives and general duty officers these criminals were:

Pavel Marinof- Known as Max Clark and later; Mad Max; former Bulgarian Army deserter, thief and bank robber, shot and wounded five police officers in Cheltenham, Victoria on the night of the 18th June 1985 before committing several bank robberies, shot by Senior Detective Rod McDonald as he was speeding away in his Ford Falcon Panel Van near Wallan, Victoria after wounding MacDonald and his partner; Detective Sergeant John Kapetanovski on the morning of the 25th February 1986.

The van crashed into a paddock off the Hume Highway, in the van was a machine gun with several magazine rounds stolen from an army base.

Peter Komiazyk- Known as Peter Reed; bank robber, car thief, bomber, rapist and murderer, was involved in the bombing of the Victoria Police Main City Branch in Russell Street, Melbourne on the afternoon of the 27 March 1986 and several car-rebirthing scams before committing several bank robberies, shot by Detective Sergeant Steve Quinsee of the Victoria Police Stolen Motor Vehicles Squad in a raid on his home at Kallista, Victoria in the early hours of the 25th April 1986.

Komiazyk survived the shooting and was later convicted for his involvement in the Russell Street Bombing in 1988, he was later charged on the 23rd May 2019 for multiple sexual assaults committed in South Yarra, Victoria with fellow Russell Street Bombers; Craig Minogue and Stanley Taylor between the 22nd November 1985 and the 26th March 1986; the day before the bombing.

Mark Militano- Bank robber and member of the Ascot Vale Armed Robbery Crew as well as associate of the Flemington Armed Robbery Crew, was under surveillance for a number of armed robberies and a suspected planning of another armed robbery, shot by Detective Sergeant Ray Watson of the Victoria Police Armed Robbery Squad outside his flat at Kensington, Victoria on the morning of the 25th March 1987.

Frank Valastro- Bank robber, drug dealer and member of the Ascot Vale Crew as well as a associate of the Flemington Crew and Lewis Moran, was under surveillance for his involvement in the drug trade, shot in a police raid on his home at East Bentleigh, Victoria in mid June 1987.

Gerhard Sader- Drug dealer and murderer, was on bail for two murders and had been named for stashing drugs and weapons at his home by a CI known for unreliable information, shot by officers of the Victoria Police St. Kilda Branch in a raid on his home at North Fitzroy, Victoria on the morning of the 17th February 1988.

Ian Turner- Known as the Country Bandit; bank robber, was responsible for several robberies on country bank branches between 1984 and 1987, shot by Senior Constable Wayne Sherwell of the Victoria Police St. Arnuad Traffic Branch during a traffic stop near St. Arnuad, Victoria on the morning of the 20th June 1988.

Arthur Nelson- Petty thief, was on the run following his escape with three others from the Belconnen Remand Centre in Belconnen near Canberra, ACT on the 20th July 1988, shot by detectives of the Victoria Police St. Kilda and Prahan CIB Branches during a foot chase in the front garden of a house on Glen Eira Road at St. Kilda East, Victoria on the morning of the 27th July 1988.

Hai Foong Yap- Known as Joshua Yap; petty thief, shot by Constable Steve Tynan of the Victoria Police Prahan Branch during an armed robbery at a TAB agency on Myrtle Street at South Yarra, Victoria on the morning of the 1st October 1988.

Yap was left a paraplegic from the shooting and later died of his wounds due to self neglect at a flat that he shared with a friend on the 11th May 1989, while Constable Tynan was later shot and killed along with his partner; Constable Damian Eyre while checking out a stolen car on Walsh Street in South Yarra, Victoria in the early hours of the 12th October 1988.

Graeme Jensen- Bank robber and member of the Flemington Crew, was under surveillance for his involvement in an robbery and the murder of Dominic Hefti; a Armaguard security guard shot during a robbery at a supermarket in Brunswick, Victoria on the morning of the 11th July 1988, shot by Detective Sergeant Robert Hill of the Victoria Police Armed Robbery Squad as he was speeding away in his Holden Commodore Station Wagon from the detectives at Narre Warren, Victoria on the afternoon of the 11th October 1988.

The car crashed in a street sign and into a telegraph pole, his death resulted in the Walsh Street Police Murders.

Detective Sergeant Hill along with seven other detectives involved were later charged with Jensen's death on the 20th July 1993, the charges against the seven were dropped while Hill was acquitted on the 9th August 1995.

Detective Senior Sergeant John Hill (no relation to Detective Sergeant Robert Hill) of the Victoria Police Homicide Squad, the detective who led the investigation into Jensen's death was also charged but as a accessory, he later committed suicide on the 28th September 1993.

Jedd Houghton- Bank robber and member of the Flemington Crew, was under surveillance for his involvement for the Walsh Street Police Murders, shot by members of the Victoria Police Special Operation Group in a raid on his caravan at Bendigo, Victoria in the early hours of the 17th November 1988.

Gary Abdallah- Car thief and associate of the Flemington Crew, was named as the one who stole the car used in the Walsh Street Police Murders and provided the getaway car for the Walsh Street Killers, shot as he was arrested for the attempted murder of a police officer's son by Senior Detective Cliff Lockwood of the Victoria Police Flemington CI Branch in his flat at Carlton, Victoria on the morning of the 9th April 1989, he later died of his wounds on the 19th May 1989.

Lockwood and his partner; Senior Detective Dermot Avon were charged shortly after Abdallah's death in May 1989 but were acquitted in 1994.

Norman Lee- Known as Normie Lee or Chops Lee; bank robber, dim sim factory owner and a former associate of Raymond Chuck Bennett, was one of the men who took part in the Great Bookie Robbery with Bennett at the Victoria Club on the morning of the 21st April 1976, was under surveillance for a robbery that he and his associates were planning to do at Melbourne Airport, shot by members of the Victoria Police Special Operations Group during the armed robbery on an Armaguard van outside the Ansett Air Building at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport on the afternoon of the 28th July 1992.

The gang's stolen Ford Falcon Panel Van later fled the scene and crashed into the Special Operations Group's unmarked Nissan Patrol police 4WD.

James Smith- Known as Edward Smith or Jockey Smith; former junior jockey, bank robber, thief, escapist, murderer and protégé of Ronald Ryan; the last man hanged in Australia, was involved in several armed robberies in Sydney and Melbourne and was known for pulling a gun on police and threaten to shoot the officer if confronted, was acquitted of the murder of bookmaker; Lloyd Tidmarsh who was shot by Smith in a failed robbery on Tidmarsh's home at Kogarah, NSW on the night of the 13th June 1977, later fled back to Melbourne after pulling gun on a store detective who stopped him for shoplifting at Erina, NSW on the afternoon of the 29th November 1992, shot by Constable Ian Harris of the Victoria Police Bendigo Branch in a struggle for the officer's service revolver during a traffic stop outside the Farmer's Arm Hotel at Creswick, Victoria on the night of the 5th December 1992.

In a raid on Jockey's hideout at Daylesford, Victoria, police arrested bank robber and escapist; Christopher Dean "Badness" Binse who was on the run after escaping from Parramatta Jail near Sydney in October 1992 while awaiting extradition to Victoria to face trial for his first escape from the St. Vincent's Hospital Security Wing in Melbourne a month earlier.

These became known as the "Silent War" as the more violent criminals started to commit attacks on the officers who either have just join or were assigned to general duties by trying to ambush them while on duty.

By 1993, Victorian Coroner; Hal Hallenstein conducted an inquest into several of the shootings that saw some of the detectives involved in the shootings being charged for the murders of these criminals.

Following the inquest, Victoria Police launched Project Beacon; an police program design to train officers in using alternative methods to resolve conflicts without the use of their firearms.

In 1999, the Victoria Police Armed Robbery Squad was amalgamated along the with the Victoria Police Special Response Squad and the Victoria Police Prison Squad to form the Victoria Police Armed Offenders Squad.

Then in 2002, during the Melbourne Gangland War, there was a internal investigation conducted by the Victoria Police Ethical Standards Division into the Victoria Police Drug Squad as it was known that some of the detectives of the Drug Squad who in return for information, would give chemicals used in the manufacture of drugs to their informants who themselves would later used them for the manufacture of their own drugs.

This resulted in the release of several known criminals who were either arrested by the Drug Squad or were in jail awaiting trial for drug offences as well as the Drug Squad being disbanded.

And in 2005, there was another internal investigation conducted by the Office of Police Integrity into the Victoria Police Armed Offenders Squad as became known that some of the detectives were violently assaulting suspects while interrogating them.

This resulted in the squad being dissolve in 2006 and the creation of the Victoria Police Armed Crime Task Force in 2008 where the original AOS detectives who weren't involved in the assaults had joined.

-- Last edit: 2019-06-09 11:10:18

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