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1974 Dodge Monaco

1974 Dodge Monaco in The Blues Brothers, Movie, 1980 IMDB

Class: Cars, Sedan — Model origin: US

1974 Dodge Monaco

Position 00:05:28 [*][*][*][*][*] The vehicle is part of the movie

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2010-03-14 03:00


[Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobil.769.jpg] [Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobil.769.jpg]

Jake Blues (John Belushi): What's this?
Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd): What?
Jake: This car. This stupid car. Where's the Cadillac? (he tries to use the cigarette lighter, it's broken so he tosses it out the window) The Caddy, where's the Caddy?
Elwood: The what?
Jake: The Cadillac we used to have, the Bluesmobile!
Elwood: I traded it.
Jake: You traded the Bluesmobile for this?
Elwood: No, for a microphone.
Jake: A microphone? OK, I can see that. Then what the hell is this?
Elwood: This was a bargain. I picked it up at the Mount Prospect City Police auction last spring. It's an old Mount Prospect Police car. They were practically giving them away.
Jake: Well, thank you pal. The day I get out of prison, my own brother picks me up in a police car.
(they come to a lifting bridge)
Elwood: You don't like it?
Jake: No, I don't like it.

[Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobil.769.jpg] [Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobil.769.jpg] [Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobilv.566.jpg] [Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobil.769.jpg] [Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobil.769.jpg] [Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobil.769.jpg] [Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobilf.6695.jpg]

Jake: Car's got a lot of pick up.
Elwood: It's got a cop motor, a 440 cubic-inch plant. It's got cop tyres, cop suspension, cop shocks. It's a model made before catalytic converters so it'll run good on regular gas. What do you say, is it the new Bluesmobile or what?
Jake: (lights a cigarette) Fix the cigarette lighter.

[Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobil.769.jpg] [Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobil.769.jpg] [Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobil.769.jpg] [Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobil.769.jpg]

Elwood: They're not gonna catch us, we're on a mission from God.

[Image: bluesbrotherschasemall1.7236.jpg] [Image: bluesbrotherschasemall2.8210.jpg] [Image: bluesbrotherschasemall5.2893.jpg]

Jake: There's pants and burgers.
Elwood: Yeah, lots of space in this mall.

[Image: bluesbrotherschasemall6.5650.jpg] [Image: bluesbrotherschasemall7.3916.jpg] [Image: bluesbrotherschasemall1.7236.jpg]

Elwood: Baby clothes.
Jake: This place has got everything.

[Image: bluesbrotherschasemall1.7236.jpg] [Image: bluesbrotherschasemall1.7236.jpg] [Image: bluesbrotherschasemall2.8210.jpg]

Elwood: Illinois Nazis.
Jake: I hate Illinois Nazis.

[Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobil.769.jpg] [Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobilg.9475.jpg] [Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobil.769.jpg]

"Tonight only, the fabulous Blues Brothers Rhythm and Blues revue."

[Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobil.769.jpg] [Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobil.769.jpg]

Elwood: 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses.
Jake: Hit it.

[Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobil.769.jpg] [Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobil.769.jpg] [Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobil.769.jpg] [Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobil.769.jpg] [Image: bluesbrotherschicagopolo.5623.jpg] [Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobil.769.jpg] [Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobil.769.jpg] [Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobil.769.jpg] [Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobil.769.jpg] [Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobil.769.jpg] [Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobil.769.jpg] [Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobil.769.jpg] [Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobil.th.jpg] [Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobil.769.jpg]

[Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobilo.9619.jpg] [Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobilt.1229.jpg]

In the extended version of the film, when Elwood takes Jake back to his hotel, he parks the Bluesmobile where transformers for the L-Train are housed. This is supposed to be how the Bluesmobile gets its special powers.

[Image: bluesbrotherstransforme.1511.jpg] [Image: bluesbrothersbluesmobil.769.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2010-03-14 03:39:25

modell US

2006-04-27 01:25


The original Bluesmobile was a Caddy as mentioned by Jake in the beginning of the movie. According to the script, it was a 1968 Cadillac Fleetwood-

[Image: caddy196845hh.7966.jpg] [Image: caddy196825gg.8707.jpg]

Note: This car was not shown in the movie, so don't add this to the page.

-- Last edit: 2006-06-04 16:03:22 (antp)

qwerty_86 US

2006-04-27 05:50


Isn't that the pink Caddy that Murph and the Magictones had?

modell US

2006-04-27 17:48


No, Murph's Caddy is a DeVille.

-- Last edit: 2006-04-27 17:51:14

landrover1 AR

2006-08-03 22:19


a site about this car

Nightrider RU

2006-09-17 14:57


Are ypu sure that it's a real cop car, not a stock Monaco painted in police colors?

Settpistol US

2006-11-05 06:50


I read that several ex-chicago cars were used,so yes. it was a real cop car,nightrider.

I'm curious as to how hard it would be to make a video game which features the bluesmobile as an extra. say,burnout?

qwerty_86 US

2006-11-06 05:54


Well, you can make an add-on mod to include the Bluesmobile into a game. Some car games allow that. But I believe that only applies to PC games. It's a lot harder to make it for console games.

Also, I've heard that they also used old CHP cars as the Bluesmobile (and possibly the state troopers and CPD cars).

-- Last edit: 2006-11-06 05:55:22

Hecubus CA

2006-11-06 06:43


The game Midtown Madness had the Bluesmobile as an add-on (and appropriately enough, the game took place in Chicago).

qwerty_86 US

2006-11-06 06:50


Lol yeah. I have that. It's got weird tuning and handling because the guy who made it is well known for making rally cars. And the proportion seemed a little off.

modell US

2006-11-12 05:13


I have the diecast model :)

[Image: photo255br6.7159.jpg]


2007-01-20 00:56


Wow. What's a graet model, like orginal car in film. What is a scale?

Dodge Monaco 1974 it's a huge car. Ford Crown Victoria for years 1992-1998 and 1998-2007 it's a bigger ?

-- Last edit: 2007-01-20 01:10:38

modell US

2007-01-20 03:09


It's a 1:18 scale and is heavy as a brick! This is from the same company (Joyride ERTL) that makes the Christine and the Animal House Deathmobile, which I both also own. Joyride models are excellent because they are very detailed as they are quite identical to the real thing.

I agree, the 74 Monaco is huge! The doors are so big that the side view mirror is located at the middle of the windowsill! In the movie, half of the band could fit in the car, along with some instruments. :D (the Ford Bluesmo in BB2000 could fit the entire band, btw!)

carchasesfanatic ES

2007-01-20 09:03


I have it too ;)

gliffhanger NL

2007-02-19 13:09


[Image: 393653416smallgk5.4404.jpg]

Ddey65 US

2007-05-31 21:43


gliffhanger wrote [Image: 393653416smallgk5.4404.jpg]

Hey, wait. That's a 1979-80 Chrysler Newport. Anyway, somewhere I saw a link that had a few more phony Bluesmobiles.

antp BE

2007-06-21 23:54


Comment from J.W. Leggio:

I'd like to add our car's pic - and a shameless plug for our show - to your website! It is a 1974 hardbody Dodge Monaco, reworked to look just like the Blues Brothers' legendary BLUESMOBILE, complete with the 440 Mag and all.

We've had this hoopty since 2005 and use it on occasion for shows, both locally and at other points, in the U.S. Fact is, we began our live show Briefcase Blues in the spring of 1983 (one year after John B. died), which makes us the longest running BB tribute of which we (or anyone we've met) knows in the ensuing 24 years.

Our website (somewhat spare right now, as it is being redone) is www.briefcaseblues.com - have a look at our video there (the opening sequence shows the car, hauling-ass in true BB style). I have also attached 2 pics of the car: one as a stand-alone, one with myself and Lee (Elwood) Schwing. The latter photo was taken only last month,by the original still-photographer from the original BLUES BROTHERS film, Dean Williams - a special honour for mere tribute artists...

[Image: dsc0127resizeandfix1aaq3.539.jpg] [Image: full34fromlfqvexbw2.8979.jpg]

nubby US

2007-09-29 22:46


One original "Blues mobile" is known to exist, and is owned by the brother-in-law of Dan Aykroyd.

-- Last edit: 2007-09-29 22:49:55

dexamyl US

2009-01-01 22:16


The Blues Mobiles were retired C.H.P. ( California Highway Patrol ) 1974 Dodge Monacos , re-painted to replicate the Mount Prospect colour scheme .

The 1974-1976 Monacos / Royal Monacos which were marked as Chicago Police and Illinois Police were actually from their respective departments .

Purpotedly , " Mr. Norms [sic] Grand Spaulding Dodge " in Chicago was the dealership which tuned the Chicago P.D. cars when they were new .

Ghostsoldier US

2009-03-31 22:33


The following is verbatim from Chicago-Sun Times, published on June 23, 2005:

Filmmakers flew in 40 stunt drivers every weekend. They used 13 different Bluesmobiles, including five for filming John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd as they portrayed Jake and Elwood Blues driving about town. Two other cars were built specifically for speed while another three had one-gallon gas tanks and were used for jumps, said Jerram Swartz, an assistant director who oversaw the fleet. Yet another was rigged to fall apart with the pull of a lever, used for just one scene: when the Blues Brothers finally arrive at the Cook County Building after a long chase. First assistant director David Sosna remembers it took a mechanic several months to rig the car up. "That is a very expensive gag,'' he said. To pursue the Blues Brothers, filmmakers bought more than 60 old police cars at $400 apiece, according to news reports at the time, and also hired real police to participate in some chases. They reinforced them with steel cages and ran a 24-hour body shop on the Near West Side to fix them for later use. Most of those cars were destroyed by the end of filming.

Two hundred police and production assistants manned nearly every conceivable entrance to Lower Wacker for a famous chase in the bowels of the city. At Monroe, the Bluesmobile races up an exit ramp and vaults a squad car in what Landis called his "favorite stunt.'' Landis wanted the driver to take out the Mars lights on top of the police car, but the driver could only guarantee he could clear the cop car. But after Belushi and Aykroyd each offered him $1,000, his car ended up clipping the Mars lights.

Filmmakers actually got permission to drive down Lake -- between trestles supporting the L, no less -- at more than 100 mph. After Landis shot the sequence he realized it looked as if he simply speeded up the film. So he reshot it with stunt pedestrians on the sidewalks so viewers could tell the drivers were, indeed, going that fast.
At La Salle, near what is now the James R. Thompson Center, they staged a pile-up of grand proportions, with more than 10 cars careening into one another. They drilled holes in the street to install a pipe ramp, technology developed in Australia that had never been used in a major motion picture before, Landis said. The pipe flips a car if it's struck correctly.
The crash is over the top: police cars enter the frame already upside down, turning sideways, you name it. "We were just seeing how wacky you can be,'' Landis said. The pileup so impressed Ebert that he wrote it "has to be seen to be believed. I've never seen stunt coordination like this before.''

Another memorable pileup took place off the side of these roads in Wauconda. More than 50 police cars were involved in the chase. More than 10 cars go flying off the road and into a median. Filmmakers dug a ditch immediately off the side of the road so the cars would flip as they hit it, Sosna recalls. For one shot, a squad car sails into a moving truck. To do that, a stunt driver drove the car off a 150-foot-long ramp that crossed the highway. The truck, driving at 15 mph, was equipped with special break-away sides. Even with all the stunts, there were only a few minor injuries throughout filming. That "we got away that lightly, I would say is miraculous,'' Aykroyd said. "God was on our side.''

Also, from an interview with Dan Aykroyd:

"The major expense of Blues Brothers was not the seventy police cars we bought from the Chicago Police Department. We paid only $700 each for them. the major expense was labor, so that's good, it gets people working, and why shouldn't the profits of the megacorporations be reinvested in the trades of this industry? If I write a big show and it costs a lot of money, I make no apologies."

-- Last edit: 2009-03-31 22:45:55

Mycroft US

2009-10-07 08:59


In the novelization of the movie (yes there was one), the original Bluesmobile was a "battered blue 1958 Cadillac with manta-ray fins". Later in the novel, the new Bluesmobile was a Plymouth Gran Fury instead of the Dodge Monaco from the movie.

There is a fan book that was published in 1980 by Black Rhino enterprises called "Blues Brothers Private". This book lists the original Bluesmobile as a black 1968 Cadillac. The book also has the bill of sale for the later Bluesmobile (Dodge Monaco) listing the MOTOR NUMBER as IC2C271580 and Factory number 608972. It also lists the winning bid as $800.
This is all a bit over the top... I know.

-- Last edit: 2009-10-18 08:18:49

karoomay SY

2010-03-14 03:39


Very nice gallery of the Bluesmobile G-MANN. :king: The Blues Brothers is one of my all time favorite movies!

ingo DE

2010-03-14 15:26


karoomay wrote Very nice gallery of the Bluesmobile G-MANN. :king: The Blues Brothers is one of my all time favorite movies!

Mine, too. Right now I got the intention to start the original soundtrack-vinyl on my 1974-Braun audio 308-stereo-system. :D

ingo DE

2010-03-14 15:45


I'm pretty sure, that this movie-maker has seen Blues Brothers before: /vehicle.php?id=285001 :)

G-Man: thanks for the legendary dialogues. :king:
One good is missing: when the cops are stopping them at the red lights.

I see, that the German dubbing has a few smaller differences. So Jake says "Der Zigarettenanzünder ist im Arsch" - "the cigarette-lighter is in the ass", roughly said, that it's broken.

And in the Mall Elwood answers "Ja, hier ist reichlich Platz zum Autofahren" - "Here's much space for driving car".

Have you seen, that the scene with throwing the grapes in the restaurant is NOT cutted!?


2010-03-14 20:35


ingo wrote G-Man: thanks for the legendary dialogues. :king:

I'm glad you appreciate my work ;)


2010-03-15 01:54


ingo wrote I see, that the German dubbing has a few smaller differences. So Jake says "Der Zigarettenanzünder ist im Arsch" - "the cigarette-lighter is in the ass", roughly said, that it's broken.

And in the Mall Elwood answers "Ja, hier ist reichlich Platz zum Autofahren" - "Here's much space for driving car".

This must be due to the difference in the grammar structure between the two languages. "the cigarette-lighter is in the ass" makes absolutely no sense in English and it loses the slight deadpan humour of the original line. My DVD actually has the German language audio track on it (as well as French, Italian and Spanish).

-- Last edit: 2010-03-15 02:07:15

ingo DE

2010-03-15 11:46


It's a kind of rude term, but sometimes it's neccessary to use.
Time for annother anecdote out of the real life. :)
A colleague of me had worked at a gas-station. Once there was a Turkish guy coming in, very agressively and shouted around (in bad German) "Hey, what's up with the fucking pump no.5?! It doesn't work! Shitty paper "defekt" on it! Fucking "defekt", gimme fuel now! What the fuck is "defekt"?

Short answer from the cashier: "IM ARSCH!!!"

"Why the hell it's not said? Fucking "defekt"!



2010-08-02 06:52


I have that model also and I weighed it and weighs in at almost 3 pounds!!! Can you believe that!!!??? Almost 3 whole pounds!!!! The company sure did an AWESOME job at replicating the Bluesmobile!! They probably watched the film a gazillion times to be sure that EVERY inch of the replica was as close to the real car as possible, Well I think they DEFINITELY deserve a standing ovation for that!!! This replica is 100% Picture Perfect!!!

bluesmobilerMCMLXXIV CA

2011-03-01 21:39


As you probably guessed, this car inspired my name.

albundy666 AU

2011-03-25 05:06


Best Car, best movie, best chase scenes ever!

Was just reading what ingo said about the drawbridge scene with the volvo in Haken Braken and Josef. Remember the Blues Brothers is basically a spoof. The draw bridge scene in BB is an homage to the draw bridge scene in Dirty Mary Crazy Larry. If you look at the editing and framing it is almost shot for shot.

somename US

2011-06-11 21:27


The village of Mount Prospect IL still has one of these in mint condition for show purposes. Though being a suburb made up of mostly tract house subdivisions with little opportunity to exploit the potential of a 440; their cruisers were actually equipped with 360s.


2011-07-28 15:48


Good job with the HD images modell ;) but can we change it back to the shot of it in front of the prison at the beginning? I just think it's a nicer shot than this front view one (although both Jake and Elwood are visible, it doesn't show the rest of the car). I know when I did this movie I changed it from the original image but that one was a bit boring (a side view of the car in front of the church)

-- Last edit: 2011-07-28 15:50:41

Ford_Guy US

2011-07-28 19:21


I agree. I kind of like that shot.

antp BE

2011-07-28 19:22


Which one are you talking about?

Ford_Guy US

2011-07-28 19:47


The one G-MANN was talking about of it in front of the prison.

modell US

2011-07-28 19:54


Done. :)


2011-07-28 20:28


Good man ;)

antp BE

2011-07-30 19:17


Ford_Guy wrote The one G-MANN was talking about of it in front of the prison.

That's mostly what I understood from this:
G-MANN wrote in front of the prison

but I didn't find one matching that, so I wondered what it was like.
Now that the picture was changed again, I agree: the one in front of the prison is better.

maxman CA

2012-03-17 22:52


The real Mount Prospect police actually used 360s, not 440s, due to a lack of any opportunities to fully exploit the 440.

Still, you do not break the law in Mount Prospect. You just don't.

impala67 US

2012-08-30 09:12


anybody noticed the ca. 1968 caddy flower car that Curtis from their orphanage uses when the kids are spreading their show ads? i think its a 68?

440mgnm US

2013-01-18 03:02


I figured some who didn't know the differences between a stock '74 440 and 440 police might like to know:
1. Forged engine internals,including an oil pan windage tray.
2. More agressive cam/stiffer valve springs.
3. High flow exhaust manifolds.
4. 440 H.P. dual-snorkel air cleaner.

275 net horses vs 230 for civilian 440 this model year. These are all the engine differences i can remember offhand. Feel free to post if i've forgotten any.

1967 US

2013-03-05 22:15


Dang! Now I want another old 'Turn-out' as a daily driver!

adambomb82 US

2013-04-26 05:13


That Newport is probably the same one I saw at Universal Studios in Florida

Gamer DE

2013-11-10 20:22


Shouldn't it get 4 stars, because it falls apart at the end?

-- Last edit: 2013-11-10 20:32:07

Sandie SX

2013-11-10 20:37


Movie cars as iconic as the Bluesmobile get 5 stars.

-- Last edit: 2013-11-10 20:37:54


2016-02-09 04:13



PMEntertainmentLives QC

2016-03-09 17:00


A few months ago, I've seen a replica of the Bluesmobile (if memory serves correctly, it had the "speaker" or whatever on top), driving around parking lots to advertise... I don't remember what, but it was funny seeing that. :lol:

I mean, it's not something I ever thought I'd see in Quebec. I never expect to see anything like this over here. :)

-- Last edit: 2016-04-10 04:06:21

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