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Black Coffee; The Strongest Man in the World; A Modern Twain Story: The Prince and the Pauper; Smuggling Hendrix; Sumasshedshaya lyubov; Jonathan; Himizu; The Big Cube; Kokô no mesu; Tout Contre Elle; Lola rennt; O Paciente: O Caso Tancredo Neves; Suspicion; Nails; Yek rouz bekhosos; (more...)

Profile for user PMEntertainmentLives - Country: Québec

I love PM Entertainment's films, H.B. Halicki's films, old carsploitation films... and car stunts.

I am a... STUNT FAN.

I first came here as Harlan B. Hollis.

Oh, I'd also like to mention I have high-functioning autism. That's all. ;)


Stunt Fan (main channel): www.youtube.com/c/StuntFan

PM Stunt Fan (exclusively for PM Entertainment-related videos): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT4PZMX18zx9u8jKUE2Ey9Q


You'll regret clicking this link:


A list of PM Entertainment/City Lights movies not on IMCDb yet... (click below to see it)
Spoiler - click here to see it

American Born (1990) (has a page that is unfinished)
Bikini Summer (1991)
Bikini Summer II (1992)
Bikini Summer III: South Beach Heat (1997)
Buck and the Magic Bracelet (1999)
Caged Hearts (1996)
Can't Stop Dancing (1999)
Driven to Kill (1991)
Dumb Luck in Vegas (1997)
The Elite (2001)
Emperor of the Bronx (1990)
Forbidden Games (1995)
Fresh Kill (1987)
Heat Street (1987)
Heaven Before I Die (1997)
The Killing Game (1988)
L.A. Crackdown II (1988)
Little Bigfoot (1997)
Little Bigfoot II: The Journey Home (1997)
Little Heroes (1999)
Little Heroes 2 (2000)
Little Heroes 3 (2002)
Outlaw Justice (1999)
Savate (1995)
Sinful Intrigue (1995)
Storybook (1996)
Sunset Strip (1993)
Two-Bits & Pepper (1995)


If L.A. Heat had a third season... (click below to see the list)
Spoiler - click here to see it

3.01 ~ Car chase from MIDNIGHT WARRIOR; fire truck rollover from CYBERTRACKER; limousine fight from RECOIL
3.02 ~ Car chase from FIRETRAP; police car/helicopter crash from ZERO TOLERANCE
3.03 ~ Car chase from HOLLYWOOD SAFARI; warehouse scene/car rollover from RUNNING RED
3.04 ~ Warehouse explosion from CYBER-TRACKER 2; first car chase (with Ford CLT-9000) from THE SENDER
3.05 ~ Car chase from TIGER HEART; van rollover from RUNNING RED
3.06 ~ Last car chase from ZERO TOLERANCE; motorcycle/Jaguar scene from ZERO TOLERANCE
3.07 ~ Taurus car chase from RECOIL; first car chase from RUNNING RED
3.08 ~ First car chase from THE STRAY (minus the part taken from BASIC INSTINCT, naturally); second car chase from PURE DANGER
3.09 ~ First car chase from HOT BOYZ; first car chase from QUIET FIRE
3.10 ~ First car chase from INTENT TO KILL; van crash from DARK BREED
3.11 ~ Car chase from THE KILLING ZONE; skyscraper scene from RING OF FIRE III: LION STRIKE
3.12 ~ Car chase from COLDFIRE; second car chase from THE SENDER
3.13 ~ Last car chase from RUNNING RED; car crash/explosion from PRIVATE WARS
3.14 ~ Car crash/explosion from SINNERS; first car chase from LAND OF THE FREE
3.15 ~ Police car explosion from DEADLY TARGET; school bus chase from LAND OF THE FREE
3.16 ~ Second car chase from THE UNDERGROUND; car crash from THE BIG FALL
3.17 ~ Car jump/crash from SINNERS; last car chase from NO TOMORROW
3.18 ~ First car chase from DEADLY TARGET; GM bus chase from FIREPOWER
3.19 ~ First car chase from TO THE LIMIT; van explosion from C.I.A.: CODENAME ALEXA; motorcycle scene from RIOT
3.20 ~ Second car chase from THE STRAY; car crash from LAND OF THE FREE
3.21 ~ Car explosion from C.I.A.: CODENAME ALEXA; second car chase from HOT BOYZ
3.22 ~ Car crash/explosion from CYBERTRACKER; car crash/explosion from NO TOMORROW
3.23 ~ Helicopter attack from HOLOGRAM MAN; helicopter crash from EPICENTER
3.24 ~ Blazer crash from ZERO TOLERANCE; car crashes from C.I.A. II: TARGET ALEXA; first car chase from ZERO TOLERANCE; building explosion from THE SENDER

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