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Profile for user karoomay - Country: Syria

Hello, I am half Syrian and half American. My father is American and mother is Syrian. I was born in Muscat Oman on March 3, 1989 and lived there until my family moved to Damascus, Syria in late 1992 after my dad found a better job. I lived there for 15 years until 2007. Beginning in the the fall of 2007, I attended a college in western North Carolina, USA and graduated with an Art degree in December 2011.

My family still lived in Syria and I used to visit home every summer break, until March 2012 when me and my family had to leave Syria due to a civil war breaking out (which had been ongoing since March 2011) that made it too dangerous to live there.

I am now currently living in Florida, USA while doing odd jobs here and there, hoping that one day I will eventually find a successful career related to art.

Ever since I was a child, I have always loved cars and became good in identifying cars in general.

I discovered this great website around April 2008 by chance and joined on October 5th 2008. Now, it has become one of my most visited sites when I use the internet. Even though I am an American citizen, I chose my nationality for my IMCDB account as Syria because I am half Syrian and it would be more unique for a IMCDB user to be from Syria rather than American since there are of plenty of other users who are American, not to mention that there is at least only one other user on IMCDB who is from Syria. On September 7th 2011, after nearly 3 years being on this site, I officially became an admin and the first admin on IMCDB with a Middle Eastern background to become one.

Here are Cars my family owned during my life:

1986 Subaru Leone station wagon (light blue). My parents bought this Subaru brand new when they settled in Oman and sold it in 1992 when my family moved to Syria.

1992 Nissan Sunny sedan (white). My dad bought this car in 1993 and kept it until 2009. Our Sunny still ran fine in 2009 but due to a legal problem in keeping the car, my dad had to sell it.
[Image: qaCpeGet.jpg]

2011 Honda Civic sedan (dark blue). Shortly after me and my family left Syria and settled in Florida, my dad bought it used in March 2012.
[Image: Me2D7vtt.jpg]

2001 Nissan Altima sedan (dark green). My older brother bought it used on January 2010 after allocating enough funds when he was still attending college in Lake Worth, Florida. He later sold it to my younger brother in August 2014 who still owns it till now, although in recent years it's been falling apart and is barely running.
[Image: Lq466Zft.jpg]

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