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1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 [63R]

1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 [63R] in Diamonds Are Forever, Movie, 1971 IMDB

Class: Cars, Coupé — Model origin: US

1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 [63R]

Position 01:00:32 [*][*][*][*] Vehicle used a lot by a main character or for a long time

Comments about this vehicle


ben68 BE

2005-11-16 20:26


bent8rover UK

2007-02-07 23:16

[Image: must2en1.2835.jpg] [Image: must3ng7.3829.jpg]

Richard Davies EN

2007-09-14 16:30

Infamous for switching sides when doing a wheelie to go down an alleyway. I read that the stunt was performed twice & the best of the two were combined, but no-one noticed the 2nd stunt was done on the opposite side.


2008-09-30 00:35

Belongs to Tiffany Case (Jill St. John). Later on Bond takes the wheel and he is chased by the police through the streets of Las Vegas.

[Image: diamondsmustang1nr8.4524.jpg] [Image: DiamondsMustang2.jpg] [Image: diamondsmustang3pb8.903.jpg] [Image: diamondsmustang5rg7.303.jpg] [Image: DiamondsMustang6.jpg] [Image: diamondsmustang7ua8.250.jpg]

The chase culminates in this impressive stunt where the Mustang passes through a narrow alley tilting on two wheels.

[Image: diamondsmustangstunt1vx6.8137.jpg] [Image: diamondsmustangstunt2hw7.2559.jpg] [Image: diamondsmustangstunt3ke4.3689.jpg] [Image: diamondsmustangstunt4wi1.5373.jpg] [Image: DiamondsMustangstunt5.jpg] [Image: diamondsmustangstunt6ji9.6316.jpg]

When the car comes out the other end of the alley it is tilting on the opposite side to which it went in. This is because originally they filmed a stunt where it was balanced on the right side but a crowd of people were watching and this spoiled the stunt. So they ended up putting a shot where the car was balanced on the left side.

[Image: diamondsmustangstunt7qg1.3043.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2012-03-04 00:15:11

Q-Ball JP

2008-11-16 20:13

was this movie sponsered by Ford?

DodgeCharger1969 US

2010-10-15 13:41

I think, yes, and Dodge I guess.

-- Last edit: 2012-03-04 00:15:49 (G-MANN)

14stutz US

2010-10-16 06:15

Ford had product placement in a lot of Bond films.
Remember the T-Bird, Falcon and Lincoln in "Goldfinger" or the Mercury Couger in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"?

Nothing new.

BTW: The Cars of the Stars/Bond Museum in the UK has one of the film Mustangs.

-- Last edit: 2012-03-04 00:16:01 (G-MANN)

bw626 US

2011-04-01 04:44

I'm sorry but I think this car is horrifically ugly.

robi DE

2011-04-03 13:52

It´s not as nice as a 1965-69 Mustang, but not as ugly as an 1979+ Mustang :D

-- Last edit: 2012-03-04 00:16:26 (G-MANN)

Zodiak DE

2011-04-03 16:13

I agree that it is not as beautiful as the very early one, but still looking quite good. I think the last nice one was build in 1973. The ones in the eighties were really very ugly, and the once of the ninties and later should be scrapped today.

-- Last edit: 2012-03-04 00:16:17 (G-MANN)

Spike Morelli US

2012-12-04 07:53

You know, this model of Mustang grows on you. Years ago, I bought a '71 Mustang Mach 1, basically because the price was right, and it looked "kinda" sporty. Fast forward 22 years later, I still own the Mach 1, and i can tell you, it's one of the best cars I've owned, and I've driven it everyday since I bought it, and now have racked up 320,000 miles on it, rebuilt the original 351c 100,000 almost miles ago. I didn't care for the color either, ( medium yellow-gold, same as Eleanor), but now, I really like it. Today, compared to the "soap bar" shapes of modern cars, the '71-'73 Mustang Machs and Sportsroofs (fastbacks) look cool, just as cool as the '65-'66s, have more power, better suspensions, and 9" rear ends. The '71 Boss 351 Mustang, stock, is the fastest 1/4 mile Mustang ever made ( yes, faster than the factory'68 428 CJ's, or Boss 302, or Boss 429), and faster than many other GM/Mopar muscle cars. I used to think they were ugly too when they first came out, bigger, squarer, but now, I think they're agressive looking.

maxman CA

2013-02-03 17:00

Rumour has it Sean Connery performed the original stunt himself.

[Image: diamondsmustangstunt3ke4.3689.jpg]

This photo would lend credence to it, as you can see Connery and Jill St. John.

-- Last edit: 2013-02-03 17:03:59

cudak888 US

2013-03-16 03:23

There are two confirmed survivors (EDIT - one confirmed survivor. 1F05J100066 has been proven to have no connection to the film:

#1: 1F05J100066 - This is the oft-mentioned 429SCJ car (minus drivetrain), presently owned by the Ian Fleming Foundation and on display at the Bond in Motion exhibit:

[Image: ford-mustang-mach-1-james-bond1.jpg]

#2: 1F05M160938 - This is the 351C car which is said to have been used for the two-wheeled alleyway exit retakes; hence the later VIN sequence number. The car was sold by Pacific Auto Sales Inc. to the production company, was later acquired by Joseph Brancella, and later worked itself to the Cars of the Stars/Bond Museum in Keswick. The car was recently refinished with some bodywork and paint done and is now at the Dezer Collection in North Miami, Florida; following the sale of the Keswick collection to Dezer:

At Keswick:
[Image: ford20mustang20mach20120-20diamonds20are20forever.jpg]
At Dezer:
[Image: 6922991682_53381be140_b.jpg]

It is said that this 351C car was used by Buzz Bundy in the Tournament of Thrills stunt show (see photo below), but some people give the history as to suggest the Ian Fleming/Bond in Motion car (with the 429) is the one that Bundy used. This has NEVER been clarified.

Another 429 car, 1F05J100076, is claimed by owner Michael Alameda as having been used in the film, but has never been authenticated to anyone's satisfaction - particularly as sources say only one 429 car was used. Nevertheless, 1F05J100076 is noted by Lois Eminger's research (see reference links below) to be an official Ford press car sent to Las Vegas for convention purposes.

Most sources say there was one 429 car (most of the car chase), one 351C car (retake), and the rest were 302's for facilitating the two-wheeled stunt in the Universal backlot.

Whatever the case, note that the car that Connery backs up in the parking lot has an obvious dent on the quarter panel from a previous take - yet, neither of the two survivors show evidence of that dent.

See the following discussions for more information:
Link to "www.network54.com"
Link to "www.7173mustangs.com"

maxman wrote Rumour has it Sean Connery performed the original stunt himself.

Not a lick of truth in that. The driving was performed by the Tournament of Thrills stunt team, headed by Buzz Bundy. It is said the failed stunts were performed by a French stunt team (though other sources say the French team did the retake of the exit stunt).

See: http://www.ponysite.de/pony/alley.htm

As for the likeness - that's the point of dressing the stunt doubles to look like the actors, eh?


-- Last edit: 2013-10-02 01:54:14

maxman CA

2013-08-23 01:28

The reason the stunt had to be redone is the police barricade and crowd beside the Pioneer Club were caught on camera, thus ruining the scene. Because of a tight schedule, they had to shoot it again on a different date, using the French team, presumably because Tournament of Thrills wasn't available when the shooting window was open.

Quote Belongs to Tiffany Case (Jill St. John).

It's a rental.

I'm not sure who rented it, but I think Tiffany did.

-- Last edit: 2013-08-23 01:30:11

cudak888 US

2013-09-29 10:12

Updated shot of Dezer's 160938. There is lots of history about ready to be released on In Search of Mustangs in regards to this car - spent a good couple of hours photographing it this weekend:

[Image: 005.jpg]


cudak888 US

2013-10-01 17:57


Upon further research (soon to be released at In Search of Mustangs), there exists no evidence to support that either 1F05J100066 or 1F05J100076 were ever involved in the making of Diamonds; furthermore, both of said cars came from factory with options not seen on any of the on-screen cars, including a heated rear window; present on 100066, and a map light (from the Convenience Group) and 15" rims on 100076. Furthermore, these cars were notated only as press loans - 100066 to Ford agent Peco Rivera, 100076 to a press conference in Las Vegas, correlating in time with the auto show (of which two other similar cars were sent, neither of them matching the DAF cars either).

Furthermore, the shooting of the DAF scenes happened months after the above cars were sent out on press loan. The chase had hardly left the storyboarding process at this time.

Additionally, both of the aforementioned cars have deluxe seatbelts - therefore red in weave - (confirmed via Marti report on both cars) while the rollbar-less "hero" car used in most Las Vegas scenes is equipped with standard, black seatbelts. This excludes the following segments: The reverse J turn (rollbar car w/camera mount), the jump over the ramp and the police cruiser crashing into the wall (302 car w/single exhaust), the shot looking at the back of the Mach through the POV of the police car (rollbar/camera mount car), and all of the cars that made the 2-wheeled stunt (at least two different cars - if including the deleted exit take, possibly three).

That said, the only car to be ABSOLUTELY confirmed from the film is Dezer's 1F05M160938 351C car, which performed the retake of the two-wheeled alleyway exit scene by the French stunt crew - the cut that made it to the film. It may also be the same car that performed the J-turn and shots behind the police cruiser, given the rollbar and possible appearance of red seatbelt straps hanging down from the car in the J-turn scene.

Thanks to the cooperation of the Dezer Collection, I have been granted access to 160938, and have taken a detailed series of photos of it, which I will post shortly. The clincher to the two-wheeled stunt is the presence of a small crease in the sheetmetal on the LH rocker area - this crease is present when watching the alleyway exit scene, and on the Dezer car (which also has the expected holes for the rollbar mount and necessary cuts in the carpet for said rollbar. I plan to revisit the car to examine the backseat area to see if the backseat area was drilled for the camera mounts seen in the earlier scenes as well.


cudak888 US

2014-01-09 16:00

Following are the photos, as promised:

When the car came from the Keswick Collection, it was reasonably rough, paint-wise. The repaint was commissioned by Dezer; unfortunately, the rear stripes were not installed following this repaint. Flip-down portion of gas cap is missing:
[Image: 71_mustang_daf_dezer_4b.jpg]

Crossmemeber damage from the stunt landing (or landings - we still haven't identified whether this is the Tournament of Thrills car or not). Also notice the dents and hole in the oil pan:
[Image: 71_mustang_daf_dezer_6.jpg]

Interior. Converted to manual choke at some point in its history:
[Image: 71_mustang_daf_dezer_9.jpg]

Radiator brackets are bent upwards on the passenger's side. Engine bay has been spray bombed flat black. 351C looks a bit worse for wear, A/C belt missing, and - of course - the aforementioned hole in the oil pan.
[Image: 71_mustang_daf_dezer_16.jpg]

No visible bodywork on the rear quarter, which means (amongst numerous other reasons) that there's still another stunt car out there:
[Image: 71_mustang_daf_dezer_8.jpg]

14" wheels, as expected:
[Image: 71_mustang_daf_dezer_10.jpg]

Door data tag:
[Image: 020.jpg]

The crease in the rocker panel, visible if you watch the BluRay:
[Image: 035.jpg]


-- Last edit: 2014-01-09 18:51:41

antp BE

2014-01-09 17:32

Nice, thanks for all the photos :)


2015-01-04 19:13

Richard Davies wrote Infamous for switching sides when doing a wheelie to go down an alleyway. I read that the stunt was performed twice & the best of the two were combined, but no-one noticed the 2nd stunt was done on the opposite side.

The alley is not the same on at the entrance as it is at the exit, they were filmed on two different locations

cudak888 US

2015-01-09 13:07

MJS 7 wrote

The alley is not the same on at the entrance as it is at the exit, they were filmed on two different locations

Please see this article - it is part of the latest and most comprehensive research about the car:

Link to "www.isomustangs.org"



2015-03-11 19:08

If 1F05J100066 has no connection with the film, why would EON buy it and display it saying it was used?

Boss429 US

2015-12-25 12:40

bw626 wrote I'm sorry but I think this car is horrifically ugly.

You haven't seen the 2nd gen Mustang then.

cudak888 US

2016-02-21 07:19

JL24 wrote If 1F05J100066 has no connection with the film, why would EON buy it and display it saying it was used?

EON didn't buy it. The Ian Fleming Foundation bought it, relying on community information - which, it turns out, was wrong at the time. EON went ahead and displayed it because the car came from the Foundation.

We're also talking about research that took place during the infancy of the Internet as a resource, and during the transition of data from Lois Eminger to Kevin Marti. There were a lot of factors working against everyone in the early research on these cars, but more data and careful analysis has narrowed down the field of possible cars much more accurately since.


-- Last edit: 2016-02-21 07:19:59


2017-09-20 00:04

Which car is currently on display in Bond in Motion in London? And why does it look white here?


AnthonyP UK

2019-12-30 12:30

JL24 wrote Which car is currently on display in Bond in Motion in London? And why does it look white here?


From what I remember, when that Mach1 was displayed, it was used to project images all over it from the film. So white was the best colour for the car. I don't know whether it's the same car as the one now, but I went on Saturday and it was the first car in cudak's first post, really tired looking, with black bonnet (hood) and weird black graphics all over it. Could mean they were put on when it was being driven in Tournament of Thrills?


robi DE

2020-04-14 14:47

[Image: daf_mustang1.jpg] [Image: daf_mustang2.jpg] [Image: daf_mustang3.jpg] [Image: daf_mustang4.jpg] [Image: daf_mustang5.jpg] [Image: daf_mustang6.jpg] [Image: daf_mustang7.jpg] [Image: daf_mustang8.jpg] [Image: daf_mustang9.jpg] [Image: daf_mustang10.jpg] [Image: daf_mustang11.jpg] [Image: daf_mustang12.jpg] [Image: daf_mustang13.jpg] [Image: daf_mustang14.jpg] [Image: daf_mustang15.jpg] [Image: daf_mustang16.jpg] [Image: daf_mustang17.jpg] [Image: daf_mustang18.jpg] [Image: daf_mustang19.jpg] [Image: daf_mustang20.jpg] [Image: daf_mustang21.jpg] [Image: daf_mustang22.jpg] [Image: daf_mustang23.jpg]

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