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Inexorable; The Secret of Sinchanee; Apache: Gangsta Bitch; L'Atalante; Bolshaya neft; L'Histoire d'Annette Zelman; Rater Rajanigandha; Paejabuhwaljeon; Ji sang man ga; Gokusen; Paraíso; Vacanze alla baia d'argento; Heads We Go; Call My Agent - Italy; Bocchi the Rock!; (mehr...)

Profil für Benutzer s13a - Land: Lithuania

Just a gearhead who loves movies & the automotive world.

Originally from Kaliningrad Oblast, RU.
Residing in Vilnius County, LT.

My passion have always been foreign vehicles, in particular : coach-built cars, trucks, buses & micro-cars.
A loyal fan of mostly European & Japanese cinema, but I often do American/Canadian or other foreign movies & TV Series and occasionally something from the Motherland.

My daily is a Honda. I'm a sensible person :)

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