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Block Z; Patriots Day; Scenes from a Mall; Täna öösel me ei maga; آس و پاس; Sayen: La Cazadora; The Black Bird; White Noise; Ebola Zombies; The Challenge; The Girl from Missouri; The Bachelor Father; สลิธ โปรเจกต์ล่า; Слова и музыка; Sayen: La Ruta Seca; (more...)

Profile for user ahight - Country: USA (United States of America)

My car history:
'83 Honda Civic 1500S
'86 BMW 325
'97 VW Jetta GLX VR6
'99 VW Passat GLS Wagon
'78 VW Westfalia
'01 Chevy Silverado
'99.5 VW GTI 2.0
'12 FIAT 500 Sport
'13 FIAT 500 Abarth
'16 FIAT 500X

'86 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z
'18 FIAT 500C Lounge
'12 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab TRD-Sport

Besides my car love...my other love is related, but on a smaller scale. I love shopping for Matchbox/Hotwheels cars. Most of my collection are of VW's but I do have old Porsche, Mercedes and BMW cars that I've had growing up. I've only got a few of the old Superfasts and hope to collect the new releases. I've also still got some of my collection of World Class Matchbox cars from the late 80's. These were always my favorite since they had the rubber tires and painted details like chrome moldings, headlights and tail lights.

While I love cars...the one thing I will admit to is not remembering the exact names of cars. So forgive me if you see a bunch of "unknowns" in some of my movie listings. :D

When I was first an admin I was living in Wilmington, NC I had focused on movies filmed in that area. It's cool to still see them listed.

NC Films:
Maximum Overdrive: /movie_91499-Maximum-Overdrive.html
Cat's Eye: /movie_88889-Cat-s-Eye.html
Firestarter: /movie_87262-Firestarter.html
The Angel Doll: /movie_240340-The-Angel-Doll.html
A Touch of Fate: /movie_282413-A-Touch-of-Fate.html
A Walk to Remember: /movie_281358-A-Walk-to-Remember.html
The Bedroom Window: /movie_92627-The-Bedroom-Window.html
Betsy's Wedding: /movie_99128-Betsy-s-Wedding.html
Blue Velvet: /movie_90756-Blue-Velvet.html
Black Dog: /movie_120610-Black-Dog.html
Dangerous Lives of Alter Boys: /movie_238924-The-Dangerous-Lives-of-Altar-Boys.html
Domestic Disturbance: /movie_249478-Domestic-Disturbance.html
Dream A Little Dream: /movie_97236-Dream-A-Little-Dream.html
Empire Records: /movie_112950-Empire-Records.html
The Hudsucker Proxy: /movie_110074-The-Hudsucker-Proxy.html
Idlewild: /movie_417225-Idlewild.html
Little Monsters: /movie_97758-Little-Monsters.html
The Locket: /movie_327016-The-Locket.html
Loggerheads: /movie_406038-Loggerheads.html
Manhunter: /movie_91474-Manhunter.html
Muppets From Space: /movie_158811-Muppets-from-Space.html
New Best Friend: /movie_191074-New-Best-Friend.html
One Christmas: /movie_110732-One-Christmas.html
Raw Deal: /movie_91828-Raw-Deal.html
Scream 5: /movie_11245972-Scream.html
Southern Belles: /movie_423238-Southern-Belles.html
Summer Catch (Southport): /movie_234829-Summer-Catch.html
Super Mario Bros.: /movie_108255-Super-Mario-Bros.html
Ya-Ya Sisterhood: /movie_279778-Divine-Secrets-of-the-Ya-Ya-Sisterhood.html
Waterproof: /movie_138927-Waterproof.html
20 Funerals: /movie_411058-20-Funerals.html
Tammy: /movie_2103254-Tammy.html
We're the Millers: /movie_1723121-We-re-the-Millers.html
Uncle Frank: /movie_11327514-Uncle-Frank.html
Silver Bullet: /movie_90021-Silver-Bullet.html
Halloween Kills: /movie.php?id=10665338
The Summer I Turned Pretty: /movie_14016500-The-Summer-I-Turned-Pretty.html
Along for the Ride: /movie_14506528-Along-for-the-Ride.html

NC TV Shows:
Surface: /movie_452718-Surface.html
One Tree Hill: /movie_368530-One-Tree-Hill.html
Dawson's Creek: /movie_118300-Dawson-s-creek.html
Matlock: /movie_90481-Matlock.html
Our Kind of People: /movie.php?id=10788750
Hightown: /movie.php?id=7718110

And then there's my favorite 80's movies.


And my favorite TV shows from the 80's:

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