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Tatort - Das Mädchen auf der Treppe; Bewitched; Before Someone Gets Hurt; MacGyver; Emmanuelle 3: A Lesson in Love; SSSS.Gridman; Re˛i; The Glades; The War with Grandpa; Akanesasu shoujo; Poor Pretty Eddie; Night People; Amityville: Mt. Misery Rd.; Maléfices; The District; (mehr...)

Profil für Benutzer Alexander - Land: Germany

My name is Alexander and I come from Germany. My model year is 1965 and I got my first "car" when I was 2 years old: a Morgan style three-wheeler with Dunlop tyres. You don't get anything like it today!

The vehicles I like most are from roughly the late 1930s to the late 1960s. Trucks can be older, especially steam engines.

I am very fond of Land-Rovers, especially Series I and II. That is actually the reason why I started to post here. I was just looking for LRs in films when I found IMCDb.

The second great love is Scammell. I like heavy trucks a lot!

Design wise I prefere British and French cars, with some exceptions here and there.

During my childhood years I was chauffeured in an oval window Volkswagen Standard, an Austin 1300, Austin Maxi 1750, Austin Mini, Fiat 131 Estate (the first car I drove myself). Since then I had my own cars: Volkswagen 1302, Volkswagen Passat LD, Mercedes-Benz 200 [W123], Citroėn AX Diesel (very cheap to run, but didn't like dirt on the road and preferred the ditch), Citroėn BX 16V GTI (fast!), Peugeot 406. During my (compulsory) army time I got an HGV (truck/BCE) licence. I was trained on Mercedes-Benz NG and later drove an 8x8 MAN 464 -- a nice monster!

Additionally I own two Land-Rovers that I have to restore before they are running again.
The first is a very rare Tempo-Land-Rover 80" from 1953 which was made by Vidal & Sohn (Tempo) based on the Land-Rover chassis, engine and front end up to the bulkhead. Theses cars were made for the German Border Patrol.
The second is a Land-Rover 109" Series IIa Army Ambulance from 1969.
Next I will probably get one that is already road legal!

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