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1985 Renault Encore [X37]

1985 Renault Encore [X37] in Die Hard: With a Vengeance, Movie, 1995 IMDB

Class: Cars, Hatchback — Model origin: FR — Built in: US — Made for: USA

1985 Renault Encore [X37]

Position 00:09:07 [*] Background vehicle

Comments about this vehicle


antp BE

2005-12-24 01:37

The first Renault Encore of the site, the US version of the Renault 11. Here in the 3-door version, also exists as 5-door (and of course the 2-door and 4-door Renault 9, called Renault Alliance).

qwerty_86 US

2006-04-17 03:55

Car behind it is a '86-'90 Chevrolet Celebrity. BTW, do you think that picture is appropriate? I know it's part of the movie, but that sign might offend some people.

Bebert FR

2006-04-17 10:27

C'est vrai qu' en voyant la photo, "mon sang n'a fait qu'un tour". Mais, il est vrai aussi que c'est dans le film, et après tout, ça n'engage que Bruce Willis. :D Maintenant, s'il y a une autre photo avec la Renault, ce serait plus correct. ;)

jplemoine FR

2006-04-17 10:43

Disons que ce panneau me choquerait profondément hors contexte. Et puis je n'ai pas vu le film... Il faudrait situer donc cette photo dans le déroulement du film: il serait étonnant que ça représente ex-abrupto la pensée profonde (???) de Bruce Willis... Après tout, un certain nombre d'acteurs s'est mis dans la peau de hauts dignitaires nazis, sans pour autant adhérer à ces idées... (Robert Carlyle, récemment, ente autres)

antp BE

2006-04-17 12:16

On peut toujours couper la photo (il n'y a pas d'autre vue de l'auto) ou virer le texte de la pancarte, mais je ne trouve que ce soit vraiment indispensable. Il ne faut pas exagérer dans le "politiquement correct".

sixcyl FR

2006-04-17 12:50

qwerty_86 wrote Car behind it is a '86-'90 Chevrolet Celebrity. BTW, do you think that picture is appropriate? I know it's part of the movie, but that sign might offend some people.

... no, this is not an offence towards black people, ..showing a racist character in a movie, as we can suppose he is (I didn't see the film) doesn't means that the actor , the cineast and IMCDB displaying the picture are agreeing and making racist propaganda! ... too much "politacally correctness" is quite ridiculous don't you think?

antp BE

2006-04-17 12:59

In this case the character played by Willis is not racist, that's the bad guy of the movie that forces him to walk with that panel in Harlem.

sixcyl FR

2006-04-17 14:59

... raison de plus ...C.Q.F.D ;)

qwerty_86 US

2006-04-18 06:28

Yeah, I know what the whole scene is about. The bad guy makes him walk around with the sign in a black neighborhood as a sick joke. Willis' charactor isn't racist since he befriends a black man to beat the terrorist. I'm just saying someone could just waltz in and take that picture out of context. Yes political correctness has been played thin in the past decade, but I think a simple explanation to explain the picture to a stranger would be sufficient.

-- Last edit: 2006-04-18 06:30:41

sixcyl FR

2006-04-18 07:42

;) I agree with you qwerty, explanation of the context of some pictures might be imperative in some cases... but much better than self-censorship in the name of political correctness


2006-12-15 18:52

Apparentely in the version of the film shown on US network television (which doesn't seem to allow any adult content in films) there is an alternate version of the scene where the sandwich board says "I HATE EVERYONE", which doesn't make much sense for the scene, why he be in that much danger if his sign said that?

In the IMDb trivia section for this film it says they filmed this bit in on location in Harlem, so the sign actually read "I HATE EVERYONE" and they changed it to the N-word in post-production.

-- Last edit: 2006-12-15 18:55:37

antp BE

2006-12-15 18:53

They mentionned the text of the sign in the dialogue. How did they change that? Did they cut a small part? Or was that alternate version made by the producers of the movie?

-- Last edit: 2006-12-15 18:53:45


2006-12-15 19:02

If you watch this scene again, you'll notice that they only show what's written on the sign in one shot, when Zeus (Samuel L. Jackson) looks out of the window of his shop to see John McClane (Bruce Willis) wearing this sign. The rest of the scene show close-ups of the two actors from the shoulders up, so you can't see the writing on the sign after that. They probably redubbed the dialogue, they often dubb over swearwords in film when they show it on TV, which can really spoil it sometimes.

On average, how strict is American television with the content of films? I've been to America a few times and have seen some films completely butchered with all the swearwords and sex scenes cut out despite the film having an adult theme anyway, not to mention that a lot of channels have commercial breaks every 7 minutes or so, American TV can be awful to watch sometimes because of this. I've just been watching this film now on Sky Movies and it's just turned 6 o'clock, although I had to type in the PIN code, it's not pay-per-view, it's just to stop young children who have just come in from school being able to watch it (unless they know the PIN code).

-- Last edit: 2006-12-15 19:08:48


2007-03-07 20:42

the edited version for television reads "I hate everyone".

nubby US

2007-06-18 22:29

:hello: G-MANN, to answer your question, I'd say some American films hosted on TV Networks are pretty chopped up, depending on the network. They cut out the sex scenes, most of the swearing, and sometimes violence (if the scene is very gory). Although, Butchering of films does lighten up later at night when younger children are presumed to be in bed.
And now, Some American radio stations are now cutting out words like "god" and "drugs" out of their songs. That bugs me. It just makes the song sound stupid. :mad:
American films are rated : PG-(parental guidance suggested, PG-13-(you have to be at least 13 to attend the movie or you have to be accompanied by an adult), R-(Restricted - Under 17— requires accompanying parent or adult guardian 21 years or older with photo I.D.)To be rated R, movies mainly contain Profanity, strong sexuality, nudity, strong violence, and/or gore, and drug use.

-So, Depending on the type of TV network or radio station you listen to, the strictness varies.

-- Last edit: 2007-06-26 03:45:47

nubby US

2007-07-12 06:30

qwerty_86 wrote Car behind it is a '86-'90 Chevrolet Celebrity. BTW, do you think that picture is appropriate? I know it's part of the movie, but that sign might offend some people.

I don't think black people are going to really care since it's a movie.

ford_guy US

2007-07-12 07:01

Apparently you've never heard of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton...

nubby US

2007-08-23 22:30

I've heard of them.

garco NL

2009-08-17 20:44

2nd one with Bruce Willis...

jettalover US

2009-08-22 03:58

Funny, Ford Guy. Sharpton and Jessie Jackson would fight each other just to be the first one in front of the camera to decry their outrage at Willis for wearing this sandwich board with these racist words.


2010-12-07 11:55


:) :) :)

-- Last edit: 2010-12-07 13:49:54

ingo DE

2011-04-22 19:03

Annother big, maybe a bigger Fauxpas is visible on the pic: white socks! :o

maxman CA

2013-08-09 07:19

A while back, MADtv parodied content edits by choppping up an episode of the Sopranos, as it might appear if aired on the PAX network (PAX was a channel featuring religious and family friendly programming, hence the joke. As of the late 2000s, PAX is now Ion Television and very rarely edits programs), bringing the 40+ minute run time to under three minutes.

At the time, it was merely a commentary on how the frank, HBO-style depictions of sex, violence, and foul language would be edited on any channel that wasn't premium cable. Now, A&E airs reruns, albeit handled better than what MADtv depicts.

I can't seem to embed the video, so here's the URL.

-- Last edit: 2013-08-09 07:31:22

police car fan NL

2013-12-22 02:13

I agree the most with Ingo. :p

jpts AU

2015-01-18 14:36

One of Simon's request and a rather dumb one to have John McLane stand in the middle of Harlem to wear that sign, since Harlem is a large African-American area.

-- Last edit: 2019-05-23 13:19:38

dhill_cb7 US

2019-09-28 22:12

@night cub can we blurr out the racial slur on the sign? Not sure if the sponsors want to see that :(

Edit: amc does not censor it anymore. It is on tv and it read "I hate *******."

-- Last edit: 2019-09-28 22:14:41

Reg1992 US

2019-09-28 22:20

I think only nudity/gore is censored on here.

dhill_cb7 US

2019-09-28 22:24

Oh okay I wasn't sure ;)

night cub US

2019-09-28 22:48

I left the question for antp. I think the context of the scene was to humiliate Willis.

dsl SX

2019-09-28 23:12

This should do the job ...
[Image: diehardwavplacard.jpg]

dhill_cb7 US

2019-09-28 23:27

@night cub. I know Jeremy Iron's character Simon did it to get him killed/humiliate him but Samuel L Jackson's character Zeus saves him. I just didn't know if we wanted the racial slur on the main image of the page.

@dsl doh not sandie :lol: I'd put that one up as the main. That is hilarious.

-- Last edit: 2019-09-28 23:28:17

Baube QC

2019-09-29 00:01

i'd write I Hate Winter.. :D

-- Last edit: 2019-09-29 00:02:37

dsl SX

2019-09-29 00:46

Baube wrote I Hate Winter..

... but it's a great song.

Baube QC

2019-09-29 01:03

never heard that one.. ok, that winter is not that bad.. :D

Reg1992 US

2019-09-29 02:24

dsl wrote This should do the job ...
[Image: diehardwavplacard.jpg]


antp BE

2019-09-29 10:57

Reg1992 wrote I think only nudity/gore is censored on here.

We censored much to try to recover Google's ads, but this didn't change anything.
So I'm not sure it is useful to keep such censor, except for some "extreme" cases.

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