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Profile for user AusFireApparatus - Country: Australia

I'm AusFireApparatus, enthusiast of fire and refuse! I enjoy fire apparatus and garbage trucks, other emergency vehicles especially those of police Special Weapons And Tactics. My favourite fire apparatus are listed as folows.:

1. Rosenbauer Avenger
2. Varley Commander (Australian
3. Rosenbauer Concept Fire Truck
4. Rosenbauer Panther Aviation Rescue and
Fire Fighting tenders
5. Singaporean Red Rhino SUV with
Firefighting robot
6. Austral FirePac
7. Any tractor drawn aerial, or
Tiller ladder. Tower ladders
8. Lenco FireCAT

Favourite police vehicles
1. Lenco BearCat
Ballistic Engineered Armoured Response Counter Attack Truck, including G3 models with Mobile Access Ramp Systems on their roof.
2. 2018 Dodge Charger Pursuit
3. Australian Holden Colorado paddywagon utes with a cell on the back of a cab chassis utility. Containment pods made by Varley Australia who also make the Commander fire truck.
4. Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor
5. Jankel Guardian Armoured Carrier from England.
6. Police Humvees, Hummers
7. England's Mobile Custody Unit trucks
8. Lenco BombCAT
9. Lenco MediCAT
10.Lenco RiotCAT
11.Ford Territories from the Channel Ten series Rush, (2008 2011)

Favourite Ambulance And Rescue vehicles
1. Hot wheels Rapid Response toy car (Doesn't count)
2. Dodge Ram Ambulance
3. Mercedes Benz Sprinter, especially in orange in Germany, though also with Australian ambulance services
4. Toyota LandCruiser Ambulances.
5. FDNY Medical Evacuation Response Vehicles (MICU bus)
6. Dutch MICU mass casualty truck (Mercedes)
7. Singaporean MICU mass casualty truck
8. Japanese Tokyo Fire Department Super Ambulance
9. Ambulance Service of New South Wales Ambulance Rescue trucks, 1960's models such as Bedford, yellow livery
10. 1995 Isuzu NPR from the television series Rescue Special Ops
11. 2006 Nissan Patrols from Rescue Special Ops
12. South Australian AS ambulance bus
As a child I had a toy Mack CF ladder of Western Australian Fire and Emergency Services Agency FESA.
American LaFrance Metropolitan ladder
Mack CF engine in FDNY livery.
Waste Management Top Loading Skip Truck, real logos.
Lenco BearCat
BAE systems Caiman APC.

The NSWFB when I was a boy had Pac Fire Australia structural turnout coats in black with a yellow apron over the shoulders which said NSW Fire Rescue HAZMAT. This went with yellow helmets for firefighter rank.
They've since switched to MSA Galley jet style helmets, MSA Beige structural turnout gear.

Best fire services.
1. Fire Department of New York City FDNY
2. Fire And Rescue New South Wales, formerly the NSW Fire Brigades
3. Russian State Fire Services, child agency of Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, EMERCOM
4. Hellenic Fire Service of Greece, Πυροσβεστικός Σόμα, Pyrosvestikos Soma
5. Singaporean Civil Defence Force
6. London Fire Brigade and...
7. West Midlands Fire Service
8. Scottish Fire And Rescue Service

1. Austrian Bundespolizei
2. New York City Police Department

1. FDNY Bureau of Emergency Medical Services

In terms of Civil Protection, besides Russia's EMERCOM, I like Germany's Bundesanstalt Technisches HifsWerk, THW. Dublin Civil Defence especially the Auxillary Fire Service

List of Australian Fire Services in New South Wales

Fire and Rescue NSW
RailCorp Emergency Response Unit (Railways)
Airservices Australia Aviation Rescue and Fire Fighting ( ARFF )
NSW Rural Fire Service
Port Authority of NSW (Fireboats )

Australian Defence Force
Special Operations Engineer Regiment,
Navy fire
Army fire service

I like waste collection, mainly garbage trucks, street sweepers, and even a street sweeper designated a Pooper Scooper in a Dutch dog park!
Waste Management is a favourite company of mine, followed by the Department of Sanitation New York. I like American side loading trucks with hydraulic arms lifting wheelie bins, and Australian models. The other models are skip, dumpster trucks, top loaders, rear loaders for wheelie bins, most popular, commercial demolition skip trucks, organics recycling rotating drum units, and the old dustcarts of England.
Offal trucks empty wheelie bins. Japan, Canada have plastic tubs full of waste, metal trash cans aren't widely used anymore.
Of particular notice!
Japan has a see through garbage truck with transparent Perspex sides so you can see the waste held inside!
Isreal had a rear loading skip truck with forks, rare, featuring a woman's lips, caltion, be careful what you put in your mouth.
Thesis Services Waste had a garden bulk collection truck with a crane on the roof, red buckets on the crane to pick up waste.
Wyong Shire Council Of Australia used to have a bin divided down the middle between general waste and recycling and their trucks were divided down the middle when the waste fell in the body after the bin was picked up by a hydraulic grabbing hand. I assume they did this because they're cheapskates...

Favourite garbage truck...
Dennis Eagle Elite II
Trucks which have cranes to pick up glass sorting containers. These containers weigh at least two tonnes.

International Harvester Cargostar were ruined for me.

Favourite films...
Hot Fuzz
S.W.A.T. 2003
Planes Fire And Rescue
Firehouse Dog 2007
Star Trek 2009 ( Police Bike )

Favourite television series...
9-1-1 ( By far and a way the best rescue series, though not much firefighting)
9-1-1 Lone Star
Rush 2008- 2011, There's a dirty bomb in Melbourne. Follows the Prestigious Tactical Response Unit based on the real life Critical Incident Response Team. I especially like Jolene Anderson as Shannon Henry, Roger Corser as Lawson Blake.
S.W.A.T 1975, more fun than the reboot.
S.W.A.T. 2017
Rescue, Special Ops, 2009-2011. Love Dean Gallagher and his brother Chase. Annika Ehrenburg (Madeleine West) was awesome. Jake Hudson, Senior Station Officer of the State Fire Brigade, was the most annoying character.
Used to dislike Denis Leary's Rescue Me as a child, watched an episode when I was four!

Definitely avoid the following films...
Volcano 1997, blew up a Crown Fire Coach, two firefighters.
Arrow,2013 episode Burned. Garfield Lynn's gets three firemen including Dave Ellet., Danny De La Vega, one other man.
Rec 2007 and Rec 2. Firemen versus zombies.
Quarantine 2008.

Backfire! 1995, garbage film.
Station Nineteen, terrible series.

2008 and 2013 were bad years concerning civil disorder in films.

Leon the Professional, eleven NYPD ESU down (Supposedly ESU)
K... Ass 2, Martin Roach from Rescue Heroes downed!
White house has fallen etc films
Die Hard one and Two, Two SWAT teams downed, one airline crash, bad tactics from aviation fire services.
Blackhat. 5 HKPD SDU operators were downed by a bomb.
Honestly any of the Dark Knight Trilogy.

Can't say I much like superheroes after eight CVPI police cars were destroyed at NSW's University of Newcastle for the film Superman Returns. Those were the only CVPI Ford in Australia.

The Canadian animated series Rescue Heroes helped Sulphur Crested Cockatoos during a bushfire in one storyline. However, they didn't have NSW Fire Brigades in the show, nor a Varley Commander.

They seemed to think Australia has 911 written on the sides of our Ambulances. We don't, we use the emergency number 0-0-0.!

Hope to join Fire And Rescue New South Wales one of these days.

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