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Profile for user Ans - Country: Australia

Hi, my name is Anson and as of the 13th November 2017, I'm 20. I joined IMCDb in April 2012.

My liking of car-spotting came from one of the first toy cars I had which was a 1997 Jeep Cherokee (XJ) 2-dr, purple with orange flames, grille and bumper and a beige interior. I thought it was cool then. I still think it's cool now. Unfortunately I no longer have it in my possession. I got more toy vehicles and another of my favourite toy cars is a Ferrari F40 which I still have.\

Cars I currently own:
2002 Ford Laser (KQ) GLXi Sedan
1.8 FP I-4 w/ 4-Speed 4-F4A-EL Automatic
Blue (22A)
Built 12/2001
(Currently on 267,290 km)
(Was 1LZ-2SK, currently unregistered)

Cars I have owned:
2001 Ford Falcon (AU II) Forte Wagon
4.0 Intech I-6 (LPG) w/ 4-Speed M93LE Automatic
Built 02/2001 (Had 312,029 km at last sighting)
(Was QUR-928, now 1PY-4GE)

Cars I have driven:
1996 Toyota Corolla (AE101R) Seca Spirit (Hatchback)
1.6 4A-FE I-4 w/ 4-Spd A240L Automatic
Blue (Moonstone Blue)
Built 1996/04
(145,070 km at time of writing)

2013 Toyota Corolla (ZRE182R) Ascent Hatchback
1.8 2ZR-FE w/ 6-Speed Automatic
Built 2013/05.
(Had 290,000 km last time I drove it)

2013/14 Hyundai i30 SE
1.8 w/ Automatic

Current cars in family/immediate family:
2013 Toyota Prius V (ZWV40R) Base (Dad's)
1.8 2ZR-FXE w/ 1-Spd Planetary Gear
Built 2013/12
(Has about 84,000 km)

1996 Toyota Corolla (AE101R) Seca Spirit Hatchback (Mum's)
(See above)

2001 Toyota Corolla (AE112R) Ascent Sedan (Uncle)
1.8 7A-FE w/4-Speed Automatic
Built 2001/03
(145,000 km)

2002 Ford Laser (KQ) GLXi Sedan
(see above)

Cars that my parents have owned: (All are petrol unless specified)
1977 Toyota Corolla (E30) Wagon:
1.3 w/5-Spd Manual

1979-84 Toyota Corolla Sedan
1.3 4K I-4 w/ 5-Spd manual

1980-87 Mitsubishi Galant Sedan:
5-Spd Manual

1988-90 Honda Civic
4-Spd Automatic

1992/93 Nissan Bluebird
4-Spd Automatic

1989 Toyota Camry (SV20) CS-X sedan
2.0 3S-FE I-4 w/5-Speed S51 Manual
Built 1989/06
Owned between 1994/04 - 1995/09

1995 Ford Falcon (EF I) GLi sedan
4.0 I-6 w/ 4-speed M93LE T-Bar Automatic
Dual Fuel (Petrol+LPG)
Built 1995/05
Owned between 1995/09 - 2000/06

2000 Ford Falcon (AU II) Forte sedan
4.0 Intech I-6 w/4-Speed M93LE T-Bar Automatic
Dual Fuel (Petrol+LPG)
Built 2000/04
Owned between 2000/06 - 2003/06

2003 Ford Falcon (BA) XT sedan
4.0 Barra I-6 w/ 4-Speed M93LE Automatic
Built 2003/06
Owned between 2003/06 - 2006/08

2006 Ford Falcon (BF II) XT sedan
4.0 Barra E-Gas I-6 w/ 4-Spd M93LE Automatic
Built 2006/08
Owned between 2006/08 - 2011/03

2010 Toyota Camry (ACV-40) Altise
2.4 2AZ-FE I-4 sedan w/ 5-Speed U250E Automatic
Built 2010/11
Owned between 2011/03 - 2014/01

Cars my relatives have owned:
1960's Mercedes-Benz (W110) Either a 190Dc or a 200D. (Former HK taxi) (Grandpa)

1970 Fiat 124/125 Sedan (Aunt)

1973 Datsun 220C (230) Sedan (Grandpa)
2.2 SD20 w/ Column-Shift Manual
(Former HK taxi)

1981-85 Mazda 323 3-dr Hatchback
5-Speed Manual
(Written off after accident)

1985-87 Ford Falcon (XF) GL Sedan
3.3 w/ 3-Speed Automatic

1985-91 Mitsubishi Magna Sedan
2.6 w/ 4-Speed ELC Automatic

1985-88 Toyota Corolla (AE82) CS Sedan (Uncle)
1.6 4A w/ 5-Speed Manual

1988 Toyota Corolla (AE82) SE Hatchback (Aunt & Uncle)
1.6 4A w/ 3-Speed Automatic

1989 Ford Laser (KE) Ghia Sedan (Uncle)
1.6 w/ 4-Speed Automatic
Built 1989/02

1991 Toyota Corolla (AE92R) CSi Limited (Hatchback) (Uncle)
1.6 4A w/ Automatic
Built 1991/12
(About 220,000 km)

1996 Toyota Tercel

2000 Toyota Echo (XP10R) (5-dr Hatchback) (Aunt)
1.3 2NZ I-4 w/ 4-Spd Automatic
Built 2000/12
(Written off August 2017)

The fate of the cars that my family has previously owned (where known):
1988 Toyota Corolla (AE82) SE Hatchback (FUN-251): Last Registered 2015/05/30. (Now Scrapped, had 329,000 km at that point)

1989 Ford Laser (KE) Ghia Sedan (DSY-201): (Scrapped in 2011, had 335,000 km on the clock)

1991 Toyota Corolla (AE92R) CSi Limited Liftback (ELR-090): Last Registered 2017/02/06. (Now Scrapped, had about 225,000 km at that point)

1995 Ford Falcon (EF) GLi Sedan (NIX-612): Deregistered 2013/06/05 (and presumably scrapped since).

2000 Ford Falcon (AU II) Forte Sedan (QEQ-448): Currently registered as of 2018/06/29 (currently expired).

2000 Toyota Echo (XP10R) (5-dr Hatchback) (QYS-328): Registration cancelled 2018/01/18, was cancelled August 2017. Now scrapped.

2001 Ford Falcon (AU II) Forte Wagon (QUR-928): Re-registered as 1PY-4GE. Currently registered as of 2019/07/31.

2003 Ford Falcon (BA) XT Sedan (SHS-933): Registration cancelled 2017/06/25, was cancelled in April 2017...presumably scrapped

2006 Ford Falcon (BF II) XT Sedan (UGW-123): Currently registered as of 2017/08/16.

2010 Toyota Camry (ACV40R) Altise Sedan (YGH-863): Currently registered as of 2018/03/18.

Cars that I have been in:
1982 Ford Falcon (XE) GL
3.3 I-6 w/ 3-Speed Column Shift Automatic
Scrapped 2013.

1982 Toyota Corona 2.0 XX 5-Speed (friend)
2.0 21R-U I-4 w/ 5-Speed Manual
(Had 478,752 km when crushed)
(RVM-742) Last registered 2008 (Scrapped 2013)

1985 Toyota Cressida (MX73) GLX-i (friend)
2.8 5M-E I-6 w/ 4-Speed Automatic
Had 228,000 km when last driven
(UCS-818) Last registered 2016/07/15.
Scrapped September 2016

1985 Toyota Corolla (AE80) CS-X (friend)
1.6 4A I-4 w/ 3-Speed Automatic
Built 10-1985
Had 161,438 km IIRC when last driven.
(TEJ-849) Last registered ca. 2010/11
Dismantled January-April 2016, Scrapped April 2016.

1988 Rover 416i SE (friend)
5-Speed Manual
(Had about 220,000 km when crushed IIRC)
(Scrapped October 2011)

1989 Mitsubishi Magna (TP) Executive (friend).
2.6 I-4 w/ 4-Speed ELC Automatic
(Now Unregistered)

1997 Toyota Prado Grande
3.4 5VZ-FE V6 w/ 4-Speed Axxx Automatic
(at around 300,000 km)
Has since been scrapped (November 2016)

1999 Nissan Pulsar Plus (N15)
1.6 GA16DE w/ 4-Speed Automatic
(written off after accident)

1999-2001 Mercedes-Benz S320 (W220.065)
3.2 M112 E32 V6 w/ 5-Speed 5G-Tronic Automatic

2000 Ford Courier (PE) (friend's dad)
2.6 I-4 w/ 5-Speed Manual
(written off after accident)

2001 Ford Courier (PE) (friend)
2.6 G6 I-4 w/ 5-Speed Manual
(Currently at about 203,000 km)

2001 Holden Commodore (VX) Lumina (friend's dad)
3.8 L36 V6 w/ 4-Speed 4L60-E Automatic
(Currently at about 330,000 km)
(Written off October 2016)

2001 Mitsubishi Magna (TJ) Executive Sedan (friend)
3.5 6G74 V6 w/ 4-Speed Automatic
(Currently at 95,000 km)

2003 Toyota Camry (ACV36R) Sportivo Sedan
2.4 2AZ-FE I-4 w/ 4-Speed Automatic
(Currently at 190,000 km)

2004 Toyota Camry (ACV30R) Altise Sedan (family friend)
2.4 2AZ-FE w/ 4-Speed Automatic

2004 Holden Astra (TS) City (rental)
1.8 w/ Automatic

2007 Ford Fairlane (BF) Ghia (rental)
4.0 Barra I-6 w/ 4-Speed M95LE Automatic

2008 Audi A4 (8K MY09) 1.8 TFSI Sedan (friend)
1.8T w/ 8-Speed Multitronic CVT

2011 Toyota Yaris (NCP93R) YRS Sedan
1.5 2NZ-FE w/ 4-Speed Automatic

2012 Toyota Corolla (E170) Ascent Hatchback
1.8 w/ 6-Speed Automatic

2013 Nissan X-Trail (rental)

2016 Subaru Outback Wagon
3.6 H6 w/ Automatic

2009 Ford Falcon (FG) XT Sedan
4.0 Barra E-Gas w/ 4-Speed M95LE Automatic
(Had 701,462 km at the time)
(Now retired since April 2017)

2011 Ford Falcon (FG) Sedan
4.0 Barra EcoLpi w/ 6-Speed Automatic
(Had 610,000 km at the time)

2011 Toyota Camry (ACV40R) Hybrid Sedan
2.4 2AZ-FXE

2012 Toyota Camry (ASV50R) Altise Sedan (Uber)
2.5 2AR-FE w/ 6-Speed Automatic

2016 Hyundai i30 Active Hatchback (Uber)
1.6 w/ 6-Speed Automatic

2017 Holden Captiva LS Diesel
Diesel w/ Automatic

Cars that I like (too many to list):
1893-1917 Duryea Motor Wagon
1944- Jeep CJ/Wrangler/Mitsubishi Jeep
1946-65 Willys Jeep Station Wagon/Ford Rural
1948-50 Willys-Overland Jeepster
1955-84 Jeep DJ
1962-88 Jeep Gladiator/J-series
1963-91 Jeep Grand Wagoneer (SJ)
1966-73 Kaiser Jeep Jeepster Commando/Jeep Commando
1974-2001 Jeep Cherokee (SJ and XJ)
1981-85 Jeep CJ-8/10
1985-92 Jeep Comanche (MJ)
1908-27 Ford Model T
1927-31 Ford Model A
1932-34 Ford Model B/18/40
1935-36 Ford Model 48
1937-41 Ford
1941-48 Ford
1949-51 Ford
1949-96 Ford F-Series
1952-54 Ford
1955-56 Ford
1957-59 Ford
1959-74 Ford Galaxie
1960-82 Ford Falcon
1964-69 Ford GT40
1965-78 Ford LTD
1934-86 Datsun/Nissan Truck
1957-2002 Datsun/Nissan Skyline
1959- Datsun/Ebro/Nissan Patrol (P, TB and TD-engined models only)
1960-83 Datsun/Nissan Cedric (30, 130, 230, 330, 430 series)
1969-73, 1989-2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R
1999-2015 Nissan Xterra
1951- Toyota Jeep BJ (51'-53') and Land Cruiser (54'-)(J20, 40-80 and 100)
1955-99 Toyota Crown (S30-140)
1968-2004 Toyota Hilux (N10-60)
1966-87 Toyota Corolla/Sprinter (E10-70, 85/6)
1964- Toyota Crown Eight/Century
1978-2002 Toyota Supra
1985-2006 Toyota MR/MR2
1995-2002 Toyota Mega Cruiser
2012- Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S
1985-89 Honda Accord
1993-2006 Honda Integra
1998-2002, 2003-06 Honda Accord Type-R (EU model) and Euro-R
1999-2009 Honda S2000
1967-72, 1981-96 Mazda/Eunos Cosmo (rotary models only)
1971-2012 Mazda Savanna/RX-3/7/8
1974-77 Mazda REPU-
1975-77 Mazda Roadpacer
1989- Mazda MX-5
1952-63 BMW 501/502
1953-62 BMW Isetta
1956-59 BMW 503/507
1961-2011 BMW New Class/5 series (E12, 28, 34, 39 and 60(M5 only(manual spec only)))
1965-89 BMW 2000/3200 and 6 Series (E9, 24)
1966-2011 BMW '02' series/3 Series (E21, 30, 36, 46 and 90)
1968-2001 BMW New Six/7 Series (E3, 23, 32 and 38)
1978-81 BMW M1
1989-99 BMW 8 series (E31) (certain configurations)
1989-91, 1996- BMW Z Series (E30, 36/7 or 8, 52, 85/86 and 89)
2011-12 BMW 1M (E82)
1886-93 Benz Patent-Motorwagen
1894-1901 Benz Velo
1935-96 Mercedes Benz E-Class and predecessors (W136, 120/121, 110, 114, 123 and 124)
1954-99 Mercedes Benz S-Class and predecessors (W180, 128, 111/112, 108, 116, 126, and 140)
1954-2002 Mercedes Benz SL/SLC-Class (W198, 113, R107 and 129)
1979- Mercedes Benz G-Class (460) and G55/63/65 (461)
1982-99 Mercedes Benz 180/190E and C-Class (W201 and 202)
2013- Mercedes Benz A-Class (W176) (A45 only)

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