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1900 English Mechanic

1900 English Mechanic dans Fumo di Londra, Film, 1966 IMDB

Catégorie : Voitures, Cabriolet — Origine du modèle : UK

1900 English Mechanic

[*] Véhicule d'arrière-plan

Commentaires sur ce véhicle


johnfromstaffs EN

2010-08-07 12:22


My Collins English dictionary defines convertible (of a car) as: having a folding or removable roof.

This, and some of the other veteran cars shown here do not have roofs and therefore, logically, cannot be converted into closed cars. Why not define them as "Veteran"?

vintman UK

2010-08-07 13:02



Bit fuzzy but I an relatively sure this is a cca 1900 "English Mechanic". Could be a new one to this forum.

Agree with John, 'veteran' would be a good classification. But does everybody know the cutoff date or should it be 'veteran looking'.



johnfromstaffs EN

2010-08-07 13:17


The cut off date is 31 Dec 1904, but as the cars shown are taking part in the London to Brighton in this case we don't have a problem!

I think your English Mechanic may be a good shout, but have not the time to plough through the books at present. This was not a make in the conventional sense, but a set of plans and instructions for home build published in a magazine called "The English Mechanic and World of Science and Art". There were about three different designs between 1900 and 1909 and no doubt variation amongst those that got built.

Sunbar UK

2010-08-07 14:16


Good call, if its registered 'A166', as it appears to be, its here


Reg No A 166
Year 1900
Make/Model English Mechanic

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