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1964 Singer Vogue Estate Automatic Series III

1964 Singer Vogue Estate Series III in The Avengers, Fernsehserie, 1961-1969 IMDB Ep. 4.16

Typ: Pkw, Kombi — Herkunftsland: UK

1964 Singer Vogue Estate Automatic Series III

[*][*][*] Von einem Darsteller oder bei einer Verfolgungsjagd benutztes Fahrzeug

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sixcyl FR

2009-11-12 13:16


[Image: singeraa.1527.jpg] [Image: singerab.3698.jpg] [Image: singerae.4816.jpg] [Image: singeraf.9789.jpg]
Ep.4.16 "Small Game For Big Hunters"

Series III 1965 by it's rims and rubber piece on the overiders
Inscription I can't read on the hatch, maybe relative to the estate version? though up to me this was named as Vogue Estate

DynaMike NL

2009-11-12 13:32


I guess it reads Automatic...

Sunbar UK

2009-11-12 13:48



Late 1964 Coventry registration. So possibly on loan from Rootes Group Coventry as car is about 1 year old.

-- Last edit: 2009-11-12 13:56:47

abctelevision UK

2010-10-28 13:06


I suppose that 1965 refers to the model year as opposed to the registration year (1964)! Episode filmed September 1965.

dsl SX

2010-10-28 13:16


CDU xxxB plates issued June-Sept 64. Rootes launch car for S3.

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