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1970 Triumph 2.5 PI Mk2

1970 Triumph 2.5 PI Mk2 dans The Professionals, Série télé, 1977-1983 IMDB Ep. 3.06

Catégorie : Voitures, Berline — Origine du modèle : UK

1970 Triumph 2.5 PI Mk2

[*][*] Véhicule dans une action mineure ou utilisé juste dans une courte scène

Commentaires sur ce véhicle


stronghold EN

2007-08-10 09:38


[Image: prof301hidingtonothing6yu0.8439.jpg] [Image: prof301hidingtonothing6kv1.th.jpg] [Image: prof301hidingtonothing6mk8.th.jpg] [Image: prof301hidingtonothing6mh9.8117.jpg]

Bebert FR

2007-08-10 10:40


2.5 PI MK2 je pense.

nzcarnerd NZ

2007-08-10 11:01


Is it necessarily a PI being as it is on plain wheels??

fordtwo SX

2007-08-10 16:32


I thought it looked more like a Triumph 2000?

2491tj EN

2007-08-10 17:08


bog standard Triumph 2000 MkII

Citsa ZA

2007-08-10 20:37


2491tj a écrit bog standard Triumph 2000 MkII

Fully agree

rpcm PT

2007-08-10 22:00


Bebert a écrit 2.5 PI MK2 je pense.

I agree. Looking closely at the C-pillar, it's possible to see the PI round badge ( the 2000 didn't even have a black C-pillar ). About the wheels, the 2.5 PI used chrome and black wheelcovers imitating the Rostyle wheels and this car simply doesn't have them. So, I would say it's a 1970 ( model year )+ 2.5 PI Mk2 - the Mk2 was introduced in October 1969.

-- Last edit: 2007-08-10 22:00:29

240 gardner EN

2008-05-13 00:45


And the wheel trims had a tendency to loosen, rattle and then drop off. Which is why the Mretopolitan Police ran their PIs with plain chrome hubcaps or just bare wheels

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