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1975 AMC Pacer

1975 AMC Pacer in Van Kooten & De Bie, Fernsehserie, 1974-1998 IMDB

Typ: Pkw, Schrägheck Limousine — Herkunftsland: US — Hergestellt für: NL

1975 AMC Pacer

[*][*] Fahrzeug mit geringer Beteiligung oder nur in einer Szene sichtbar

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bryane US

2007-07-18 07:07


kudos SX

2012-01-16 17:44

'Made for NL' due to the (non USA spec) clear indicators.

cko US

2012-03-18 18:46

Is there an AMC club in the Netherlands? Or, is there a way to determine if any are left in that country? they didn't even have a good survival rate in their home country so I'd be curious to know how many have made it this long overseas.

chicomarx BE

2012-03-18 18:54

Some Dutch Pacers here:
Link to "amc-pacer.hyves.nl"
Link to "amc-pacer.hyves.nl"

Link to "amc-pacer.hyves.nl"

I saw one at a local Citroën dealer too, he actually keeps in the showroom. http://www.citroen-delaere.be/ though I don't see it in these pics.

chicomarx BE

2012-03-18 19:00

with American sized Dutch plate:

Link to "amc-pacer.hyves.nl"

DynaMike NL

2012-03-18 19:32

Last thursday evening I spotted this 1975 Pacer in Amsterdam, but it was only imported to Holland in 2000.
[Image: P1080288.jpg]

cko US

2012-03-19 00:43

Thats cool! These cars had a few "flaws" that prevented people from holding onto them. The electrical systems were poorly designed and the suspensions were often problematic.They still are popular with demo derby drivers (WHEN they can actually find one) who will buy nice solid, clean units to wreck for sport, and that greatly decreased their numbers, too.Its a bit surprising that there are still some in Europe where access to parts cannot be easy.Where in Holland do you find that unusual rear window?

ingo DE

2012-03-26 21:04

cko wrote Is there an AMC club in the Netherlands?

At least some active freaks: http://www.amc-club.ch/index.php?id=60&langue=F
And a museum: http://www.rambler-amc-museum.nl/visitus_eng.html @DynaMike, @garco: do you have heard about it?

And a forum in Austria: http://www.pacer.at/

Though it's not "origin France" any more IMO, there's a French club for it: http://www.renault-alliance-club-passion.com/

DynaMike NL

2012-03-26 23:43

Nice, I didn't know that museum...

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