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Profil für Benutzer kees-jan - Land: Netherlands

My name is Kees-Jan Smit, I live in Spaarndam (close to Amsterdam) where I have my own graphic design studio (see www.keesjansmit.nl). Born in 1972 in Eindhoven (south of Holland) I studied at teh Academy of Arts and Design in 's-Hertogenbosch, where I got my degree as designer. For the Dutch Panhardclub me together with DynaMike (amongst others) every year make three magazines and a calendar, in which I can use all the 'wrong' letterfonts I don't dare to use for my 'professional' clients.

From when I was little, me and a friend were crazy about cars, collecting models in the 1:43 scale and brochures of all sorts of makes. At the age of 17 my parents gave me a 1981 2CV6 Spécial which I still own today. Later on I bought a 1962 2CV AZ which I also still own. Because of the many kilometres I drove (approx. 70.000 a year) I set the 2CV aside and bought a BX 19 TZD which I drove a few year untill it fell apart. After that (when I didn't drive so much kilometres per year anymore) I bought an Ami6 in reasonable shape in Troyes, France. After having driven it for a year the Ami6 was replaced by a 1999 Xantia 1.9 TD Break Service. What a crap car was that! It totally let me down, so being quite pissed with modern cars I returned to the 'classics' with a 1984 2CV6 Charleston (red/black-version) which was soon replaced by my current car, a 1973 DSuper5. I use it as my everyday car (looks like it too I'm afraid...), but it drives fantastic! O, and I forgot to mention the 2CV6 I had for one day... it was butchered for the parts I needed for the restauration of my beige 2CV6.
My girlfriend also still has her 1978 2CV6 (which is in restauration at the moment) and drives a 1998 Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 TS for every-day-car. We love to go on holiday with the DSuper5, driving along the smaller French roads, visiting fleamarkets and enjoying the local cuisine!

So our current 'Conservatoire" looks like this:
- 1962 2CV AZ (colour 'Vert Embrun')
- 1978 2CV6 (colour 'Rouge Géranium')
- 1981 2CV6 Spécial (colour 'Beige Névada')
- 1974 DSuper5 (colour 'Beige Vanneau')
- 1998 Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 TS (colour 'Grigio Chiaro')

In my spare-time I try some cooking (remember the gone-bad-mussels DynaMike? :)), go on long walks with our dog and also we try our best in making some automobile-art, check out our madness on www.eatmyrust.nl

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