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Monnaie de singe; Odnoselchane; Gioco di ruolo; The Dead Don't Die; Ganja Fiction; Frozen; Franky; Government Agents vs Phantom Legion; The Stranger in Our Bed; Sing dan mooi gwai; Montana; Flukten over grensen; Beltenebros; Cuando los niños vienen de Marsella; Le grand bluff; (more...)

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IMDBColumbo: A Bird in the Hand...Movie made for TV1992
IMDBColumbo: A Case of ImmunityMovie made for TV1975
IMDBColumbo: A Deadly State of MindMovie made for TV1975
IMDBColumbo: A Friend in DeedMovie made for TV1974
IMDBColumbo: A Matter of HonorMovie made for TV1976
IMDBColumbo: A Stitch in CrimeMovie made for TV1973
IMDBColumbo: A Trace of MurderMovie made for TV1997
IMDBColumbo: Agenda for MurderMovie made for TV1990
IMDBColumbo: An Exercise in FatalityMovie made for TV1974
IMDBColumbo: Any Old Port in a StormMovie made for TV1973
IMDBColumbo: Ashes to AshesMovie made for TV1999
IMDBColumbo: Blueprint for MurderMovie made for TV1972
IMDBColumbo: Butterfly in Shades of GreyMovie made for TV1993
IMDBColumbo: By Dawn's Early LightMovie made for TV1974
IMDBColumbo: Candidate for CrimeMovie made for TV1973
IMDBColumbo: Caution: Murder Can Be Hazardous to Your HealthMovie made for TV1991
IMDBColumbo: Columbo and the Murder of a Rock StarMovie made for TV1991
IMDBColumbo: Columbo Cries WolfMovie made for TV1990
IMDBColumbo: Columbo Goes to CollegeMovie made for TV1990
IMDBColumbo: Columbo Goes to the GuillotineMovie made for TV1989
IMDBColumbo: Columbo Likes the NightlifeMovie made for TV2003
IMDBColumbo: Dagger of the MindMovie made for TV1972
IMDBColumbo: Dead WeightMovie made for TV1971
IMDBColumbo: Death Hits the JackpotMovie made for TV1991
IMDBColumbo: Death Lends a HandMovie made for TV1971
IMDBColumbo: Double ExposureMovie made for TV1973
IMDBColumbo: Double ShockMovie made for TV1973
IMDBColumbo: Étude in BlackMovie made for TV1972
IMDBColumbo: Fade in to MurderMovie made for TV1976
IMDBColumbo: Forgotten LadyMovie made for TV1975
IMDBColumbo: Grand DeceptionsMovie made for TV1989
IMDBColumbo: How to Dial a MurderMovie made for TV1978
IMDBColumbo: Identity CrisisMovie made for TV1975(Jeu d'identité; Doppio gioco)
IMDBColumbo: It's All in the GameMovie made for TV1994
IMDBColumbo: Lady in WaitingMovie made for TV1971
IMDBColumbo: Last Salute to the CommodoreMovie made for TV1976
IMDBColumbo: Lovely But LethalMovie made for TV1973(Columbo Part 18 (3.01))
IMDBColumbo: Make Me a Perfect MurderMovie made for TV1978
IMDBColumbo: Mind Over MayhemMovie made for TV1974
IMDBColumbo: Murder by the BookMovie made for TV1971
IMDBColumbo: Murder in MalibuMovie made for TV1990
IMDBColumbo: Murder Under GlassMovie made for TV1978
IMDBColumbo: Murder with Too Many NotesMovie made for TV2002
IMDBColumbo: Murder, a Self PortraitMovie made for TV1989
IMDBColumbo: Murder, Smoke and ShadowsMovie made for TV1989
IMDBColumbo: Negative ReactionMovie made for TV1974
IMDBColumbo: No Time to DieMovie made for TV1992
IMDBColumbo: Now You See HimMovie made for TV1976
IMDBColumbo: Old Fashioned MurderMovie made for TV1976
IMDBColumbo: PlaybackMovie made for TV1975
IMDBColumbo: Prescription: MurderMovie made for TV1968
IMDBColumbo: Publish or PerishMovie made for TV1974
IMDBColumbo: Ransom for a Dead ManMovie made for TV1971
IMDBColumbo: Requiem for a Falling StarMovie made for TV1973
IMDBColumbo: Rest in Peace, Mrs. ColumboMovie made for TV1990
IMDBColumbo: Sex and the Married DetectiveMovie made for TV1989
IMDBColumbo: Short FuseMovie made for TV1972
IMDBColumbo: Strange BedfellowsMovie made for TV1995
IMDBColumbo: Suitable for FramingMovie made for TV1971
IMDBColumbo: Swan SongMovie made for TV1974
IMDBColumbo: The Bye-Bye Sky High I.Q. Murder CaseMovie made for TV1977(Columbo : Les Surdoués)
IMDBColumbo: The ConspiratorsMovie made for TV1978
IMDBColumbo: The Greenhouse JungleMovie made for TV1972
IMDBColumbo: The Most Crucial GameMovie made for TV1972
IMDBColumbo: The Most Dangerous MatchMovie made for TV1973
IMDBColumbo: Troubled WatersMovie made for TV1975
IMDBColumbo: Try and Catch MeMovie made for TV1977
IMDBColumbo: UndercoverMovie made for TV1995
IMDBColumbo: Uneasy Lies the CrownMovie made for TV1990

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