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Xiang jian hao; Ruby in Paradise; At Middleton; China Girl; Circe; Los dioses ajenos; Omeng Satanasia; Sudden Fury; Miss Leslie's Dolls; A Crooked Somebody; Madonna and the Breakfast Club; The Theory of Flight; La femme et le TGV; Spalebärg 77a; Jä-soo!; (more...)

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IMDBPolizeiruf 110 - Der zersprungene SpiegelMovie made for TV1985
IMDBPolizeiruf 110 - Die EntdeckungMovie made for TV1980
IMDBPolizeiruf 110 - Ein Schritt zu weitMovie made for TV1985
IMDBPolizeiruf 110 - Ein ungewöhnlicher AuftragMovie made for TV1976
IMDBPolizeiruf 110 - Eine fast perfekte SacheMovie made for TV1976
IMDBPolizeiruf 110 - Mit dem Anruf kommt der TodMovie made for TV1991
IMDBPolizeiruf 110 - Todesfall im ParkMovie made for TV1991
IMDBPolizeiruf 110 - Unter BrüdernMovie made for TV1990(Tatort - Unter Brüdern)
IMDBSchimanski - Hart am LimitMovie made for TV1997
IMDBTatort - ... und dann ist ZahltagMovie made for TV1976
IMDBTatort - AutomordMovie made for TV1986
IMDBTatort - Bis zum Hals im DreckMovie made for TV1991
IMDBTatort - BlutspurMovie made for TV1989
IMDBTatort - Der Fall SchimanskiMovie made for TV1991(El lugar del crimen)
IMDBTatort - Der PottMovie made for TV1989
IMDBTatort - Der SchläferMovie made for TV1983
IMDBTatort - Der TauschMovie made for TV1986
IMDBTatort - Die BrüderMovie made for TV1988
IMDBTatort - Duisburg RuhrortMovie made for TV1981
IMDBTatort - EinzelhaftMovie made for TV1988
IMDBTatort - Frankfurter GoldMovie made for TV1971
IMDBTatort - Katjas SchweigenMovie made for TV1989
IMDBTatort - KinderliebMovie made for TV1991
IMDBTatort - KuscheltiereMovie made for TV1982
IMDBTatort - MedizinmännerMovie made for TV1990
IMDBTatort - MiriamMovie made for TV1983
IMDBTatort - MoltkeMovie made for TV1988
IMDBTatort - RattenlinieMovie made for TV2000
IMDBTatort - Rechnung ohne WirtMovie made for TV1984
IMDBTatort - Schimanskis WaffeMovie made for TV1990
IMDBTatort - SchmerzensgeldMovie made for TV1985
IMDBTatort - SpielverderberMovie made for TV1987
IMDBTatort - Spuk aus der EiszeitMovie made for TV1988
IMDBTatort - Tod im ElefantenhausMovie made for TV1987
IMDBTatort - Zahn um ZahnMovie1985
IMDBTatort - Zweierlei BlutMovie made for TV1984
IMDBZabouMovie1987(Tatort - Zabou; The Crack Connection)

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