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Agent Secret FX 18, Movie, 1964 IMDB

Pictures provided by: Dmitry_P

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Also known as:

  • FX 18 im Agentennetz (Germany)
  • Jack Clifton jagt Wostok III (Germany)
  • Acción en Mallorca (Spain)
  • Orden: FX 18 debe morir (Spain)
  • Coplan, agent secret FX 18 (France)
  • Uccidete agente segreto 777 - stop (Italy)

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Dmitry_P RU

2019-03-05 16:19

[Image: kenclarkinfx-18_secretagentusa1964euro-spyfullmovieinenglishmp4_snapshot_000130586.jpg] The action takes place in Spain (Mallorca), Corsica and Continental France.

Dmitry_P RU

2019-03-05 16:43

Aircraft: [Image: kenclarkinfx-18_secretagentusa1964euro-spyfullmovieinenglishmp4_snapshot_012831391.jpg] [Image: kenclarkinfx-18_secretagentusa1964euro-spyfullmovieinenglishmp4_snapshot_012837524.jpg] [Image: kenclarkinfx-18_secretagentusa1964euro-spyfullmovieinenglishmp4_snapshot_012844771.jpg] [Image: kenclarkinfx-18_secretagentusa1964euro-spyfullmovieinenglishmp4_snapshot_012854865.jpg] [Image: kenclarkinfx-18_secretagentusa1964euro-spyfullmovieinenglishmp4_snapshot_012850238.jpg] [Image: kenclarkinfx-18_secretagentusa1964euro-spyfullmovieinenglishmp4_snapshot_013447391.jpg]

Dmitry_P RU

2019-03-05 17:01

Armée de l'Air Française: [Image: kenclarkinfx-18_secretagentusa1964euro-spyfullmovieinenglishmp4_snapshot_013021421.jpg] [Image: kenclarkinfx-18_secretagentusa1964euro-spyfullmovieinenglishmp4_snapshot_013026296.jpg] [Image: kenclarkinfx-18_secretagentusa1964euro-spyfullmovieinenglishmp4_snapshot_013041183.jpg] [Image: kenclarkinfx-18_secretagentusa1964euro-spyfullmovieinenglishmp4_snapshot_013048598.jpg] [Image: kenclarkinfx-18_secretagentusa1964euro-spyfullmovieinenglishmp4_snapshot_013134723.jpg] [Image: kenclarkinfx-18_secretagentusa1964euro-spyfullmovieinenglishmp4_snapshot_013139931.jpg] [Image: kenclarkinfx-18_secretagentusa1964euro-spyfullmovieinenglishmp4_snapshot_013141857.jpg] [Image: kenclarkinfx-18_secretagentusa1964euro-spyfullmovieinenglishmp4_snapshot_013143367.jpg] [Image: kenclarkinfx-18_secretagentusa1964euro-spyfullmovieinenglishmp4_snapshot_013146121.jpg] [Image: kenclarkinfx-18_secretagentusa1964euro-spyfullmovieinenglishmp4_snapshot_013147421.jpg] [Image: kenclarkinfx-18_secretagentusa1964euro-spyfullmovieinenglishmp4_snapshot_013153005.jpg] [Image: kenclarkinfx-18_secretagentusa1964euro-spyfullmovieinenglishmp4_snapshot_013225325.jpg] [Image: kenclarkinfx-18_secretagentusa1964euro-spyfullmovieinenglishmp4_snapshot_013232486.jpg]

Dmitry_P RU

2019-03-05 17:07

2 Gendarmerie Nationale helicopters: [Image: kenclarkinfx-18_secretagentusa1964euro-spyfullmovieinenglishmp4_snapshot_013255174.jpg] [Image: kenclarkinfx-18_secretagentusa1964euro-spyfullmovieinenglishmp4_snapshot_013210157.jpg]

Dmitry_P RU

2019-03-05 17:11

IMPDb page for this movie (http://www.impdb.org/index.php?title=Coplan_agent_secret_FX_18) says screenshots are needed, so here they are ^.

Dmitry_P RU

2019-03-05 17:18

Ken Clark and a runway light for rjluna2's gallery: [Image: kenclarkinfx-18_secretagentusa1964euro-spyfullmovieinenglishmp4_snapshot_013525879.jpg]

Dmitry_P RU

2019-03-05 17:27

Somehow I still cannot understand how to list the origin of some Seat, Santana, Dacia, Mahindra models. To me it looks like a complete lack of uniformity on the site. It seems the origin of some models is listed completely at contributors will, ad lib. And it results in statistics greatly!

(inactive user)

2019-03-05 18:49

Because some cars have local technology which makes them different from the original. Like if we would list VAZ 2101 as origin Italy it wouldn't be correct.

Dmitry_P RU

2019-03-05 19:27

Weasel1984 answered me once with the same VAZ / Fiat example in this thread: /vehicle_1102114-Dacia-1300-1975.html , but that is not the point. What I mean is the situation when one and the same model being listed differently by origin, like Seat 600, Mahindra Jeep, Land Rover Santana, two Dacias 1300 etc.

-- Last edit: 2019-03-05 19:27:10

ingo DE

2019-03-05 19:31

It's just not consistent.
We had this discussion here several times.
Very confusing it's for example with the masses of Fiat-derivates, but at least anywhere else, too.

(inactive user)

2019-03-05 19:38

Yes, that sounds like inconsistency in this case. We have this forum thread that addresses the suggestions/fixes: Link to "imcdb.opencommunity.be"

dsl SX

2019-03-05 20:40

This is always going to be a messy topic with lots of blips, which can look odd when you compare Example A against Example B. I suspect we've got loads of origins which were decided in the early days by someone shouting loudly, and they've just continued to be used ever since.

But that said, creating hard or clear rules is almost impossible. For instance Fiat/Seat 600 as mentioned above seems straightforward - the early Seats were exact Fiats with badge changes. But then Seat started doing funny things like 4 door versions never seen in Italy, so the line becomes blurred. If you then decide to split off versions never seen in the home country (a) you could be splitting Seat 600s in half, which doesn't seem a good thing to do, and (b) you also lift a different lid to answer about which country designed the new version. Lots of VWs, Fiats, Fords, BMC, Peugeots, Renaults etc, etc, etc built in satellite countries only were rejected proposals from the source country and just passed over with no real local input. Sometimes this was not just a one-off dump, but a continual process. All the updates/new models etc for the Paykan Hunter came from Coventry designers/engineers, long after UK production had ended. Sometimes we know where the (re-)designs originated, but often we don't.

Things get even more complicated when there is no connection between the original manufacturer in Country A and the new manufacturer in Country B. The original 1930s Datson (correct spelling) Roadster was a blatant rip-off by Nissan of the Austin Seven, the Daewoo Matiz was a rejected design proposal from Italdesign Giugiaro for the Fiat Cinquecento, and so on. I've just come across a fascinating story that the Seat 1200/1430 Sports was originally an NSU "Nergal" proposal for a 1200 TT replacement, and along the way switched from rear to front engine. Or there's a takeover of the satellite factory by a new manufacturer, who might give the inherited model new badges and grille, maybe drop in a different engine, but otherwise continue as before.

So the questions are always about where you can draw the lines accurately and usefully. How can you decide the point at which Lada/Vaz 124s stopped being Italian, and became Soviet/Russian?? Any of my examples and millions more can be tossed to and fro in their own particular circumstances, but sometimes it's simpler just to assume a single origin and stick to it across all the potential micro-arguments. Maybe we can improve particular cases, but there's no point in hoping that we can become truly consistent across everything.

rjluna2 US

2019-03-06 02:35

Dmitry_P wrote Ken Clark and a runway light for rjluna2's gallery:

Scheduled to post a comment on 2020-4-1.

rjluna2 US

2019-03-06 02:58

@dsl: Ditto with Volkswagen do Brasil, Australian Ford Falcon, Argentinean Ford Falcon and ad nauseam.

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