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The Loud House, Animation Series, 2016-2024 IMDB

Pictures provided by: Reg1992, Car Boi

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Reg1992 US

2017-09-20 13:14

Mostly generic vehicles except for a van driven by one of the main characters (looks like a 60's Ford Econoline or Dodge A-100) and a couple of others I noticed, will add soon

Reg1992 US

2017-09-27 12:34

Season 1 complete

1.01 [*]
[Image: s1e1s25.jpg] [Image: s1e1s26.jpg]

1.02 [*][*] (seen again in 2.02)
[Image: s1e2s11.jpg] [Image: s2e2s23.jpg]
[Image: s1e2s12.jpg] [Image: s1e2s13.jpg] [Image: s1e2s14.jpg]

1.05 [*][*]
[Image: s1e5s11.jpg] [Image: s1e5s12.jpg] [Image: s1e5s13.jpg] [Image: s1e5s14.jpg]

1.06 [*]
[Image: s1e6s11.jpg]

1.07 [*][*]
[Image: s1e7s12.jpg] [Image: s1e7s13.jpg]
[*][*] (1.07+, 3.04)
[Image: s1e7s15.jpg] [Image: s1e7s16.jpg] [Image: s1e7s17.jpg] [Image: s03e04s011.jpg]
[Image: s1e7s14.jpg] [Image: 107.4.jpg]

1.10+ Lola's toy car which apparently runs on actual gasoline [*][*][*] (she refers to it as a Jeep in 2.20)
[Image: s1e11s21.jpg] [Image: s1e10s11.jpg] [Image: s2e2s12.jpg] [Image: s2e12s11.jpg]

1.11 [*]
[Image: s1e11s13.jpg]

1.12+ [*]
[Image: s1e12s11.jpg]

1.14 [*][*]
[Image: 114.1.jpg] [Image: s1e14s22.jpg]

1.16 [*]
[Image: s1e16s21.jpg] [Image: s1e16s28.jpg] [Image: s1e16s29.jpg] [Image: s1e16s210.jpg]
[*][*][*] These generic limousines with strange Checker Taxicab-like front ends are used a lot in this episode (and again in 2.15)
[Image: s1e16s27.jpg] [Image: s1e16s22.jpg] [Image: s1e16s23.jpg] [Image: s1e16s24.jpg] [Image: s1e16s25.jpg] [Image: s1e16s26.jpg] [Image: s2e15s11.jpg]
[*][*] News van
[Image: s1e16s211.jpg]

1.17 [*][*]
[Image: s1e17s21.jpg]

1.18 [*]
[Image: s1e18s21.jpg]

1.19 [*]
[Image: s1e19s21.jpg] [Image: 119.2.jpg]

1.20 [*] looks like the rear a 60's Chrysler
[Image: s1e20s21.jpg]

1.21+ [*][*] (1.21, 2.09, 3.05)
[Image: s1e21s11.jpg] [Image: s2e9s14.jpg] [Image: s03e05s013.jpg] [Image: s03e05s021.jpg]
[Image: s1e21s21.jpg] [Image: s1e21s25.jpg]

1.23 [*]
[Image: s1e23s21.jpg]

1.25 [*]
[Image: s1e25s11.jpg]

0.02 [*] (internet-exclusive Loud House short)
[Image: short3.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2018-02-13 10:46:52

opal TH

2017-09-27 13:26

Only the Eldorado & Club Wagon are ok, but the rest too generic.

Reg1992 US

2017-10-05 07:43

Season 2. Will continue working on series as it progresses.

2.01 [*]
[Image: s2e1s11.jpg]
[Image: s2e1s12.jpg]

2.02 [*][*]
[Image: s2e2s13.jpg] [Image: s2e2s14.jpg]
[*][*] (2.02, 3.02)
[Image: s2e2s15.jpg] [Image: s03e02s11.jpg]
[Image: s2e2s16.jpg] [Image: s2e2s17.jpg]
[Image: s2e2s22.jpg]
[Image: s2e2s24.jpg]

2.04 [*]
[Image: s2e4s11.jpg] [Image: s2e4s12.jpg] [Image: s2e4s21.jpg]

2.05 [*][*] The Louds get a new van (only to return it at the end of the episode and get Vanzilla back)
[Image: s2e5s21.jpg] [Image: s2e5s22.jpg] [Image: s2e5s23.jpg] [Image: s2e5s24.jpg] [Image: s2e5s25.jpg] [Image: s2e5s28.jpg]
[*][*] looks inspired by a 1973 Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado Convertible
[Image: s2e5s27.jpg] [Image: s2e5s210.jpg] [Image: s2e5s211.jpg] [Image: s2e5s215.jpg] [Image: s2e5s223.jpg]
[Image: s2e5s213.jpg] [Image: s2e5s214.jpg]
[Image: s2e5s217.jpg]
[Image: s2e5s220.jpg] [Image: s2e5s219.jpg] [Image: s2e5s221.jpg]
[*][*] (vans on left and right)
[Image: s2e5s212.jpg]
[Image: s2e5s26.jpg] [Image: s2e5s29.jpg] [Image: s2e5s215.jpg] [Image: s2e5s223.jpg] [Image: s2e5s224.jpg] [Image: s2e5s225.jpg] [Image: s2e5s226.jpg] [Image: s2e5s227.jpg]

2.06 [*][*]
[Image: s2e6s12.jpg]
[*][*] seemed to be a cross between a mid-70s Ford Thunderbird and Lincoln Continental Mark IV
[Image: s2e6s21.jpg] [Image: s2e6s22.jpg] [Image: s2e6s23.jpg] [Image: s2e6s24.jpg]
[Image: s2e6s11.jpg]

2.09+ [*][*] The McBrides' vehicle
[Image: s2e9s11.jpg] [Image: s2e9s12.jpg]
(Ep. 2.26)
[Image: s2e26s11.jpg] [Image: s2e26s12.jpg] [Image: s2e26s13.jpg]
[Image: s2e9s13.jpg]
[*] generic but front end strongly resembles a mid-60s Plymouth or Ford
[Image: s2e9s15.jpg]

2.11 [*][*] Principle Huggins' golf cart
[Image: s2e11s11.jpg]
[Image: s2e11s12.jpg]
[Image: s2e11s21.jpg] [Image: s2e11s24.jpg] [Image: s2e11s25.jpg]
[Image: s2e11s22.jpg] [Image: s2e11s23.jpg]

2.12 [*]
[Image: s2e12s21.jpg]

2.13+ [*][*] Bobby Santiago's vehicle - seems loosely based on a 1970-73 Datsun 510 Wagon
[Image: s2e13s13.jpg] [Image: s2e13s14.jpg]
(Ep. 3.04)
[Image: s03e04s014.jpg] [Image: s03e04s015.jpg]
[Image: s2e13s11.jpg] [Image: s2e13s12.jpg] [Image: s2e13s15.jpg] [Image: s2e13s16.jpg]

2.16 [*]
[Image: s2e16s21.jpg]

2.17 [*][*]
[Image: s2e17s11.jpg]
[Image: s2e17s21.jpg]

2.18 [*][*]
[Image: s2e18s23.jpg] [Image: s2e18s22.jpg]

2.19 [*][*]
[Image: 219.2.jpg]
[Image: s2e19s12.jpg] [Image: s2e19s13.jpg]

2.20 [*][*]
[Image: s2e20s11.jpg]

2.22 [*]
[Image: s2e22s11.jpg] [Image: s2e22s21.jpg] [Image: s2e22s22.jpg]

2.23 [*]
[Image: s2e23s11.jpg]
[Image: s2e23s21.jpg] [Image: s2e23s22.jpg]
[Image: s2e23s26.jpg] [Image: s2e23s24.jpg] [Image: s2e23s25.jpg]

2.24 [*][*]
[Image: s2e24s12.jpg]
[Image: s2e24s11.jpg]

2.26 [*][*]
[Image: s2e26s21.jpg] [Image: s2e26s22.jpg] [Image: s2e26s23.jpg]
[Image: s2e26s24.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2018-02-13 10:50:23

Reg1992 US

2017-10-05 11:11

walter, why not this one? I know it's strange but it's a real-world pic of a car (though heavily modified) and while I have no idea what it is, I figured somebody could ID it:

2.04 [*]
[Image: s2e4s21.jpg]

Also I'm not sure if animated series are added to completed list but this one's up-to-date

Baube QC

2017-10-05 14:40

Reg1992 wrote Fair enough, I'd still like to know what it is though

looks like a Lamborghini Diablo to me

Reg1992 US

2017-10-06 07:23

Thanks Baube :)

Reg1992 US

2017-12-02 05:40

Season 2 complete.

Reg1992 US

2018-02-13 11:00

Season 3 in progress (3.01, 3.02, 3.03, 3.04, 3.05, 3.06, 3.07, 3.08 complete as of 5/7/18)

3.01 [*][*][*] Mentioned to be a "1921 16-banger"
[Image: s03e012.jpg] [Image: s03e014.jpg] [Image: s03e015.jpg]
[Image: s03e0117.jpg] [Image: s03e0119.jpg]
[Image: s03e018.jpg] [Image: s03e019.jpg]
[Image: s03e0110.jpg] [Image: s03e0111.jpg] [Image: s03e0112.jpg] [Image: s03e0113.jpg]
[Image: s03e0114.jpg] [Image: s03e0115.jpg] [Image: s03e0116.jpg]
[Image: s03e010.jpg]
[Image: s03e011.jpg] [Image: s03e013.jpg] [Image: s03e016.jpg] [Image: s03e017.jpg] [Image: s03e0118.jpg]

3.02 [*][*]
[Image: s3e02s21.jpg] [Image: s3e02s22.jpg]

3.03 [*][*] Chunks' Van
[Image: s03e03s012.jpg] [Image: s03e03s011.jpg] [Image: s03e03s013.jpg]

3.04 [*][*] Mr. Grouse's car, seems British
[Image: s03e04s021.jpg] [Image: s03e04s022.jpg]
[Image: s03e04s012.jpg] [Image: s03e04s01fix.jpg] [Image: s03e04s016.jpg]

3.05 [*][*]
[Image: s03e05s012.jpg]
[Image: s03e05s014.jpg]
[Image: s03e05s023.jpg]
[Image: s03e05s024.jpg]
[Image: s03e05s025.jpg]
[Image: s03e05s026.jpg]
[Image: s03e05s011.jpg] [Image: s03e05s022.jpg]

3.06 [*][*] Flip's van
[Image: netgains0.jpg] [Image: netgains1.jpg] [Image: netgains3.jpg] [Image: netgains4.jpg] [Image: netgains10.jpg]
[Image: netgains2.jpg] [Image: s03e06s021.jpg]

3.07 [*]
[Image: s03e07s01.jpg]

3.08 [*][*]
[Image: s03e08s021.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2018-05-08 03:36:36

Gamer DE

2018-02-13 11:02

Reg1992 wrote [Image: s03e04s016.jpg]

59 Impala! Definitely worth a page.

-- Last edit: 2018-02-13 11:03:04

Reg1992 US

2018-09-08 11:02

Opal - I've recently lost my source for new episodes of this TV series, and have not had any luck finding new ones. You can take over if you wish, just let me know, it's all yours.

opal TH

2018-09-10 09:44

I have no interest watching this series yet, so I won't be planning on adding anything for now.

FastCarsNoRules220 CA

2018-12-04 08:45

Reg1992 wrote walter, why not this one? I know it's strange but it's a real-world pic of a car (though heavily modified) and while I have no idea what it is, I figured somebody could ID it:

2.04 [*]
[Image: s2e4s21.jpg]

Also I'm not sure if animated series are added to completed list but this one's up-to-date

That picture is clearly taken from this [Image: sparkly.jpg]
2009-2010 Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV

Reg1992 US

2020-01-21 08:11

I recently acquired all of the remaining episodes of Season 3, and will complete them on here soon. Possibly Season 4 as well.

Truck_Guy US

2020-09-26 16:31

Reg1992 wrote
[*][*] (2.02, 3.02)
[Image: s2e2s15.jpg] [Image: s03e02s11.jpg]

Looks loosely based on an International Harvester Loadstar.

ThatVintageCarGuy AU

2021-07-31 13:26

Reg1992 wrote
[Image: netgains2.jpg]

Closest guess is a 1975 Dodge Monaco from the eggcrate grille design.

-- Last edit: 2021-07-31 13:27:20


2024-02-16 18:22

I love this show and the way they portray vehicles. :) Lola's "Princess Car" is one of the best. :king:

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