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Parole de flic, Film, 1985 IMDB

Images fournies par : cleanstream, Dickkiller, andrepa

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Titres alternatifs :

  • Olhos de Tigre (Brazil)
  • Der Panther (Germany)
  • Palabra de ley (Spain)
  • Poliisin kosto (Finland)
  • A zsaru szava (Hungary)
  • Ventiduesima vittima... nessun testimone (Italy)
  • Lovløs purk (Norway)
  • Vingança Jurada (Portugal)
  • En snuts heder (Sweden)
  • Cop's Honor (USA)

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Weasel1984 PL

2011-04-26 20:51


1983+ (perhaps even brand new) Peugoet 305 sedan was also used by Jacques Perrin character.

andrepa DE

2013-03-23 05:01


[Image: daserste2013-03-2302-28-42.jpg]
Hi Weasel1984, have some more pics, but this is best to identify type.
have only seen 1/2 of movie but guess it is **

-- Last edit: 2013-03-23 16:48:19

Sandie SX

2013-03-23 05:03


I placed your pic here: /vehicle_563270-Peugeot-305-581M-1984.html as that seems to be a blank created for it.

-- Last edit: 2013-03-23 05:04:06

andrepa DE

2013-03-23 05:05


thank you Sandie, as it was my intention, so it is brandnew GTX, even faster than dsl (technique :)

-- Last edit: 2013-03-23 05:20:35

andrepa DE

2013-03-23 05:25


[Image: daserste2013-03-2302-45-16.jpg] [Image: daserste2013-03-2302-44-53.jpg] [Image: daserste2013-03-2302-44-54.jpg]
some distant trucks of Pinder UNIC Fourgon ZU 114 or so Renault Traffic Police

-- Last edit: 2013-03-23 05:32:09

dsl SX

2013-03-23 18:33


andrepa a écrit even faster than dsl

Me - I'm faster than a speeding pullet :sun:

andrepa DE

2014-05-25 01:18


[Image: daserste2014-05-2501-00-40.jpg] Audi to blurred, but added Citroen BX used twice, missed better shot, but got type badge

-- Last edit: 2014-05-25 01:26:48

andrepa DE

2014-05-25 01:21


[Image: daserste2014-05-2500-54-48.jpg] [Image: daserste2014-05-2500-55-30.jpg] [Image: daserste2014-05-2500-55-35.jpg][Image: daserste2014-05-2500-54-56.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2014-05-25 01:24:01

Corkeyandpals US

2014-07-06 07:24


Aircraft at: http://impdb.org/index.php?title=Parole_de_flic

berto88fi IT

2018-11-05 08:53


Car chase:


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