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Risky Business, Film, 1983 IMDB

Images fournies par : ahight, Wampa-One, police car fan

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Titres alternatifs :

  • Lockere Geschäfte (Germany)
  • Risky Business - Fuori i vecchi... i figli ballano (Italy)

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carchasesfanatic ES

2007-01-18 19:47


Ive read there is a chase with the Porsche and the cadillac, is it true?

ahight US

2007-01-18 19:53


you are correct!! :D the scenes were too dark to take captures of. my disk also said it was widescreen but it only loaded full screen so the quality wasn't that great.

carchasesfanatic ES

2007-01-18 19:54


Thanks ahight, is it good :p ?

ahight US

2007-01-18 20:07


They end up going in circles around a building (thru the parking lot, thru an alley) about 4 times until the Porsche takes a right, turns off it's lights and the Cadi continues to make the left turn.

[Image: chase6al5.2637.jpg]

Blingy US

2007-01-22 01:26


"I have interms in the morning and I am being chase by Guido, The Killer Pimp"hahahahaha

Wampa-One US

2008-03-08 05:36


[Image: capture0dh4.2508.jpg] [Image: capture5um4.5549.jpg] [Image: capture5byi0.2149.jpg] [Image: capture6doi7.8117.jpg]

Gag Halfrunt UK

2008-03-08 11:28


Filmed in Chicago, Highland Park and Skokie, Illinois.

Wampa-One US

2008-03-09 20:36


There is also a partially visible Army half-track [*], but probably not enough seen for its own page
[Image: capture8xp4.3896.jpg]

Wampa-One US

2008-03-10 03:31


an assortment of other small/partially visible [*] background vehicles:

from the chase:
[Image: capture11cw1.6808.jpg] [Image: capture12yc8.7523.jpg]

from Joel's bike ride:
[Image: capture18bt7.th.jpg] [Image: capture34cb0.6122.jpg] [Image: capture20ma2.th.jpg]

from the party at Joel's parents' house:
[Image: capture25ds0.th.jpg] [Image: capture35ds7.6817.jpg] [Image: capture36io5.7393.jpg]
[Image: capture37ep3.th.jpg] [Image: capture38oe6.th.jpg] [Image: capture39vl6.9372.jpg] [Image: capture41rm3.6207.jpg]

and from the airport:
[Image: capture28bu6.8999.jpg] [Image: capture29iz9.th.jpg] [Image: capture30ge1.th.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2008-03-10 03:31:43

CougarTim US

2008-03-10 03:41


Wampa-One a écrit

from the chase:

Red hatchback in first thumbnail is a 1979+ Ford Pinto or Mercury Bobcat

Snookie US

2008-03-10 05:24


Wampa-One a écrit [Image: capture0dh4.2508.jpg] [Image: capture5um4.5549.jpg] [Image: capture5byi0.2149.jpg] [Image: capture6doi7.8117.jpg]

The famed CTA 1-50 'el' cars. first entered service in August, 1959. Retired in 1994.

58Roadmaster US

2008-03-10 06:35


In the last thumbnail image that Snookie reposted there is a turntable stereo receiver that looks a bit like my 1980 Realistic Clarinette 101.

-- Last edit: 2008-03-10 06:37:01

police car fan NL

2014-08-06 15:41


[Image: snap1529.1.jpg]

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