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Le Mans scorciatoia per l'inferno, Kinofilm, 1970 IMDB

Die Bilder wurden hinzugefügt durch: der.krusche, Alessandro58

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Also known as:

  • Le Mans, Shortcut to Hell
  • Los Circuitos de la muerte (Spain)
  • Le Mans: Circuit de l'enfer (France)

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der.krusche AT

2009-02-15 13:53


the movie really is a mess, but some nice cars. and I think, I saw nina rindt in a scene.

some moments a really ridiculous. like a driver jumping out of a running monocoque before it crashes and burns. so its quite funny!

-- Last edit: 2009-02-15 13:53:43

Neon IT

2009-02-15 17:22


Next time, add the imdb link ;)

Alessandro58 CH

2012-03-20 16:29


[Image: vlcsnap-2012-03-15-09h42m30s219.jpg]

[Image: vlcsnap-2012-03-15-09h56m16s18.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-2012-03-15-09h58m18s163.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-2012-03-15-11h21m34s239.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-2012-03-15-14h06m12s204.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-2012-03-15-10h06m39s106.jpg]

Movie car provider:

[Image: vlcsnap-2012-03-15-14h38m58s137.jpg]

Circuits involved:

[Image: vlcsnap-2012-03-15-14h39m47s93.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2012-03-20 20:53:30

dsl SX

2012-03-20 18:13


All the F1 shots with a burning car in background are 1970 Spanish GP after Ickx's crashed Ferrari; have not checked every other F1 shot, but same race likely in most cases. Entry list and result at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1970_Spanish_Grand_Prix and other race footage in /movie_77404-Days-of-Fury.html . Seems some 1970 Dutch GP footage here as well - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1970_Dutch_Grand_Prix .

So many entries with the Ickx Ferrari included, but always too background for its own page?!?

-- Last edit: 2012-03-21 00:06:45

Alessandro58 CH

2012-03-20 20:33


dsl wrote So many entries with the Ickx Ferrari included, but always too background for its own page?!?

Indeed, too blurry or too bg, but worth to list: /vehicle_487174-Ferrari-312B-1970.html

-- Last edit: 2012-03-20 20:47:44

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