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The Prisoner, Série télé, 1967-1968 IMDB

Images fournies par : LH2, Bent8rover, Sunbar

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Titres alternatifs :

  • Saarroksissa (Finland)
  • Le prisonnier (France)

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bent8rover UK

2007-02-13 00:29


[Image: titles2.jpg] [Image: titles4.jpg] [Image: charkx5.2117.jpg]

edit: broken imageshack links replaced

-- Last edit: 2016-09-06 13:04:20 (Sunbar)

ProwlerX US

2007-02-18 00:09


In the last episode, didn't a Rocket blast off from a mansion?


2007-02-18 00:10


ProwlerX a écrit In the last episode, didn't a Rocket blast off from a mansion?

your correct it wasnt a mansion it blasted off from a cave

bent8rover UK

2007-02-18 01:38


LH2 a écrit I was going to add this

Oh ok, I did look for an entry in Forum 'Coming soon' :)

LH2 a écrit Could i add some other vehicles on

Sure, please go ahead, great do the lot, this was me being keen to kick-start what seemed to be a 'dead' page. Just Ep0 and Ep1 are genuine DVD grabs, others are grubbies I thought worthwhile at the time. Cheers!

bent8rover UK

2007-03-04 02:38


Mod: this page should have both LH2 and bent8rover listed as image providers.

CougarTim US

2011-10-11 21:29


A website devoted to the vehicles in this series: http://www.theunmutual.co.uk/carguide.htm

Sunbar UK

2016-09-06 12:37


As its 50 years ago, on 5 September 1966, that The Prisoner started filming I re-watched the final few episodes.

I hope that bent8rover and LH2 will not mind me adding the lomg missing pictures of the Lotus Elan and Jaguar E-Type plus a few others.

[Image: prisonercap-00096.jpg] [Image: prisonercap-00098.jpg] [Image: prisonercap-00099.jpg]


2016-12-09 13:14


You know what ?
There is a page on IMPDB (since 2013) !

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