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The Tree of Life, Film, 2011 IMDB

Images fournies par : McAfee

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  • El árbol de la vida (Spain)
  • L'arbre de vie (France)

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dsl SX

2017-09-09 13:35


Found this blank page after watching the film, which is a load of over-hyped twaddle. But it has lots of 1950s US stuff - mostly "casually" parked backgrounds and high quality onscreen should mean they capture well.

McAfee CA

2018-11-28 17:43


Criterion Collection #942

[Image: ozg6bn23ql1kxhonhbesxjrbnzrjsk_large.jpg]

- - -

Terrence Malick filmography
1973: Badlands
1978: Days of Heaven
1998: The Thin Red Line
2011: The Tree of Life
2012: To the Wonder
2015: Knight of Cups
2017: Song to Song

- - -

[*] background-ish vehicles
[Image: threeoflife2011criterioncollectionextendedremuxblurayavcdts-hdma51-pandymkv_000409653.jpg] [Image: threeoflife2011criterioncollectionextendedremuxblurayavcdts-hdma51-pandymkv_000721668.jpg] [Image: threeoflife2011criterioncollectionextendedremuxblurayavcdts-hdma51-pandymkv_000935510.jpg] [Image: threeoflife2011criterioncollectionextendedremuxblurayavcdts-hdma51-pandymkv_001227485.jpg]
[Image: threeoflife2011criterioncollectionextendedremuxblurayavcdts-hdma51-pandymkv_004922972.jpg] [Image: threeoflife2011criterioncollectionextendedremuxblurayavcdts-hdma51-pandymkv_010506406.jpg] [Image: threeoflife2011criterioncollectionextendedremuxblurayavcdts-hdma51-pandymkv_011918504.jpg]

[*][*] pick-up
[Image: threeoflife2011criterioncollectionextendedremuxblurayavcdts-hdma51-pandymkv_022548364.jpg][Image: threeoflife2011criterioncollectionextendedremuxblurayavcdts-hdma51-pandymkv_022551712.jpg] [Image: threeoflife2011criterioncollectionextendedremuxblurayavcdts-hdma51-pandymkv_010150076.jpg]

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