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La ragnatela del silenzio - A.I.D.S., Film, 1994 IMDB

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  • The Web of Silence - A.I.D.S.

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ElSaxo IT

2013-11-14 23:02


[Image: vlcsnap-00001.54.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-00004.20.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-00065.8.jpg]

Background vehicles:
[Image: vlcsnap-00010.19.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-00011.21.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-00016.17.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-00018.17.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-00040.12.jpg]

A motorized deltaplane:
[Image: vlcsnap-00043.12.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-00046.13.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-00047.4.jpg]

rtsbusman1997 US

2013-11-15 04:19


What is the point of this movie?

ElSaxo IT

2013-11-15 05:12


Interesting question.
Basically, the main character, an antique dealer (who drives the Ferrari) discovers to be infected with AIDS, and to avoid to infect his wife, has sexual intercourses with various women, hookers and friends' wives, and in particular with his attractive saleswoman. The cuckold wife become increasingly suspicious and discover husband's secret after his weakened health finally collapse after going to church. The film ends with the saleswoman (who drives the Ritmo Cabrio) starts to lure innocent young men as revenge.

[Image: aidsmary.jpg]

No, well, jokes apart... In Italy there was an AIDS infection explosion in very late '80s/early '90s and were even launched awareness campaigns... http://youtu.be/k33ta6HBotc http://youtu.be/5C_rsnbYiTU But I've failed to understand the sense of this film, I've posted here just for the Bedf... Ferrari.

rtsbusman1997 US

2013-11-15 05:53


Sounds really weird xD

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