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Looking at Britain: National Parks, Documentaire, 1961 IMDB

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dsl SX

2016-09-16 03:15

[Image: title.290.jpg] [Image: title1.26.jpg] [Image: title2.161.jpg]

Taken from
[Image: dvdcover.3.jpg]
BFI/COI Collection Vol 5: Portrait of a People 2-DVD set.

15 minute account of National Parks (as you might have already guessed) filmed in Snowdonia and then Exmoor. The sun obviously shone all the time without a cloud in the sky in those days, which is a huge contrast with my extensive childhood encounters with Snowdonia a few years later, when I became an expert rain spotter. [Image: smiley-with-glasses16.gif]

Reject A55 Cambridge for being too blurry
[Image: 13-03a55.jpg]

Assorted porridge at Lynmouth harbour
[Image: 12-40heraldlynmouth.jpg] [Image: 12-40heraldlynmouthb.jpg] [Image: 12-40heraldlynmouthc.jpg]

The biggest box of Sugar Puffs I've ever seen
[Image: sugarpuffs.jpg]

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