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Werner - Beinhart!, Trickfilm, 1990 IMDB

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Gamer DE

2017-02-04 23:12


Here a summary of all the main stories of the Werner books, for the non-English speakers:

The first three:

Oder was?! (1981)
Alles klar? (1982)
Wer sonst? (1983)

have no story, just gags.

Eiskalt (1985) - Werner races his Horex against the Porsche 911 of his nemesis, Holgi - the winner gets 100 boxes of Flensburger beer, and the loser gets cat feces thrown at him.
A real race was held in 1988, attracting a quarter million visitors and creating a huge traffic jam. Holgi won - because Brösel (the creator) kept misshifting.

Normal ja! (1987) - Werner, Andi and his friend (I cannot remember his name) go on a wild road trip to Corsica in a 1975 Oldsmobile 98 Regency.

Besser ist das! (1989) - After a massive party, Werner has a dream where he rules his own country (unter the motto 'One people! One king!') but he is betrayed by his advisors. His crown - already seen in the previous book - is made of a Frosted Flakes (Frosties)/Cornflakes box, and such a crown was worn by Werner fans at rallies.

Ouhauerha! (1992) - The first full-color book. Werner, Eckat and Meister Röhrich celebrate a garden party...and secretly make liquor. Their business backfires when the vat explodes and causes destruction.
First appearances of Mr. Hüpenbecker (in his present form) a nervous man who stutters things whenever he appears, and Mr. Günzelsen, a choleric, rich businessman with a temper...and deep hatred against Röhrich.

Wer bremst, hat Angst! (1994) - Werner and Andi finish the "Methyl-Cabrio" they began building in the previous book, a custom-made hotrod with a plane engine.
While taking it out for a test drive on the autobahn, they encounter Nobel-Schröder in his 1931 Bentley Blower and challenge him to a race. Massive destruction ensues after the Methyl-Cabrio crashes into the then-unfinished 4th tube of the Elbtunnel and loses its engine. Nobel-Schröder's Bentley overheats shortly after, but the Methyl-Cabrio's engine flies out of the tunnel and wreaks havoc across two lanes. It lands further than the Bentley's (anthropomorphic) blower, so that they still win. Günzelsen appears and grants them a large check for completing the 4th tube.
Final appearance of Holgi, now only credited as "Porsche driver," and his bad-running 911, which is crushed by the Methyl-Cabrio.
Later Holgi also got his own spinoff comic series, which I have yet to own.

Na also! (1996) - This book exploits Brösel's hatred towards Japanese machines, as many of them are trashed in this book, including parodies such as "Kay war Sachse" (Kay was a Saxon) "Jammer-Akazie" (groaning acacia) and the fictious make 'Wozudie' (What that for?)

Exgummibur! (1998) - Due to a stupid mix-up, Werner and Andi's teenage nephew Nobby is kidnapped by thugs from the North African country of Lower Volta. The king and his men assume he is the "Great Condensator" who shall bring peace to their country, but the thugs hypnotize him and want him to build a nuclear power plant. Luckily, Werner's powerful plunger "Exgummibur" saves Nobby just in time...

Volle Latte! - (2002) The famous "market soccer game" from the early books is continued on a French camping ground - this scene is adapted for the film "Gekotzt wird später!" Also Werner wishes for a girlfriend, so Brösel has to draw one for him, but Werner gets into some embarrassing situations, not impressing his new girlfriend. Fellow Achterbahn comic heroes Dex and Dogfort of their eponymous strip guest star.

Freie Bahn mit Marzipan! (2004) - So far the final book in the series. The hedgehog Ingo, a recurring character in all of the books, accidently sets the speeding record of Knöllerup (the Schleswigian village where they live) which is, during a speed competition between Werner and his biker pals, topped by a passing Günzelsen in his "Dubai Supersport V10" (he hits 325 km/h!) The choleric businessman then storms to the gang's bar and makes a bet that whoever can top his record gets the car, "because I hate it when someone is faster than me!" In the end, Röhrich with his clumsiness accidently backs into a wall and sets off the fuel tank on his Hanomag containing highly flammable material...hitting 1250 km/h, he wins the V10...but trashes it upon landing. We learn that Werner's motorcycle gang (MC Klappstuhl) hates scooters and goes as far as not only trashing them but also setting them on fire with gasoline, to the chagrin of the President's three sons, who celebrate their debut in this book.
A new version of the famous race was held in September 2004, using a replica of the "Dolmette" from the book - a chopper with 24 Dolmar chainsaw engines. This time Rötger and Andi raced against Christina Surer in an Abt Audi AS400 - again, the Feldmanns lost.

Other collections:
Geht tierisch los! (1995) - A collection of animal-related cartoons, some old, some new, all in color.
Bescheid! (1997) - A collection of colorized cartoons, some old, some new.

-- Last edit: 2019-09-07 23:42:58

mike962 DE

2019-09-07 23:48


generic moped?

[Image: untitled.4855.jpg]

mayeb intended as Manta A?
[Image: untitled.4862.jpg] [Image: untitled.4863.jpg] [Image: untitled.4864.jpg]

[Image: untitled.4861.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2019-09-07 23:58:54

mike962 DE

2019-09-07 23:56



[Image: untitled.4866.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2019-09-08 00:01:14

Mystery Man DE

2019-09-08 00:05


Pics replaced, the rest is for a validating member. The Trabant is a 601 [P601], I think a 1967 S de Luxe :think:

mike962 DE

2019-09-08 00:09


hope they bring out the 2nd movie too in HD

with the 3rd in went downhil so won't bother with those afterwards

-- Last edit: 2019-09-08 00:10:25

Sandie SX

2019-09-08 00:33


Unsure about the van, might get moved to comments if it proves to be generic.

mike962 DE

2019-10-07 18:51


mike962 wrote hope they bring out the 2nd movie too in HD

it happens

scheduled for 5.12.2019 , and they clearly say UNCUT

-- Last edit: 2019-10-07 18:52:27

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