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IKEA: De 60 första åren, Dokumentarfilm, 2007

Die Bilder wurden hinzugefügt durch: atom

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atom SE

2008-08-23 03:08


[Image: title1hl7.th.jpg]

[Image: dc31gn9.8184.jpg]

marioman3138 AU

2008-08-23 03:10


A movie about IKEA-Cool :sun:

sixcyl FR

2008-08-23 10:16


Since I moved in my new house, I'm at Ikea store every three days at the moment :D

The airplane in the thumbnail is not a DC-3 as they wrote on the comment, but a Vickers 627 Viking 1B of 1946 in TRADAIR company delivery.
Link to "www.airliners.net"

marioman3138 AU

2008-08-23 11:46


Bit off topic, but Ikea has nice chocolate, agree?

Ingo DE

2008-08-23 16:34


Yes, in the IKEA-shops they have the "Marabou"-chocolade.

When we are at IKEA, we always have to buy the famous cookies (click on the thumbnails on the left: http://www.yopi.de/rev/291934#)
But they are problematical: the amount of calories is huge and the packet is big - so usually you eat too many of them in a too short time.

Ingo DE

2008-08-23 16:37


P.S. Bad experiences I've made with the "Estrella"-potato-chips. I'm allergic against the glutamate, this artificial taste-power-stuff (also called "Chinese-Restaurant-Syndrome"). In the "Estrella"'s must be extreme much of that stuff. From that I got my heaviest "kick" ever, more than from Chinese food, instant-soups or other potato-chips. :(

Corkeyandpals US

2014-02-07 22:24


Aircraft at: http://impdb.org/index.php?title=IKEA:_De_60_f%C3%B6rsta_%C3%A5ren

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