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Vauxhall Churchill 'Crocodile'
The Austin Festival Review (1951)
Sorry nzcarnerd it should be this"Vauxhall Churchill 'Crocodile'"

The AVRE stands for Armoured vehicle Royal Engineers and would have a larege petard mortar in place of the 75 mm gun.
2015-08-07 11:15
Daimler Armoured Car
The Red Beret (1953)
Daimler Armoured Car

2015-08-06 16:42
Daimler Dingo
The Red Beret (1953)
Daimler Dingo

2015-08-06 16:40
Krauss-Maffei KM Sd.Kfz. 7
The Red Beret (1953)
Krauss Maffei Sd.kfz 7 cargo


-- Last edit: 2015-08-06 16:40:00
2015-08-06 16:39
Humber Armoured Car
The Red Beret (1953)
Humber Armoured Car

2015-08-06 16:17
GKN Defence Simba
Doomsdayer (2000)
GKN Simba

2015-07-27 13:36
AM General M-35
Doomsdayer (2000)
Reo Truck

2015-07-27 13:30
Doomsdayer (2000)

2015-07-27 13:29
Volkswagen Kübelwagen
Carter's Army (1970)
My money is on a real Kubel that had been modified with a new dashboard and steering wheel at some point. Despite the dashboard there are a lot of details that spot on, like inside the doors, the windscreen and front area. You can see the front is a little dented and the number plate has been painted over, if you were making a replica with this much detail you wouldn't get the dash so wrong.

2015-07-08 17:44
Chrysler M4 A3 'Sherman'
A Estrada 47 (2013)
M4A3 Sherman? Difficult to tell exactly without seeing the rear

2015-07-02 22:55
PPS OT-810
Moskovskaya saga (2004)
/vehicles_make-PPS_model-OT-810.html 2015-06-30 21:00
1940 Moskovsky zavod No.37 T-40
Great Tank Battles of World War II (2001)


2015-06-11 14:13
1935 KhPZ BT-7
Great Tank Battles of World War II (2001)

2015-06-11 14:09
1940 Fiat M13/40
Great Tank Battles of World War II (2001)
Fiat M13/40

2015-06-11 14:07
Horch 108
Great Tank Battles of World War II (2001)
Horch 108

2015-06-11 14:04
1942 Alkett Marder IID Sd.Kfz.132
Great Tank Battles of World War II (2001)
Marder IID, also known as a Sd.Kfz.132

2015-06-11 14:02
1939 Škoda 38(t)
Great Tank Battles of World War II (2001)
Skoda 38t, also known in German service as a Sd. Kfz. 140.


2015-06-11 14:00
1941 Autocar T12 75mm GMC M3 Halftrack
Great Tank Battles of World War II (2001)
Autocar T12

2015-06-11 13:54
Made for Movie Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger
Kung Fury (2015)
Made for Movie Tiger I

2015-06-01 11:23
L'Angelo di Sarajevo (2015)
It does bear a similarity to an ASA Guardian, the armoured version of an Fiat AR 75 Campagnola

2015-06-01 10:39
Vauxhall Churchill 'Crocodile'
The Austin Festival Review (1951)
Yep should be like this but not Without AVRE as they were not made into crocadiles

2015-06-01 00:50
Le plus joli péché du monde (1951)
The Grill and possibly the bonnet look like they are from an Sdkfz 7


I have no idea what the cab came from, but I doubt it is armoured or original,

I agree the chassis size and wheels look right for a large Mercedes truck



2015-05-18 14:13
Ford P100
Láska shora (2002)
Ford Cortina Pick up, also known as a P100

2015-05-13 16:58
General Dynamics M1A2 'Abrams'
Vyprávěj (2009-2013)
mike962 wrote

you tried this one ?

Another on bites the dust :beer:
2015-04-20 20:52
Uralvagonzavod T-55
Vyprávěj (2009-2013)
Actually yeah and the fume extractor is at the end of the gun too, oops :( 2015-04-20 15:12
August 1991 (2005)
BOV-3 Air Defence Vehicle made by TAM, the non-standard lights and box on the back threw me for a while, but the shape of the turret, armour and hatches match and it was used by the Yugoslav army before the war.

Link to "commons.wikimedia.org"


Made by

-- Last edit: 2015-04-20 15:13:39
2015-04-20 15:09
Kurganmashzavod BMP-1
Vyprávěj (2009-2013)

2015-04-19 00:11
Uralvagonzavod T-55
Vyprávěj (2009-2013)
The grab handles on the turret look more like a T-62 2015-04-19 00:09
General Dynamics M1A2 'Abrams'
Vyprávěj (2009-2013)
Yep, with that sight on the turret it'll be an A2...

2015-04-19 00:06
Chrysler M728
Vyprávěj (2009-2013)
From the frame on the turret I would say it is an M728 CEV


I'd list it like this

2015-04-19 00:04
Uralvagonzavod VT-55
Vyprávěj (2009-2013)
VT-55 recovery vehicle, sorry don't have the mfr to hand

2015-04-18 23:58
1939 Bedford OY
Hitler-Deutschland in Farbe (2004)
Bedford OY

2015-04-11 08:14
1936 Renault Char B1
Hitler-Deutschland in Farbe (2004)
Renault Char B1

2015-04-11 08:10
L'Angelo di Sarajevo (2015)
It doesn't look familiar, though the back wheel looks like it is from a Series 1 Range Rover so you might be right that it is Made for Movie.

I can't find anything further, it is similar to something used by US police forces but not the same.


-- Last edit: 2015-04-07 17:22:22
2015-04-06 23:05
Rock Island Arsenal T-4
Os Caras de Pau em O Misterioso Roubo do Anel (2014)
Found it! T-4 Medium Tank apparently built at Rock Island Arsenal


2015-04-06 20:44
Nissan Diesel UG 780 'Crocodile'
End of Empire (1985)
I would probably put the location as Rhodesia or Zimbabwe if that is not possible as they were converted into Crocodiles locally a bit like the example below...

2015-04-06 11:06
ZTS-Martin T-55 A
Montana (2014)
mike962 wrote

:hello: PETEP

2 vehicles for you here

:hello: mike962

I managed to get 4 or 5, search for my recent comments :)

On the T-55, I don't think the headlight is centrally mounted, I think it is at a slight angle with the turret slightly turned.
2015-04-06 09:41
Dodge 1-Ton
End of Empire (1985)
Dodge 1 Ton

2015-04-06 09:37
Ford GTB
End of Empire (1985)
Ford GTB

2015-04-06 09:22
Marmon-Herrington Mk.III
End of Empire (1985)
Marmington-Herrington MkIII


2015-04-06 09:08
Nissan Diesel UG 780 'Crocodile'
End of Empire (1985)
Rhodesian "Crocodile" armoured vehicle, built on a Nissan UG780 chassis

2015-04-06 08:50
End of Empire (1985)
mike962 wrote [Image: untitled.1010.jpg]

This one is an AMX-13


The one in the main pic is an AMX-13 but with an M24 Chaffee turret mounted, I can't find a designation so guess it'll have to just go as an AMX-13

2015-04-06 08:43
ZTS-Martin T-55 A
Montana (2014)
I would have said it looks like a T-55, might be an A as it looks like it has a bigger cupola

2015-04-05 20:48
Made for Movie StuG III Ausf. B
Stalingrad (2013)
Made for movie StuG III Ausf B

2015-04-05 20:41
MAZ 7917
Die Straßen von Berlin (1995-2000)
An RS-12M Topol-M missile on a MAZ-7917

2015-04-01 15:20
1944 Pressed Steel M4 A1 E8 'Sherman'
Le rendez-vous des quais (1955)
The two on the left are M4A1E8 with a 76 mm T-23 turret and HVSS suspension


The one on the right is a late M4 hull with a 76 mm T-23 turret fitted (though it would probably have been built with an earlier 105 mm Turret) and VVSS suspension

2015-03-27 12:31
FMC M163 A1
Spy Game (2001)
With that turret on it is an FMC M163A1


2015-03-17 14:24
Detroit Tank Arsenal M4 (105) 'Sherman' HVSS with 76mm turret
Fury (2014)
This is not an M4 (105) as it is currently listed. The 105 was only put in the older turret, not the later T23 turret. This is supposed to be portraying an M4A3E8, however I seem to remember reading it was another M4A2E8 like the tank used for Fury. 2015-02-23 14:59
Pressed Steel M4 A1 'Sherman' (76) HVSS
Fury (2014)
This should just be an M4 A1 not an M4 A1 E8 as it currently is, this has the older VSS suspension and would need to have the HVSS suspension (like fury in the foreground) to be an E8 2015-02-23 14:57
1998 BAE Systems CV90
Outpost 37 (2014)
Not sure it shouldn't be manufacutred by BAE Systems now CV90

2015-02-04 17:43

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