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1988 Audi 100 C3 [Typ 44]
Love, Honour and Obey (2000)
Yes - C3. Rear lights might even be a 200 - if only we had an Audi expert ..... 2014-10-09 23:08
1999 Lexus GS 300 Sport [JZS160]
Love, Honour and Obey (2000)
Consecutive plate with Lexus T296 TUF.

-- Last edit: 2014-10-09 22:59:42
2014-10-09 22:58
1989 SAAB 900 i Gen.1
Operation Good Guys (1997-2000)
^ F357PRX = GREEN 1989 SAAB 900 I 3 DOOR HATCHBACK 2014-10-09 22:56
1989 Austin Metro [LC8]
Operation Good Guys (1997-2000)
Looks familiar but can't match it. 88+ revived Studio 2 is close - Link to "www.metroownersclub.org" - with the right sort of green. Vague memory that this may have had some sort of tennis connection. 2014-10-09 22:53
1999 Lexus LS 400 [UCF20 II]
Operation Good Guys (1997-2000)
T296 SUF = Lexus LS 4.0 V8 4dr Auto
Fuel type Petrol
Engine size 4000
Body type Saloon
Colour Black
Transmission Automatic
Date of first registration 08/04/1999
2014-10-09 22:12
1961 Jaguar E-Type 3.8 Series I
Il corpo della ragassa (1979)
Early S1 with single rear badge = 61-63 3.8. 2014-10-09 15:43
1955 Volkswagen Pick-up [Typ 2 / T1]
Term of Trial (1962)
Umm.... I think if I had found it, I would post it for rare-in-UK reasons [Image: smiley-scared004.gif].

But I get accused of too many background blurries as well ...
2014-10-09 15:12
1953 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith Cabriolet by Hooper [WVH74]
Grace of Monaco (2014)
We have enough RRs described as Hooper Empress to continue to use the description, despite jfs' unfortunate encounter with a Daimler-ultra. We know what we mean, and it's common use elsewhere. 1953 date for this one seems common - Link to "www.edwardquinn.com" gives chassis WVH74. Seems Hooper did 13 Empress-style Silver Wraiths within the nearly 2000 total Silver Wraiths built - Link to "www.supercars.net" . 2014-10-09 13:08
1994 Lotus Esprit [Type 114]
Bermuda Grace (1994)
Steed a écrit The Lotus is a MY1993. The Esprit S4 is codenamed X180 (note: Type 114 is the Esprit V8 from 1996 on!!!) Engine 2.2l . Designed by Peter Stevens in 1987 and updated by Julian Thomson in 1992.
2014-10-09 04:32
1966 Mercury Park Lane
Wonder Woman (1976-1979)
Probably. 2014-10-09 01:54
The Wee Man (2013) Crew car caught on camera:
[Image: 46-22escort.jpg] [Image: 48-50crewcar.jpg]
2014-10-09 00:14
1984 Jaguar XJ6 3.4 Automatic [Series III]
The Wee Man (2013)
Brief appearance at end of film, with some clues on how they do running-into-people stunts. And a miraculous self-repairing windscreen.
[Image: 01-33-51xj6b.jpg] [Image: 01-33-51xj6c.jpg]

[Image: 01-33-51xj6d.jpg] [Image: 01-33-51xj6e.jpg]

Behind-the-scenes DVD extra shots with the real and onscreen Paul Ferrises together, badge confirmation as 3.4 and smashed windscreen

[Image: 01-33-51xj6fbts.jpg] [Image: 01-33-51xj6gbts.jpg]

[Image: 01-33-51xj6hbts.jpg]

Plate not on DVLA but
2014-10-08 23:51
1991 Vauxhall Nova GSi MkI
The Wee Man (2013)
Irish import would normally be Opel. Q plates used when car has part of its history or identity missing for whatever reason. Probably sitting in a scrappie or in the back of a garage until resurrected to be smashed on film. 2014-10-08 23:40
1965 Porsche 911 [901]
À belles dents (1966)
130rapid a écrit ... just going different ways. :sun:

Nice phrase. imcdb makes us do that sometimes ....

What is odd in that parts catalogue is that 912 seems to have stayed slant for an extra year - Link to "www.sierramadrecollection.com" . I would expect both 911 and 912 to change together.
2014-10-08 22:47
1987 Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.6 [W201]
The Wee Man (2013)
I spotted that badge too .... UK did not get plain 2.3 (only as Cosworth) so 2.6 - March 87 onwards with twin exhausts and washwipe. 2014-10-08 22:35
1987 Daimler Limousine [DS420]
The Wee Man (2013)
[Image: 01-27-19ds420c.jpg] [Image: 01-27-19ds420e.jpg]

[Image: 01-27-19ds420f.jpg]

Also dated as 87 for white painted wheel rims (unconfirmed date for this change, but matches our collection). And it seems most Daimler funeral sets come as similar dated cars.
2014-10-08 22:30
1987 Daimler Hearse [DS420]
The Wee Man (2013)
[Image: 01-27-19ds420b.jpg]
Dated as 87 for bumpers (possibly) and the white wheel rims (unconfirmed date for this change, but matches our collection).
2014-10-08 22:23
Mercedes-Benz [W124]
The Wee Man (2013)
[Image: 01-20-52yellowa.jpg] [Image: 01-20-52yellowb.jpg]

Thinking Merc E .....

It would also make plot sense if it was this car
[Image: 01-08-14whitec.jpg] [Image: 01-08-14white.jpg]

[Image: 01-08-14whiteb.jpg]

which is up on main page for any guesses, with the colour difference due to orange street lamps. Anyone able to solve this??
2014-10-08 22:09
1989 Ford Escort XR3i Cabriolet Tennis edition MkIV
The Wee Man (2013)
[Image: 01-19-44escort.jpg]
1989 XR3i convertible Tennis edition was Diamond white with coachlines and white power hood - /vehicle_686601-Ford-Escort-XR3i-Cabriolet-1989.html . Doesn't totally prove this one, so an opening bid.
2014-10-08 22:01
1971 Rover 3500 [P6B]
The Wee Man (2013)
First seen at 01-17-19 as passive background
[Image: 01-17-19p6.jpg]

then manages by magic to move across town quicker than the Volvo to appear at 01-19-57 main and below
[Image: 01-17-19p601-19-57b.jpg] [Image: 01-17-19p601-19-57c.jpg]

DVLA says YNJ 392J
✔ Taxed Expires: 01 July 2015
✔ MOT Expires: 21 July 2015
Vehicle make :ROVER
Date of first registration :21 February 1971
Year of manufacture :1971
Cylinder capacity (cc) :3528cc
Fuel type :PETROL
Export marker : No
Vehicle status :Tax not due
Vehicle colour :WHITE
2014-10-08 21:54
1984 Daimler Double Six [Series III]
The Wee Man (2013)
Various appearances after 55-15
[Image: 55-14xj6.jpg] [Image: 55-14xj6b.jpg]

[Image: 55-14xj601-01-36.jpg] [Image: 55-14xj601-01-36b.jpg]

[Image: 55-14xj601-13-46.jpg] [Image: 55-14xj601-13-46b.jpg]

DVLA for B18 ASJ is:
✔ Taxed Expires: 01 March 2015
✔ MOT Expires: 04 November 2014
Vehicle make :DAIMLER
Date of first registration :01 April 1996
Year of manufacture :1984
Cylinder capacity (cc) :5343cc
Fuel type :PETROL
Export marker :No
Vehicle status :Tax not due
Vehicle colour :SILVER
Vehicle type approval :Not available
2014-10-08 21:44
1991 Vauxhall Nova GSi MkI
The Wee Man (2013)
[Image: 48-56novab.jpg] [Image: 48-56novac.jpg]

DVLA info is a mess - well it is a Q plate ....
Q753 VOJ
✗ Untaxed Expired: 01 December 2007
✗ No MOT Expired: 06 February 2008
Vehicle make :VAUXHALL
Date of first registration :04 February 1997
Year of manufacture :1997
Cylinder capacity (cc) :1600cc
CO₂Emissions : Not available
Fuel type :PETROL
Export marker : No
Vehicle status : Not taxed
Vehicle colour :PURPLE

97 far too late for a Nova. I think it matches Oct 90 facelift as GSi (previously GTE) for grille, wheels, white sidelights, stripey seats and as the only 1.6 version, but may be a later colour??
2014-10-08 21:03
1987 Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.6 [W201]
The Wee Man (2013)
[Image: 47-58merc.jpg] [Image: 47-58mercb.jpg]

[Image: 47-58mercc.jpg] [Image: 47-58mercd.jpg]

[Image: 47-58merce.jpg] [Image: 47-58mercef.jpg]

[Image: 47-58merceff.jpg] [Image: 47-58mercf.jpg]

Magically healed rear window in main. Fake plate - A130 YMH was 1980 911 SC.
2014-10-08 20:49
1990 Ford Escort 1.3 L MkIV
The Wee Man (2013)
I got a bit confused by this car. Brief background appearance as main at 46-22 which should be totally without significance to plot. Then later reappearance at 01-23-44
[Image: 46-22escort01-23-24b.jpg] [Image: 46-22escort01-23-24c.jpg]

[Image: 46-22escort01-23-24.jpg]

during a dramatic sequence. If this is just a casual reuse of the car which the film-makers hoped no-one would notice, that's fine and I can go back to sleep. Or if it's deliberate, then I've missed a significant plot strand about betrayal and counter-betrayal. But I never quite understood who this pair were anyway ... Not on DVLA, but other sites give G619 RGK as red 1990 1.3L.
2014-10-08 20:15
1988 BMW 320i Cabrio [E30]
The Wee Man (2013)
[Image: 44-47bmwb.jpg]
Body colour hood and alloys, but no tints or boot spoiler - early mid-spec 320i should fit.
2014-10-08 20:00
1980 Mercedes-Benz 380 SL [R107]
The Wee Man (2013)
Behind the Capri in main and then on the drive on left when the Jag goes bang
[Image: 43-2merc.jpg]
DVLA says: OWL 89W
✔ Taxed Expires: 01 July 2015
✔ MOT Expires: 20 October 2014
Date of first registration :28 October 1980
Year of manufacture :1980
Cylinder capacity (cc) :3818cc
Fuel type :PETROL
Export marker : No
Vehicle status : Tax not due
Vehicle colour :GREEN
2014-10-08 19:49
1993 Jaguar XJ6 [XJ40]
The Wee Man (2013)
[Image: 43-31jaga.jpg] [Image: 43-31jagb.jpg]

[Image: 43-31jagc.jpg]

Black side pillars = 93+. And it's an automatic. Plate from 1986 BMW 520i. Slightly unusual onscreen that it keeps moving during the explosion. Although only very slowly.
2014-10-08 19:39
1983 Volvo 240 DL [244]
The Wee Man (2013)
Extensive appearances from 37-00 to film end
[Image: 37-08volvoa.jpg] [Image: 37-08volvoc.jpg]

[Image: 37-08volvo.jpg] [Image: 37-08volvob.jpg]

[Image: 37-08volvod01-12-29.jpg] [Image: 37-08volvof.jpg]

[Image: 37-08volvog01-17-21.jpg] [Image: 37-08volvoh.jpg]

[Image: 37-08volvoj.jpg]

So Glasgow's rising gangland superstar drives round in a 240 DL and has AA Relay membership - I began expecting to see travel rugs or flasks of tomato soup. Plate from a green 1985 Nova 2 door saloon, but behind-the-scenes DVD extra is more useful:

[Image: 37-08volvokbts.jpg] [Image: 37-08volvolbts.jpg]
- shows true number plate and glimpse of 240 boot badge. Plate info = 240 DL, and DVLA says FVX 69Y
✔ Taxed - Expires: 01 January 2015
✔ MOT - Expires: 08 September 2015
Date of first registration :05 November 1982
Year of manufacture :1982
Cylinder capacity (cc) :2127cc
Fuel type :PETROL
Export marker : No
Vehicle status :Tax not due
Vehicle colour :RED

A faint possibility that 2 cars used - nothing noticed onscreen to support this unless there is a browner car and a marooner one - due to comments online and in DVD extra about last minute switch of locations from Glasgow to London, and main looks as if it might have been filmed in now demolished Meadowside Quay granary in Glasgow - also Link to "canmore.rcahms.gov.uk" . But London might still have similar??
2014-10-08 19:16
1985 Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.3-16 Cosworth [W201]
The Wee Man (2013)
Very brief appearance in film with main giving the only useful capture, but important 2* role. Behind-the-scenes DVD extra is much more revealing:
[Image: 01-18-22carbts.jpg] [Image: 01-18-22carbts2.jpg]

[Image: 01-18-22carbts3.jpg] [Image: 37-08volvokbts.jpg]

2.3-16 boot badge so Cosworth - UK launch July 85. Intriguing AMG 549 plate - seems to be a dead end on check sites but found this 2008 sighting in Surrey - Link to "platewave.com" .
2014-10-08 18:45
1968 Wolseley 1300 MkII [ADO16]
Carrie's War (1974)
Useful extra pics - shows Wolseley front side trim, not Riley. I think side indicators visible, so Mk2 not mk3. 2014-10-08 18:12
1953 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith Cabriolet by Hooper [WVH74]
Grace of Monaco (2014)
Rolls Hooper Empress - or maybe Daimler?? What did the Rainiers have in their garage? 2014-10-08 14:45
1964 Ford Taunus 12M TS [P4]
Grace of Monaco (2014)
Taunus 12M P4? 2014-10-08 14:42
1955 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL [W121]
Hazell (1978-1979)
Agree thumb looks Mk2 shape, so just one of those odd onscreen glimpses. But slim bumper means 67+ 240/340 or maybe Daimler D in hubcap centre for 250 V8. 2014-10-08 14:21
1976 Rover 3500 [SD1]
Hazell (1978-1979)
Film date just about allows brand new 2600 to squeeze in, but 3500 far more likely. 2014-10-08 14:17
1965 Porsche 911 [901]
À belles dents (1966)
That's detail analysis for you! It makes sense at a general level - for marketing, they did not need 911 badge until 912 was imminent. Maybe also for the start date of 911 badging - after the argument with Peugeot about 901 and the forced change to 911, they needed to demonstrate compliance by emphasising 911. I've got a book comment that 82 production 901s (from 300.007) were made from Sept 64 before name change.

I have a definite book statement "Externally the 1966 model could be recognised by its straight (as opposed to angled) 911 script"; your examples seem to contradict this - particularly No. 304086 and No. 305202. My book photos - 3 books altogether, 2 of which describe year-on-year changes - are loosely captioned/selected so their pictures are not as reliable as I'd hope. As there are no 911 S slant badges, it seems that the changeover from slant was Aug 66 at latest. Also if there are no 911 slant badges on Targas (apart from pre-production), it would support Aug 66 as latest possible change date. But from your evidence Aug 65 now seems accurate changeover.

130rapid a écrit I think it's worth to change (from 1965 to 1964) the model year of our oldest series 911 samples with any '911' tail emblems.

Agree, provided you mean "...withOUT any '911' tail emblems."

So back to this example. 1966 plate date, so should have slant 911 badge, but removed for some reason. Unless it had a straight badge which is obscured by rally plate. If so - and I'm not pushing this very strongly as an idea - did 66my US keep slant badges for some strange reason, but Europe had straight?? - the only theoretical explanation I can think of to match your examples with this. I also like the rear wiper here -seems to occur on some later 911 - 68-69+ for a few years, usually 911 S - but this is very early sighting.

I'm going to go and lie down again now......
2014-10-08 13:46
1971 Austin 1100 Panda car MkIII [ADO16]
Hazell (1978-1979)
Black grille confirms Mk3. Most ADO16 panda cars were Mk3 1100 - used in Birmingham and London (and maybe elsewhere). Also Mk2 had indicator on front wing, but not fitted to Mk3. 2014-10-08 11:46
1957 Austin-Healey 100/6 [BN4]
Maigret et l'affaire Saint-Fiacre (1959)
Oops my typo. Yes - 100/6, which had small barely visible grille badge (as here) - 3000 had more obvious one due to red paint eg /vehicle_650846-Austin-Healey-3000-1959.html .
knuckles a écrit It's a 100/6. .... the crest along the top of the bonnet are characteristics

That's a new recognition point for me - should be useful.
2014-10-08 11:41
1985 Ford Capri 2.8 Injection Special MkIII
The Wee Man (2013)
DVLA says: C265 YOR
✔ Taxed Expires: 01 March 2015
✔ MOT Expires: 31 August 2015
Date of first registration :22 August 1985
Year of manufacture :1985
Cylinder capacity (cc) :2792cc
Fuel type :PETROL
Export marker : No
Vehicle status : Tax not due
Vehicle colour :GREY
2014-10-08 03:31
1967 Ford Cortina Deluxe MkII
The Wee Man (2013)
First seen at 25-50 - Glasgow's biggest gang leader drives past
[Image: 25-3960scar.jpg] [Image: 25-3960scarb.jpg]

[Image: 25-3960scarc.jpg]

and I was thinking maybe Cresta PC, but couldn't quite work it out.... Then main and this at 33-55
[Image: 25-3960scare33-56.jpg]
and it turns out to be a pissing Cortina Deluxe with a broken bonnet catch. And a plate 5 years too late (actually from a 1972 Hunter GL).
2014-10-08 03:22
1988 Vauxhall Senator 3.0i CD MkII
The Wee Man (2013)
Lots of appearances from 24-00 to end
[Image: 23-57car.jpg] [Image: 23-57carb.jpg]

[Image: 23-57carc.jpg] [Image: 23-57card.jpg]

[Image: 23-57carf.jpg] [Image: 23-57carg.jpg]

[Image: 23-57carh.jpg] [Image: 23-57car01-17-20.jpg]

[Image: 23-57carj.jpg]

Fake plate - not issued. Sunroof and wash wipe, possibly alloys, so CD.

-- Last edit: 2014-10-08 05:27:21
2014-10-08 03:12
1985 Ford Transit Crewbus 15 seater MkII
The Wee Man (2013)
1st appearance is main, set about 1980. Then reappears at 25-49
[Image: 11-55transit25-49.jpg] [Image: 11-55transit25-49a.jpg]

[Image: 11-55transit25-49b.jpg] [Image: 11-55transit25-49c.jpg]

in a 1972 scene which is a few years too early for this version
2014-10-08 02:55
1970 Volvo 1800 E
The Wee Man (2013)
[Image: 09-18.jpg]
Fairly sure this is Volvo 1800 E, but other ideas welcome.
2014-10-08 02:49
1972 Ford Transit MkI
The Wee Man (2013)
[Image: 03-50transitb.jpg] [Image: 03-50transitc.jpg]
Looks like 72-73 K plate. Police van without police stuff
2014-10-08 02:44
The Wee Man (2013) [Image: title.102.jpg]
Based on "the true story" of Glasgow gangster Paul Ferris and made by a team who were involved in The Krays, so it's a fairly predictable style. A good story and cast, so watchable although some clunky bits of Eastenderish dialogue and minor characters; Ferris was heavily involved as consultant, so sometimes I got the impression that film was constrained from cutting loose from his input into something more open. Was due to be filmed in Glasgow but council and police did not give approval, so switched to London with a few location shots of bits of Glasgow inserted.

52-50 2* Land Rover breakdown truck
[Image: 52-50landie.jpg] [Image: 52-50landieb.jpg]

01-08-14 white 2* getaway car
[Image: 01-08-14whitec.jpg] [Image: 01-08-14white.jpg]

[Image: 01-08-14whiteb.jpg]
- any ideas???

Cornflake packet goof - set in 1972, but special offer is for 1990ish Corgi Cameo models (recognised by Kudos - :king: )
[Image: cornflakes19721992.jpg]
As cheap-and-nasty toys go, Corgi Cameos were particularly cheap-and-nasty. This is I think the offer set
[Image: _57b.jpg] [Image: _57.jpg]
- available on ebay now for less than the price of a Wurzels CD ....

for imMoondb
[Image: moon.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2014-10-08 20:32:17
2014-10-08 02:40
1974 Volkswagen Camper [Typ 2 / T2]
Hazell (1978-1979)
1957 Dodge Custom Royal Four-Door Sedan [D-67-2]
Term of Trial (1962)
Likely to be CDN build for UK. Unless as a longshot something from RHD assembly in eg Aus or ZA which was reverse import into UK - if such assembly existed - I've no idea. 2014-10-08 01:23
1959 Wolseley 6/99 [ADO10]
Term of Trial (1962)
You're an admin now. You can't just pick and choose which crowns to wear and then remove the next day. 2014-10-08 01:19
1959 Wolseley 6/99 [ADO10]
Term of Trial (1962)
The big Farinas (Westminster A99/A110, Wolseley 6/99 & 6/110, VdP 3 litre) all had this kink in the rear wingline. None of the smaller Farinas [ADO9 or ADO38] in all their versions had this kink. Agree 6/99 best choice here. 2014-10-08 01:08
1958 Opel Caravan [P]
Term of Trial (1962)
Another strange Opel find for late 50s UK - they did exist, but mysteriously under the radar. 2014-10-08 01:00
1957 Ford Squire [100E]
Term of Trial (1962)
Calling it a Squire. 2014-10-08 00:58

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