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1962 Volvo 122 S 'Amazon' [P130]
Ford on Safari: East African Safari 1964 - Cortina Conquest (1964)
[Image: 13-02volvo122s56b.jpg]
#56 Bill Parkinson/Mike Carr-Hartley, retired. Listed as 122 S. No Volvos finished in 64, which was unusual in 60s EAS.
2015-02-22 23:49
1964 Datsun Bluebird [DP410]
Ford on Safari: East African Safari 1964 - Cortina Conquest (1964)
#89 D Rossenrode/I Phillips
[Image: 12-57bluebirdb.jpg] [Image: 12-57bluebirdc.jpg]

#94 Jock Aird/Peter Parsons
[Image: 12-57bluebirdd94.jpg] [Image: 12-57bluebirde94.jpg]

4 Datsun Bluebirds (as listed) were entered - also #85 Baksh Malik/Mohammed Kahn and #96 Takashi Wakabayashi/Jack Esnouf - all 4 retired.
2015-02-22 23:43
1964 MG 1100 MkI [ADO16]
Ford on Safari: East African Safari 1964 - Cortina Conquest (1964)
[Image: 04-11mg1100b.jpg]

#84 D Simmons/S Beccakibu; not shown, but there were 4 more MG 1100s -#86 Rauno Aaltonen/N Fjastad, #91 T Ahtou/J Seabrook, #92 Donald MacDonald/M Sissons, #95 I McIntyre/WB Martin. All 5 MG 1100s retired.
2015-02-22 23:25
1963 Vauxhall VX 4/90 [FB]
Ford on Safari: East African Safari 1964 - Cortina Conquest (1964)
[Image: 06-53vx4-905b.jpg] [Image: 06-53vx4-905c.jpg]

[Image: 06-53vx4-905d.jpg]
#5 S N Ali/Bharat Bhardwaj, retired. Late 63-early 64 plate, but does not have Sept 63 rear lights or plate hood (so still 1508cc rather than 1592cc)
2015-02-22 23:17
1964 Mercury Comet Caliente
Ford on Safari: East African Safari 1964 - Cortina Conquest (1964)
9 Mercury Comets were entered by Lincoln-Mercury (Detroit) -#73 to #81, but only 2 finished - #80 in 19th and #81 in 21st and last place

#73 (I think), R Brock/N Greatrex
[Image: 03-58mcomet73.jpg]

#74 H Temple-Boreham/Cliff Collinge - main and
[Image: 03-58mcomet74b.jpg] [Image: 03-58mcomet74c.jpg]

[Image: 03-58mcomet74d.jpg]

#79 William Coleridge/Colin McNaughton
[Image: 03-58mcomet79.jpg]

#80 Joginder Singh/Jaswant Singh, finished 19th
[Image: 03-58mcomet80.jpg]

#81 Kim Mandeville/Peter Walker, finished 21st and last
[Image: 03-58mcomet81.jpg] [Image: 03-58mcomet81b.jpg]

Great fun watching the footage of these wallowing around in the mud and scrabbling for grip. Seems they actually entered 10, but broke 4 on the recce, so only 6 started. The biggest problem was weak rear suspension, and Tommy Fjastad who had been hired as one of the drivers told them this needed sorting before the start. So they fired him. So he dug out his own VW 1200 from his garage, entered it at last minute and finished 17th, 2 places ahead of the best Comet finisher. Beetle 1 Detroit 0.
2015-02-22 22:58
1964 Mercedes-Benz 220 SE [W111]
Ford on Safari: East African Safari 1964 - Cortina Conquest (1964)
These are all list as 220SEb, and KHR plates should be end 63 to early 64.

#66 Lucille Cardwell/Jill Lead, KHR 681, finished 4th and won Ladies Cup
[Image: 03-48merc64bwives.jpg] [Image: 03-48merc64e.jpg]

[Image: 03-48merc64bccwives.jpg]

#64 David Lead/Jimmy Cardwell, KHR 680, retired - commentary describes them as husbands of #66 crew - sounds like some interesting conversations over the breakfast cornflakes in those households ...
[Image: 03-48merc64.jpg]

#68 Paulo Coniglio/Peter Huth, finished 7th
[Image: 03-48merc64c68.jpg] [Image: 03-48merc64d68.jpg]

The 4th and final Merc 220 SEb was #67 Edgar Hermann/Gerd Elvers - not shown in this film - he retired here as he did in 7 consecutive EAS until finishing 5th in 1969 in Datsun 1600 SSS and winning in 1970 in another 1600 SSS and in 1971 with a 240Z
2015-02-22 22:23
1963 Ford Zodiac MkIII [213E]
Ford on Safari: East African Safari 1964 - Cortina Conquest (1964)
Several Zodiacs entered - some would have been at least semi-works entries.

#72 (main and below) Vic Preston Snr/Bob Syder, finished 5th
[Image: 03-45zodiace72.jpg]

#62 W Dixon/T Mytton-Watson, finished 13th
[Image: 03-45zodiac.jpg] [Image: 03-45zodiacb62.jpg]

[Image: 03-45zodiacbc62.jpg] [Image: 03-45zodiacbcc62.jpg]

#unknown - looks like 65 onscreen, but not listed. It didn't finish ...
[Image: 03-45zodiacc.jpg]
2015-02-22 22:01
Daimler unknown
Patate (1964)
There's a recurring 1952 Daimler 2½ Litre 'Empress' Hooper [DB18] in early 60s Paris films ... 2015-02-22 20:52
1964 Volvo PV 544 Sport
Ford on Safari: East African Safari 1964 - Cortina Conquest (1964)
#42 Sylvia Osterberg/LL Edenring, factory entry, both women, retired.

Also #41 Carl-Magnus Skogh/Lennart Berggren, factory entry, retired
[Image: 03-43volvo424111-13.jpg] [Image: 03-43volvo424111-13b.jpg]

Several other PV 544s entered (including #44 Tom Trana/Mario Pavoni, another factory entry) but none finished. However Joginder Singh/Jaswant Singh won 65 EAS in privately entered PV544 #1, KHT 184.
2015-02-22 20:42
1962 Simca 1000 [950]
Patate (1964)
900 C for poverty trim as early as 64?? 2015-02-22 19:08
1968 Mercedes-Benz 280 SL [W113]
The Slap (2015)
Sidemarkers (also /vehicle.php?id=789476) = 68+ = 280 SL 2015-02-22 19:06
1964 Jaguar XK-E 4.2 Roadster Series I
The Slap (2015)
64+ 4.2 rear badge 2015-02-22 19:05
1964 Austin 1100 MkI [ADO16]
Patate (1964)
UK 1100 Mk1 - I think it's Austin (Sept 63 launch) for rear badge and possibly simple dashboard which should have strip speedometer - Morris was difficult-to-describe hooded dial 2015-02-22 19:01
1964 MG Midget MkI
Patate (1964)
Fairly early 64 plate, but I don't see March 64 Mk2 push-button door handles or other bits clearly enough. 2015-02-22 18:44
1964 Triumph TR4
Patate (1964)
64 is fine - TR4A was Jan 65 2015-02-22 17:48
1963 Hillman Imp Deluxe
Patate (1964)
Definitely. Deluxe for over-riders. Nice one Cyril 2015-02-22 17:46
1964 Renault R4 Roho [R1120]
Ford on Safari: East African Safari 1964 - Cortina Conquest (1964)
[Image: 03-37r4b.jpg]
#36 Aziz Yakub/Cheboyo arap Langat, retired. Probably a 64 plate. No 3rd side window - so basic R4 or even R3?? Listed as Renault Roho - quote "In East Africa it became known as the roho - meaning big hearted." - http://www.uniquecarsandparts.com.au/car_info_renault_4.htm . Was roho ever a proper name??
2015-02-22 16:29
1964 SAAB Sport [96]
Ford on Safari: East African Safari 1964 - Cortina Conquest (1964)
Other Carlsson 64 EAS captures - /vehicle_401220-SAAB-Sport-96-1964.html , /vehicle.php?id=757185 (comments) , /vehicle.php?id=401258 (comments)

Pat Moss/Ann Riley on 62 EAS - /vehicle_780997-SAAB-96-1960.html

Mayers/Potter in 1963 EAS Saab - /vehicle_45922-SAAB-Sport-96-1963.html
2015-02-22 16:06
1960 SAAB 96
Hillman on Safari (1962)
Pat Moss/Ann Riley Saab on 64 EAS - /vehicle.php?id=789117 (comments) 2015-02-22 16:05
1963 SAAB Sport [96]
The Worlds Greatest Rally Cars (2000)
Mayers/Potter in 64 EAS - /vehicle.php?id=789117 (comments) 2015-02-22 15:58
1979 Jaguar XJ [Series III]
Die Straßen von Berlin (1995-2000)
XJ12 alloys - nothing else visible enough to be definite. 2015-02-22 14:40
1979 Daimler Sovereign [Series III]
Die Straßen von Berlin (1995-2000)
Probably Sovereign - no tints, headrests or side chrome - with optional headlamp wash/wipe 2015-02-22 14:38
1973 Ford Escort L MkI
Die Straßen von Berlin (1995-2000)
1973+ grille, probably L. There was local assembly of Escorts in 70s - exact dates and which Marks (1 and/or 2) not yet confirmed - but this one should be OK. 2015-02-22 14:32
1974 Daimler Sovereign [Series II]
Die Straßen von Berlin (1995-2000)
Probably a plain Sovereign - no vinyl roof or tints - with added chrome and newer XJS wheels 2015-02-22 14:27
1971 BMW 2500 [E3]
Der Mann, der keine Autos mochte (1984)
Narrow wheels - 2500 most likely 2015-02-22 14:18
1952 Bedford CA Mk1
Die Straßen von Berlin (1995-2000)
Local assembly CAs considered here - /vehicle_600765-Bedford-CA-1958.html - and rejected, but always open to new info. 2015-02-22 14:16
1975 Peugeot 504 Cabriolet
Der Mann, der keine Autos mochte (1984)
Main has accessory alloys and side strip. Thumb is 75-80 - either 75-77 V6 (only 974 made as Cabrio) or 78-79 2.0 (figures unknown but more than 974). May well be the same car. 2015-02-22 14:05
1976 Peugeot 504 Coupé V6
Chérif (2013-2017)
My winner of The Prettiest Peugeot Ever Made Award, just ahead of the 204 and 404 cabrios. And several zillion lightyears ahead of everything they've done since the 406 Coupe. 2015-02-22 04:43
1971 Triumph Spitfire MkIV
Chérif (2013-2017)
Interesting showroom - 2 AH 3000s and early S1 E-Type 2015-02-22 04:37
1959 Austin-Healey 3000 Series I
Chérif (2013-2017)
59+ 3000 Mk1 or 61+ Mk2. And a 62+ Mk3 with quarterlights in foreground of /vehicle_781489-Triumph-Spitfire-1971.html 2015-02-22 04:35
1967 Sunbeam Alpine V8 Series II [Tiger]
Confidences pour confidences (1978)
A rare find anywhere, but France is a bit of a surprise home for one. 2015-02-22 04:03
Confidences pour confidences (1978) Merci. Un peu de music pour la coeur 2015-02-22 04:01
Confidences pour confidences (1978)
DidierF a écrit [Image: vlcsnap-2015-02-22-01h42m47s213.jpg]
is it a Valiant behind the Mercedes?

No - just a battered Taunus 12M [P6]
2015-02-22 03:41
Confidences pour confidences (1978)
DidierF a écrit … or this Sunbeam Alpine
[Image: vlcsnap-2015-02-22-01h36m15s225.jpg]

Maybe even better than an Alpine, as it looks like a badge on the bonnet = Tiger Series 2. And worth a page, even for such a slight glimpse.
2015-02-22 03:39
1963 Humber Hawk Series III
Maravillas (1981)
Production changeover was July 62. I think I'm going for S3 for pillar trim - compare S2 Link to "www.simoncars.co.uk" with S3 Link to "www.simoncars.co.uk" 2015-02-22 01:25
1963 NSU Prinz 4 [Typ 47]
Ford on Safari: East African Safari 1964 - Cortina Conquest (1964)
[Image: 02-27nsuhutchinson15b.jpg] [Image: 02-27nsuhutchinson15c.jpg]

[Image: 02-27nsuhutchinson15d.jpg]

#15 CW Hutchinson/FJ Hunt, retired. Well photographed incident when waiting in line for start, they ordered meal from posh restaurant as their last proper food for several days. Has KHP 700 plate which should be late 63/early 64.
2015-02-22 01:19
1962 Rover 3 Litre MkII [P5]
Ford on Safari: East African Safari 1964 - Cortina Conquest (1964)
Official/VIP car parked at foot of start ramp. I think it's S2 but open to offers ... 2015-02-22 01:07
1963 Hillman Super Minx Series II
Ford on Safari: East African Safari 1964 - Cortina Conquest (1964)
[Image: 01-00superminxb.jpg] [Image: 01-00superminxc.jpg]

Looks like S2 boot handle. Retired - no idea what happened - haven't found a mention anywhere.
2015-02-22 01:03
1964 Peugeot 404
Ford on Safari: East African Safari 1964 - Cortina Conquest (1964)
Lots of 404s in entry list - several included in film

#54 WGC Nelson/Miss M (Marina) Nelson - retired. Father/daughter pairing??
[Image: 00-1940454b.jpg] [Image: 00-1940454c.jpg]

#50 Bert Shankland/Ken Kassum, finished 6th - Shankland won in 66 and 67 in 404s
[Image: 00-1940454d50shankland.jpg]

#57 Mohammed Iqbal (or Ighal - I've found both spellings - not sure if genuine or typos)/M Lawrence, finished 11th
[Image: 00-1940454e57.jpg]

#49 Nick Nowicki/Paddy Cliff, finished 12th (but winners in 63 and 68, both of which are regarded as toughest EAS years with only 7 finishers each time)
[Image: 00-1940454f49.jpg] [Image: 00-1940454g49.jpg]

[Image: 00-1940454j49.jpg]

#43 Jamal Din/CD Barnes, finished 17th
[Image: 00-1940454h43.jpg]
2015-02-22 00:55
1964 SAAB Sport [96]
Ford on Safari: East African Safari 1964 - Cortina Conquest (1964)
Lots of SAAB footage, focussed on the 2 works cars, both listed as 96 Sport:
- #28 Erik Carlsson/Gunnar Palm, P44308, finished 2nd
- #17 Pat Moss (AKA Mrs Carlsson, and Stirling's sister)/Joy Mayers, P44309, finished 9th and 2nd in Ladies Cup
- plus another local entry private 96, #32 Keith Mayers/FJ Potter, KAY 70, finished 19th. KAY plate was early 50s, so much older than car. I wonder if Keith Mayers had any connection with Pat Moss's co-driver ...

(1)#28 Carlsson/Palm
[Image: 03-27saab96sportcarlssonb.jpg] [Image: 03-27saab96sportcarlssonc.jpg]

[Image: 03-27saab96sportcarlssond.jpg] [Image: 03-27saab96sportcarlssone.jpg]

[Image: 03-27saab96sportcarlssonf.jpg]

Carlsson then gets stuck - /vehicle_401220-SAAB-Sport-96-1964.html - and has to roll his car over to get out of the mud - an incident which is relevant again later. He also drowns the engine in this waterhole, so Younghusband/Hechle in Cortina #4 stop to help and tow him back to life
[Image: 03-27saab96sportcarlssong.jpg] [Image: 03-27saab96sportcarlssonh.jpg]

[Image: 03-27saab96sportcarlssonj.jpg] [Image: 03-27saab96sportcarlssonk.jpg]

[Image: 03-27saab96sportcarlssonl.jpg] [Image: 03-27saab96sportcarlssonm.jpg]

Then after prize giving etc (he seems to have got a lot of pots for finishing 2nd :think: ), Carlsson re-enacts for the cheering crowds how he rolled the car over to get out of the mud
[Image: 03-27saab96sportcarlssonn.jpg] [Image: 03-27saab96sportcarlssonp.jpg]

... which is famous footage we've got re-used in a few films.

(2)#17 Moss/Mayers
[Image: 03-05saab96sportpatmoss.jpg] [Image: 03-05saab96sportpatmossb.jpg]

[Image: 03-05saab96sportpatmossc.jpg] [Image: 03-05saab96sportpatmossd.jpg]

[Image: 03-05saab96sportpatmosse.jpg]

(3)#32 Mayers/Potter
[Image: 13-28saab.jpg] [Image: 13-28saabb.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2015-02-22 16:09:53
2015-02-22 00:23
1964 Ford Consul Cortina Deluxe MkI
Ford on Safari: East African Safari 1964 - Cortina Conquest (1964)
[Image: 20-54cortinab.jpg]
4 door deluxe arriving at Ford/Hughes party after the rally where Ford suits make speeches and hand out cheques to the drivers. And then everyone probably drinks lots of grog ...
2015-02-21 23:34
1964 Ford Consul Cortina GT MkI
Ford on Safari: East African Safari 1964 - Cortina Conquest (1964)
This is going to be a very big page because Ford entered 6 works Cortina GTs, and the film is all about them.
[Image: 01-19khs599g.jpg]
Plus there are lots of info gaps and wrong info on t'interweb - especially for the 5 cars that didn't win. For example, this photo is very commonly found in books and online
[Image: 1964eas.jpg]
and referred to as the winning team photo. BUT it is a pre-event picture with #3 on the wrong car (KHS 599 as shown, not KHS 600). As the cars have no sponsor stickers and big tyres, I'm fairly sure this was preliminary testing

So this page is now the gospel account (or as close as I can get it) ....

The 6 cars were entered under the banner of EA Hughes - the Ford distributor for Kenya - and were:

- KHS595 #10 Elford/Baillon - finished 10th
- KHS596 #2 Armstrong/Bates - finished 3rd
- KHS597 #7 Taylor/Simonian - retired
- KHS598 #14 Sprinzel/Garnier - retired
- KHS599 #4 Younghusband/Hechle - finished 15th
- KHS600 #3 Hughes/Young - winners

Ford also won the team prize, so there were bucketloads of trophies at the end
[Image: 00-03khs600k.jpg]

(1) KHS 595
[Image: 00-35khs595.jpg] [Image: 00-35khs595b.jpg]

[Image: 00-35khs595bc.jpg] [Image: 00-35khs595c.jpg]

(2)KHS 596
[Image: 00-11khs596.jpg] [Image: 00-11khs596b.jpg]

[Image: 00-11khs596c01-43.jpg] [Image: 00-11khs596d.jpg]

[Image: 00-11khs596e.jpg] [Image: 00-11khs596f.jpg]

[Image: 00-11khs596g.jpg] [Image: 00-11khs596h.jpg]

[Image: 00-11khs596j.jpg]

(3)KHS 597
[Image: 00-28khs597b.jpg] [Image: 00-28khs597c.jpg]

[Image: 00-28khs597d.jpg] [Image: 00-28khs597e.jpg]

[Image: 00-28khs597f.jpg] [Image: 00-28khs597g.jpg]

(4)KHS 598
[Image: 02-25khs598s-g.jpg] [Image: 02-25khs598s-gb.jpg]

[Image: 02-25khs598s-gpatmoss.jpg]
(woman in green is Pat Moss)

(5)KHS 599
[Image: 01-19khs599.jpg] [Image: 01-19khs599b02-06.jpg]

[Image: 01-19khs599c.jpg] [Image: 01-19khs599d.jpg]

[Image: 01-19khs599e.jpg] [Image: 01-19khs599f.jpg]

(6)KHS 600
[Image: 00-03khs600b.jpg] [Image: 00-03khs600c.jpg]

[Image: 00-03khs600d.jpg] [Image: 00-03khs600e.jpg]

[Image: 00-03khs600f.jpg] [Image: 00-03khs600g.jpg]

[Image: 00-03khs600h.jpg] [Image: 00-03khs600j.jpg]

If anyone's into models, KHS 600 is the only one that's been done of the six. Autoart did it in 1:18 - beautifully made with lots of opening bits and detail, but several livery errors. Trofeu did it in 1:43 (#2201) and it's one of the best Cortina models I've ever come across - pretty well perfect
[Image: dscf3303.jpg] [Image: dscf2036.jpg]
2015-02-21 23:28
1963 Humber Hawk Series III
Maravillas (1981)
I can never judge the window sequence confidently .... 2015-02-21 22:10
1965 Humber Hawk Series IV
Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) (1969-1971)
Compare size against the Beetle - nothing like big enough for Humber (or Westminster or 6/110 etc) - something ADO9/38-size is maximum. How about MG Magnette S4 to match side trim/colour split?? 2015-02-21 22:08
1975 Innocenti Mini Cooper 1300 Export Super
Der Mann, der keine Autos mochte (1984)
It's Innocenti for quarterlights, plus wheels and side indicators. Cooper 1300 Export??? 2015-02-21 21:55
1955 Austin FL1 Hire Car
Father Brown (2013-2017)
2015-02-21 21:51
1963 Ford Consul Cortina Super MkI
Ford on Safari: East African Safari 1964 - Cortina Conquest (1964)
[Image: 02-48cortina12khl487b.jpg]

#12 Cassini/Favelli, private entry, retired. Listed as GT but is ex-works 2 door Super - as chrome trim around side flash and because KHL 487 was Pat Moss/Anne Riley #48 works entry in 63 EAS (below). There is a lot of confusion about that car in 63 because very few photos survive and there have been 2 badly translated 1:43 diecasts, so for the record, 63 EAS Cortina facts are:
1] Consul Cortina GT not launched until Apr 63, so only 1500cc Cortina version available and eligible for the 63 rally was Super
2] Ford entered 2 factory 2-door Supers in team run by EA Hughes, the Ford distributors for Kenya:
- KHL487 #48 Pat Moss/Ann Riley retired
- KHL488 #50 Ann Hall/Lucille Cardwell retired
In addition there were:
- unknown registration #44 Shankland/Townsend, retired - no details to confirm if this was works car or 2/4 door
- KHK871 #45 privately entered 4-door Super 63 Younghusband/Hechle, retired from lead when engine seized, but they were rewarded with a works drive in 64 (Cortina GT KHS 599, #4, finished 15th)
- unknown registration #47 Phillips/Blowers, retired - no details to confirm if this was works car or 2/4 door
3] The 2 models of KHL487 #48 Pat Moss/Ann Riley are:
- Eligor #2011
[Image: dscf2880.jpg]
Incorrect plate position (in 63 it was painted on bonnet), should be white not cream, has incorrect Lotus badges and real car did not have radio aerial (basically Eligor were too lazy and just used their police Cortina). And because Eligor supplied it as a plain model with a transfer sheet but no picture, people put the transfers wherever they like ...
- DetailCars #374
[Image: dscf4143.jpg]
An absolute dogs dinner - incorrect registration KHL 481 instead of 487 (but it is in right place on bonnet), wrongly presented as Lotus badges and side flash and with 65+ facelift grille and pillar vents, should be RHD, black bonnet paint should cover wings ..... etc etc

So for once don't trust the models - they're both crap.
2015-02-21 21:46
1938 Standard Flying Twenty
Father Brown (2013-2017)
Glass's says Flying V-Eight Twenty, Robson's "The Book of the Standard Motor Company" (local Oxfam bargain a couple of weeks back!) says Flying V-Eight, with internal code [20AV]. 2015-02-21 20:03
1955 Austin FX3 Taxi
Father Brown (2013-2017)
^ .. or is it an FL1?? 2015-02-21 19:46
1984 Ford Granada Turnier L MkII
Der Mann, der keine Autos mochte (1984)
... so probably brand new at film date. 2015-02-21 17:01

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