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1937 Austin 12/4 Taxi Low-Loader - Strachan Body
L'armée des ombres (1969)
Also forced to work in Carry On films under the name PEG 1: /vehicle_115517-Austin-12-4-Taxi-1935.html

Quote 1937 Austin 12/4 Low loader London Taxi Cab
Registration number: DYH 310
Chassis Number: 81199
Engine Number: 79366

This most outstanding example is the actual vehicle which featured in the all-time classic film Carry On Cabby, starring Sid James, Charles Hawtree and Hattie Jacques and wearing the registration PEG 1 in that film.

Now fully restored and bearing its original road-going registration number DYH 310, the landaulette coachwork is traditionally finished in Oxford Blue and black and coachlined in red. The interior trim is correctly finished in blue leather and externally it is complete with all correct period fittings, roof rack, Hire sign, fully operational 3d meter and Hackney plates.

Prior to its starring role, the cab was purchased new and owned for most of its life by the London General Cab Company and for many years museum stored. Recently converted to run on unleaded fuel, it is currently sorn and presents a rare opportunity to acquire a superbly restored example with a wonderful provenance.

Clips of the car in action

2012-02-17 01:30
Patapufete! (1967) You should share your opinion in the admin section, sixcyl, it was discussed there... ;) 2012-02-15 19:15
1941 Cadillac
Duel (1971)
Some minor scenes as well like when he calls home to his wife. This should be in both, it's a plot point, but nobody should be watching the tv version. No profanity in it either. :) 2012-02-15 18:42
1941 Cadillac
Duel (1971)
@cko You may have the 74 minute tv version, the theatrical release was 16 minutes longer. 2012-02-15 17:55
Pioneer XF150ZK-4
Top Gear (2002-2015)
:) Gomsel would take Chinese craps over Brazilian craps any day of the week. 2012-02-15 00:36
Flikken Maastricht - De Overloper (2012) Spin-off of http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0217205/

Flikken is a Flemish word for cops (from the French 'flic') I don't think they actually use it much in Holland.
2012-02-15 00:20
La règle du jeu (1939) Oui, mon professeur... Où se trouve la bibliothèque? :D Still a complete mystery what Bebert's job was... 2012-02-14 20:43
2005 Shuanghuan S-CEO HBJ6474Y
Top Gear (2002-2015)
dsl wrote Origin D :think: ??

How dare you! Not at all BMW related. Original design, clearly.
2012-02-14 20:26
La règle du jeu (1939)
Bebert wrote [Image: milaparelytn5.th.jpg]
Petit hommage personnel à Mila Parély ( http://french.imdb.com/name/nm0664186/ ), qui n'a peut-être pas fait la carrière qu'elle aurait dût et dont j'ai eu le plaisir d'être le libraire attitré jusqu'en 2002.

Bebert was Mila Parély's personal librarian? Not sure what "libraire attitré" entails exactly. She died just recently I see - 14 janvier 2012.
2012-02-13 23:45
1941 Ford De Luxe Business Coupe
Top Gear (2002-2015)
Nice original car. Used to carry bootleg liquor across state lines and participated in early Nascar races. 2012-02-13 01:37
1936 Maybach SW 38
Der Verlorene (1951)
From the script:

"Meine Herren, der Maybach aus Bremen
wartet ab 5 Uhr an der Seegartenbrücke."
2012-02-13 01:18
Der Verlorene (1951) Danke cl82. Yes, it's a good one, much film-noir influence, though lots of rough edges. 2012-02-13 01:17
Der Verlorene (1951) [Image: th_DerVerlorene1.jpg] [Image: th_DerVerlorene2.jpg] [Image: th_DerVerlorene5.jpg] [Image: th_DerVerlorene8.jpg]

Also the title of Peter Lorre's autobiography.
2012-02-12 04:50
Der Verlorene (1951)
[Image: th_DerVerlorene19.jpg] [Image: th_DerVerlorene20.jpg] 2012-02-12 04:47
Opel Blitz
Der Verlorene (1951)
[Image: th_DerVerlorene17b.jpg] 2012-02-12 04:32
Magirus FS 145 KS 25
Der Verlorene (1951)
The logo is a give-away but I can't remember right now. 2012-02-12 04:29
1949 Opel Kapitän [KPT-49]
Der Verlorene (1951)
[Image: th_DerVerlorene10.jpg] 2012-02-12 04:27
1938 Hansa 1700 Cabriolet
Der Verlorene (1951)
[Image: th_DerVerlorene12.jpg] [Image: th_DerVerlorene13b.jpg] [Image: th_DerVerlorene15.jpg] 2012-02-12 04:26
1991 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon
Clerks II (2006)
That's a 5 Liter engine minimum, so no thanks. The owner probably had to choose between the Buick or feed his children. 2012-02-11 18:31
1962 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II Hearse Wilcox
S1m0ne (2002)
NVV 222M also here: /vehicle_70549-Rolls-Royce-Silver-Cloud-II-1962.html

park-ward wrote It is currently in California with the Casa de Sade Funeral C°.

Their website is dead (the irony) but here's the archived hearse page: http://web.archive.org/web/20080108051717/http://hearse.casadesade.com/

"A 1962 Rolls Royce Hearse right-hand driver located within the grounds of Hollywood Forever Cemetery, 6000 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90038"

[Image: th_rolls_royce_01.jpg] [Image: th_rolls_royce_02.jpg] [Image: th_rolls_royce_03.jpg] [Image: th_rolls_royce_04.jpg]

It's not a funeral company but Halloween props.
2012-02-10 23:31
1967 DKW-Vemag Belcar
Boca do Lixo (2010)
Lateef wrote So what, if you think it's disgusting - I think the same about some of "your" beloved cars

Clearly the Brazil connection was enough to make it disgusting. Gisele Bündchen has no chance with him.
2012-02-10 18:27
2011 Chevrolet Volt
Revenge of the Electric Car (2011)
Chevy Volt under attack, Bob "Maximum" Lutz responds:

Link to "www.forbes.com"

This is a very interesting documentary, it follows around Nissan-Renault's Carlos Ghosn, Tesla founder Elon Musk, and this Bob Lutz (man behind the BMW 3 series, Dodge Viper, Ford Explorer...) Much better than the first film about the EV1.
2012-02-09 22:49
1930 Renault Reinastella Scaphandrier Cabriolet by Kellner [Type RM]
Nie wieder Liebe! (1931)
Bad VHS quality, but nothing better is available. 2012-02-08 23:27
1929 Chrysler 75 Roadster
Nie wieder Liebe! (1931)
Petyspeedp wrote
Another German movie found where this Chrysler is a star :
"Nie wieder Liebe"
made 1931 Berlin
By : Anatole Litvak
With : Lilian Harvey, Theo Linge and Harry Liedtke

Link to "forum.imcdb.org"
2012-02-08 23:24
Nie wieder Liebe! (1931) [Image: th_NIEWIEDERLIEBE15.jpg] [Image: th_NIEWIEDERLIEBE15b.jpg] [Image: th_NIEWIEDERLIEBE15c.jpg] [Image: th_NIEWIEDERLIEBE1.jpg] [Image: th_liebe4.jpg]

[Image: th_liebe5.jpg]
2012-02-08 23:22
1930 Renault Reinastella Scaphandrier Cabriolet by Kellner [Type RM]
Nie wieder Liebe! (1931)
[Image: th_NIEWIEDERLIEBE8.jpg] [Image: th_NIEWIEDERLIEBE7.jpg] 2012-02-08 23:20
1929 Chrysler 75 Roadster
Nie wieder Liebe! (1931)
[Image: th_NIEWIEDERLIEBE14.jpg] [Image: th_NIEWIEDERLIEBE11.jpg] [Image: th_NIEWIEDERLIEBE12.jpg] [Image: th_NIEWIEDERLIEBE13.jpg] 2012-02-08 23:19
1924 Lanchester 40 hp Maharaja of Alwar
Shakespeare-Wallah (1965)
Lanchester would seem to fit indeed. 2012-02-07 21:02
1924 Lanchester 40 hp Maharaja of Alwar
Shakespeare-Wallah (1965)
LA... something? Very long name on the badge.

Couldn't google much about the cars in this film, except:

"The Maharaja is first seen playing with the engine of his expensive British car."
Link to "gc-cuny.academia.edu"
2012-02-07 20:42
Heir to an Execution (2004) [Image: th_rosenberg3.jpg]

[Image: th_Rosenberg1.jpg] [Image: th_rosenberg9.jpg] [Image: th_rosenberg7.jpg]
2012-02-06 22:25
1949 Mercury Sport Sedan [9CM-74]
Heir to an Execution (2004)
[Image: th_rosenberg11.jpg] 2012-02-06 22:09
1951 Chevrolet Suburban [3106]
Heir to an Execution (2004)
[Image: th_rosenberg16.jpg] [Image: th_rosenberg12.jpg] 2012-02-06 22:08
1951 Plymouth Cambridge [P-23]
Heir to an Execution (2004)
[Image: th_rosenberg13c.jpg] [Image: th_rosenberg13b.jpg] 2012-02-06 22:08
1949 Cadillac Funeral Coach
Heir to an Execution (2004)
[Image: th_rosenberg8.jpg] 2012-02-06 22:07
Le dossier 51 (1978) Ah.. then you've beat me, that's a much better computer museum. I've one PS/1, a PS/2 57 SX, and a broken AT. 2012-02-06 21:48
Le dossier 51 (1978) All American technology. I've saved a 1984 IBM and a slightly later IBM PS/2 system. Maybe valuable some day. :D 2012-02-06 20:19
1976 Datsun 260Z 2+2 [S30]
Le dossier 51 (1978)
I entered this as 74. I don't know who specified it as 76 but it does seem to have the 4-spoke alloy wheels.

Not by the French plate though, they're unreliable to date a vehicle.
2012-02-06 17:57
1993 Morgan Plus 8
Balko (1995-2006)
Plus 8 seemed a pretty educated guess. Nothing wrong with that. 2012-02-06 17:40
1946 Humber Snipe MkII
Look Back in Anger (1958)
It's on geting, so long gone. 2012-02-04 23:09
Le dossier 51 (1978) [Image: th_VTS_01_1VOB_000009120.jpg] [Image: th_VTS_01_1VOB_000002320.jpg] [Image: th_VTS_01_5VOB_000034240.jpg]

Old-timey computers:

[Image: th_VTS_01_1VOB_000045960.jpg] [Image: th_VTS_01_1VOB_000035080.jpg] [Image: th_VTS_01_1VOB_000023160.jpg] [Image: th_VTS_01_1VOB_000008360.jpg]

Bell & Howell Filmosound
[Image: th_VTS_01_1VOB_000012240.jpg] [Image: th_VTS_01_1VOB_000011560.jpg]

CB Honeywell Bull
[Image: th_VTS_01_2VOB_000005080.jpg]
2012-02-04 22:47
1975 Peugeot 504
Le dossier 51 (1978)
More [*]

[Image: th_VTS_01_1VOB_000011440-1.jpg] [Image: th_VTS_01_4VOB_000049240.jpg] [Image: th_VTS_01_5VOB_000008520-1.jpg]

[Image: th_VTS_01_1VOB_000129560.jpg]

Lateef wrote 1969-74. I can't see the edge of the C-pillar vent which the brown-jacketed guy stands in front of, so probably 1969-71. Then again, 1970-71, as I believe that the overriders were added in 1970
2012-02-04 22:37
1975 Peugeot 504
Le dossier 51 (1978)
[Image: th_VTS_01_5VOB_000016280.jpg] [Image: th_VTS_01_5VOB_000019640.jpg] [Image: th_VTS_01_5VOB_000021880.jpg] 2012-02-04 22:23
Peugeot J7
Le dossier 51 (1978)
[Image: th_VTS_01_4VOB_000007560.jpg] 2012-02-04 22:19
1975 Peugeot 504
Le dossier 51 (1978)
[Image: th_VTS_01_1VOB_000143640.jpg] 2012-02-04 22:12
1975 Citroën CX Série 1
Le dossier 51 (1978)
[Image: th_VTS_01_1VOB_000270120.jpg]

Luxemburg plate.
2012-02-04 22:11
1976 Datsun 260Z 2+2 [S30]
Le dossier 51 (1978)
[Image: th_VTS_01_1VOB_000169080.jpg] 2012-02-04 22:10
1999 Lexus IS 300 [XE10]
Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei (1996-2015)
The man does have a considerably younger girlfriend. (Russian import)


Back of the net!
2012-02-04 01:10
Försvunnen (2011) There's too many players here. In Holland something like Albert Heijn can negotiate better prices. In fact they're moving into Belgium now. Cheapest is Colruyt, that's no-frills warehouses with everything on pallets, then more expensive ones like Carrefour and Delhaize, or ultra cheap your own Aldi/ Lidls...

Domestic products as local beers and such? Delhaize will have most of those. They're active in the American Midwest as Food Lion.

Thus far my tourist guide. ;)
2012-02-03 23:22
2010 Škoda Yeti 1.8 TSI Elegance [Typ 5L]
Top Gear (2002-2015)
The Tiguan looks the same as the whole VW range, it's becoming bland. The Yeti at least manages to have a distinctive look. 2012-02-03 21:42
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) The German title is Dr. Seltsam?? In the film it's "Merkwürdigliebe" (which is perfect).

sixcyl wrote Only one woman in this (excellent) film, the pretty Tracy Reed in bikini

But with a real heavy burden ahead.

- They'd breed prodigiously, with so little else to do. With a ratio of ten females to each male we could achieve current gross national product within 20 years.
- Would we abandon monogamous sexual relationships?
- Regrettably, the sacrifice must be made for the future of our race.
2012-02-03 21:19

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