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Running Red (1999) 검은 색 테두리를 제거해야합니다. 나는 별 등급 (다시)에 대해 의심을 갖추고 있습니다.

왜 2 별입니다 /vehicle_587886-Honda-Accord.html

전 그냥 지나가던 트래픽을 것 같아요. 그래서 하나의 별입니다.
2013-04-17 01:59
Gangsters (1975)
I would agree to list these titles separately. Different directors, different cast... not as a tv series.

Just a Boys' Game www.imdb.com/title/tt0317783 as well.
2013-04-17 01:47
1995 Chevrolet Caprice
11'09''01 - September 11 (2002)
Suddenly Lateef no longer has the most African American name. Welcome, Laqueesha. 2013-04-17 01:00
Boulevard (1960) @50sParis Same message as on Et Satan conduit le bal 2013-04-17 00:33
Made for Movie Sd.Kfz.222 'Little Tank'
'Allo 'Allo! (1982-1992)
Grüber's Little Tank

[Image: historyonwheelsmuseum.jpg]

is at the History on Wheels Museum in Eton Wick, Berkshire.

-- Last edit: 2013-04-19 01:22:18
2013-04-17 00:27
Tito i ja (1992) "Tito and me" that is, also on the poster, so that's awkward.

Withnail & I /movie.php?id=94336
2013-04-15 21:52
Tito i ja (1992) Only "Tito and I" is correct, not Tito "and me". 2013-04-15 20:14
The Iron Lady (2011) Much. dsl would have preferred paying in euros I suppose.
Jeremy Clarkson and Shirley Bassey will attend, they can't both be wrong.
2013-04-14 00:31
1979 Chrysler New Yorker
Mooseksen perintö (2001-2002)
:love: Much better with these headlights.

2013-04-13 19:07
Mooseksen perintö (2001-2002) This isn't HD so you'll have to re-size I'm afraid. (720px max) 2013-04-13 04:55
Star Trek (1966-1969)
ingo wrote are there baseball bats, made from sheesham- or palisander-wood? I want to place one in the window besides our door.

"Das ist eine reine Machtdemonstration", as the neighbours say in the article. :D

[Image: kokorico.jpg]

Parked since 1992 at a nearby dancing. (ex-British Vickers Viscount)
2013-04-13 04:14
1998 Alfa Romeo 156 [932]
Joséphine, ange gardien (1997-2017)
sixcyl wrote I've had the same as company car in 2.4JTD (red) ...let me tell you that it was a little bomb ;)

Is that good or bad?
2013-04-12 02:15
The Iron Lady (2011) What took you so long? :D 2013-04-09 18:18
Northern Exposure (1990-1995)
Eep² wrote I think this site should be renamed to the Internet Movie Vehicle Database and should merge with the Internet Movie Plane Database) and include boats, trains, snowmobiles/snowscooters/snowgos/whatever, other trailer types, etc.

Revolutionary thoughts are also against the rules. You've been here 8 days, take it slow.
2013-04-09 03:08
Ghost Whisperer (2005-2010) This would look better without all these empty pages. They tend to stay empty forever. 2013-04-07 02:05
Charlie Chan in Paris (1935)
Also better in comments probably. I can't see a thing. 2013-04-07 01:49
1908 Renault 7/8CV Voiturette [Type AX]
Sons and Lovers (1960)
right-ho, thanks. 2013-04-07 01:42
1908 Renault 7/8CV Voiturette [Type AX]
Sons and Lovers (1960)
:king: fil2.8. (What's the VTV 900?) 2013-04-07 01:20
1976 Mercedes-Benz 230 [W123]
La fée (2011)
rjluna2 wrote What do you expect from DPRK with all of their ideological glory on their success

Not so fast, rjluna: Link to "www.theatlantic.com"
That is a Logitech Trackman Mouse in the hands of the North Korean military (for increased comfort). Does Obama have one?
2013-04-03 21:09
Dirty Harry (1971) http://www.newsmeat.com/celebrity_political_donations/Clint_Eastwood.php 2013-04-03 01:38
Dirty Harry (1971) He's a Libertarian, but he endorsed Mitt Romney. He improvised a slightly painful speech at the Republican convention. You didn't see it? 2013-04-03 01:29
1913 Abbott-Detroit 45-50 Battleship Roadster
Mickey (1918)
Raul1983 wrote New make

[Image: dancejr0.gif]
2013-04-03 01:17
Dirty Harry (1971) You're not going to deny the theme isn't right-wing? It calls for more police authority and quick justice, because those hippies have no respect and are getting away with murder.
I don't mean that as a negative, I liked all the Dirty Harry movies. :D
She didn't actually call anyone a fascist, she called the film "fascist medievalism".
2013-04-02 22:44
Dirty Harry (1971) Isn't it a bit of a right wing fantasy? That "an obvious stand-in for her gets killed in The Dead Pool" could confirm it.

To me she's the most interesting film critic, she's so busy crafting the humor in her writings it's often hard to say whether she liked the film or not. On Cary Grant:

"With Gable, sex is inevitable: what is there but sex? Basically, he thinks women are good for only one thing. Grant is interested in the qualities of a particular woman – her sappy expression, her non sequiturs, the way her voice bobbles. She isn’t going to be pushed to the wall as soon as she’s alone with him. With Grant, the social, urban man, there are infinite possibilities for mutual entertainment. He isn’t a conqueror, like Gable. But he’s a winner."
2013-04-02 04:13
1980 Mercedes-Benz 280 SE [W126]
Ganz unten (1986)
It's too fuzzy for me, it's from a VHS source:

[Image: 004711000.jpg]
2013-04-01 20:32
Suzuki LT-Z 250
Winter's Bone (2010)
Another quad from the deleted scenes. 2013-04-01 01:53
Ganz unten (1986) [Image: vlcsnap-00037.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-00039.jpg] 2013-04-01 01:29
1978 Volkswagen Passat B1 [Typ 32]
Ganz unten (1986)
[Image: vlcsnap-00060.1.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-00073.jpg] 2013-04-01 01:11
1980 Mercedes-Benz 280 SE [W126]
Ganz unten (1986)
[Image: vlcsnap-00092.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-00101.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-00106.jpg] 2013-04-01 01:07
20 Leugens, 4 ouders en een scharrelei (2013)
garco wrote A SAAB

9-3 SportCombi 2006-2008. Definitely pageworthy.
2013-03-31 23:49
1984 Peugeot 505 GTD Turbo Série 2
Brigada central (1989-1990)
Ok, thanks. 2013-03-25 21:22
Home Alone 3 (1997) @Gamer The riding mower you added looks like a cropped picture.

[Image: i583066.jpg]
2013-03-25 20:50
1904 Ford Model C Runabout
Sommarnattens leende (1955)
50sParis wrote [Image: screenshot2013-03-25at042527.jpg]
[Image: screenshot2013-03-25at042501.jpg]
2013-03-25 20:34
1984 Peugeot 505 GTD Turbo Série 2
Brigada central (1989-1990)
It can't be an older second-hand car with newer plates? 2013-03-25 20:27
Volkswagen Vanagon [Typ 2 / T3]
Ben 10: Ultimate Alien (2010-2012)
It would be even worse than IGCD.
The plane database was a good opportunity for a sister site, the wikipedia system isn't great for that purpose.
2013-03-25 18:47
Volkswagen Vanagon [Typ 2 / T3]
Ben 10: Ultimate Alien (2010-2012)
Unless it's really well done CGI or animation. I'm sure several admins agree.
...but antp doesn't, so that's that. :D

-- Last edit: 2013-03-25 18:40:00
2013-03-25 18:35
Volkswagen Vanagon [Typ 2 / T3]
Ben 10: Ultimate Alien (2010-2012)
I don't mind that, it can be entertaining. But I do feel cartoon cars don't belong on the database. 2013-03-25 18:33
1984 Peugeot 505 GTD Turbo Série 2
Brigada central (1989-1990)
Can that be entered as is? I don't know the Spanish system. 2013-03-25 18:26
Volkswagen Vanagon [Typ 2 / T3]
Ben 10: Ultimate Alien (2010-2012)
G-MANN wrote What, the picture or the discussion?

2013-03-25 18:15
1970 International Harvester Scout 800
Deliverance (1972)
"The Scout that you see in the movie is the vehicle that Burt Reynolds used to travel back and forth from Oconee county airport to the Chattooga river during the filming of Deliverance. Apparently this Scout sat at the county airport until only a few years ago when someone in the area towed it off. Its current whereabouts are unknown, but I sure wish I could have gotten my hands on it. I learn all of this from a very friendly old man at my local tax office when I was registering my '76 Scout II, so hopefully the Scout information is credible."
Lance P @http://www.binderplanet.com/forums/showthread.php?t=39189
2013-03-25 18:14
Volkswagen Vanagon [Typ 2 / T3]
Ben 10: Ultimate Alien (2010-2012)
Terrible. :/ I'll delete it later when no one is looking. 2013-03-24 22:16
1973 Volkswagen Double Cab Pick-up Crew Cab [Typ 2 / T2]
Tournée générale (2009-2013)
ingo wrote I thought, it was more common to screw them into the back panel

Usually discreetly under the bumper, like this:

[Image: mini.jpg] [Image: mercedes-benz-280.jpg] [Image: plymouth-volare.jpg]
2013-03-24 16:23
Biting Elbows: Bad Motherfucker (2013) ^ The pilot by Scorcese was excellent but by series 2 it's a soap opera, and it is indeed aimed at teenage boys. The 10-year-old will have nightmares tho.

-- Last edit: 2013-04-07 02:11:14
2013-03-24 02:27
Ford unknown
Tournée générale (2009-2013)
The old cars of this brewery happen to be on Facebook Link to "www.facebook.com" but I don't see this exact one. 2013-03-24 02:02
1973 Volkswagen Double Cab Pick-up Crew Cab [Typ 2 / T2]
Tournée générale (2009-2013)
Mandatory is only the location (middle or left side, min. 10cm away from a brake light) and the light strength (between 75-300 candela) so this is legal, but indeed the square ones under the bumper were more common. 2013-03-23 20:32
Tournée générale (2009-2013) [Image: st-bernardus-abt-12c.jpg]

Beer tour with Jean Blaute and Ray Cokes - ex MTV's Most Wanted! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9V_glBfuik
Mainly for the VW. (Series 2 done)
2013-03-23 19:48
Massey Ferguson 240
Tournée générale (2009-2013)
[Image: tournee8b.jpg] 2013-03-23 17:18
1973 Volkswagen Double Cab Pick-up Crew Cab [Typ 2 / T2]
Tournée générale (2009-2013)
[Image: tournee2.jpg] [Image: tournee4.jpg] [Image: tournee6.jpg] [Image: tournee1c.jpg] [Image: tournee1b.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-00020.1.jpg]


-- Last edit: 2013-03-24 01:58:14
2013-03-23 17:05
1986 Toyota Celica [T160]
Any Way the Wind Blows (2003)
Or liftback, that's why I left it open. 2013-03-21 17:42
2000 Jonckheere Premier DAF [P093]
Any Way the Wind Blows (2003)

Datum 04.2000
Eigenaar De Lijn
Busnummer 3676
Kenteken 0138.P

chassis: Jonckheere P093
carrosserie: Jonckheere Premier
motor: DAF 195M
2013-03-21 01:21

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